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									 David C. Lahti, Department of Biology, Queens College, City University of New York, 65-30 Kissena Blvd, Flushing, NY 11367 -

Would you like to work in the Lahti lab?
Thanks for your interest! I’m looking for inquisitive, thoughtful, and friendly people to join my lab, where we discuss and
conduct research in a wide variety of areas relating to evolution.

Please send me four things, either to or to my office at Science E120, Queens College (slide it
under the door if I’m not there):

(1) A letter of interest explaining why you want to work in my lab and what you might want to do in your life afterwards;
         feel free to be as general or specific as you want in describing your interests or goals.
(2) Your resume
(3) The name and contact information of two or three people who know you professionally and can comment on your
         abilities. If possible, include someone from Queens College (e.g. professor, lecturer, or senior graduate student).
(4) This form, which will help me determine whether and where you might best fit at this time.

This form is specifically for masters students, undergraduates, high school students and non-students. If you are a
prospective PhD student or postdoctoral researcher, you need not fill out this form, but please send me your resume with
a letter of interest.

       Contact information

       Street Address
       City ST ZIP Code
       E-Mail Address

       When are you interested in starting work in the lab?

       How long might you be interested in staying? (If you like it here, of course-- I do not ask for a commitment)

       Position sought
       Check all that apply, and rank them if you check more than one.

       ___ Volunteer laboratory technician
       ___ Volunteer laboratory research
       ___ Research for undergraduate credit
       ___ Honors undergraduate research
       ___ Graduate (Masters) research
       ___ Other (describe:)
In what area would you like to perform research? Look at my website for more information. Check all that
apply, ranking them if you wish. Note that I will not always have available projects in all of these areas. My
research projects are only a guide, however— I welcome your ideas for independent projects. If you checked
only “volunteer laboratory technician” above, you can skip this question.

___ Bird behavior and evolution (e.g. bird eggs, vocal learning, brood parasitism)
___ Evolutionary theory (e.g., relaxed selection and trait loss, coevolution)
___ Conservation applications
___ Human social evolution
___ Ethics & philosophy of biology

Previous experience
Summarize any previous experience you have working in a lab or similar situation, whether as a researcher or
a technician.

Biology coursework
If you are an undergraduate, list the biology courses you have taken to date, and the grade you received in
the course. If you took courses outside of Queens College, include the institution.

Person to notify in case of emergency

Street Address
City ST ZIP Code
Home Phone
Work Phone
E-Mail Address
What we can both expect
       We’ll have an intellectually challenging and mutually respectful experience in an encouraging
       I’ll give you a place to work, including a secure place for any books and files. I’ll also provide you with
        a computer if you need one, and the use of central data storage, a printer, and other equipment for
        laboratory projects. You’ll also have access to my behavior & evolution library (in my office), my
        current journals in the field (in the lab), and wonderful interaction with other lab members!
       I want you to benefit from the lab in whatever way and to whatever extent you wish—we can discuss
        the level at which you can contribute, and how independent your project will be. I don’t have any
        particular requirements in this area, and I don’t ask you to commit beyond the current term unless you
        are writing a thesis.
       We have weekly lab meetings, in which I expect you to participate regularly. Here we openly discuss
        each others’ work and ideas. Also, in order for us to get acquainted with the literature, we will all read
        a paper biweekly and discuss it over lunch or coffee. I invite you to suggest papers that are relevant
        to your interests. You are also warmly invited (but not required) to join in any casual lab activities,
        especially field trips to enhance your inner naturalist!
       As for time spent in the lab, your responsibility will depend on your position:
              o If you are volunteering, in general you can come in as much or as little as you like, but
                  particular projects might require some commitment.
              o If you are seeking undergraduate credit, I ask that you come in at least 3-4 hours per week for
                  each credit you receive that term (1-3 credits). We’ll draft a short proposal of what you’ll do in
                  the lab, and I’ll collect a brief report from you at the end of each term (all undergraduate
                  researchers in the department will be doing this as of January 2010).
              o If you are seeking graduate credit on a term-by-term basis and are not writing a thesis, I ask
                  that you work at least 5 hours per week for each credit you receive.
              o If you would like to be my research masters student or honors undergraduate, in either case
                  you will be writing a thesis. You don’t need particular guidelines as to how often to come-- I
                  simply ask that you take it on yourself to make the lab the base of your operations and come
                  in regularly.
       If you work on a project of mine during the summer, I will pay you or provide your room and board.
       I want to facilitate your academic and personal growth. Any idea you have while working in my lab is
        yours. I will acknowledge any work you do in my publications and presentations. If you contribute
        intellectually as opposed to simply doing work I give you, you will be an author on any resulting
        papers. If you are the primary person designing and executing a project, and you write the paper with
        my help, you will be the first author and I will respect all of your rights in that regard. If you work in
        my lab but I do not contribute intellectually to a specific project of yours, I will not ask to be an author
        on your paper.
       Finally, I want to cultivate a spirit of cohesiveness and continuity in the lab. Senior members are
        expected to train and help junior members. Try to pass on what you learn here. I also expect each lab
        member to contribute to keeping the lab clean and in working order. In addition, I will ask each
        student to work on ongoing projects for the good of the lab.

Thanks again for completing this form, and for your interest in my lab!


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