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					    Institute Management System

           A Product by

Adas Technologies Private Limited

Institute Management System Overview

   About Adas Technologies Private Limited
   Who we are ?
   What we do ?
   Our Process Model
   Overview of IMSLive
   Architecture of IMSLive
   Implementation structure of IMSLive
   Features of IMSLive
   Benefits of IMSLive
   Why IMSLive ?
   Some of our clients of IMSLive
   Partners of IMSLive
   Contact Details
Adas Technologies Private Limited
          An Overview

                                    April 14, 2006
About Adas Technologies Private Limited
 Adas Technologies was founded on 2005 and received its corporate recognition as a Private Limited company
 on 2006. Because of the quality and advance business model, Intel Software became software partner of
 Adas Technologies Private Limited on 2008. Adas started with a very dynamic team with a vision of being best
 in the chosen domain. Within a short span of time, Adas Technologies Private Limited has established itself as a
 front-runner in the software development sector with careful planning and meticulous project execution.

       –   Adas Technologies Private Limited , An IT solution provider company to various sectors like Education,
           Export/Import, Tour & Travel, Infrastructure.

       –   Adas Technologies Private Limited along with Educational ERP Product is a vision of youth.

       –   ‘Destiny of Intellects’ – Adas adopt „best practices‟ of the flourishing global IT industry to create
           unique case studies which provide complete end-to-end solutions to businesses.

 Some of our esteem clients are:
 National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI), Ministry of IT, Internet Service Provider Association of India (ISPAI),
 Government Advisory Committee (GAC), Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), Afilias,
 Sachdeva Group, DNS Collage, Brahmaputra Group, KLA Rice India Ltd, Nurturance and more.

 Our unique business-model helps understand client requirements and objectives. Incorporating the latest
 technologies and trends, we at Adas Technologies Private Limited was able to cater and provide proper IT
                                                                                                          the 14, 2006
 solution to 250+ clients in a very short span of time. With the quality of service we provide in most of April cases
 our clients have worked with us in multiple projects.
Who we are ?
Abhai Srivastava -- Founder & CEO

Abhai is a B.Tech (Computer Science) and has immense experience of 7 years in the IT industry. He has
worked with leading IT firms such as Wipro, CSC and FutureSoft. His current responsibilities include
providing strategic business solutions for clients and formulate turn-key management principles.

Dipyaman Baral -- Founder & COO (Operation & Business strategies)

Dipya is a B.Tech (Computer Science) and has extensive years of experience of 7 years in the telecom and
network research industry. He started his professional career with IIT Chennai as a Research Associate
before moving on to ETH Research Lab for NMS integration. He went on to serve as a Senior Engineer in IT
firms such as Dish Network (wireless division) and Alcatel-Lucent in CLI interface. His current
responsibilities include improve service delivery metrics by managing present technology and introduce the
development team to new avenues of technical capabilities. He is also the Head of AdasLabs, sphere-
heading novel product based projects.

Arvind Rai -- Founder & CTO

Arvind holds a B.Tech (Comp. Sc.) degree. He has worked with IT biggies such as Infosys and Valuesoft as
a Senior Software engineer. His main deliverables in his professional life were mapping dynamic milestone
based project maps and reducing redundancies during the software development cycle. He takes care of
overall Project delivery in Adas. Arvind have a total market experience of 7 years.
Who we are ?
Saurabh Gupta -- Founder & COO (Overseas Operation & Business strategies)

Saurabh graduated with a B. Tech (Computer Science) degree and followed it up with a Masters in Computer
Science from IIT Kharagpur. He has worked with Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) as a PeopleSoft consultant.
He is currently based in US and handles overseas client relationships for Adas. He is also responsible of generating
business from overseas markets. Saurabh have a total market experience of 5 years.

Manish Kumar -- VP, Marketing & Client servicing

Manish graduated with a B.Tech (Comp. Sc.) degree and went on to complete his Masters in Business
Administration from BITS Mesra. Manish has been spearheading the business solution department in Adas and has
masterfully given value-add principles to drive phenomenal revenue for each of Adas‟s clients. Manish have a total
market experience of 4 years.

Strength of the Organization

 Product Development Team – 28                  Management Team -- 8                  Technical Advisers – 12
 Service Development Team – 17                  Marketing Team – 26                   Business Advisers -- 3
 Designer – 9                                   Financer - 2
 Testing Team – 15
 Quality Assurance– 7

> Total Full Time Employee -- 112            > Managing Directors -- 4
> Offices in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida and Kolkata
What we do ?

