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					Name: Jeneve Brooks                                           Video #SS2
Category: Social Sciences
Department: Sociology

                            FROM VIETNAM TO IRAQ”

         This sociological and cultural study sought to answer the question: 1) How has
anti-war music changed from 1963-2007 and why? An anti-war music database
containing 2,940 anti-war songs that were commercially released in the U.S. was
compiled. With the assistance of a computer programmer that helped pull production
information in from the user-built discography site “Discogs” (,
I tracked various trends over time concerning the changing amount, genre, label
affiliation (major record group vs. independent) and popularity of anti-war songs (e.g.,
those songs that hit the Billboard Hot 100 chart and those songs that were on best-selling
albums, the Billboard 200 chart).
         The key findings indicate that anti-war music’s presence, despite claims made in
the popular press, has exponentially increased in the last eight years. Of the 2,940 anti-
war songs that were commercially released since 1963, nearly half were released since
2001 (1,292). However, anti-war music’s ability to penetrate the top singles chart has
greatly decreased over time. For the entire number of 131 Billboard Hot 100 hits from
1963-2007, the entire Vietnam era (1963-1975) yielded 71 of those hits, compared to the
lower number of overall hits for the other two main periods of sustained U.S. military
action (i.e., the Gulf War and the current war in Iraq). Other trends in changing genre
and label affiliation are also presented. Media factors related to the decline in collective
discourse are explored to explain these trends, emphasizing increasing media
consolidation and media fragmentation.


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