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					                          Project Progress Report
(The progress report needs to be submitted once every 3/6 months of project
implementation – as agreed with the international secretariat)

Part A:

1. Project Details
Project Title:               Financing Cogeneration and Small-Hydro projects in the Sugar
                             and Tea Industry in East and Southern Africa.
REEEP Project Ref Code.      10501013
REEEP Theme (F/ P&R)         Finance
Secretariat/Focal Point      International REEEP Secretariat
Countries Covered            Regional: Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia
Date of Report               April, 2007
Completed by:                AFREPREN/FWD

Regional Secretariat to comment below (For REEEP use)

Name, position
Date Completed
Comment on Project
                Issue/Risk                                           Action

2. REEEP International Secretariat (For REEEP use)
Name, position
Date Completed

3. Project Summary
Overall Summary of        The official start up date for the project was postponed to January
Project Progress          2007. However some of the project activities have been ongoing as
                          from July 2006 and include:
                               Consultations with sugar and tea industry stakeholders
                               Assessment of risks and challenges to financing RE&EE in the
                                  agro industries (a report/article is currently being prepared on
                                  this assessment.)
                               Preparation of the mailing list of domestic and regional
                                  investors and financiers is completed but regular updating is
                               The trampoline section of the website is already in use and
                                  regularly updated.
                               A project website will be developed in the next quarter.

Part B:
4. Progress by Output/Outcomes
    Output/outcomes       Progress during Quarter /half-year           Plan for Next Quarter/half-
                              (Include quantitative information and               year
                                     any problems or issues)
Reports and Short articles   Regional report on financing of          Finalise with the first draft by
                             RE&EE in the agro industries is          June 2007.
                             being prepared and the 1st draft will
                             be ready by June 2007. When
                             complete, this report will be used to
                             produce the short articles.

                             The major challenge is availability
                             of up to date data and information
                             on financing of RE&EE. We have
                             contacted national experts to help
                             overcome this challenge
Training Workshop            The training workshop is                 Developing the training
                             scheduled for November 2007.             material based on the
                             We are in the process of                 assessment report.
                             developing the structure and
                             outline of the training workshop.

Meetings between             Consultations have been ongoing          Additional consultations
financiers and tea and       and are linked to the UNEP/GEF           will be undertaken during
sugar industry               Small Hydro in Tea industry and          this phase as it coincides
representatives              Cogen for Africa projects.               with the start of the Tea
                                                                      and Cogen projects.
Project Website              Information for creating the             Updating the website with
                             project website is being                 more material and useful
                             compiled. However the                    links on financing RE&EE
                             trampoline section has been              in the region.
                             updated and useful links for
                             Cogen and Tea projects attached. Creating a separate project
                                                              website for uploading of
Mailing list of domestic     A draft of the mailing list is   Updating of the mailing list
and regional financiers,     ready.                           with more contacts that
sugar and tea industries                                      will be gathered when the
                                                              Cogen and Tea projects are
                                                              officially launched.

5. Other
Any changes in project implementation approach?
The project was postponed so as to coincide with the launch and start of the other 2
UNEP/GEF projects; ‘Cogen for Africa’ and ‘Greening Tea’.

Is the project still on course to complete on the projected date?
Yes - as per the new work plan of January, 2007- December, 07

 Problems or issues (risks) which may                  Action Planned/ Taken
       effect success of project

Any media exposure to project during quarter/half-year?
The REEEP project’s managers meeting in Beijing –China in which AFREPREN/FWD
participated was covered on the REEEP website.

Other Notes


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