Bill of Sale Form Dmv Arizona by slx37366


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									State   Cost                           Registration (Yrs)     Plates                 Model Yr. Restriction Usage Restriction           Anything Unique        Proof Required     How Long to
AK      Historical: $10 registration   two-years              Historic or year of     30 years                 Exibition for historic No license plate stickerNone indicated.
                                                                                                                                                               issued            30 days
        fee;$30 for plates from                               manufacture;                                     plates; none for year
        year of manufacture that                              Emisions inspection                              of manufacture plates
        are 30 or more years old                              still required on cars
                                                              built in 1968 or later.
AL      $10.00 registration fee        Lifetime & if the      Vintage Vehicle,        >30 years.               Vehicle may not be      Vintage plates are      None indicated.   30 days when owner
                                       vehicle is sold, the   Vintage Motorcycle                               used for commercial     designed for classic                      moves to state; 20 days
                                       plates will follow     (neither are available                           purposes, for           autos, motorcycles,                       for Alabama resident
                                       the vehicle.           as personalized)                                 transporting            truck or truck tractor.
                                                                                                               passengers on a
                                                                                                               compensated basis,
                                                                                                               as a service vehicle
                                                                                                               or daily driving such
                                                                                                               as driving to work,
                                                                                                               school or shopping.
AZ      Historical: $25 initial       Annually.               Historical, Classic,   Historical: Vehicle       Nothing indicated.      Additional costs: It  No proofs are       Within 15 Business Days
        application fee/ $10 annual                           Street Rod,            must bear a model                                 varies depending on required.
        renewal, in addition to                               Horseless Carriage.    date of original                                  the vehicle. There is
        regular registration fees.                                                   manufacture that is                               a registration fee of
        Classic: $25 initial                                                         at least 25 years old.                            $8.00 (or $8.25 in
        application fee/ $10 annual                                                  May require a                                     metro Phoenix and
        renewal, in addition to                                                      vehicle inspection.                               Tucson, including
        regular registration fees.                                                   Classic: Vehicle                                  25¢ air quality
        Streetrod: $25 initial                                                       must be on the list of                            compliance sticker
        application fee/ $25 annual                                                  classic cars filed with                           fee); plus an air
        renewal, in addition to                                                      the Motor Vehicle                                 quality research fee
        regular registration fees.                                                   Division by the                                   of $1.50; plus a
        Horseless Carriage: $25                                                      Classic Car Club of                               vehicle license tax
        initial application fee/ $10                                                 America. This list is                             (VLT) assessed in
        annual renewal, in addition                                                  updated every five                                place of a personal
        to regular registration fees.                                                years. May require a                              property tax charged
                                                                                     vehicle inspection.                               by other states.
                                                                                     Streetrod: Vehicle                                There may also be a
                                                                                     must have a body                                  weight fee for
                                                                                     design which retains                              commercial vehicles
                                                                                     at least the basic                                and other fees. The
                                                                                     original style as                                 VLT is based on an
                                                                                     manufactured in                                   assessed value of
                                                                                     1948 or earlier and                               60% of the
                                                                                     which has been                                    manufacturer's base
                                                                                     modified for safe                                 retail price reduced
                                                                                     road use. May                                     by 16.25% for each
                                                                                     require a vehicle                                 year since the
                                                                                     inspection. Only                                  vehicle was first
                                                                                     available as a                                    registered in Arizona
                                                                                     personalized plate.                               (15% before 8/1/98).
                                                                                     Horseless Carriage:                               Then, as of the Dec
                                                                                     Vehicle must have                                 1, 2000 reduction,
AR   Antique vehicle: $7.00 one-    Antique vehicle &    Not authentic. They   Antique vehicles and None.                      Antique vehicles and    Application for the      Within 30 days of date of
     time plate fee, Antique        antique              do offer antique      antique motorcycles:                            antique motorcycles:    Antique Vehicle          purchase
     motorcycle: $5.00 one-         motorcycle:          vehicle, antique      >25 years old.                                  Must be stock but       license plate and title.
