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 Information Packet

St. Rita Catholic Community
         2009 – 2010
                                                                             August 15, 2009

Dear Families of Confirmandi,

       We at St. Rita Catholic Community are so glad that your family is journeying
toward the Confirmation of your youth this year! The Sacrament of Confirmation marks
an important step in each person’s faith journey, and we look forward to journeying with
your child and your family. It is our hope and expectation that each member of your
family will be active in this ongoing process as we all draw closer to Christ.
       This year, Confirmation will be celebrated in May, and we look forward to
journeying with you in preparation for the sacrament. This beautiful sacrament will
complete the Rites of Initiation: Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation and marks a new
beginning in your journey of faith. Our Confirmation preparation program includes
seven evening sessions, and a retreat during the year. These sessions will take your youth
deeper into the Faith and help them explore God’s work in their lives. We hope to
engage and challenge your teen through music, small group discussions, prayer, and large
group activities designed to help our young people live their Catholic faith at home, at
school, and in the community.
       In order to adequately prepare our young people for the sacrament, it is necessary
that each one participates fully in the program. Please make every effort to help your
child attend all evening sessions and the retreat. Each session is different, and each plays a
unique role in the preparation process. They are required for young people pursuing the
sacrament this spring, and due to time constraints, no make-up sessions will be available.
       Because sacramental preparation is an important part of our developing
comprehensive youth ministry, we want to ensure your family is equipped to foster the
growth begun during each session. As such, family discussion questions, prayers, and/or
recommended activities will be sent home throughout the year to help everyone in your
family know what was discussed and continue the learning process together.
       Enclosed you will find more information about the year, including a calendar of
important dates and a check-list of preparation tasks. Please mark your calendars with
these important dates and deadlines. We hope that each of you will take time to reflect
on the wonderful gifts you will receive in the Sacrament of Confirmation.

God Bless,

Fr. Jacinto Garcia
Parochial Vicar

                           2009-2010 Confirmation Packet
                             Table of Contents/Checklist

Confirmation Checklist                                                              page 3
Important Dates                                                                     page 4
Volunteer Opportunities                                                             page 5
Confirmation Day Information                                                        page 6
Letter to the Bishop (template)                                                     page 7
Sponsor/Saint Name Information                                                      page 8
Sponsor Certification                                                               page 9
Christian Service Hours                                                             page 10
Confirmation Form                                                                   page 11
Volunteer Sign-Up                                                                   page 12
Youth Registration Form/Registration Fee/Baptismal Certificate                      page 13
Audio/Visual Release/Code of Conduct                                                page 14

                     All paperwork is due on or before the following dates:

September 8th       Registration/Code of Conduct and Volunteer Sign-up Due            □
September 8th       $20 registration fee and COPY of Baptismal Certificate            □
September 9th       Parent Meeting                                                    □
September 19th      Small Group Leader Training                                       □
January 11th        Letter to the Bishop Due                                          □
January 11th        Sponsor Certification Page Due                                    □
January 11th        Letter from Sponsor’s Parish (if not a member of St. Rita) Due    □
January 11th        Christian Service Hours (10 hours) Due                            □
January 11th        Confirmation Form Due                                             □
April 17th          Attend Confirmation Retreat (8am – 3:30 pm)                       □
April 17th          Confirmation Rehearsal (candidates & parents/sponsors, 2-3:30 pm) □

May 8th             Confirmation Day!

                                       Important Confirmation Dates

Parent Meeting                                                  Sacramental Preparation Parent Meetings
Wednesday, September 9, 2009                                    In order to adequately prepare your family for
6:30 – 8:00 pm in Sweeney Hall                                  a new stage in the Sacramental life, parents
                                                                are asked to attend 3 sessions of adult formation:
Small Group Facilitator Training
Saturday, September 19, 2009                                    *Parents serving as Confirmation Volunteers
9:00 – 11:00 am in St. Rita School Cafeteria                    are excused from these Preparation Sessions*

Confirmation Session 1                                          Parent Preparation in English
Wednesday, October 7, 2009                                      St. Rita School Cafeteria, 7:00 pm
6:30 – 8:30 pm in Sweeney Hall                                  September 30, October 7, & October 14

Confirmation Session 2                                          Parent Preparation in Spanish
Wednesday, October 28, 2009                                     Jack Heaney Building, First Floor, 7:00 pm
6:30-8:30 pm in Sweeney Hall                                    October 8, October 15, & October 22

