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									GE      R     M       A     NY

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These brothers collected German
Fairy Tales like Hansel & Gretel
       and Snow White.
Who are the Brothers Grimm?
Tourists come to see these huge
     medieval buildings.
What are castles?
 This German composer was a
   gifted pianist who wrote
famous symphonies and operas.
Who is Ludwig van Beethoven?
These are three famous
   German foods.
What are sauerkraut,
 frankfurters, and
This German Christmas
decorating tradition has
spread all over the world.
What is the Christmas tree?
This is the name of German
What is the mark?
Some of these large mountains
   are located in southern
What are the Alps?
These are the colors of the
      German flag.
What are black, red, and gold?
This is the capital of
What is Berlin?
Germany is on this continent.
What is Europe?
 This fast food was invented
in a German city which gave
         it it’s name.
What is the
This gate in Berlin is a symbol of
     the city and Germany.
What is the Brandenburg Gate?
This wall used to separate
 East and West Germany.
What is the Berlin Wall?
This is the population of
What is 80 million?
This German biscuit is
brittle and twisted with
    a salted surface.
What is a pretzel?
German children begin to make
    this choice by age ten.
What are career choices?
This is the language spoken
        in Germany.
What is German?
   These timepieces that look
like bird houses were invented
          in Germany.
What are cuckoo clocks?
These two automobiles are
manufactured in Germany.
What are Mercedes Benz
  and Volkswagen?
This is the most famous
 forest in Germany.
What is the Black Forest?
These are Germany’s two
     main religions.
What are Protestant and
  Roman Catholic?
This is the most popular sport in
What is soccer?
A German educator created
   this word that means
   “garden of children”.
What is kindergarten?
In this German game whoever
  is “it” has to bang a spoon
on the floor and look for a pot.
What is Hit the Pot?
In this German game “it” hides.
  The other children find “it”
  and hide with him. The last
    person to find the group
           is the loser.
What is Sardines?

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