     time plate fee, Street Rod:    lifetime. Street     motorcycle and        Street rods: Must be                            may be slightly
     $50.00 plate fee.              rod: $25.00 annual   street rod plates.    produced by an                                  modified if the
                                    registration                               American                                        modifications
                                    renewal feel.                              manufacturer in 1948                            characteristic of the
                                                                               or earlier.                                     approximate era to
                                                                                                                               which the vehicle
                                                                                                                               belongs or
                                                                                                                               considered to be
                                                                                                                               safety related
                                                                                                                               (brakes, seal beam
                                                                                                                               headlights, seat
                                                                                                                               belts, etc.). Street
                                                                                                                               rods: They must
                                                                                                                               have undergone
                                                                                                                               some type of
                                                                                                                               modification such as
                                                                                                                               the modernization of
                                                                                                                               the engine,
                                                                                                                               transmission, drive
                                                                                                                               train, interior
                                                                                                                               refinements, or other
                                                                                                                               modifications. Can
                                                                                                                               be driven under it's
                                                                                                                               own power and will
                                                                                                                               be used as a safe,
                                                                                                                               non-racing vehicle
                                                                                                                               for family enjoyment.
                                                                                                                               Is equipped as
                                                                                                                               required by law for
CA   $25.00 initial plate fee, no   Lifetime             Historical vehicle    Historic vehicles: A    Yes. Used               operation on the
                                                                                                                               No.                     None.                  Within 10 days of date of
     renewals.                                           plates & Horseless    motor vehicle with an   principally for                                                        purchase sale must be
                                                         carriage plates       engine of 16 or more    purposes of                                                            reported
                                                                               cylinders               exhibition and
                                                                               manufactured prior      historic vehicle club
                                                                               to 1965,                activities.
                                                                               manufactured in the
                                                                               year 1922 or prior
                                                                               thereto and a vehicle
                                                                               which was
                                                                               manufactured after
                                                                               1922, is at least 25
                                                                               years old, and is of
                                                                               historic interest.
CO   Collector series vehicle:    5 years for           Collector Series       Collector: >25 years      No usage restrictions No.   Must provide title to   Within 30 days of date of
     Taxes and fees collected     Collector vehicles.   Plate, Collector       old, and must be a        for the collector           register.               purchase
     shall be five times the      No information on     Truck/Tractor Plate,   passenger or light        vehicles. Collector
     annual taxes and fees        the truck/tractors.   Horseless Carriage     truck (less than          truck/tractors are not
     normally collected. No       Horseless             Plate.                 16,000 pounds             for commercial use.
     information for the          carriages: 5 years.                          empty weight).            Use restricted to and
     truck/tractor (assume the                                                 Truck/tractor: >25        from assemblies,
     same as the collector                                                     years old. Horseless      conventions, or other
     vehicles). Horseless                                                      carriages: passenger      meetings where such
     carriages: License fee is                                                 and light truck (less     vehicles are the
     $5.00 and specific                                                        than 16,000 pounds        primary interest,
     ownership tax is $1.50 for                                                empty weight) that        special occasions,
     each of the years                                                         were manufactured         demonstrations,
     remaining for the five (5)                                                in 1942 or prior.         parades, tours, etc.
     year period.                                                              Horseless Carriage:       Horseless carriages:
                                                                               $25 initial application   limited driving
                                                                               fee/ $10 annual           to/from auto club
                                                                               renewal, in addition      functions, to/from
                                                                               to regular registration   repair facilities,
                                                                               fees. Vehicle must        occasional leisure
                                                                               have been                 drive, etc.
                                                                               manufactured in
                                                                               1915 or before. May
                                                                               require a vehicle

CT   $83.00 plate fee plus        2 years               Early American Plate >25 years and is            Not found.           No.    None.                   Within 60 days for new
     $70.00 registration fee.                                                being preserved                                                                 resident; 20 days for CT
                                                                             because of the                                                                  Resident
                                                                             historic interest and
                                                                             is not altered or
                                                                             modified from the
DE   $25.00 one-time plate fee    2 years, but there    Antique plate          >25 years & stock.        Yes. May be used      No.   Must pass initial    Within 30 days of date of
     + $15 title fee.             are no registration                                                    for participation in        inspection by DMV to purchase
                                  costs.                                                                 club activities,            get classified as
                                                                                                         exhibits, tours,            antique. This is a
                                                                                                         parades and similar         one-time inspection.
