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									                            2011 Mississippi’s Our Little Miss Universal Beauty
                                               November 6th
                                                Tupelo, MS

                                                Contestant Handbook
Contestants will compete based on their age as of October 15, 2010, for state, regional and World Competition.
(0-2) (3-6) (7-9) (10-12) (13-17) (18- up, not married, no children) (27 & up married, divorced, children)

REQUIRED EVENTS          The following events are required for the state title:
Playtime/Team OLM Attire will be theme party outfit. Rock and Roll Tribute to Elvis in his home town of Tupelo.
Wear your favorite Rock and Roll outfit!
Up-Close Appraisal The contestants will be in a closed session with the judges. Baby Contestants will require a Parent
or Chaperone with them who will briefly introduce the child to the judges. All other age divisions will go in with their
group and be asked age appropriate questions. Generally questions that are asked to contestants come from
information that is provided on their emcee forms. Moms of Babies can bring toys and snacks to keep them happy.
Sportswear Competition Sportswear can be active/dressy or casual sportswear. Both off the rack and custom outfits
are allowed. Restrictions include bare midriffs, skirts, denim or strapless tops. Outfits must have at least 1” straps and
nothing below the shoulder blades. No pro-am modeling, prissy walk, etc.…just basic beauty modeling. This is not a
sporting event…sports uniforms, swimsuits, warm-up suits, etc are not appropriate. Pay special attention to your
accessories to ensure there are no rhinestones or other jewels on buttons, earring, shoes, number pins, etc.
Pageant/Party Dress or Evening Gown 0-12 must wear a short pageant/party dress for this phase of competition.
Dresses must be age appropriate with no side, back or midriff cutouts and at least 1” straps that go over their shoulders.
13-up must wear a long evening gown with at least 1”straps and no splits above the knee. 18 - up evening gown must
have 2 straps no required width.

OPTIONAL EVENTS           The following events are not required and will be judged by separate judges (not the official
judges) and have no bearing on the outcome of the official winners. This is an opportunity to have practice time on the
official stage before the official competition starts during state/regional finals. EACH OF THESE HAS A SEPERATE
Miss Photogenic (printed in the book) This must be entered, photo sent and paid before State Finals. Winners will be
chosen at state finals and all photos entered will be featured in the Miss Photogenic section of the program book. Photo
should be head or head & shoulders photo and can be the same photo used for your roster photo or a different photo.
Sponsors names will be listed in the book under the contestant’s photo. There is an extra charge to enter Miss
Photogenic and the Queen will receive a crown and banner in addition to being printed in the program book. The Miss
Photogenic Title will be announced following the Official Crowning. This Queen will be invited to attend World Finals this
year and reign during the Year as Miss Photogenic.
Mother-Daughter Competition This is a special competition for moms, daughters and even grandmothers. Most who
compete in this competition wear matching or coordinating outfits. They can model a standard routine or make up a
special act. One Winner will receive matching mother-daughter crowns.
Optional Awards Winners for each side award will be chosen from each age division. Photogenic will be judged based
on the photo you submit for photogenic. Prettiest Eyes, Prettiest Smile, Prettiest Hair, Best Sportswear, Best
Pageant/Party Dress or Evening Gown will all be chosen on stage. No other outfit is needed.

Official winners in each age division will receive an official OLM round crown, Banner, trophy and state robe to be worn
during their reign. (**Robes remain the property of Directors but will be handed down each year to the new winners.
Each person is responsible for keeping up and taking care of the robe. If it is destroyed, in bad shape, or not returned
the cost to you will be 100.00**)
Throughout the year, each of the participants and our Queens will receive plenty of chances to be active in the Our Little
Miss activities and Sanctioned events. The parties, parades, and mini trips are things that we all look forward to. Our
Queens will also have several events each season that are just for them, in their Honor! After a successful completion of
their reign, Queens will receive a Savings Bond as they return to state to crown their successor. (Fulfilling your reign
includes representing Mississippi at World Finals as well as attending 3 Official preliminaries during the following season
and 2 other activities or events and being at State Finals to crown your successor.)
Each age division will also have an Universal Princess (successor to the crown), Mini Queen (highest ranking contestant
on the opposite end of the age division) Miss Personality who will receive an official OLM crown, Banner, Trophy and
their entry fee paid to World Finals. These state winners will also be invited to all state events and preliminaries to
represent their title. Winners who do not accept their invitation to attend World will have their winnings passed to the
next contestant in line. Division Official Winners are required to attend World Finals to keep their state title.
Alternates in each age Division will receive a trophy and discount to World Finals.

