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Bill of Sale Forms Scooter Minnesota document sample

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									                                                                           JANUARY 17, 2010
                                                                     Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
                                                                        C h u r c h               o f
                                                                   Pax Christi Catholic Church
                                                         A Eucharistic Community United to Continue the Mission
                                                                          and Message of Jesus
                                                   We invite and welcome all people to learn and grow with us in
                                                                  Living the Good News Through
                                                    Stewardship of God‘s Gifts - Love Manifested in Service -
                                                                  Peace Achieved through Justice
                                                     4135 18TH AVE NW • ROCHESTER, MN 55901

                                                      Fr. Joseph Keefe, Pastor Father Caesar, Parochial Vicar

    MASS TIMES:                                  What Does Christ Have To Do With Marriage?
    Saturday 5:15 pm                                   The married couple is made up of two human subjects, an I, and a you, a
    Sunday 7:30 9:00 and 10:45 am
                                                 man and a woman, who decide to walk together towards their destiny,
    Weekdays                                     towards their happiness. What they base their relationship on, how they
    Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri. 9:00 am
                                                 conceive it, all depends on the image that each of them has of their own life,
    Wednesday 7:00 am
                                                 of the realization of their self. In other words, the relationship depends on
    Starting Friday, January 22, there will be   how they each answer the questions: Who am I? What is a human being?
    reconciliation from 8:30-9:00 am. Also            The true answer to these questions is revealed in the relationship with the
    Saturday 4:00-5:00 pm or by                  person we love. Nothing wakes us up more than this: nothing makes us more
    appointment.                                 aware of our desire for happiness that constitutes us more than the person
    NEWCOMERS                                    that we love. His or her presence is such a great good that makes us realize
    Please register after Mass in the
    Hospitality Room at Church, or at the
                                                 how deep and true this desire is: an infinite desire.
    parish office.                                    And at the same time that it is revealed to us that our desire
                                                 has limitless dimension, we are offered a possibility of
                                                 fulfillment. Nothing helps us understand the Mystery as much as
                                                 the ―Love between a man and a woman, where body and soul
                                                 are inseparably joined and human beings glimpse an apparently
                                                 irresistible promise of happiness‖ (Deus Caritas Est, Benedict
                                                 XVI). Love promises infinity, or the eternal, or the divine.
                                                      The man and woman, each with limits, provokes in the
                                                 spouse a desire for fullness that is disproportionate to either
                                                 one‘s ability to satisfy it. Either one can provoke a hunger that that neither
                                                 can fill. Hence, the frustration and irritability that many times spring up within
                                                 married couples, and the disappointment they fall into, unless they
                                                 understand the true nature of the their relationship.
                                                      Shakespeare‘s Romeo says of his fair one: Her beauty shouts: ―It is not I. I
                                                 am only a reminder. Look! Look! What do I remind you of?‖ This is the
                                                 dynamic of the sign, of which the relationship of a man and woman is a
                                                 moving example. The more they live the beloved‘s presence as a sign of
                                                 Another –which is the beloved‘s truth – the more they await and long for the
                                                 other. The true nature of their relationship is this: each is a sign of the divine
                                                 Mystery for the other.
                                                      We offer the witness of Christian married couples with an awareness the
                                                 ―we hold this treasure in earthen vessels, that the surpassing power be of God
                                                 and not from us.‖
                                                      This is a very partial summary of a ten page paper by Father Julian
                                                 Corron. I would like to study the whole paper with anybody that is
                                                 interested. Let me know.
                                                                                                  — Fr. Joe