                                                                                                         uses, but in no event
                                                                                                         shall it be used for
DC   $15 to register the vehicle    Insured can         Antique plate            >20 years (applies to   Can be used for       No.                        The vehicle must        Within 30 days of date of
     initially and same to renew.   choose to renew                              any type of vehicle     shows, clubs,                                    initially be inspected purchase
      They are also charged         annually or every                            that meets this age     parades, holidays,                               by the DMV before
     $25 for the vehicle            two years.                                   restriction)            etc. Cannot be used                              being able to
     inspection (one-time fee).                                                                          for any type of daily                            register. The insured
                                                                                                         transportation.                                  must provide a copy
                                                                                                                                                          of the title or bill of
                                                                                                                                                          sale and proof of
                                                                                                                                                          insurance as well.

FL   Flat tax-rate of $7.50 plus    Antique: yearly.    Specialty Plates:        Antique: Vehicles       Ancient or antique    No.                        No.                        In most cases within 30
     regular registration fees.     Horseless           Antique, Horseless       manufactured after      fire-fighters                                                               days when owner moves
                                    Carriage:           Carriage.                1945 and of the age     apparatus or other                                                          to state; within 30 days
                                    permanent.                                   of 30 years or more.    historical motor                                                            of date of purchase
                                                                                 Horseless Carriage:     vehicles or trailers
                                                                                 Vehicles                identifiable as a
                                                                                 manufactured in         military trailer 30
                                                                                 1945 or earlier.        years old or older
                                                                                                         can be used only in
                                                                                                         exhibitions, parades,
                                                                                                         or public display.

GA   $20 registration fee plus      Annually.           Hobby/Antique/Antiqu Authentic Historical:       None indicated.         Authentic Historical     Authentic Historical:    Within 30 days of date of
     ad valorem fees.                                   e                    1957 and older. All                                 plate must represent     Current Georgia license purchase
                                                        Motorcycle/Authentic others: >25 years.                                  year model of vehicle.   plate must be carried in
                                                        Historical                                                                                        the vehicle. Must also
                                                                                                                                                          have form T-224
                                                                                                                                                          Affidavit of ownership.

HI   Fee varies according to        Anually             Horseless Carriage       35 year years or older Show and parade                                   certification by antique   Within 30 days of date of
     weight of vehicle.                                                                                                                                   vehicle club               purchase
ID   Classic & Classic              Classics &          Special license          Classic, classic        Idaho Classics and      Year of Manufacture Application for                 Within 15 days of date of
     Motorcycles: $25.00.           motorcycles: 3      plates: Classic car,     motorcycle & Year of    Idaho Old Timers:       are manufactured      Special Plates For            purchase
     Street Rod & Year of           years. Street Rod   classic motorcycle,      Manufacture: >30        shall be used for       plates that were      Special Vehicles.
     Manufacture: $25.00 initial    & Year of           streetrod, old timer &   years. Old timer:       exhibits, parades,      made for that
     fee plus $15.00 annual         Manufacture:        year of manufacture.     <1943.                  tours club activities   vehicle's model year.
     renewal fee.                   Annual.                                                              and such occasional
                                                                                                         use as is necessary
                                                                                                         for operation and
                                                                                                         maintenance of the
IL   Vanity Plates: $94 for the    Antique plate        Antique Vehicle &     >25 years or a bona     May be driven only     A registered owner of   If historical plates   Within 30 days of date of
     antique vehicles, $50 for     registrations are    Antique Motorcycles: fide replica.            to and from antique    an antique may          are used, the owner purchase
     antique motorcycles.          good for five years. Vanity license plates                         shows, exhibitions,    display historical      must provide the
     Example: If vehicle is                             or Personalized                               demonstrations, or     plates representing     plates for display and
     newly acquired, the initial                        license plates are                            for servicing. The     the model year of the   carry the current set
     vanity fee and the $78                             available to choose                           plates may also be     vehicle, instead of     of antique plates and
     registration fee are                               from as well as the                           issued for fire-       antique vehicle         registration ID card
     required, plus $65 if title                        standard antique                              fighting vehicles      plates.                 in the vehicle.
     related ($237). The                                plates.                                       more than 20 years
     renewal term's fee would                                                                         old that are used
     be $78 registration fee                                                                          only for exhibition.
     plus a $13 renewal
     surcharge fee ($91).