Confirmation Session 3
Wednesday, November 18, 2009
6:30 – 8:30 pm in Sweeney Hall

Confirmation Session 4
Wednesday, December 9, 2009
6:30 – 8:30 pm in Sweeney Hall

Confirmation Name, Christian Service Hours, Bishop’s Letter, and Sponsor Information Due
Monday, January 11, 2009

Confirmation Session 5
Wednesday, January 13, 2010
6:30 – 8:30 pm in Sweeney Hall

Confirmation Session 6
Wednesday, February 3, 2010
6:30 – 8:30 pm in Sweeney Hall

Confirmation Session 7
Wednesday, March 10, 2010
6:30-8:30 pm in Sweeney Hall

Confirmation Retreat/Rehearsal
Saturday, April 17, 2010
8:00 am – 3:30 pm in Sweeney Hall (please arrive at 7:45 am)
Parents and Sponsors are asked to join us at 2:00 pm for a special presentation about Confirmation and the

Saturday, May 8, 2010
11:00 am in St. Rita Sanctuary (please arrive no later than 10:30 am)

                         Journeying with Young Disciples
                            Volunteer Opportunities

     It truly takes a community to apprentice our young people in the faith! In
order to adequately prepare our young people, we must have adult/parental
support! Please prayerfully consider which role(s) you will fulfill this year:

Session Coordinators: We need 2 coordinators to oversee the evening sessions.
These coordinators will ensure small group leaders/facilitators have curriculum and
supplies for the night, coordinate volunteers to bring snacks, set-up, and clean-up.

Session Small Group Leaders/Facilitators: We need at least 28 small group
leaders/facilitators (2 per group). As a small group facilitator, you will have the
opportunity to get to know a group of young people (and other faithful adults)
and journey with them throughout the sessions. In order to serve in this way, you
do not need any extensive theological training; please come with an open heart
and mind. All materials will be provided in advance to help you prepare for
discussions, and additional training will be available. Preparation for each evening
should not require more than 30 minutes.

Retreat Team: Our day of retreat will include Mass, an opportunity for
Confession, time spent in community, and time for individual prayer. We need
people to help us prepare and share in the day (guest speakers, etc) in order to
make this day of retreat a powerful and life-changing event!

Ministers of Support: We also need several adults to help with snacks, attendance,
distributing supplies during sessions, monitoring the halls/bathrooms to help ensure
the safety and participation of everyone involved, set-up/clean-up activities, and
other “behind the scenes” needs.

 We hope and pray that this year of Confirmation preparation will be an amazing
experience for your family! Please complete the registration forms and return them
 to the Pastoral Center on or before Tuesday, September 8, 2009. If you have any
                     questions, please feel free to call or e-mail.

                                     Confirmation Day!!!
                                     Saturday, May 8, 2010
                               11:00 AM in the St. Rita Sanctuary

            We look forward to sharing this wonderful Sacrament with you!

How do I prepare for the Confirmation Liturgy?
   -   We highly recommend you receive the Sacrament of Confession/Reconciliation prior to
       coming to the Confirmation Mass. Confession is offered regularly at St. Rita (Thursdays @
       7:30 pm and Saturdays @ 9 am) as well as during the Confirmation Retreat in April.
   -   In order to prepare for the Confirmation liturgy, parents and sponsors are asked to attend
       the Presentation of the Confirmation Liturgy (presented by the Confirmandi) and rehearsal
       on Saturday, April 17 from 2-3:30 pm (as part of our retreat day).
   -   Please plan on taking all pictures in advance or during the reception. We appreciate your
       cooperation as photography during the Confirmation Mass is distracting and disruptive to
       our communal worship.

Where do I go on Confirmation Day?
We ask all those receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation to please gather and CHECK-IN in the
narthex of the Church by 10:30 am. At Check-in, you will receive your Confirmation Name Card
(to give to the Deacon when you approach the altar for anointing) and Confirmation Certificate.
Please do not change the name on these cards as they will already be registered in the Church

Families and friends are welcome to find a seat in a side-section of the sanctuary. (The center
sections are reserved for the candidates and sponsors.) Out of respect for the many people
celebrating and worshipping together on this special day, we ask that you not reserve seats/pews.

