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                                            Equipment Consignment Contract
    1.   Party Names. DISTRIBUTORS. Owner, and ______________________________, Renter, agrees to the
         following rental.
    2.   Equipment Being Consigned. Owner agrees to consign to Renter, and Renter agrees to rent from Owner, the following equipment:
         Espresso Italia/ COMOBAR 2000, Inc.XL-100 Espresso Cappuccino MACHINE, (“          ).
                                                                                  Equipment” This equipment can only be used with
         Espresso Italia products sold to the Renter by the Owner, exclusively.
    3.   Duration of Consignment Period. The rental will begin at _________ on ___________ to __________ on ____________.
    4.   Rental Amount. The rental amount is $0.0 per year. (If the less that 3 cases usage a monthly rental fee of $37.00 will be billed to
    5.   Refundable Security Deposit Payment. Renter has paid $300.00 Refundable Security Deposit per unit to Owner to cover the
         consignment period specified in paragraph 3. Renter will also purchase a minimum of 3 cases of Espresso Italia coffee products for
         $65.00 per case or $195.00 minimum each month. Each subsequent order for Espresso Italia coffee products will be at a minimum
         of 3 cases at $195.00. Your shipment of 3 cases will be shipped and billed to you automatically each month. If less than 3
         cases usage, a monthly rental free of $37.00 will be billed to Renter. All orders above the 3 cases minimum can be order at
         the discounted prices listed on the Owner’ website
    6.                                                                                           s
         Delivery. Owner will deliver the equipment to Renter on Date: _______________ at: Renter’ place of business.
    7.   End of Term. Renter can return the equipment to Owner after the time and date when the rental period ends. Or may rent the
         Equipment for an additional year. Or may purchase the machine outright for the price of $799.00.
    8.   Damage or Loss. Renter acknowledges receiving the equipment in new condition.
    9.   Warranty: Each machine comes with a 1-year factory limited warranty on parts and 6 months bench labor from the purchase date.
    10. Return of Equipment. Renter will return the equipment to Owner in good condition. If the equipment is damage while in Renter’
         possession, Renter will be responsible for the cost of repair, up to the value of the equipment. If the equipment is lost while in
         Renter’ possession, Renter will pay Owner its current value. Owner and Renter agree that the current value is $799.00
    11. Use of Equipment. Renter acknowledges that use of Equipment creates some risk of personal injury to Renter and third parties, as
         well as a risk of damage to property, and Renter expressly assumes that risk. Renter therefore agrees to use the Equipment safely
         and only in the manner for which Equipment is intended to be used. Owner is not responsible for any personal injury or property
         damage resulting from Renter or Renter’ employees’misuse, unsafe use or reckless use of Equipment. Renter will indemnify and
         defend Owner from and against any injury or damage claims arising out of Renter’ misuse, unsafe and reckless use of the
    12. Entire Agreement. This is the entire agreement between the Named Parties. It replaces and supersedes any and all oral
         agreements between the Named Parties, as well as any prior writings.

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