     Personalized plates: $14
     for antique vehicles & $11
     for the antique
     motorcycles. Antique
     plate: $30 (standard).
IN   No additional fees to the     Yearly.              Antique plate.          >25 years             None indicated.        May be used for         One-time application Within 31 days of date of
     normal cost of registration                                                                                             passenger cars,         and inspection.      purchase
     ($20.75).                                                                                                               trucks up to 11,000
                                                                                                                             pounds, recreational
IA   Regular plate fees.          Annually. ($5.00      No specific/authentic   >25 years.           Use is restricted to    No.                     No.                     Within 45 days of date of
                                  renewal fee w/ no     plates, but can have                         parades, traveling to                                                   purchase
                                  additional            the antique                                  and from fairs and
                                  validation fee.)      designation.                                 exhibits.
KS   Antique & Antique            Lifetime, although    Antique,                Antique: >35 years.  May not transport       Kansas law divides      Must also complete       Within 30 days of date of
     Motorcycle: $43.00 plus      they will be billed   Personalized            Street Rods: 1949 or passengers for hire,    the titling and         a Vehicle/Motor          purchase
     tag & title fees. At         annually for the      Antique, Special        older. Antique       nor haul material       registration process    Ownership Affidavit
     renewal, fee is $17.00 for   additional taxes      Vehicle (defined as a   Motorcycles: >35     weighing more than      for antique vehicles    upon registering the
     the personal property tax & and fees ($17.00).     vehicle >20 years old   years.               500 pounds.             into two categories:    antique. An
     application fee.                                   or a Street Rod) &                                                   1949 and older &        examination is
     Personalized Antique:                              Antique Motorcycle.                                                  1950 or newer.          required for antiques
     Same as above but                                                                                                                               manufactured in
     additional $43.50 at time of                                                                                                                    1950 or newer. Must
     plate issuance. Special                                                                                                                         also provide
     Vehicle: Same as Antique,                                                                                                                       verification of at least
     but additional $29.00 for                                                                                                                       one other vehicle
     the year (or half that fee                                                                                                                      registered in the
     for a 6 month period).                                                                                                                          state of KS for
                                                                                                                                                     regular use.
KY   Historic Vehicle &           Historic Vehicle &   Historic Vehicle,      Historic Vehicle &   Used primarily for     The issuance of a      Nothing indicated.   Within 30 days of date of
     Motorcycle: $53.50 initial   Motorcycle:          Historic Motorcycle,   Motorcycle: >25      exhibition in shows,   Historic Plate must                         purchase
     cost. Street Rod: $40.00     Lifetime. Street     Street Rod             years. Street Rod:   parades ,tours and     be approved by the
     initial cost. $15.00 to      Rod: Annually.                              1949 or older.       other special uses     Kentucky
     renew.                                                                                        but not for general    Transportation
                                                                                                   transportation.        Cabinet. This plate is
                                                                                                                          permanently issued
                                                                                                                          to one certain
                                                                                                                          vehicle and cannot
                                                                                                                          be reissued to any
                                                                                                                          other vehicle. Street
                                                                                                                          Rods: This plate may
                                                                                                                          be issued to any
                                                                                                                          6,000 lb. commercial
                                                                                                                          or passenger vehicle
                                                                                                                          owned, leased, or
                                                                                                                          provided by an
                                                                                                                          employer. This type
                                                                                                                          of plate is issued
                                                                                                                          every five years, and
                                                                                                                          will be replaced in
                                                                                                                          the year 2003 and
                                                                                                                          every 5th year after.

LA   $25 one-time registration   2 years for autos     Antique, Antique       >25 years.           Not indicated.         Antique vehicles       Requires a color       PENDING (225) 925-
     fee, $8 handling fee        and motorcycles.      Personalized, Old                                                  include automobiles,   photo before issuing 6146
     (doesn't apply to renewals) 4 years for trucks.   Antique, Street Rod,                                               vans, trucks up to     antique plates,
     & $3.50 handling fee. (Ex:                        & Street Cruiser                                                   10,000 pounds,         notorized affidavit
     auto - $25.00 +SPOV at                                                                                               motorhomes and         attesting that the
     issuance. SPOV is the                                                                                                motorcycles.           vehicle is original or
     renewal amount. Doesn't                                                                                                                     restored to like-
     indicate what SPOV is.)                                                                                                                     original condition.