What should I wear? (Dress Code for Confirmation)
Sunday Dress for Gentlemen
       -   Shirt, Slacks, & Tie
       -   Suit jacket or sports coat (preferred)
       -   No shorts, t-shirts, tennis shoes or jeans

Sunday Dress for Ladies
       -   Dress (please cover shoulders)
       -   Suit
       -   Skirt & Blouse
       -   No shorts, short skirts (knee length please), backless or low-cut dresses…

Reception – the celebration has just begun!
All are invited to a reception in Sweeney Hall immediately following the Confirmation Mass.
Our celebrant will be available for pictures at this time! We look forward to sharing in your
continuing faith journey!

                               Letter to the Bishop
                       Letter due to the Youth Ministry Office
                       on or before Monday, January 11, 2009

                        Do Not Use This Form For Your Letter
                     Please type a letter following the format outlined below.
         We will forward these letters to the Bishop from the Religious Education Office.

Your Excellency,

I ________________, a member of St. Rita Catholic Community in Dallas, TX, ask you Bishop Farrell, to
confirm me as a member of the Roman Catholic Church.

I would like to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation because…

My preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation has been…

I have chosen _______________ (sponsor) to present me to you on the day of my Confirmation and to
witness my commitment. I made this choice because…

You will seal my commitment to Jesus and his Church by anointing me with oil and by calling me by
name. The name I wish to be called at my Confirmation is _____________. I have chosen this name
because… ____________________________________________________________________________

I understand that the gifts of the Holy Spirit will help me build up the Church, and as a Confirmed
Catholic I will strive to share in building up the Church by…

Thank you for your leadership to our faith community.


(Your Signature)

                       Sponsor/Saint Name Information

What is a Confirmation Sponsor?

       Confirmation sponsors journey with those preparing for full initiation into the Church. A
sponsor is a faithful friend and mentor that helps guide the candidate and shares their
experiences of Christian life. Godparents are encouraged to serve as sponsors because of their
intimate connection with the Sacrament of Baptism (which Confirmation strengthens and seals).
The sponsor continues journeying in faith with the candidate well beyond Confirmation Day.

Sponsor Requirements:
      Must be at least 16 years old
      Must be fully initiated into the Church (Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation)
      Must be a practicing Catholic in good standing
      Parents cannot be sponsors
      If the sponsor is not a member of St. Rita Catholic Community, please have
        his/her parish send a letter (typically from the pastor’s office) certifying
        that he/she is a current practicing member of the community. These letters
        are also due January 11.
           o Letters may be mailed to:
                  St. Rita Catholic Community
                  Attn: Religious Education Office
                  12521 Inwood Road
                  Dallas, TX 75244

Role of the Sponsor:
       Journey with the Confirmation candidate during preparation for and after
       Be available to the candidate… time, prayer, questions…
       Share the activities in the Confirmation Sponsor Guidebook with the candidate
       Participate in the rehearsal on April 17!
       Present the Confirmation candidate to the Bishop and the community of faith

Confirmation/Saint Name:

       Our faith tradition offers countless examples of people who encounter God and are given
a new name (Abram becomes Abraham, Simon becomes Peter…). The Sacrament of
Confirmation offers us a new opportunity to take on a name of faith. As such, all those
preparing to receive the sacrament will take on a saint’s name as they continue living for Christ.
       Saints are models for us, and candidates should choose a saint that will inspire them.
Confirmation names must be of canonized saints (not “blessed”…), and it is perfectly acceptable
for a candidate to use his/her own name or baptismal name for Confirmation.
       Please take time to investigate the lives of different saints and identify ways you can
emulate your saint in daily life.

                                Sponsor Certification
               (due to the Youth Ministry Office on or before January 11, 2010)

NAME OF SPONSOR ___________________________________________________________

I plan to be a sponsor for ____________________________ (name of Confirmation Candidate).

As a participating member of ________________________________________________ parish,

in _______________, ____________________, I solemnly affirm that:
      (city)               (state)

       I have received the sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation.

       I participate in the Mass on Sundays and Holy Days and regularly receive the
        Sacraments of Holy Communion and Confession/Reconciliation.

       I actively strive to live out my commitment to Christ and to the community life of the
        Church by my loving response to those with whom I come in contact daily.

       I am living my Christian vocation as a single person or I am validly married in the
        Catholic Church.

       I realize that I assume a great responsibility before God and the Church in becoming
        a sponsor. I will give support to the person I am sponsoring by my prayers and by
        the Christian example of my daily life. I will help him/her to live his/her faith in the
        Catholic Church.

Sponsor Signature __________________________________________ Date _______________

                                   Christian Service Hours
                      (Make copies of this form as needed for your 10 hours)

    As Christians, our faith calls us to move beyond ourselves to serve the good of others.
   We, the Church, strive for justice in countless ways, and as you prepare to be a Confirmed
              Catholic, we know YOU will answer the call to live for others, too!

