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									                                     TRAVEL ADVISORY
                  Re: Waiver of Exclusion Ground Under Sec. 29 (a) (12)
                           Of the Philippine Immigration Act

      For the information of all concerned, children below 15 years old who are
holding foreign passports may travel to the Philippines if they are (1)
accompanied by parent/s or (2) traveling to meet their parent/s in the
Philippines. Those who are traveling to the Philippines unaccompanied by or
not meeting their parent/s in the Philippines must apply for a Waiver of
Exclusion Ground under Sec. 29 (a) (12) of the Philippine Immigration Act.

       The Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG) shall be signed and approved by
the appropriate immigration authorities upon the child’s arrival at the Philippine
port of entry, subject to the submission of the following requirements:

         1. Affidavit of Consent signed by both parents or either parent or legally
            appointed guardian (for those who have no living parents) of the child,
            naming the person who will be accompanying the child to the
            Philippines (blank forms are available at this Consulate) duly notarized
            by the Philippine Consulate.
         2. Clear photocopy of the child’s birth certificate;
         3. Clear photocopy of the data page of the child’s passport;
         4. Clear photocopy of the data page of the accompanying adult/guardian;
         5. Payment of WEG fee (P3, 120).

         Those children who need visas must apply for the appropriate Philippine
         Visa before traveling to the Philippines. The list of foreign nationals who
         need visas to travel to the Philippines are listed in our website

         For periodic update and for any clarification on this matter, you may
         contact the Visa Section of the Philippine Consulate General, Hong Kong
         SAR at tel. nos. 28238545, 28238547 or 28238500 or through our email
         address     and    website:      and

         1.   Children (holding foreign passports) under 15 years old who are going to meet their parents in
              the Philippines must prepare proof that his/her parents is/are in the Philippines (for possible
              presentation to the Airlines or to the Immigration Officer in the Philippines).
         2.   To have the Affidavit of Consent notarized by this Consulate, the parent/s of the child must (a)
              come to the Philippine Consulate General, located at 14/f, United Centre, 95 Queensway,
              Admiralty, (b) bring with them 2 recent photographs of their child and their (parent/s) Hong
              Kong ID Card or passport and (c) pay the notarial fee of HK$212.50, The duly notarized
              Affidavit of Consent will be ready after one working day.

21 July 2002, Hong Kong SAR

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