                                                                                                                                                 May substitute with a
                                                                                                                                                 photocopy of
                                                                                                                                                 membership card
                                                                                                                                                 from an antique car
                                                                                                                                                 club. Plates cannot
                                                                                                                                                 be transferred to
                                                                                                                                                 another vehicle.
MD   Registration fee: Historic & Every two years.   Historic and Street    Historic: >25 years   The vehicle will be   Nothing indicated.        If the vehicle is 20-     60 Days when owner
     Street Rods: $27.00 which                       Rod                    or is between 20-24   maintained for use in                           24 years (historic)       moves to state;
     includes an $11.00                                                     years old but is a    exhibitions, club                               and is no longer          recommends that a
     surcharge for the state's                                              make or model that    activities, parades,                            made,                     newly purchase car is
     EMS service.                                                           is no longer          tours, occasional                               documentation             titled within 30 days, but
                                                                            produced. Street      transportation and                              substantiating this       there is no enforcement.
                                                                            Rod: >25 years.       similar uses. The                               rarity is required.
                                                                                                  vehicle owner further                           The owner must also
                                                                                                  certifies the vehicle                           fill out a registration
                                                                                                  will not be used for                            application for a
                                                                                                  general daily                                   historic/street rod
                                                                                                  transportation or                               plate.
                                                                                                  primarily for the
                                                                                                  transportation of
                                                                                                  passengers or
                                                                                                  property on highways
                                                                                                  (applies to both
                                                                                                  historic vehicles and
                                                                                                  street rods).

MA   $65.00 for the vanity plate, Annually.          Normal Antique,        >25 years           Solely for use in         Year of Manufacture     Application for           Within ten days of the
     $70 renewal fee. $35 for                        Vanity Antique, Year                       exhibitions, club         are manufactured        antique/year of           date of the purchase
     the normal antique or year                      of Manufacture                             events, parades,          plates that were        manufacture plates
     of manufacture plates.                                                                     other functions of        made for that           must be completed
     $40 renewal fee.                                                                           public interest (test     vehicle's model year.   and signed by a
                                                                                                drives for these                                  notary.
                                                                                                specific functions,
                                                                                                repair work, etc.).
ME   Registration fees: Antique: Annually.           Antique, Horseless     Antique: >25 years. Antique: Cannot be        Nothing indicated.      Nothing indicated.        30 Days when owner
     $15, antique motorcycle:                        Carriage, Antique      Horseless Carriage: used as the owner's                                                         moves to state; no
     $15, street rod: $30.                           Motorcycle, Street     Manufactured before primary means of                                                            restriction on purchase of
     Horseless Carriage: $15                         Rod                    1916.               transportation.                                                             vehicle
                                                                                                Horseless Carriage:
                                                                                                maintained primarily
                                                                                                for use in exhibitions,
                                                                                                club activities,
                                                                                                parades or other
                                                                                                functions of public
MI   $30 for Historical vehicles. Ten years.         Historical or Model    >25 years           Must be used for          Historical or           Nothing indicated.        Within 15 days of date of
     For Model Year plates, the                      Year plates.                               events such as            authentic plate                                   purchase
     registration fee is $35.                                                                   historical clubs,
                                                                                                parades or car
                                                                                                shows. May not be
                                                                                                used for routine
MN   Classic Motorcycle: initial   Annually.            Classic, Collector,    Pioneer: prior to      Collector vehicles    Original Plates are     None indicated.        30 days when owner
     $10 + $7 filing fee. All                           Pioneer, Original      1936. Classic: 1925-   are restricted to     the same as Year of                            moves to state; within
     other plates: $25 initial +                        Plate, Street Rod,     1948. Collector: at    operation solely as a Manufacture plates.                            ten days of date of
     $7 filing fee (+$100 for                           Classic Motorcycle &   least 20 model years   collector item.                                                      purchase
     personalized)                                      Personalized           old and                These vehicles
