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					                                                                                                                                           ORIGINAL WORKS
                                                                                                                                                  54 Caldwell Rd., Stillwater, NY 12170
School Account                                                                                                                           Phone: 800-421-0020           Fax: 518-584-9293
  CODE                                        SEASON                   Sp 10           Date/Initials                                       
                                                                                       For Office
 SCHOOL INFORMATION                                                                    use only
                                                                                                       Sp    D G     (** Asterisk changes made)

Name                                                                                                                       Revision Date
Street                                                                                                               Confirmation Date

City                                                          State                    Zip Code                      HQ Mgr

District                                                      County                                                 Sales Rep

Grade Levels                                                                   Phone                                 Rep phone

       Public           Pre-K         Private              Other               Fax                                   Rep E-Mail

                                                                                                                     Dates school closed:
Street                                                                 cell                                          Last Day of Semester:

City                                                          State                    Zip Code                      Date Classes Resume:


Alter. Coord.                                                          Phone                           ext            PROGRAM INFORMATION
Art Teacher
                                                                                                                      Number of students participating:
                    (This is the name & phone # printed on customized letter to families)
                                                                       Phone                           ext            Families make checks payable to:
& Phone

 BILLING INFORMATION (Complete only if                         DIFFERENT from school address)                      If running the program as a fundraiser, you may list how the funds
Organization                                                                                                          will be used. We will then print this information for you on the
Billing Contact
                                                                                                                                     customized Dear Family Letter
                                                                                                                   The proceeds from this program will be used for:
City                                                          State            Zip

Billing Phone                                 ext.                     Fax

Billing E-Mail

 SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS and Additional Program Materials (i.e. lesson plans)                                         SCHEDULE INFORMATION                                                            DATE
                                                                                                                    OWY sends Program Materials
                                                                                                                    School receives Program Materials
                                                                                                                    Artwork begins
Promo Code:                                                                                                         Send "Look What's Coming Letter" home
                                                                                                                    Send artwork packages with "Dear Family Letter" home
To purchase paper indicate # of 250 sheet packages and "bill to" info below.                                        Deadline for Family orders
Please ship                      Package(s) of art paper (250sheets) @ $7.00 each                                   Send orders, artwork & Shipping Form D to OWY
                   Please send bill to:              School                     Rep                                 OWY receives orders / artwork
                                                                                                                    OWY sends orders / artwork
This account is a:           (check one and identify)                                                               School receives orders / artwork
           Repeat (year)

           Referral from:                                                                                                                    Fast Track Ship Date Requested
           Convention visit (name/year)

           Cold Call


           HQ Lead/Inquiry:                                                                                                     We recommend using a traceable carrier
                                                                                                                        such as UPS or FedEx for all shipments to Original Works.
                  The school is responsible for the cost of shipping
                     the artwork and order forms to our facility.                                                                                                 ►►Please turn over to view pricing information
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Page 1 of 2
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sp10 OP 9.14.09
                                PRODUCT PRICING INFORMATION
                                     Listed below is our current product line and associated pricing.
                               The "Price to Families" column will be the pricing on your Dear Family Letter.

                                                                                                    Suggested          PRICE TO        ( ** asterisk changes made)
                                           PRODUCT                               Wholesale         Retail Prices                            Price revision & date
                      Ceramic Mug                                                $       9.25      $      14.00
                      Set of (2) Coasters                                        $       8.00      $      12.00
                      Ceramic Tile / Trivet                                      $      12.00      $      18.00
                      Soap / Lotion Dispenser                                    $      11.00      $      16.50
                      Wall Clock                                                 $      11.50      $      17.25
                      Night Light                                                $      11.00      $      16.50
                      Decorative Ornament                                        $      10.00      $      15.00
                      Magnet                                                     $       4.00      $       6.00
                      Set of (2) Keychains                                       $       6.00      $       9.00
                      Set of (8) Notecards                                       $       8.50      $      12.75
                      Matted Print                                               $       6.25      $       9.50
                      Set of (8) Recipe Cards NEW!                               $       4.00      $       6.00
                      Sketchbook NEW!                                            $       8.00      $      12.00
                      Journal                                                    $      10.00      $      15.00
                      Set of (2) Pocket Pads                                     $       3.25      $       4.75
                      Bandana - NEW!                                             $       6.00      $       9.00
                      Set of (2) Pot Holders                                     $      10.00      $      15.00
                      Computer Mouse Pad                                         $       8.00      $      12.00
                      Quilt Block                                                $       3.50      $       5.25
                      Pillow Case                                                $       9.00      $      13.50
                      Classic Hand Towel                                         $       8.00      $      12.00
                      Tote Bag                                                   $       8.00      $      12.00
                      Apron                                                      $      12.00      $      18.00
                      Garden / Decorative Flag                                   $       5.00      $       7.50
                      T-shirt (Adult / Youth)                                    $      11.00      $      16.50
                      T-shirt (Adult) XXL                                        $      15.00      $      22.50
                      Set of (3) Soap/Lotion Dispenser                           $      30.00      $      45.00
                      Kitchen Package - NEW!                                     $      27.00      $      40.50
                      Office Package - NEW!                                      $      25.50      $      38.25

                      * Wholesale prices subject to change

                                                 FINANCE and TAX INFORMATION
                      Yes. Our school or school district requires we issue a Purchase Order to Original Works
                      in order to be invoiced. The Purchase Order Number is                                                                 .

If your school is located in CA, CO, FL, GA, MD, MI, NC, NY, SC, TN, TX or VA, please review the following and check the appropriate box.
    We are TAX EXEMPT and our tax exempt form is attached or will be mailed. We understand that without a tax exempt form on file that we will be charged sales tax.
    Purchases made by this organization are TAXABLE. We will be charged tax based on the SCHOOL COST.
                  It is the responsibility of the school or organization to increase the Prices to Families to cover any associated tax liability.

                                           ** IMPORTANT PROGRAM INFORMATION **
                   Please advise your Sales Representative immediately if you need to change your scheduled dates or pricing information.
               If orders arrive AFTER your scheduled date, order processing will be delayed until the next processing slot becomes available.
                                   This could result in orders not being shipped from Original Works until after the holidays.
                          During the Fall season Late Artwork Orders (Form C Orders) will not be processed until after the holidays.
        Free shipping and handling is provided on all orders shipped to the school, whose combined wholesale value is $300.00 or more.
         For combined wholesale orders of less than $300.00, a $25.00 shipping fee will apply and pre-payment of the order is required.
                The school is responsible for shipping and handling on all artwork/orders sent to Original Works for processing

                      Coordinator: Sign, date & return (keep a copy for your records)
                      Signature:                                                                       Date
                      SCHOOL NAME                                                                  School Code                                                         Page 2 of 2
                                                                                                                                                                Sp10 pricing page 9.14.09

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