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  My father always says “if you take care of the pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves”, meaning that
it doesn‟t take long to save some dollars if you are watching where your pennies are going. As Jim said, the first
thing to do is figure out where your money is going and the second thing is how to cut your spending and start
   I Corinthians 14:40 says „Let all things be done decently and in order‟. I think one of our greatest problems is
chaos in our homes, so we need to get our lives in order – this doesn‟t mean everything has to be perfect but you
need to know when a bill is due to avoid late fees, you need to know how to balance your bank statement to
avoid mistakes, you need to know where those library books and DVDs are so you won‟t be charged a fine and
where that item is – with the receipt – so you can return it. You also need to know what is in the cupboard,
fridge and freezer so that you are not buying something you don‟t need, then throwing away expired items. Can
you afford the cost of disorganization? – time is money.
  So you are probably thinking „all that takes too much time‟. Yes, at first it does take time but it will become a
habit after a while and will save you many pennies (and dollars). It is a matter of discipline, desire and delight.
Look at the budgeting process as a challenge with a great goal. Don’t buy what you don’t need, and don’t
spend what you don’t have.

    Convenience usually translates to costly! Planning is key!
    Did you know that on average you will spend 6 times more on a restaurant meal than one made „from
      scratch‟? Pre-packaged mixes cost 3 times the amount of a homemade mix.
    Shop first from your pantry and freezer – you probably have enough in there for a meal or two. Use up
      what you have.
    Plan your weekly menu around what is on sale – use a coupon for sale items (if you can, use a
      manufacturer and store coupon for the sale item).
    Buy off-brand or generic products.
    Stock up when you find a great deal.
    Carefully watch the price scanner when your purchases are rung up and double-check your receipt
      before you leave the store.
    Purchase half hams or turkey breasts and have the butcher slice it for you – it is cheaper than packaged
      deli meats.
    Have a soup and bread night once a week.
    Have a meatless night once a week.
    Take your lunch to school or work.
    Plant a vegetable and herb garden – let the kids help. Use a soaker hose instead of a sprinkler and water
      early in the morning or late in the evening.
    Make your own „snack packs‟ by filling store brand sandwich bags with snacks- they‟ll be ready for
    Prepare meals ahead of time – even set the table ahead of time – you will be less tempted to go out to
      eat. Crockpot meals are great for taking care of dinner early in the day.
    Stores like Aldi are generally so much cheaper than other stores. Places like Valli and Eurofresh sell
      their produce and deli food at good prices. Stores like Jewel, Dominicks, Costco and Sam‟s are good
      only if you shop smart, taking advantage of sales and coupons.
    Make a batch of homemade waffles and put extras in the freezer.
    You can go on websites like and type in an ingredient that you might have and it
      will give you a recipe to use that ingredient.
    Your local library, as well as the libraries in your area are a FREE source of books, the latest magazines,
      DVDs, CDs, sheet music and more.
    Did you know that you can go to any library, including Harper College, and ask, as a taxpayer, to be
      registered to use their facility? You can also request books they don‟t have and they will usually try and
      find it for you.
    Take advantage of parks, playgrounds, nature trails, state parks, museums, zoos, planetariums and
      aquariums – many have half-price or free days.
    Check the newspaper for lists of free concerts, festivals and events.
    Buy board games at the thrift store.
    Many factories offer free, educational tours for your children.
    Go out for breakfast instead of dinner – it can be a lot cheaper.
    Call local theater groups to see what discounts they offer.
    Buy an „Entertainment Book‟ – they cost approximately $25 but will quickly pay for themselves. Go to – they are $21.25 online, with shipping. Check the expiry date.
    Check local theaters that offer „dollar days‟.
    Trade DVD‟s and toys with a friend for road trips – you don‟t spend anything and your kids have
      something „new‟ for the trip.
    NEVER go the mall just for something to do.