                                                                                                     Visit Youth Website
                      Pax Christi News * Events                                           

    Prayer Service for Fr. Syl Brown
    Pax Christi parish will be holding a prayer                        PROOF: No PROOF Jan.20th due to
    service for Father Syl Brown on Thursday,                          GIFT. Next PROOF Jan. 27th.
    January 21 at 6:30 pm. Please join us in prayer                    ―Christ fulfills what He makes you de-
    as we remember Fr. Brown. Praying the rosary                       sire.‖ GS Winter Vacation 2010 for 9-
    will precede the service at 6:00 pm Please join                    12th Graders. Looking for a winter
    us as we continue to celebrate the Year for Priests. All are       break? Join us February 12-15 in Wiscon-
    invited to join us.                                                sin Dells for singing, hiking, praying,
                                                                       games, talks and friendship! Cost is $225
    Join Us January 23 for BINGO at Pax                                on or before January 19 or $275 after January 19.
    Come join us for Family Bingo Night on Saturday, January
                                                                       Registration forms available online or contact Angie at
    23rd from 7:00-8:00 pm in the Center Space. Please bring a
                                                                       292-8542, Ext. 107.
    ($1) item for the prize table for each person that will be
    playing. We will also be collecting canned goods for Chan-         SHINE Work Camp 2010 – Chicago!
    nel One. Come for the Knights of Columbus spaghetti dinner         Who: Current 8th graders – High School Seniors
    and stay for Bingo.                                                When: July 4th – July 10th, 2010
                                                                       What: SHINE Catholic Work Camp is a mission and
    Spaghetti Dinner Returns January 23                                retreat program. It offers daily Mass, adoration, praise
    Now that the holidays are behind us, the Pax Christi Knights
                                                                       and worship bands, multi-media presentations, concerts,
    of Columbus invite everyone to its
                                                                       keynotes, and service-work projects. Cost: $305 for Pax
    monthly Spaghetti Supper. The free-will
                                                                       Christi Parishioners/$355 for non-parishioners. Deposit of
    dinner will take place after the 5:15 pm
                                                                       $100 and registration form due by February 1, 2010.
    Mass on Saturday, January 23 in the
                                                                       Registration forms available at
    dinning hall. The menu will include
                                                                       Contact Angie about fundraising opportunities.
    spaghetti and meatballs, salad, bread and dessert. Please
    come to this popular fundraiser.                                   Work Camp Fundraising Meeting: Sunday, January 24
                                                                       from 10:10-10:40 am in library.
    Information Session on Catechesis for Parents
    Are you looking for a way to help your child develop and           MS/HS Help Needed for BINGO at Pax
    nurture a lifelong relationship with the Lord? Catechesis of       Youth volunteers are needed to help at Family Bingo
    the Good Shepherd is rooted in the Bible, the liturgy of the       Night on Saturday, January 23 from 7:00-8:00 pm in the
    church and utilizes the educational principles of Maria            Center Space. If you are interested, email Joyce at
    Montessori, enabling children to explore and draw near to and meet her after
    God. An information session for parents interested in the          5:15 pm Mass on the 23rd to set up and get the details.
    program and educators wanting to learn more about this             Middle School Lock In: ―Heavenbound‖ January 29-30,
    faith formation program serving children ages 3-12 will be         2010, 9:00 pm-6:30 am. We‘re looking ‗up‘ with a night
    held Sunday, Jan. 31 in the Center Space at 6:00 pm. For           full of faith and fun! Featuring DJ Bill Lage, Carnival
    more information, call Megan Toney at 206-4446.                    Games, Dodgeball Tournament, scooter battle, service
    Doves Book Club Meeting Will Be Feb. 2                             projects, karaoke, movie and more! Parent chaperones
    The Doves Book Club will meet Tuesday February 2, at 7:00          are needed and discounts will be given. Join us for the
    pm, in Room 2. Candy Freak by Steve Almond will be                 largest middle school event of the year! Registration
    discussed. Everyone is welcome.                                    forms at or at the parish office.

                 Parish Support December 2009                          HS Help Needed at MS Lock-in
    Church support                                                     High School volunteers needed to facilitate games at MS
            December Budget…………………..$ 162,349                          Lock-in Jan. 29-30th from 9-6:30am. If you‘re looking
            December Stewardship ……………$ 157,929                        for a fun way to receive some school service hours or
    Other Income                                                       would like to volunteer your time for a shift, contact
            December Budget…………………..$ 11,404                           Angie at
            December Actual ……..……………$ 12,056                          Ramekin‘s Needed for Sweetheart Dinner for 2
    YTD Totals                                                         Fundraiser: This year we‘ll be making crème brulee for a
            YTD Income…………………………$ 610,293                              dessert option and we‘ll need at least 50 Ramekin‘s to
            YTD Expense………………………...$ 572,903                           make the dessert. If you‘re able to lend us a ramekin by
    Church support includes adult and youth envelopes,                 February 3, we‘d really appreciate it. Contact Angie for
    direct deposit donations, plate collections, and holy days.        more info.