 As part of your journey toward Confirmation, we want to know about 10 hours you’ve spent
 serving others. (We know that you probably spend many more hours serving others anyway!)
  Christian service applies to numerous areas of life, and you are free to serve in ways you find
                          God calling you to use the gifts He’s given you.

Service Opportunities
(These are just ideas… you are welcome to serve in ways that are meaningful to you!)
       - Serve at a soup kitchen/food bank
       - Visit a hospital or nursing home
       - Help with chores around the house (without being asked) or offer to help a neighbor
          with yard-work, etc.
       - Participate in a ministry at St. Rita (Lector, sing in a choir, altar serve, be a teacher’s
          aide for CCD, etc)
       - Participate in the variety of service opportunities available through Youth Ministry

Youth Name: ___________________________________________                 Date: ___________________

Name of agency/person served: _______________________________ Number of Hours: _______

Supervisor’s Name: ___________________ Signature: __________________ Phone: ___________

Description of project/task (What did you do?):

This act of service relates to my faith because…

While doing this task, I learned/realized/recognized…

I would serve this way again because… OR If I did this again, I would change…

                                       Confirmation Form
          Form due to the Youth Ministry Office on or before January 11, 2010


YOUTH NAME _________________________________________________________________

HOME PHONE ____________________                     EMAIL _________________________________

HOME ADDRESS _____________________________________________________________
                  (Street Number)             (Street Name)

                            (City)                      (State/Zip)

DATE OF BIRTH _______________________ DATE OF BAPTISM ____________________
                (month/day/year)                         (month/day/year)

CONFIRMATION NAME __________________________ AGE AT CONFIRMATION _______
                        (saint name)

PLACE OF BAPTISM ___________________________________________________________
                    (Name of the Church)

CHURCH OF ORIGIN ADDRESS                    _____________________________________________
(Typically this is the church of Baptism.        (Street Number)       (Street Name)
For converts, this is where you made your
Profession of Faith.)                       _____________________________________________
                                                 (City)     (State/Zip)      (Country)

FATHER’S NAME ______________________________________________________________
                    (first)               (middle)              (last)

MOTHER’S NAME _____________________________________________________________
                    (first)               (middle)              (MAIDEN)

SPONSOR’S NAME ____________________________________________________________
                    (first)                    (last)

SPONSOR’S NAME(S)              ________________________________________________________
                                    (first)               (last)

                                                 (first)               (last)

                                     Adult Volunteer Sign-Up
Youth Name: __________________________________________________________________

Adult/Parent Name: _____________________________________________________________

Adult/Parent Sign Up:

I (check one) ___ have ___ have not been trained in Diocesan Safe Environment Policies.

Session Coordinator:

____ I would like to be a session coordinator! I would love to help make sure all of our volunteers have
                     what they need to help guide our young disciples!

Small Group Facilitator:

____ I would like to be a small group facilitator, and I will do so for the following sessions (please circle
                     all sessions you are available for):

          Oct. 7    Oct. 28     Nov. 18   Dec. 9   Jan. 13   Feb. 3   Mar. 10     April 17 (retreat)

Note: We prefer that small group facilitators commit to the entire preparation process as this helps
                    promote group unity and continuity of learning.

Retreat Team Member:

____ I would like to be a member of the retreat team! I look forward to helping make this day prayerful
                     and memorable for everyone!

Minister of Support:

____ I would like to be a minister of support, and I will do so for the following sessions:

          Oct. 7    Oct. 28     Nov. 18   Dec. 9   Jan. 13   Feb. 3   Mar. 10     April 17 (retreat)

As a minister of support, I would prefer to help with (please check all that apply):

                       ____ Set-up/Clean-up
                       ____ Minister of Hospitality (help welcome youth as they come for each session)
                       ____ Serving as a substitute small group facilitator
                       ____ Coordinating snacks/drinks for one or more sessions
                       ____ Bringing/serving snacks for one or more sessions
                       ____ Monitoring halls/bathrooms
                       ____ Collecting attendance/distributing supplies during sessions
                       ____ Phone calls/emails throughout the year

     Please return this form to the Youth Ministry Office no later than Tuesday, September 8, 2009.