                                                        Collector.             manufactured after     cannot be used for
                                                                               1935 . Street Rod:     general
                                                                               prior to the year      transportation
                                                                               1949. Motorcycle: at   purposes.
                                                                               least 20 model years
                                                                               old. Original: >20
MS   $25.00 one-time plate fee.    Lifetime.            Antique plate.         >25 years              Cannot be used for      Specialty vehicles,   Must be registered     30 Days when owner
                                                                                                      commercial              such as motor         as an antique.         moves to state; 601-923-
                                                                                                      purposes.               homes, fire trucks,                          7000 or 7141
                                                                                                                              hearses and antique
                                                                                                                              vehicles in shows
                                                                                                                              and museums are
                                                                                                                              allowed as they are
                                                                                                                              not commercially
                                                                                                                              used and are
                                                                                                                              privately owned.
MO   Historic/Antique Historic:    Lifetime for         Historic plates,       >25 years              Must be owned           Plates cannot be      The owner is           Within 30 days of date of
     $25.25 one-time plate fee     Historic, Annually   Personalized                                  solely as a collector’s transferred.          responsible for        purchase
     plus $2.50 agent fee (if      for Personalized     Historic. If the owner                        item, and used for                            keeping a log of the
     applicable) and $2.50         Historic,            has a Year of                                 exhibition and                                miles driven for
     processing fee.                                    Manufacture plate,                            educational                                   personal use each
     Personalized Historic:                             can register it as an                         purposes. Historic                            calendar year. The
     same as above but add                              Antique Historic                              vehicles may be                               log must be kept in
     $15 additional fee.                                Plate.                                        driven to and from                            the vehicle when the
                                                                                                      events and to repair                          vehicle is being
                                                                                                      facilities within a 100                       driven on any state
                                                                                                      mile limit, and may                           road.
                                                                                                      be driven up to 1000
                                                                                                      miles per year for
                                                                                                      personal use.
MT   Additional one-time fee: $5   Can choose to       Collector Plates.    >30 years.   Used solely as a        Nothing indicated.    Nothing indicated.     Within 20 days of date of
     for vehicles weighing         renew yearly, every                                   collectors item.                                                     purchase
     2,850 pounds or less, and     two years, or
     $10 for vehicles weighing     permanent.
     more. Registration fees:
     depends on how often they
     choose to renew, the age
     of the vehicle and how
     much it weighs. There are
     additional fees and taxes
     associated with each
     renewal method.

NE   First Historic vehicle:       Annually.           Historical plates,   >30 years.   May only be used for    Vintage plates are    The applicant must     Within 30 days of
     $66.95, first Historic                            Vintage Plates                    test drives, parades    the same as Year of   own one or more        delivery of the vehicle
     motorcycle: $65.35, first                                                           and hobby-related       Manufacture plates    other vehicles that
     Vintage                                                                             activities. Vehicles    (authentic).          are registered in NE
     vehicle/motorcycle:                                                                 may not be used for                           before a
     $88.75. (Additional                                                                 normal transportation                         Historic/Vintage plate
     Historical vehicle fees are                                                         to and from work,                             is issued.
     $10.00 less than the first                                                          driven on a daily
     vehicle)                                                                            basis, or used for
                                                                                         hire. Trucks with
                                                                                         plates are allowed to
                                                                                         haul anything up to
                                                                                         1,000 pounds.
NV   $36 initial cost for       Annually.              Classic Vehicle,       Classic: >25 years.    None indicated.           The license plates       In addition to the     Within ten days of the
     Classics, Classic Rods,                           Classic Rod, Street    Classic Rod: >20                                 are not authentic.       plate application, the date of the purchase
     Street Rods, Old Timers                           Rod, Old Timer, Old    years, but not older                                                      insured will need to
     (vehicle and motorcycle)                          Timer Motorcycle,      than 1949. Street                                                         complete an
     and Horseless Carriages.                          Horseless Carriage,    Rod: earlier than                                                         emissions inspection
     $10 annual renewal charge                         Antique Truck/Truck-   1949. Old Timer                                                           if required and if the
     on above types of                                 Tractor, Fire Truck    (vehicle and                                                              last test was
     vehicles. $16 initial cost                                               motorcycle): >40                                                          completed more than
     for Antique Truck/Trailers                                               years. Horseless                                                          90 days ago. The
     and Firetrucks. $5 annual                                                Carriage: before                                                          expiration date will
     renewal for these.                                                       1915. Antique                                                             change if the current
                                                                              Truck/Truck-Tractor:                                                      expiration date is
                                                                              >25 years.                                                                more than 35 days
                                                                                                                                                        away. If they wish to
                                                                                                                                                        transfer an existing
                                                                                                                                                        plate to another
                                                                                                                                                        vehicle, no
                                                                                                                                                        emissions inspection
                                                                                                                                                        would be required
                                                                                                                                                        and the expiration
                                                                                                                                                        date will remain the
                                                                                                                                                        same. A $5
                                                                                                                                                        substitute plate fee
                                                                                                                                                        will apply.

