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					                                           TERM PROJECT
                                     JOHNSON & W ALES UNIVERSITY
                         HOSP 2011 – HOSPITALITY SALES & MEETING MANAGEMENT

Background Information

You are the Sales Manager and the Convention Service Manager at the hotel, resort, or conference center
of your choice. Your customer group is a fictional company called Tarbucks. Tarbuck’s (smaller in size than
Starbucks) is a specialty coffee shop with 450 stores on the east coast of the US.

Tarbuck’s Coffee has enjoyed great success and growth over the last 15 years. The founders of the
company want to gather the 470 managers and 55 top corporate executives for a meeting and celebration.
Also, most attendees will bring an assistant manager. Additionally, the top corporate executives will bring a
spouse. So, you can expect 995 employees and 55 spouses, making a total of approximately 1050

The corporate office of Tarbuck’s is located at 46 Tarbuck’s Way, Philadelphia, PA 12345. The main phone
number is 123-456-7890.

The purposes of this event are to celebrate the company’s success, to introduce expansion plans, and to
introduce the new low-fat, healthy breakfast line.

Tarbucks was founded in 1993 by Tarine and Buck Johnson, who are the company’s current President and
CEO (respectively). They founded the company to compete with national chains. In the past few years, the
company’s main competitors have been grown strong. The Tarbucks concept is fresh premium coffee,
served in a clean, European-style, relaxed environment. The environment is more upscale than the typical
coffee shop; comfortable chairs and soft music encourage guests to linger and enjoy their coffee. Every
store is company-owned and company-managed; there are no franchises.

All of the other chains have been working on creating a great-tasting, healthy breakfast to expand their
product lines. Tarine and Buck are convinced that they have found the right formula. Samples will be
delivered and tasted by the meeting attendees. The Johnsons are very concerned about privacy and

Last year, despite a sagging economy, the company met its modest sales goals, so another purpose of this
event is to celebrate a job well done, and the company’s success. The Johnsons want their managers to
feel special. So, they want great food and beverage and excellent service. Of course, they don’t want to
pay more than they have to for anything.

Your contact (meeting planner) at Tarbucks is Rian Warrener, the Corporate Director of Marketing. Rian has
been given the job of planning this event. His regular job keeps him very busy, so he needs a lot of planning
help from you.

You must choose a hotel, resort, conference center, or other appropriate venue to hold this meeting. You
may choose a site that is anywhere other than in Rhode Island or Massachusetts. Mohegan Sun and
Foxwoods are also excluded. Make sure the facility is large enough to hold a meeting of this size. You must
submit a sales kit from your facility. Some or all information may recently be available on-line. You should
make at least 8 contacts to be sure that you actually receive a sales kit. Two students should not use the
same property. Your sales kit is due on September 24/25 and will be returned to you the same day. You
will also use the sales kit to complete your Site Description assignment due on October 19/20.
Outline of Planned Functions
Thursday, February 19, 2009
2:00pm – 3:30pm. Pre-convention meeting, to be attended by Rian Warrener, yourself, and 15 managers
from the hotel. Provide a nice coffee break to be served at the beginning. Since most attendees are hotel
employees, the pre-convention meeting is free of charge to Tarbucks.

Friday, February 20, 2009
This is the major arrival date for the group and the first official day of the meeting. Tarbucks will pay for
guests’ room and tax charges, but guests are on their own for incidental charges.

6:00pm – 8:00pm: Welcome reception for all employees and spouses. This will include short welcoming
speech by Buck Johnson. A film (on DVD) with scenes from locations over the past 15 years will be shown.
This presentation will require water vapor screen technology in an effort to “wow” the guests. A hosted bar
and heavy hors d’oeuvres will be provided.