                                    Adas Services

                Service                             Product Based

                Corporate Website                        Educational
                   Web Portals
                Graphical Design

                    Content                            Traffic Analyzer
               Management System

                 Website Security                         NMS/EMS


Our Process Model
                                  Measurement, Analysis &
                                    -- Measurement & Analysis
 Customers &                        -- Preventive and Corrective Action
 other interested                                                                               Customers and
 parties                                                                                        other interested


                                     Product Development
                                                                               Output           Satisfaction
                         Input         -- Requirements development
  Requirements                         -- Design & Development
                                       -- Verification & Validation           Product
                                       -- Product Delivery

                                                     Support Processes

              Configuration Management (and control)                        Planning & Monitoring
Institute Management System
       An Overview
Overview of IMSLive 3.02
The Education industry is on edge of a radical change. The need of manpower is increasing with the growth in the
Education industry, and a huge demand-supply gap is expected in the education space. To overcome these
challenges resulting from such gaps, this industry needs IT solutions to manage its resources with optimal

IMSLive – A „S-a-a-S‟ Based ERP solution for the institutes is a complete application which helps to upgrade the
standard of any institute not only in the management level but also helps in transforming the educational
standards, increase the security system of the institute, manager the resources in efficient way, reduces the
communication gap between the parents, faculties and management team, provides complete IT infrastructure to
the institutes like Wi-Fi setup, high speed internet connections, attendance system with access cards along with
onsite support.

IMSLive can be used by any institute. Being a web based application software it can be access from anywhere at
any time. The software is very much dynamic where maximum things can be configured as per the institute‟s
requirement but still if some rules in the institute is very much specific then we work to customize the rule in the

IMSLive is a single interface to every requirements of a institute. Why to use separate applications to manage a
single institute when there is a single application to manage the complete institute with 180 power tools integrated
in 39 different module in a single software.
Architecture of IMSLive 3.02

3-Tier Architecture
Implementation structure of IMSLive 3.02

                                   Internet / Intranet

Students                                                                          Parents

    Faculty                                                                   Alumni

      Administrator                                              Placement Cell
                      Management                     Exam
                         Head                       Controller
Features of IMSLive 3.02
1. Security                      7. Class Notes & Assignments           19. Asset Manager
2. Basic Configuration           8. Communication Tools                 20. Registration Manager
    -- Current Session setting
                                    -- Online Forum                        -- Super Admin
    -- Department
    -- Holiday List                 -- Messaging Tool                      -- Administrator
    -- Semester                  9. Document Manager                       -- Administrative Officer
    -- Subjects                                                            -- Students
                                 10. Examination Manager
    -- Syllabus                                                            -- Faculty
    -- Faculty Information       11. Fee Manager                           -- Librarian
    -- Major Activities
                                 12. Hostel Manager                        -- Placement Cell Officer
3. Comprehensive Reports
                                 13. Identification Manager (I-Cards)      -- Recruiter (Online)
4. Student Progress Report                                                 -- Alumni (Online)
5. Employee Manager              14. Library Manager
                                                                        21. Alumni
    -- Employee Attendance       15. Notice Board
    -- Leave Manager                                                    22. Transport Manager
                                 16. No-Dues Manager
    -- Faculty Workload Report                                          23. Alerts
    -- Payroll System            17. Placement Manager
                                                                           -- SMS Notification
6. Student Attendance Manager    18. Timetable Manager                     -- Email Notification
Benefits of IMSLive 3.02
Benefits for Management:                                    Benefits for Students:
• Availability of real-time information                     • Real time data of every student
• Easy command, control and communication                   • SMS and email notification
• Budget control system                                     • Progress reports of every student
• Financial planning                                        • Ability to save time and money
• Paper less transactions                                   • Remote tracking of student activities
• Digital Data with consolidated reports                    • Better interaction with institute management team
• Easy circulation of notices or events                     • Better interaction with faculties
• Employee Management Systems                               • Easy access to any information related to institute.
• No requirement of any kind of hardware/software           • Easy access to any information related to students
• Do not need any change in current infrastructure          • Placement support
• IMS reports assist decision support for management to • Access to past students and learn about industries
  plan, implement and manage changes.
• “ZERO” expenditure of Institute (Free Software)
• Free Training, Maintenance & Support
• One Employee of Adas will be in the Institute full time
for support and data entry
Benefits of IMSLive 3.02
Benefits Technology Wise:
• High level security (banking security in data)
• Using best servers with unlimited bandwidth and speed
• Plug and Play integration for each module.
• Easy to customize and change in information as per institute requirement.
• Provides real time information.
• Transparency in operations.
• Used 3-tier architecture and Object Oriented Programming.
• Software can be operational within 5 working days
Working Model
Project Management
ADAS Technologies will assign a Project Manager (PM) responsible for coordinating the overall project, the activities of the
business team within the scope of the project and for managing the project budget. The project manager also will serve as the
primary contact with the ADAS Technologies Private Limited.
There will be a project steering committee whose members will include the PM and appropriate representatives of ADAS and
client teams.