NH   $8.00 fee for the plates      Annually.           Antique, Antique       >25 years.             Must be maintained        No. The plates           In order to get Model No requirement
     plus $0.50 per month until                        Motorcycle, Street                            for use in exhibitions,   aren't authentic, just   Year plates, the
     your birthday to register                         Rod.                                          club activities,          has the designation      vehicle must be
     the Antique, Antique                                                                            parades and other         as "antique" on the      registered as an
     Motorcycle or Street Rod                                                                        functions of public       plate.                   antique. It also must
     initially. At renewal, it's                                                                     interest.                                          get a safety
     $0.50 per month once                                                                                                                               inspection after it's
     again ($6.00 renewal fee                                                                                                                           registered (can be
     for the entire year).                                                                                                                              done at any garage).

NJ   Historic: $34 (if             Annually            Historic and Street    Historic: >25 years.   They must be owned    Street Rods must be          Nothing indicated.     Within ten days of the
     personalized, $84). Street                        Rod                    Street Rod:            as a collector's item in a New Jersey                                     date of the purchase
     Rod: $15.                                                                manufactured before    and only used for     street rod club, an
                                                                              1949.                  exhibition and        affiliate of the
                                                                                                     educational           National Street Rod
                                                                                                     purposes by the       Association, Inc. in
                                                                                                     owner.                order to get a Street
                                                                                                                           Rod plate.
NM   Horseless Carriage: $10       Every five years.   Horseless Carriage     Horseless Carriage:    Vehicles will be used Nothing indicated.           Nothing indicated.     Within 30 days of date of
     initial fee. $5.00 at                                                    >35 years.             solely for show                                                           purchase
     registration w/ no other                                                                        purposes and not
     fees thereafter.                                                                                everyday use.
NY   Historical: $12.25 if        Annually.         Historic (including   >25 years or certain    May be used for            Vintage plates are        "Historical" on ID       Within 30 days of date of
     currently registered to the                    motorcycles),         vehicles less than 25   participation in club      provided from the         cards (May not be        purchase
     owner. If not, the fee is                      Vintage (same as      years old which         activities, exhibits,      owner - not by the        "classic" or "antique").
     $32.25. If the vehicle is                      Model Year plates)    possess unique          tours, parades,            DMV - and must
     1973 or newer and does                                               characteristics if      occasional                 have the sticker on
     not have a title, add $5.00.                                         determined by DMV       transportation and         the plate that is
      Vintage: If the vehicle is                                          to be of historical,    similar uses, but not      readable (not
     registered to the owner,                                             classic or exhibition   used for general           required for vehicles
     the cost is $3. If it's not                                          value.                  daily transportation.      1973 and newer,
     registered to the owner,                                                                                                however, as the
     the charge is $23. Add $5                                                                                               stickers were not
     if there is no title.                                                                                                   included in those
                                                                                                                             model years).
NC   $10 Special Registration    Annually           Antique vehicle,       >35 years for          Nothing indicated.         These plates cannot       Nothing indicated.       Within 30 days for new
     Plate fee plus usual                           antique motorcycle,    Antique vehicle &                                 be personalized.                                   resident; 28 days for a
     registration costs.                            Horseless Carriage.    motorcycle.                                                                                          resident
                                                                           Horseless Carriage:
                                                                           Model year 1943 or
ND   Antique: $100, Collector:    Lifetime          Special letter plate & >40 years              ?                          Antique plates            ?                        Within 30 days of
     $160. Both are one time                        other applicable fees                                                                                                       purchase or new
     fees.                                          are in addition to the                                                                                                      residency
                                                    registration fee
                                                    ($25/yr extra).