    Give an IOU coupon – could be for a task, baking, cooking etc.
    Make a food gift – chocolate covered pretzels, granola, spice mixes, vinegars, even dog biscuits – the
      possibilities are endless. Package them in an attractive way.
    Fill a bucket with cleaning supplies for a shower or housewarming.
    Put a plant in a pot that you‟ve found at a resale shop.
    Did you know that „dollar stores‟ sell beautiful gift bags ($1), greeting cards (2 for $1), napkins, plates
      and so much more?
    Learn to knit, crochet, sew, or build – homemade gifts are appreciated.
    Carry a list of friend and family birthdays & anniversaries so that when you are shopping and see a great
      sale, you can be reminded of who you need a gift for.
    Google „free stuff‟ – you can find some great stuff.
    Instead of grandparents buying more gifts that your kids don‟t need, ask them to put the money toward a
      birthday party, swimming lessons, a pool pass, etc.
    Most brides register at Bed Bath & Beyond. Don‟t shop there without the 20% off coupons that are
      available. Did you know that they will let you use up to 5 coupons per transaction – even expired ones?

         Turn off lights and unplug appliances and fixtures that you rarely use. Install dimmer switches.
         If you see an ad for a competing phone/ cable/internet company that is better than your current
            provider, instead of switching providers, call your current provider, tell them what the other
            company is offering and ask what they can do for you to keep you from switching--can they match
            the offer? Can they compete in some way with it? They will usually do something to make your
            bill lower or give you a better package for the same price you were paying... without the hassle of
            changing companies.
         Cancel „extra‟ phone services like call waiting, *66 or *69
         Fans use 1/10 as much electricity as air conditioning. Set your air conditioner at 78 degrees. Setting
            it at 72 will use 40% more power.
         Check the temperature on your water heater – set it between 115-120 degrees. You can save 13%
            for each ten degrees lower.
         Install a flow restricting shower head.
         Keep your furnace thermostat set at 68 during the day and 62 at night. Caulk windows and doors,
            let the sunlight in, keep registers clear and clean. Close doors and vents to rooms that aren‟t in use.
         Keep your refrigerator at 38-40 degrees and the freezer at 5 degrees.

    Never pay full price – shop clearance racks, consignment shops, thrift stores, rummage sales and garage
      sales in upscale neighborhoods.
    Start a clothes swap with friends, family or a church group. If you are in a bible study, create a list of
      „needs‟ and „wants‟ and pass it around.
    Buy all your children‟s socks in one color and style so that if one sock wears out you can just match it
      up with another.
    Avoid „dry-clean only‟ garments.
    Don‟t buy more than you need.

Maintenance - take care of what God has given you.
   Keep on top of clothing repair. Fix small tears before they get larger. Sew on loose buttons before they
      get lost, polish shoes, treat stains immediately before they set.
   Keep up on home maintenance – service your furnace and air conditioner, clean your chimney, check
      your roof, clean all filters – hair dryers, clothes dryers, refrigerators, etc.
   Maintain your vehicle! Regular oil changes and maintenance will make it last twice as long.
   Keep your tires properly inflated, drive the speed limit, brush the added weight of snow and ice off your
      car, accelerate slowly from a stop – all of this saves gas.
   Take an auto repair class – check park districts & community colleges.
   Wipe windshield wipers with a mixture of vinegar and water before purchasing new ones. They may
      only need cleaning instead of replacing.
   Keep stove top burners and reflectors clean to work more efficiently.

Getting Serious about Saving!
    Cancel your cable.
    Only buy what is ON SALE!
    Utilize government-sponsored immunizations.
    Check into payment assistance programs for prescription drugs.
    Rent out unused rooms in your home.
    Rent unused space such as a garage, basement or shed for storage.
    Repair your own vehicles and do your own home repairs. Learn how from books or the internet.
    Research the cost of a pet before you get one – food, vet visits, grooming, etc. can add up.
    Get your hair cut at a beauty school or better yet buy a set of clippers and scissors and cut your kid‟s hair
       – most come with an instructional DVD (possible $60 per year per child savings). Do your own nails.
    Ask for samples at cosmetic counters.
    Barter and trade – you will be amazed what you can get if you just ask.
    Wait at least two days before purchasing something you want – the desire may pass.
    Buy gas on Wednesdays – it‟s usually cheaper. Buy in the morning when it is cooler and gas is denser.
       Find the best place to buy at
    Limit the amount of time you shop. The longer you are in a store, the more you will spend.
    Use Reward cards if available. A lot of stores provide them free and if you use them each time you
       purchase something, you will receive coupons in the mail, or a free or discounted item.
    Put your kids to work! There is no reason for you to pay for their extra items or even for their car
       insurance and gas. A job will teach them responsibility, financial know-how and will help them mature.