    Learn More About Medical Care for the Poor
                                                                                       This Week At Pax Christi
    You are probably aware of concerns over the reduction of
    General Assistance Medical Care for the poor in Minne-            Sunday, January 17 Mass Times: 7:30 9:00 10:45 am
    sota. On Monday, January 18, from 7:00-9:00 pm at the             8:00 am — Pancake Breakfast, Dining Hall
    Heintz Center-HB 117 Auditorium at University Center Roch-        9:00 and 10:45 am — Sunday School, Classrooms
    ester you will have the opportunity to meet with legislators      12:30 pm — CEW Monthly Meeting, Room 8
                                                                      Monday, January 18
    as well as community officials to learn more, share your con-
                                                                      8:30 am — Lourdes Faculty Professional Retreat, Lower Level
    cerns and advocate for those most in need.                        9:30 am — Bible Study, Library
                                                                      5:15 pm — G.I.F.T. Meal and “Jesus Christ The Truth”, Dining
    MCCL Offers Two Chances to Stand Up for Life                      Hall, Classrooms, and Sanctuary
    January 22 marks the 37th anniversary of the tragic Supreme       Tuesday, January 19
    Court decision of Roe v Wade, which legalized abortion on         9:30 am — Rosary Makers, Room 7
    demand throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Since             6:30 pm — En Spirit, Room 4
    then, 50 million unborn children have lost their lives to legal   6:30 pm — Pack 210 Den Meeting, Room 7
    abortion and millions more women have been scarred,               7:00 pm — 2010 Summer Camp Meeting, Room 8
    emotionally and physically. The Olmsted County chapter of         7:00 pm — Bible Timeline, Music Room, Church Upper Level
                                                                      7:00 pm — Pastoral Council Meeting
    Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life
                                                                      7:30 pm — Al-Anon Meeting, Library
    has chartered a bus from Rochester to St.                         Wednesday, January 20
    Paul to attend the March for Life as well as                      6:00 am — Bible Study at Office Round Table
    the prayer service at the Cathedral of St.                        9:30 am — Mom’s Group, Library
    Paul on Friday, January 22. Please join the                       5:30 pm — R.C.I.A., Library
    thousands of Minnesotans who will stand                           6:00 pm — Catechist Faith Sharing, Center Space
    up for the lives of those unable to speak                         7:00 pm — Social Justice Committee, Room 5
    for themselves. The bus leaves Rochester                          Thursday, January 21
                                                                      6:00 pm — Girl Scout Troop 40278, Room 7
    at 8:00 am and returns by 4:30 pm. For                            6:00 pm — Troop 210 Adult Leaders, Room 2
    information on either event, contact Linda                        6:00 pm — Rosary and Benediction, Sanctuary
    McGuire at 259-4035.                                              6:30 pm — Prayer Service for Fr. Syl Brown, Sanctuary
                                                                      7:15 pm — “Under the Overpass” Book Discussion, Library
    Basketball Free-Throw Contest                                     Friday, January 22
    The Pax Christi Knights of Columbus Council 14145 is              12:15 am — Mom’s In Touch, Library
    holding its annual Free-Throw Contest on Sunday, January          Saturday, January 23
    31 at Holy Spirit church. Boys and Girls ages 10-15 are           10:00 am — Overeaters Anonymous, Library
    eligible. If you have any questions please email Bob Taraba       6:00 pm — Knights of Columbus Spaghetti Dinner, Dining Hall
    at                                              6:30 pm — GS, ROCK
                                                                      7:00 pm — Family Bingo, Center Space
    Summer Camp Planning Meeting
    With the new year, comes planning for Pax Christi's summer
    camp. Our first meeting to choose our theme and delegate          Book Club Rescheduled Due to Snow
    responsibilities will be Tuesday, January 19 at 7:00 pm in        The discussion of ―Under the Overpass,‖ cancelled due
    room 8. Call Joyce at 282-8542 Ext. 108 for more                  to the weather, has been rescheduled for Thursday,
    information. All those interested are invited. Camp this year     January 21 at 7:15 pm in the Library.
    is the week of June 21-25.                                        Pax Christi and Habitat for Humanity
    Thank You to Church Decorating Volunteers                         Pax Christi is one of 23 faith communities currently
    If you brought decorations for our youth Christmas tree and       working with Habitat for Humanity to build a home in
    you would like them returned, please pick them up from the        Rochester. One of the goals for each Parish is to raise
    box in the gathering area by January 31.                          $5,000. Several of the Ministry Groups here at Pax will
                                                                      be holding a variety of fundraising events over the next
    Birthday Party in a Box Collection                                couple months for Habitat. Please support these groups
    During the "Heaven Bound" City-wide lock-in coming up on          in their efforts. You can also donate directly to this cause
    January 29, middle school youth will create and assemble          by dropping off your donation at the Parish office. Please
    Birthday Party Boxes. They will put party decorations, cake       specify ― Rochester Area Habitat for Humanity.‖ To sup-
    mixes (and toppings!), and party favors in a box, then            port this effort, all women of Pax are being asked to do-
    decorating those boxes to give to Channel One. We need            nate baked items or make snacks for the Super Bowl Sun-
    your help in getting these supplies! Suggestions: Cake mixes,     day Snack and Bake Sale which will take place the week-
    canned frosting, sprinkles, streamers, balloons, birthday         end of Feb. 6 and Feb. 7 after all the Masses. We also
    candles, decorations, and any other party favors. If you‘d        need volunteer to help as cashiers, make signs, decorate,
    like to help, please bring any of the listed supplies to the      set up and take down the tables. Contact either Gail
    Birthday Box in the gathering space on Wednesday Jan. 27.         Keidl 289-1250 or Marilyn Seidel 536-4197.