Limitations and Responsibilities Our Little Miss Directors, Staff or Royalty will not be responsible for any losses,
injuries, theft or illnesses during competition. This includes traveling to, during or after the State Competition.
Proof of Age All new contestants will be required to submit proof of their age to State Headquarters. This will be kept
on file and forwarded to World Headquarters so please send a copy only of the child’s birth certificate or other legal
document with the child’s date of birth. This must be provided before contestants will be allowed to compete.
Staging/Hotel Information All competition will take place at the Clarion Inn and Summit center. They have given us a
special group rate of $85.00/night plus tax. As soon as Reservations can be made and your deposit is made for state,
more information about reservations will be sent to you. Make sure to tell them you are with Our Little Miss to get the
group discounted rate. This rate will be good for friends and family as well. A limited number of rooms at the discounted
rate have been blocked so make your reservations as soon as possible after your deposit is made for the state pageant.
Queen’s Gifts Each contestant is asked to bring 2 gifts valued between $5-10.00 to registration. Make sure to label
them with your name and age division. Incoming and outgoing queens in each age division will receive a gift from all
contestants. These gifts should be brought with you to registration.
Souvenir Gifts Each contestant will receive goodie bags filled with treats from each of the contestants and visiting
royalty. If you would like to participate, please bring enough goodies to registration for each contestant. Items such as
pencils, wrapped candy etc. labeled with contestant’s name will be sufficient. 75 souvenir gifts should be enough. No
replication of the OLM silhouette or logos is permitted.
Stage Formation (Please note that this is only a guide as to how the stage will be set up.)

enter           X1                                X2                       X4        exit


Other Information
*All contestants under 18 years of age will be required to have a responsible adult chaperone with them during all
phases of competition. One chaperone badge is included in each contestant’s fees and badges will be available at
registration. Should this badge become lost or misplaced, it will be your responsibility to replace it. Guests wishing to
attend may purchase a badge good for all weekend including finals for the following prices:
0-3 FREE                 4 and up $12.00
* The “Rock and Roll” party tickets will be included in the contestant’s fees and will also include 1 chaperone ticket.
Extra tickets can be purchased at registration. Everyone ages 2 and up are required to purchase a ticket to attend.
Tickets are $15 each in advance. These must be ordered BEFORE October 5th. Tickets will be 20.00 at the door!
*Hands on rule will be strictly enforced for contestants in the Baby Petite division. This means that parent/chaperone
must keep at least fingertip on the child at all times. Failure to do so will result in the contestant not being eligible for
top placement. This is for the safety of the child.
*Coaching a child from the audience will not be allowed. You are allowed to cheer/clap and show encouragement while
a contestant is on stage but instructing them on which way to turn, walk, smile will not be allowed. An infraction will be
given for any parent or guest seen doing this.
*During finals, contestants will be asked to say their name, age and where they are from on stage during our “Parade of
Contestants”. Parents/Chaperones of Baby Petites will speak for their child. Contestants in the 3 years and older
divisions will be asked an onstage question during final competition. These questions are prepared with their age in
mind and will be general opinion questions…no right or wrong answers.
*All contestants must be checked in 15 minutes before the start of each competition. Once parents have checked in
children 3 years and older, they will not be allowed backstage. Parents/Chaperones of Baby Petite contestants will be
the only ones allowed backstage. You are welcome to bring snacks, toys, bottle, sippy cups, etc. with you to keep your
baby happy while you are waiting.
*Contestants may sell ads and patron listings to help with the cost of competing at state finals. Complete ad
information can be found on the Special advertising page. Please note that all ads must be turned in no later than
October 5th.
*We will have a mandatory parents meeting during contestant’s rehearsal to inform you of what to expect at finals as
well as to give information for World Competition. This will be your time to ask questions as well as gain lots of
*We ask that all contestants stay for photos after finals.
*Absolutely no information will be given out about how many or who is in a particular age division.
*Contestants must be dressed and ready for lineup 15 minutes prior to competition. We will not hold an age division for
anyone who is late.
*No unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated by contestants, parents or guests. Anyone displaying such behavior will
be asked to leave and it could possibly lead to the disqualification of the contestant.
*No refunds for any reason will be given.
*Gossiping is not allowed. This is a children’s event and all adults in attendance will be asked to set good examples for
the children
*Our Little Miss is a no glitz/natural pageant. Rhinestones, sequins, etc. are allowed on pageant dresses and evening
gowns only. Absolutely no glitz during sportswear competition, this includes jewelry and number pins. Shoe height for
contestants 0-9 must be no higher than 1 ½’. Contestants in 10-12 division cannot have heels over 2’. This includes all
competitions. Flippers, false eyelashes, body glitter and hair pieces will not be allowed in any phase of competition.
*All photos submitted for Miss Photogenic and the program book cannot be retouched or enhanced. This includes
smoothing complexions, changing backgrounds, adding features or taking away features. We do allow photos to be
cropped and red-eye removed only. Make up in the photos is allowed in the 3-up contestants

Have fun and make lots of memories!!!