      Weddings are extravagant and expensive these days, but they don‟t have to be. Discounted dresses are
       easy to find, and many websites offer ideas for saving on a wedding.
      No need to buy brand new furniture – check for great deals (even lots of free stuff).
      Places like Cort Funiture Rental sells like-new furniture greatly discounted.
      Vision places will give you a price for contacts, but if you produce proof from 1-800-contacts, which is
       cheaper, they will match that price – but you have to ask. Ask for a senior discount as well.

Helpful Websites                                                       – comparison shop before you buy - up to date clothes - used childrens‟ clothes, furniture and more -buy and sell music gear - lots of great up to date coupons and sale advice

Books - don’t buy these, borrow them from the library or friends
Miserly Moms by Jonni McCoy
Your money Counts by Howard Dayton                Surviving Financial Meltdown – Ron Blue
The Genesis Principle by Patty Chirico            Penny Pinchin‟ Mamma by Jill Cooper

Resale/Thrift shops
    Simple Abundance (furnishings, benefits Fellowship Housing)
       756B W. Northwest Highway, Barrington, 847-277-1015
    Wings
        756 Northwest Hwy. Palatine, 847-963-0861
    PHD Resale Boutique
       140 W. Northwest Hwy. Palatine, 847-991-1770
    Practically Perfect Resale Shop
       1815 West Central Rd. Arlington Heights. 847-5770267
    Once Upon a Child
    Goodwill, 1551 N. Dryden, Arlington Heights
    Plato‟s Closet

A teenager’s perspective
    when you receive gifts, always save bags and bows
    you can also use printed paper
    if you have the space-save it! It can be easily organized in folders or bins
    ribbons, silk flowers or leaves, raffia, mini ornaments etc. All these can inexpensively decorate
       packages if you get in the habit of saving them!
   When shopping…..
    calculate the amount that you can spend- you don't want surprises!
    make a list of what you need, then what you want
    go to resale shops first (Plato's Closet sells name brands but is a little more pricey)
    after that you could then afford to buy a couple new things at your favorite store!

            always shop clearance racks!
            check bruised and reduced sections as well (grocery stores, furniture stores (IKEA).
            sometimes you can buy the display version of a dresser, bed, couch, etc. for half the price...or there
             are minor "bruises".
            sewing doesn't really save money if you are making your own clothes because you have to take
             into consideration all of the costs..the pattern, material, etc...
            sewing DOES save money if you use it to mend or alter your clothes either by hand or with a

         Little things add up - look how much you would save in a year it you cut out ONE thing.

      1 bag potato chips           $2.00/bag          1 week              $104.00

        1-6 pack soda                $2.00            1/week              $104.00

         1 liter soda
                                     $1.00             1/day              $365.00
purchased at convenience store

         Reduce meat
                                   $2.50/lb.       2 nights/week        $390.00/year
           1.5 lbs.

       1 gourmet coffee              $4.00             1/day              $1460.00

           Eating out
                                    $40.00            1/week              $2080.00
   for a family of 4: Dinner

             Lunch                $7.00/person    20 days/month           $1680.00

   Pizza delivered plus tip         $20.00            1/ week             $1040.00

  1 cup juice/person (daily)
                                  $10.00/week         1/week              $520.00
         family of 4

 Fruit leather (Fruit Roll ups)      $2.50            1/week              $130.00

     1 box granola cereal            $4.00            1/week              $208.00

 Total if you cut all these out                                          $8,081.00

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