Saturday, February 20, 2009
9:00am – 11:30am. Continental breakfast and meeting for 100 Tarbucks VIP employees. (invitation only).
Rian Warrener will show a PowerPoint presentation. Ristine Perakslis, Corporate Human Resource
Director, will also have a presentation.
You must have the continental breakfast set up by 8:30 in the back or the foyer of the meeting room.
You must provide a coffee break at 10:00am. Tarbucks has arranged for delivery of samples of the new
product line via Federal Express. The packages are scheduled to arrive at the hotel’s loading dock by
9:00am. Your staff will need to deliver the samples to the meeting room. A table with plates and napkins
should be set up in the meeting room in advance. Spouses/guests are on their own for breakfast but will
need suggestions.

12:00pm. You must plan an organized, appropriate, recreational activity. Assume that most employees and
guests will participate. Provide/plan lunch or make sure lunch is available – either on property before the
activity, or as part of the activity. Make sure they are back in time to get ready for dinner.

7:00pm – 11:00pm: Theme party/dinner for all attendees and spouses. Rian has asked your help to come
up with a fun theme. On your BEO, be sure to describe the theme menu, the decorations, and the
entertainment. Provide wine with dinner and a host bar.

Sunday, February 20, 2009
8:30am – 10:00am: Full, catered breakfast or brunch for the entire group, in a private banquet room.

Most guests will check out after breakfast, but they have been invited to stay until Monday at the group rate,
paid for by Tarbucks. Expect about 55 couples to stay over until Monday morning.

Additional Work (for groups of 3):
The guests will not check out after breakfast on Sunday. Instead:
10-11am: you must provide options for religious services.
12:30-1:30pm: set up a general session of all attendees luncheon with an inspirational speaker.
1:30-5:00pm: set up suitable open-attendance recreational events at property.
6:30-8:30pm: set up closing ceremonies meal.
9:00-?: set up cocktail mixer event.
Monday: arrange some type of breakfast for all followed by post-con meeting.
Your Project
Your report is required to have a title page, a table of contents, and sections separated by tabs. It is to be
submitted in a manilla folder with your last name(s) on the tab. The sales kit for your site must be submitted
with your project.

Your project must be word-processed.
15% of your grade will be deducted for not submitting sales kit with your project.
Please do not use plastic sheet protectors to cover each page of your report.
You cannot pass this course without submitting this project.

The titles of the tabbed sections you underlined below. Descriptions follow:

1. Resume/Group Specification Sheet. Use the format of the example distributed in class. Think carefully
   about all details. (40 points)

2. Banquet Event Orders / Function Sheets. See Chapter 12 and handouts. The events are listed in the
   previous section. (70 points)

3. Proposal letter to the meeting planner and OBF Chart. Use at least two “OBF’s” (to be discussed during
   the “sales” portion of the class), in the letter, and use your knowledge of sales from class. Do not invent
   objectives; use the objectives/concerns described on page 1 of this assignment. Use business letter
   format. Although this section is at the end of your paper, it would have been written long before the
   planning stages of the convention. The date of the letter is November 2, 2008. Be sure to include your
   OBF chart. The chart must be done on computer. (30 points)

4. A description of the recreational activity that you have planned for Saturday. Provide a complete,
   detailed description of the activity. Make sure you include the itinerary with times, transportation, cost of
   the activity, and type/cost of transportation. (20 points)

5. The Estimated Cost for the entire event. This is an estimated cost of everything that will be on the
   master account, based on the expected number of guests. All guests’ rooms and tax will go on the
   master account. All banquets, audiovisual equipment, and the recreation program will go on the master
   account. Guests will incur their own incidentals. List the totals for each function, sleeping room charges,
   and the recreation program. (40 points)

6. Reflection. What did you learn from this project? How would you handle it if you had to do it all over
   again? What did you like least about it? Were there any parts that you particularly enjoyed? Be honest,
   but write professionally. (10 points)

7.   Works cited. Use MLA format, grammar, spelling (20 points)

8.   Sales Kit/Support Materials/Appendix (20 points)

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