Final deadline for all deposits, forms, photos and ads is October 5, 2010 please send to:
3326 Northshore Dr.
Toomsuba, MS 39364

You could be the next Ad Sales Queen!
Patron and ad sales are a great way to earn money toward your entry fees. Please include all information needed to
typeset the ad including a business card, logos and contact information. We will typeset all information for you. Ads and
money must be turned in no later than October 5th, 2010. The contestant selling the most dollar amount will be named
our Ad Sales Queen and will receive a crown & banner and special gift.
Full Page 100.00           You receive a $65.00 credit
Half Page 60.00            You receive a $45.00 credit
Quarter Page 40.00          You receive a $25.00 credit
Business Card 25.00         You receive a $15.00 credit
Patron Listings 10.00 You receive an $8.00 credit
Example of Patron Listings:
Good Luck, Melanie!            You can do it, Tina!
Love Mom & Dad                 The Spotted Pony
Please list all patron ads on a blank sheet of paper, clearly labeled and printed or typewritten legibly.
Credit will be applied toward contestant’s fees only. We do not give refunds for ad credit, no exceptions.
                                                 Optional Events Pages
If you choose to do the optional Events, please make sure to return the forms and your money before October 5th 2010.

Livin’ Doll Pageant
Attire-Sunday Best or Pageant wear
Official OLM Rules DO NOT apply to the Livin’ Doll Pageant however, please keep contestants looking their age. Judged
on facial beauty & overall appearance!
State Registered Contestants-$35 Non-state contestants $50
Queens receive Crown, Banner & Trophy
1st and 2nd Alternates receive a Trophy
Age Divisions: (Based on their age the day of the pageant) 0-2, 3-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-17, 18-over
Age Division________________
Contestant’s Name________________________________________________ Age___________
City_____________________________________________________ State________________
#Brother’s _________#Sisters _________ Pets________________________________________
Favorite Color______________________________ Favorite Food________________________
I submit this form as entry into Mississippi’s Livin’ Doll Pageant. I understand that I am not to hold the director, staff or facility liable for damages, theft or losses
resulting in my child’s participation in this pageant including traveling to and from the event. I understand that if my child wins or places she qualifies to compete at
the World Pageant to be held in July.
  Parent’s Signature ________________________________________________Date ________________

 $10.00 each outfit. 1 winner will be chosen per age group
Contestant’s Name__________________________________________________________
Age ____________
Please check the categories you are entering:
_______Casual wear
I submit this form as entry into Mississippi’s Pro Am Competition. I understand that I am not to hold the director, staff
or facility liable for damages, theft or losses resulting in my child’s participation in this pageant including traveling to and
from the event. I understand that if my child wins or places she qualifies to compete at the World Pageant to be held in
January. Pro am winner in each age division will receive a Crown and Banner
 Parent’s Signature___________________________________________________________Date______________

Mother-Daughter Pageant Entry Form
Number of Contestants _________
Names_____________________________            ________________________________        ___________________
Favorite things to do together: _________________________________________________________________________
Brief Description of Outfit: ____________________________________________________________________________
Mississippi’s Official Entry Form
Please complete the following form and return to: MS OLM, 3326 Northshore Dr, Toomsuba, MS 39364
Make checks payable to MS OLM.
Deposits may also be paid with PayPal. Send to and add 4% for PayPal Fees.

Contestant’s Name:________________________________________________________________________
Age Division_________________       Date of Birth____________________________________
Mailing Address___________________________________________________________________________
City: _________________________________            State: MS         Zip: _________________________
Email Address______________________________________________________________________________
Phone Number___ ___________________________             Alt #______________________________________
Contestant’s T-Shirt Size_____ ______

_____ Registration Fee(Paid if participated in Beauty Prelim)       100.00
_____Primary Fee (required by all) 250.00
Includes all events needed for State Official Title, 1 Chaperone Badge, contestant’s state T-shirt and photo in program.
The following events are optional and not required for the State Title:
______ Miss Photogenic (printed in State Program Book) $50
______ Livin’ Doll $35 (state contestant) $50.00 non-state contestant
______ Mother-Daughter Pageant ($25 for 2 or $30 for 3) ______
______ Pro Am (Total Events Entered @$10 each) ______
______ Prettiest Hair $5.00
______ Prettiest Eyes $5.00
______ Prettiest Smile $5.00
______ Best Dress $5.00
______ Best Sportswear $5.00