                                         Confirmation Registration
                       (Due to the Youth Ministry Office on or before September 8, 2009)

 A $20 registration fee and a COPY of youth’s Baptismal Certificate are due with this form. Certificates
      are unnecessary if any post-Baptismal sacraments have already been celebrated at St. Rita.

Youth Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________

Birth Date: ________________________________________________            Sex: ____________________________________

School: ____________________________________________________________ Grade: ___________________________

Youth Email Address (optional): ___________________________________________________________________________

Sacraments Received (please circle all that apply): Catholic Baptism        Eucharist             Confession/Reconciliation
                                                 non-Catholic Baptism    Profession of Faith (date rec’d: ______________)

Parent/Guardian Name(s): ________________________________________________________________________________

Home Address:     _______________________________________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________________         State: ____________________      Zip:   __________________________

Home Phone: ____________________ Business Phone: _____________________ Cell Phone: ____________________

Parent Email Address: __________________________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name (if youth resides at two addresses): _____________________________________________________

Home Address:     _______________________________________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________________         State: ____________________      Zip:   __________________________

Home Phone: ____________________ Business Phone: _____________________ Cell Phone: ____________________

Parent Email Address: __________________________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Name: ______________________________________________________________________________

Relationship to the son/daughter/participant: ______________________________________________________________

Home Phone: _____________________ Business Phone: _____________________ Cell Phone: ___________________

                                         Participant Medical Information
Youth Participant’s Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Insured’s Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________

Insurance Carrier and Phone #: ______________________________________ Policy Number: ______________________

Insurance ID Number:     _________________________________________________________________________________

Please list anything we should take into consideration when working with your child (medications, special needs,
learning difficulties, allergies, etc):



                                        Confirmation Registration, page 2
                  (Due to the St. Rita Pastoral Center on or before Tuesday, September 8, 2009)

                                                           Promotional Release
I also consent to the use of any videotapes, photographs, slides, audiotapes, or any other visual or audio reproduction (in perpetuity unless
otherwise revoked by me in writing and delivered by certified mail, return receipt requested, to: St. Rita Catholic Community, 12521 Inwood
Road, Dallas, TX 75244, ATTN: Director of Youth Ministry) in which my son/daughter may appear by the Diocese of Dallas or St. Rita
Catholic Community. I understand that these materials are being used for promotion of youth ministry which may include recruitment,
advocacy, and fundraising efforts. I release the staff and volunteers of St. Rita Catholic Community and The Diocese of Dallas from any
liability connected with the use of such materials as part of any of the above or similar activities. All such activities involving the use of
videos, photographs or sound recordings will be done in strict compliance with the Diocesan Safe Environment Program.
□ Please check this box to accept the promotional release.
□ Please check this box to decline the promotional release.         Declining the release may prevent your son/daughter/participant from being
included in group photos taken at events.

____________________________________________________                                           _________________________

                                                           CODE OF CONDUCT
                                              (To be completed by youth and parent/guardian)

1. I agree to treat other participants, leaders, staff and residents with respect and understand that all adult leaders have the authority to
discipline me in accordance with Diocesan Safe Environment Standards.

2. I will always follow the schedule and guidelines given to me.

3. I understand that alcohol, weapons, fireworks, tobacco products of any kind, illegal drugs and profane or abusive language are NOT
ALLOWED on any part of activities and events. (Prescription drugs must be dispensed by an adult leader.)

4. I understand that I represent St. Rita Catholic Community and agree to behave in a Christian and positive manner at all times. I further
agree to dress appropriately during all activities and events.

5. Sexual indiscretion (including PDA’s-public displays of affection) is prohibited at all times and in all cases.

6. I understand that no participant is allowed to leave without permission from a parent/guardian AND the supervising adult.

7. In the event of an emergency or other need to contact any participants, the staff and/or volunteers must know where I can be located;
therefore I agree to stay with my assigned group at all times.

8. I agree to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time of event and be picked up no later than 15 minutes after
scheduled event conclusion. By attending youth ministry functions, all participants agree to stay until the function’s conclusion, unless they
have an emergency or other arrangements made in advance.

9. I realize that I, and my parent/guardian, will be financially responsible for any damage I do to others’ property, facilities or vehicles.

10. I understand that if I choose to violate any part of this “code of conduct”, I may have my parents notified by phone and my parents may
be asked to pick me up, immediately. (This determination will be left to the discretion of the event coordinator.)

By signing here, we agree to adhere to the Code of Conduct.

________________________________________ ________________________________________                                __________________________
        Signature of Youth Participant      Signature of Parent/Guardian/Conservator                                    Date of Signature


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