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									                        Chopticon High School Band Boosters Meeting
                                       March 4, 2009

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at approximately 6:38 p.m. by band booster vice-president
Geoff Westbrook. The members present were: Ellen Emmart, Bonnie Harris, Mary Hayden,
Donna Ordille, Mary Ann Scott, and Geoff Westbrook.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the February 4, 2009 booster meeting were distributed. No official action was

Old Business

Treasurer’s Report

Mrs. Emmart distributed the treasurer’s report noting that there is a checking account balance of
$3,343.55 which represents $4,085.65 minus $491.76 in individual student accounts and $250.34
in the help account. There is a savings account balance of $16,056.70. Mrs. Emmart stated that
she paid the bill for the post office box rental which was $54.00. She also stated that she just
received two additional checks from Papa Johns for spirit nights. Each of these checks was for
less than $20.00, disappointing for the fundraiser it was billed to be by the manager. We have
now received a total of three checks from Papa Johns.

The question was raised as to whether we have ever been able to get the booster money from the
Blue Crabs out of the 801 account. Mrs. Emmart stated that although we have tried to do so
several times by submitting invoices as Mr. Burroughs suggested, it has not worked and we have
not received the money. This is concerning as some of that money was to have gone to the
chorus for their participation in the concession stand.

Fundraising Report

Mrs. Emmart stated that she has emailed Chris Cakes to reserve the date of May 10th for the
pancake breakfast.

Mrs. Ordille stated that we have still not received the car magnets from Carol Davis.

Spaghetti Dinner

It was noted that we are definitely holding the dinner whether or not we are able to obtain the
waiver of the building use/worker fees. Mrs. Hayden has not gotten a response on the waiver
request yet but will check on it. It was stated that Ms. Vence is advertising the dinner along with
the play. It was questioned as to how many people come to the school plays. It was agreed that
we will aim for 300 people at the dinner.

Mr. Westbrook stated that he has talked to Will in the food services department for the school
system regarding the dinner and found out that we are able to order the food through them. He
went over the prices quoted for 160 servings. There was discussion with a few questions raised
for Mr. Westbrook to follow-up on. These included what is included in the salad, whether there
is salad dressing available, and how the sauce and noodles come. In addition, Mr. Westbrook
will ask about getting paper products (plates, bowls, etc.) through the school system. Mr.
Westbrook stated that we will need to order the food a week in advance of the dinner. It was
agreed that coffee, tea, milk, and juice should come with the meal while there will a fee for
bottled water and soda. It was suggested that we get 25 cartons of each milk and juice.

It was agreed that we will have a dessert table. Because the items will be homemade, the dessert
table will operate by donation rather than set prices. We will be asking for baked goods to be
donated. We will have Mr. Burroughs send out an email asking for this as well as for workers
for the different crews we will need for the dinner. It was agreed that to ask for volunteers in
two shifts of 1:00 p.m. -4:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. -7:00 p.m. The volunteer positions include: set-
up crew, cookers, servers, bus boys/girls, and clean-up crew. It was agreed that we should have
sign-up sheets and Mr. Westbrook agreed to coordinate that. Volunteers will be asked to email
Mr. Westbrook. It was also suggested that we do a half sheet flyer to go home with the students.

This then also brought up a discussion of parents and getting volunteers for events such as this.
It was noted that at the beginning of the year there is a volunteer form that parents fill out but we
don’t know whatever happens to that. In addition, there is a volunteer sheet on the website but
those responses go directly to Mr. Brown. It was further noted that the volunteers need to be
coordinated for the Blue Crab concession stand work dates.

It was agreed that this will not be buffet style but rather we will serve the food. The cast and
crew will eat at 5:00 p.m. It was noted that someone needs to speak to Carol Davis regarding
doing the photographs with the cast.