              PAX CHRISTI CHURCH—CONTACT US                                              Youth Hosts Annual Sweetheart Dinner for 2
     Office Phone...................................................... (507) 282-8542   The Youth of Pax Christi cordially invites you to our 4th
     Email .......................................          annual Sweetheart Dinner for 2, Wednesday, February
                                                                                         10 from 6:00-9:00 pm. All Proceeds help Sponsor youth
     Pax Website ..................................             attending Pax Youth Work Camp & GS Vacations.
     Pastor, Fr, Joseph Keefe, ext 101……                         Sweetheart Dinner for 2 includes free babysitting, a
     Parochial Vicar, Fr. Caesar, ext                       romantic dinner catered by Victoria‘s Italian Restaurant,
     Deacon, Chris Orlowski, ……………………………… 281-9647                                       dessert prepared by our young pastry chef, Dan Scheitel,
     Receptionist, Maureen Weber ext                  live entertainment and dance lessons provided by Fred
                                                                                         Astaire Dance Studios. Tickets are $50 a couple and will
     Bookkeeper, Carol deLongpre, ext                      be sold after Mass and at the parish office. Limited seat-
     Director of Liturgy , Baptism, G.I.F.T. Liaison                                     ing available.
     Joe Kelley , ext. 109 …...…………………
                                                                                         Evening Prayer Shawl Ministry
     Youth Ministry Grades 6—12
                                                                                         Prayer Shawl Ministry will meet on
     Angie Slattery , ext 107 …..…………                            Tuesday, January 26 at 7:00 pm at
     Elementary Children’s Ministry Grades 1-5                                           the staff roundtable.
     Joyce Lehman, ext 108 ……                           Social Justice Asks Us to Respect Immigrants
     Children’s Ministry Pre-School—Kindergarten,                                        We are called to treat all people as daughters and sons
     Good Shepherd Atrium                                                                of God, sisters and
     Diane Solheid-Miller ext. 105 ………
     G.I.F.T. Volunteer/Meal Coordinator Michelle Todd ….ext. 106
                                                                                         brothers in Christ,
                                                                                         and temples of the
                                                                                                                    Social Justice
     Director of Music, Mark Scheitel……………………….272-9756                                  Holy Spirit. As members of Christ's Body, we are also
     Pastoral Council: ………………..First Officer Randy Horlocker,                            called to advocate for immigration policies that are hu-
    Pat Fallon, Gene Plutowski, Greg Sherman, Julie Andrist, Bryan                       mane, just and build the common good. — Justice for
    O’Brien                                                                              Immigrants
     Parish Trustees: Teresa Silker 282-3003 Pete Streit 285-1666
                                                                                         Men‘s Club Meeting to Hear About Habitat
     Finance Council Members: Mark Oldenburg, Ed Mataitis, Mick
                                                                                         Pax Christi‘s Men‘s Club will sponsor a program about
    Lindberg, Ron Yanish
     Pax Prayer Line……...Melanie 289-1977 or Loretta 281-5218                            Habitat for Humanity on February 2. Miguel Paz will
