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					                            PowerPoint Presentation for Biology 1

Each student will need to design a PowerPoint presentation over one of the ten body systems we are
learning about in class. Students will need to meet all requirements for each slide. I have provided
complete instructions and expectations in the form of a checklist. Please check off each
requirement as you complete the task to ensure that you have met all criteria. This needs to be
saved to your student folder and will weigh as a test grade for this six weeks.

Computer Lab Dates                                            Computer Lab Tutorials
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**If you are already familiar with PowerPoint, you may skip the following instructions and go
straight to your checklist. If you have not designed a PowerPoint presentation before, below are
instructions on getting you started and completing all expected tasks.**

Getting Started
      1. From the Windows Desktop, click on the following:
                         “Start Programs Microsoft PowerPoint”

Choosing a Design Template
      1. Choose “Format Slide Design”
         Click the “Slide Design” icon
      2. Choose a new design by LEFT clicking on the new design. ALL slides will be
         changed to this new design and will be your BACKGROUND.

Slide Transitions
       1. To create a new slide, click on “New Slide” in the upper right corner.
       2. To add effects on slide transitions, click on “Slide Show Slide Transition”
              1) Choose an effect.
              2) Choose a speed.
              3) Choose an advancement method.

Choosing a Slide Layout
      1. After choosing “New Slide” each time you begin a new slide, options appear on the right
         screen for slide layout.
      2. Choose a slide layout that applies or simply choose the blank layout and design your own
         by inserting text boxes, pictures, etc.
Inserting Graphics
       From File…
       1. Click on “Insert” in the menu bar; choose “Picture”, and then “Clip Art”.
       2. Select the appropriate picture to be imported and click “Insert” or simply double click the

      From Internet…
      1. Minimize your PowerPoint presentation by clicking the “Minimize” button in the upper
         right of the window. DO NOT close the window.
      2. Open the Internet site that contains the picture or clip art to be placed on the PowerPoint
      3. Copy the object by RIGHT clicking on it and choosing “Copy”. It will be placed on the
      4. Toggle back to the PowerPoint window by clicking on the MICROSOFT POWERPOINT icon in
         the gray taskbar at the bottom of the screen.
      5. Click on “Edit” in the upper menu bar and choose “Paste”
        RIGHT click and choose “Paste”. You can now resize and move the object.

Custom Animating Text, Pictures, and Objects
      For one slide…
      1. Select the desired slide.
      2. Highlight the picture or text or object to be animated.
      3. Click on “Slide Show” in the menu bar and choose “Custom Animation”.
      4. Click the “Add Effect” button and make one of the following choices:
             1) Choose an effect from the drop down list. Choose “More Effects” to view all
             2) In the START box, choose when to start the effect.
                     a) Choose “On Click” to start the animation with a mouse click.
                     b) Choose “With Previous” to start the animation at the same time
                        as the previous item.
                     c) Choose “After Previous” to start the animation when the
                        previous item is finished animating.
             3) In the SPEED box, choose a speed.
      5. Choose “Emphasis” to give the object a special effect while on the slide.
              Follow the same steps as in #4 above.
      6. Choose “Exit” to give the object an effect as it leaves the slide.
              Follow the same steps as in #4 above.
      7. Preview the effects by clicking the “Play” button at the bottom of the task pane.

      For ALL slides…
      1. Click the “Normal View” icon and the “Slides” tab.
      2. Click on “Slide Show” in the menu bar and choose “Animation Schemes”.
      3. Under the “Apply to selected slides” section of the Slide Design task pane, choose an
         animation scheme.
      4. Click the “Apply to All Slides” button.
      5. Click the “Play” button to view the animation effect.

Adding Sounds
      1. Choose “Insert Movies and Sounds Sound from Clip Organizer”.
      2. Choose a sound by clicking on it.
      3. Choose “Yes” if the sound will play automatically in the slide show
         Choose “No” if the sound will be clicked on to play.
      4. Move the sound icon to the desired position. (Sound can only be heard while viewing the

Grading Rubric:
Each Slide is worth a total of 20 points.
Each Slide has 5 requirements worth 4 points each.
Use your checklist to ensure the completion of the presentation.
This same checklist will be used in grading.

YOUR PRESENTATION IS DUE ON _______________________________!!!!!


Slide #1
________1.    Background Theme
________2.    Title (Use the name of your system)
________3.    Your Name, Teacher, and Class Period
________4.    One Custom Animation Effect
________5.    Slide Transition

Slide #2
________1.    Background Theme
________2.    Title (Structures)
________3.    List all Components of this System, Define/Describe Each Component
________4.    One Graphic of any of the Components
________5.    Slide Transition

Slide #3
________1.    Background Theme
________2.    Title (Functions)
________3.    List all Functions/Purposes of this System
________4.    How does this System Work? (Trace/Outline its Job, Describe…)
________5.    Slide Transition

Slide #4
________1. Background Theme
________2. Title (Diseases)
________3. List and Describe Diseases that affect this System (Include the Following: Causes?
When is the Onset? Life Expectancy of Sufferers? Is it Fatal? Prevention Techniques.
________4. Two Appropriate Graphics of the Diseased System or Symptoms or Sufferers (Use
________5. Slide Transition

Slide #5
________1.    Background Theme
________2.    Title (For Your Information…)
________3.    Name One Other System that Works Closely with Your System and Explain the
________4.    List Two Interesting Facts About Your System
________5.    One Sound

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