Extra State T-shirts@ $15.00 each ________
___CS ___CM ___CL ___AS ___AM ___AL ___AXL
Please add $5.00 for the following Sizes: ___AXXL ___AXXXL

Extra Dinner / Party Tickets $15.00 each ______ (number needed)

Extra Pass for competition Events $12.00 each _______ (number needed)

Total Amount Entered      ______
Ad & Patron Sales Total ______
Total      ________
Ad Credit (please attach sheet) ______
Deposit Paid ______
Balance Due       ____________

Contestant Photo Information
My photo for the program book will be sent/has been sent by:
_______Regular Mail or ______ Other (Explain :__________________________)
____I am entering “Miss Photogenic” (extra charge must be paid for in advance)
Please use the same photo as my Photo Roster _____
I will be sending a separate photo by ______Regular Mail _____Email        ______Other (Explain :________________)
Photo information to include with your photo:
Contestant’s Name, Age Division & City, State

_____0- 2 years _____ 3-6 _____7-9 ______ 10-12 _____13-17 _____18-26 ____18 and up Married, divorced, children
CITY: ____________________________________ STATE: MS
HAIR: ____________________________ EYES: ________________________
PARENTS: _______________________________________________________________________________________
BROTHERS:________ SISTERS:__________
SPORTS (1): ____________________________________________________________________
HOBBIES (1): ___________________________________________________________________
FAVORITE COLOR (1):___________________________________ FOOD(1):________________________________
PETS: __________________________________________________________________________

As The parent/guardian of ________________________________, a contestant in the Mississippi State Our Little Miss Pageant, I
agree to abide by the rules and regulations, directives and provisions for contestants as set forth in the official Contestant’s
handbook and World Youth Federation. I agree to hold World Youth Federation of the Americas, Inc., and/or the Our Little Miss
Pageant System, its directors and staff members harmless of any damages or liabilities due to theft, accident or injury during or
resulting from my child’s participation in the state pageant. I accept the responsibility for the regulations of hours and personal
activities of the contestant. I also affirm that all of the enclorsed forms are true to the best of my knowledge and belief, including
name, birthday, city and state of residence. I understand any false or misleading statements will be sufficient reason for dismissal
from the pageant system. I further agree that if my child is selected winner or captured on tape in any activity during the state
pageant, she will be allowed to appear in the taped segments. I further agree that my child may appear in any taped segments or
printed advertisements for World Youth Federation in the future without compensation after said pageant.
Any official winner not fulfilling her year’s reign including not representing her state by attending the 2011 World Our Little Miss
Finals or by not being available for Our Little Miss personal appearances which will include at least but not less than 3 official
preliminary pageants including the one in your own hometown, if applicable, may be replaced by a presiding queen.
The crowns, robes and any awards offered for winning such titles will be passed down to the presiding winner if one is appointed.
Should a State Official or Beauty winner win the honor of an Official or Beauty World Title, her successor will be named as a
presiding queen for the remainder of that year. The crowns, robes and ANY awards offered will be passed down to the presiding
winner. The robes are the property of World Youth Federation and if not properly returned at the end of the year’s reign or passed
down to her successor upon request, legal procedures will follow immediately at the expense of the parent/guardian or contestant
herself if of legal age. At the discretion of the Board of Directors, the amount of involvement by the official or beauty winner will
constitute who, if any, will receive any monies and/or concessions earned from winning the titles(s). Any contestant caught in any
unsportsmanlike conversations, or unruly acts of temper will be warned of the consequences of being dismissed from the pageant
system. There will be no second chance if anyone is caught deliberately causing harm, either physical or verbal, and will be
automatically dismissed from any sanctioned events of World Youth Federation or the Our Little Miss Pageant System.
If your daughter is crowned the state winner, entering other “Like” pageant systems on a state or National level is not allowed
during the duration of her state reign, titles will be pulled and passed down to the successor if you choose to attend one of the ‘Like
“ pageants. This does not include Festival or Saturday (one day event) pageants.

______________________________________________                                            _____________
Signature of Parent/Guardian                                                              Date

     Contact State Director Tina Ford with any questions at or #(601) 604-2710
                             Tentative Schedule

Friday November 5th

Registration ( Not Mandatory)
7:00 pm-8:30 pm
*Pajama Party will go on during registration for the girls to meet one another
while the parents are registering the contestants.

Saturday November 6th

Registration :
8:00 am - 8:30 am

9:00 am-10:30 am

Pro Am- Mother/daughter- Living doll (in this order)
10:30 am-12:00 pm
*Crowning for these events will take place after living doll.

Lunch & Rock n’ Roll party (lunch will be served)
12:30 pm-2:30 pm

4:00 pm-5:00 pm

5:00 to 5:30

Party Dress and Finals
6:30 until approximately 8:00pm

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