     Calvary Cemetery Joseph Vroman ………...……….. 288-1770                                 talk about Pax‘s role this year in the Rochester Faith
                                                                                         Community Partnership with Habitat for Humanity.
     Rochester Catholic Schools …………………….… 280-0349
                                                                                         Pizza will be served at 6:30 pm, and the program will
     Pax Knights of Columbus, David Silker …………… 282-3003                                start at 7:00 pm.
     Homebound Ministry, Diane Miller ……..………..…. 282-8542
     Meal Makers Ministry , Amy Crowley .……..……..... 288-0733                                     PAX CHRISTI MASS INTENTIONS
     Prayer Shawl Ministry, Laurie Jueneman…………. 289-7013                                Saturday, January 16
     Parish Nurse, Marilyn Seidel ……………………...……536-4197                                     5:15 pm Mrs. Marion O’Keefe †
                                                                                         Sunday, January 17
                               Advertiser of the Week:                                       7:30 am Susan Brereton †
                               Appliance Village                                            9:00 am Arthur W. Riess Jr. †
                                                                                          10:45 am Ana Kastelan †
                                Marc VanSande
                                                                                         Monday, January 18
                                  281-2078                                                   9:00 am Jack Kenning †
                         2227 18th Ave., Rochester                                       Tuesday, January 19
                                                                                            9:00 am Tom Biernacki †
                                                                                         Wednesday, January 20
                 Openings for Adoration at Pax                                               7:00 am James Wall †
         Sunday noon through Friday Midnight in Chapel                                   Thursday, January 21
                 Share your Stewardship of Time in Prayer                                   4:00 pm Agnes Reardon †
                  Adorers still needed at these times:                                   Friday, January 22
          Monday: Midnight, 2 am, 3 am, 4 am, 5 am, 6 am, 9 am                              9:00 am Paula Larson †
                  Tuesday: 1 am, 1 pm, 4 pm, 11 pm                                       Saturday, January 23
          Wednesday: Midnight, 1 am, 2 am, noon, 2 pm, 11 pm                                5:15 pm Lee Piegdon †
              Thursday: Midnight, 1 am, 2 am, 3 am, noon                                 Sunday, January 24
                 Friday: 1 am, 2 am, 3 am, 5 am, 8 am,                                       7:30 am Ina Deming †
                       10 am, 2 pm, 8 pm, 11 pm
           Sunday: Noon, 3 pm, 4 pm, 5 pm, 6 pm, 7 pm, 11 pm
                                                                                            9:00 am Bob Stricke †
                                                                                          10:45 am Ana † and Vladimir Cajko †
     Hourly coordinators also needed at Midnight, 5 am,
             11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 7 pm, 9 pm, 11 pm.                                           Please contact parish office to arrange for mass intentions.
    Call Karin Charron at 282-3754 to sign up and for door code.
    Schedule and sub list is on the Pax website.                                                                      4B


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