As to advertising, the draft flyer prepared by Mrs. Scott was reviewed. It was agreed to modify
the flyer to say 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. rather than just 4:00 p.m., to modify the menu to include
salad and bread sticks, and to remove the statement about all you can eat. Mrs. Scott will revise
the flyer and get it to Mr. Burroughs for distribution. Mrs. Emmart will send an announcement
to and others. Mrs. Ordille will give the information to Ellyne Brice Davis for
inclusion in her Park to Point article in the Enterprise. There was a discussion of making signs
for the dinner, with Mrs. Emmart stating that she has 4x4 sheets from the comedy show that are
blank on the back and could be reused and Mrs. Scott stating that she has plywood that could be
used for signs. No definitive plan for signs was reached.
New Business

Marching Band Hats

Mrs. Emmart stated that Mr. Burroughs has said he would like to stay with the style of hat we
currently have known as the “Aussie” style. It was agreed that we will look for replacement
boxes for the hats. The problem is that the current boxes are getting to be in bad shape and they
are wearing on the tops of the hats. A current box was measured and the size we need to look for
is 17” x 13¼” x 6½”. Mrs. Emmart will check on the internet at band supply businesses for them
and Mrs. Scott will investigate a lead she has for boxes. It was agreed that we will need 55
boxes to start.

Marching Band Uniforms

Mrs. Harris reviewed the debt list in relation to marching band uniform issues, primarily frayed
pants (bibbers). She stated that the color guard uniforms do not need to be dry cleaned but rather
can be hand washed. This is also true of the former color guard uniforms. Mrs. Gill has
volunteered to hand wash all of the guard uniforms. This is very nice of Mrs. Gill and it will
save us a lot of money in dry cleaning costs. It was questioned as to how much money is in the
801 account for dry cleaning. It was also noted that if the color guard is going with new
uniforms and wants to make them they need to decide that soon so that there is ample time to do
so. Mrs. Emmart noted that Mrs. Sparks had taken some of the old pirate themed uniforms home
to look at as a possible option.


Mrs. Hayden stated that the permanent tags for the new trailer need to be obtained. She noted
that there had been discussion of possibly selling the open trailer and transferring the tags to the
new one. There was then discussion of what to do with the open trailer now that we have the
new larger enclosed one. It was questioned as to why we need to take both trailers and it was
noted that this will be necessary due to additional equipment needed for the pit this year as well
as to have a means to secure the ATV’s. Mr. Westbrook stated that if the open trailer is disposed
of he is interested in purchasing it. With the low attendance at the meeting and the lack of
research on the value of the open trailer it was agreed to postpone a decision on this issue until
another time. One suggestion on how to handle the sale if that is what is decided was to do it by
sealed bid. This topic will be discussed again at the next full meeting of the boosters.

Uniform Closet

Mrs. Harris raised the issue of space in the uniform closet and possible options on how to store
all of the uniforms, noting that with the new girls symphonic uniforms there are now an
additional 55 dresses to store. One possibility is to put the extra uniforms in bags and suck the
air out to compress the space they take. The cost for the bags should be minimal. The storage
trailer behind the school was mentioned but it is not secure and not suitable for uniform storage.
As to other items in the uniform closet, Mr. Westbrook suggested storing them in the trailer. He
noted that we could come up with some type of cart where items could be stored and then
wheeled out when the trailer is in use.


Mrs. Emmart stated that we need to think about the picnic and that we need to go ahead and book
the park (Gilbert Run) to ensure that we get the date we want. It was agreed to aim for June 6th
at 1:00 p.m., with a back-up date of May 2nd. It was noted that the cost to rent Lettie Dent last
year was $100.00. It was agreed that if Gilbert Run is $100.00 Mrs. Emmart should go ahead
and book it but that if it exceeds $100.00 she should email us with the information. There was
some discussion of holding the picnic after the seniors graduate, with it being noted that the
banquet is more about the seniors and that they should all still be around and are welcome to
come to the picnic.


It was agreed that we would like to hold the banquet at Christ Church hall again this year. Mr.
Westbrook will contact Mr. Whitson regarding arrangements. It was noted that the date for the
banquet is set by Mr. Burroughs, but that it is usually during the week and somewhere from mid
to late May. It was questioned as to whether Mrs. Davis will be doing the slide show again.

Special Meeting

It was agreed by all in attendance that we need to hold a special meeting to discuss the details of
the spaghetti dinner. It was decided that this meeting will be held on March 10, 2009 at 6:30
p.m. Mr. Burroughs will be asked to send out an email to parents announcing the meeting. We
will request that the message be coupled with the revised flyer to be prepared by Mrs. Scott.

Next Meeting

The next regular meeting of the band boosters will be held on April 1, 2009 @ 6:30 p.m.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:55 p.m.

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