Once the project gets finalized the PM will send a analysis team from Adas to understand the current working condition of the
institute so that we can customize the project without changing the current working condition of the institute.
As per the report of Analysis team the PM will start the customization in the software. The deadline to complete the
customization will be shared in the steering committee.

Once the customization gets completed the installation process starts. As per the institute requirement the software will be
installed and configured in any server either provided by the institute or by Adas by the PM.

Configuration, Data entry and Registration
During the customization period the PM will collect the required data from the institute which needs to be integrated in the
software along with few details which will be required to configure the software.
Once the customization and installation gets completes the data collected will be integrated in the software along with the
required configuration.
Working Model (cont ..)
The Project Manager (PM) will provide complete training of the product to all the members in the institute once the software is
successfully installed and data is entered. But client need to notify all the members in the institute to attain the training
session as mandatory.
Other then the initial training the PM will provide one full time client side employee of Adas Technologies Private Limited fully
trained in operation the software.

Support and Maintenance
For any kind of problem is using or managing the software the institute will raise a online trouble ticket or call our support
team or inform Adas‟s client side employee.
As per the problem reported our support team will get back to the Institute with solution within the defined SLA. If the
problem needs physical appearance then PM of the project will send a support team to the institute, otherwise the support
team will try to resolve the problem online.
Other than support Adas team will always upgrade the software with latest patches and will send training team if needed to
share knowledge about the new features or functionality.
Why IMSLive ?
Partners of IMSLive

Intel – Provides us testing tools, check performance, help in upgrade performance, give us
quality assurance and checks security loop holes

Rackspace – Provides us best servers with 100% security, 0% down time, unlimited
bandwidth, hardware/software firewalls and complete access reports

VeriSign – Provides us banking level data and access security

Sun Micro System & MYSQL – Provide us improved technology and standards.

Usha Comm – Provide us improved Marketing Strategies.
Contact Details
Corporate Office
Adas Technologies Private Limited
E-134, 1st Floor, Lane No. 5, Pandav Nagar,
Delhi 110091, India
Ph: +91 11 6453 7252 (INDIA), +1 210 881 8003 (USA)
Email: ,
URL: ,

Head, Marketing & Business Strategies
Mr. Manish Kumar Pankaj
Ph: +91 99713 34028

Project Coordinator
Mr. Dipyaman Baral
Ph: +91 99113 79128
Regional Contact Details
Kolkata, West Bengal                                           Bengaluru, Karnataka
3H, Swati Gardens, 238 N S C Bose Road, Kolkata – 700 040      330/13 Domlur Layout, Bangalore -560071
Contact Person: Mr. Debashish Raja                             Contact Person: Mrs. Poulami Kundu
Ph: +91 98317 49729 , +91 33 2499 7223                         Ph: 080 4093 7382
Email:                               Cell: +91 9886 1955 30

NCR, Delhi                                                     Email:

F-4 Ekta Vihar (JHILMIL) Behind Police Station, Vivek Vihar,   Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Delhi 110095                                                   Plot # 59, Phase-1, Piagah Colony, S.P.Road, Secunderabad –
Contact Person: Mr. Suniel Mahajan                             500 003, A.P, India

Ph: +91 99903 44556                                            Contact Person: Mr. Praveen Kumar Annavarapu

Email:                               Ph: +91 9704 1474 71, +91 (0) 40 3257 5077 / 4222 3282
                                                               Cell: +91 9704 1474 71
Chru, Rajasthan
Near Ram Mandir, Station Road, Churu – 331001, Rajasthan
Contact Person: Mr. Prakash Kumar Bundela
Ph: +91 0156 2250798
Cell: +91 9414 7770 01

Varanasi Contact
Mr. Dharam Rajpal
Ph: +91 94537 91557
Thank You!!

                                     Thank You!
           Once again we thank you on behalf of Adas IMS team, to give us the opportunity to
 present our capabilities and giving us your valuable time.

           We hope to start a successful venture in process of IT automation and skill
 generation in the field of IT.


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