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									               Microsoft® Office Integration Project
                       Black History Month
                       Possible Points: 350

Objective: Students will understand how to locate information using the
Internet and how to determine if the information is valid. Students will be
aware of the different search engines and online libraries and encyclopedias.
Students will turn their research paper into a story presentation utilizing
Windows Movie Maker. Students will utilize several Microsoft® Applications
integrating them for a completed Windows Movie related to Black History

Microsoft® Word: Create a 5 paragraph report on a famous
African American person/figure throughout history/or now. 75

Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint, or Paint: Create a postage
stamp depicting the African American that you feel is worthy of
the honor. Ensure to include dates and postage amount. It may
be a “forever” stamp. 50 points

Microsoft® Excel: Create a timeline of the person’s life utilizing
a spreadsheet. 75 points

Microsoft® PowerPoint: Create a story board – for later use in
the narrative in your movie. 50 points

Windows Movie Maker: Create a movie representing the
person’s life. Utilize the microphone for voice input relating the
narrative from your storyboard. 100 points
Possible figures you may use: (others may be considered if
approved by Ms. Casemier or Ms. Hovey).

Civil Rights Leaders                     Clarence Thomas
Religious Leaders                        Martin Luther King
Scientists                               Gwendolyn Brooks
Inventors                                Count Basie
Actors/Actresses                         Ella Fitzgerald
Athletes                                 Halle Berry
Colin Powell                             Sidney Poitier
Barack Obama                             Nat King Cole
Thurgood Marshall                        Jackie Robinson
Oprah Winfrey                            Tiger Woods
Vanessa Williams

Let’s add to this list!
Applications to be Integrated:

Microsoft® Word
MLA Format
You will be writing a 5 paragraph report on the African American figure that you
The first paragraph will be the introduction.
Paragraphs 2 – 4 will be the body of your report.
Paragraph 5 will be the conclusion.
The MLA format of writing will be used.

Microsoft® Excel
You will be creating a timeline representing your figures life. This will be
completed in Microsoft® Excel. You will be instructed on how to do this during a
class lecture.

Microsoft® PowerPoint
You will be creating a narrative of your figure. This narrative will be used when you
speak into the microphone to narrate your presentation. Text will be written in a
storyboard format as to what you plan on saying word-for-word for each of your
Movie Maker slides.

Windows Movie Maker
You will be telling a story utilizing Windows Movie Maker. This story must be of a
famous African American person in history or now. Your movie will have a
beginning, middle, and end to it. You will have narrative and music in your movie.

Internet Research
You will learn what a reputable (good) website for research is and what isn’t. You
will learn about different search engines and how they work. You will learn the
difference between a search engine and a source.

You will present your movie to the class for peer review.

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