OH   Collector Plates: New and Collector: Annually. Collector Plates       Collector Plates:      None indicated for         The Bureau of Motor       Applicant must         Within 30 days of date of
     renewal rates: Special        Historical and   (may be stock,         None. Must be          Collector. Historic:       Vehicles references       complete BMV Form purchase
     plate fee: $5 stock, $15     Historical Model  reserved or            deemed collectable     They are solely            the National              4803 and BMV Form
     reserved, $40                Year Plates:      personalized),         by the BMV (Bureau     collector's items and      Automobile Dealers        5712 (Affidavit For
     personalized. License tax: Lifetime.           Historic, Historic     of Motor Vehicles).    are used for               Association, Classic,     Registration), if
     $20.Permissive tax:                            Model Year Plates      Historic/Historic      participation in club      Collectible, and          applicable. Applicant
     depends on county ($0 -                        (individual would      Model Year Plates:     activities, exhibitions,   Special Interest Car      must have other
     $20), Deputy fee: $3.25.                       have them, they're     >25 years.             tours, parades, etc.       Appraisal Guide or        means of
     Also at time of first time                     not issued, just                              They are NOT for           the 4th Edition           transportation and be
     registering: New plate                         allowable but must                            general                    Standard Catalog of       able to provide proof.
     charge: $2.00, Plate                           have been                                     transportation.            American Cars 1946-
     Reflectorization fee: $0.25,                   manufactured by the                                                      1975 (Krause
     County sticker: $0.25.                         state of OH                                                              Publications) or The
     Historic Model Year Plates                     originally).                                                             Complete Book of
     also have an additional                                                                                                 Collectible Cars
     $3.54 fee. Historic Plates:                                                                                             1930-1990
     $10 License tax fee, New                                                                                                (Consumer Guide) to
     plate charge: $2.00,                                                                                                    determine vehicles
     Deputy Fee: $3.25, Plate                                                                                                that are true collector
     Reflectorization: $0.25.                                                                                                vehicles.

OK   Classic plates: $12.50      Annually.          Classic plates,       Classic: >25 years.     May be used                Nothing indicated.        They are required to     Within 30 days of
     registration/renewal fee.                      Vintage plates (same Vintage: >21 years.      primarily for parades                                complete and             purchase or new
     Vintage: same as above                         as Model Year plates)                         or exhibition                                        application and          residency
     but add $12 in addition.                                                                     purposes.                                            submit insurance
                                                                                                                                                       verification or a non-
OR   $3.00 per set and one time Lifetime              Not authentic, are     Special Interest: 25+   Yes. They are         No.                      No.                       No requirement
     registration fee of $45.00.                      just designated as     years old, Antique:     limited to car club
                                                      antique.               1/2 years since         events, parades and
                                                                             1900, currently         car rallies.
PA   $75.00 fee for registration   Antique & Classic: Antique, Classic,      Antique: >25 years,     Antique & Classic:    "Dune Buggy" type        Application for the    Within 10 days of date of
     for Permanent, Antique,       permanent. Street Street Rod              Classic: >15 years,     Club activities,      vehicles do not          plates, fees & photos purchase
     Classic or Collectible        Rods: Annually.                           Street Rod: 1948 or     exhibits, tours,      qualify in the Street    of the vehicle for all
     plates + $22.50 title fees.                                             older.                  parades, occasional   Rod designation.         of these types of
     Street Rods: $22.50 title                                                                       transportation        The plates will have     vehicles. Classic
     fee + $20.00 plate fee.                                                                         (defined as one day   letters showing if the   vehicles are subject
     Depending on the type of                                                                        a week) & similar     veh is "S" for Street    to an annual
     Street Rod, the renewal                                                                         uses. Street Rods     Rod, "M" for             inspection. Street
     fees could be anywhere                                                                          have no usage         modified, "R" for        Rods must also pass
     from $36.00 - $153.00.                                                                          restrictions.         reconstructed.           an annual safety

RI   $5.00 initially and at       Annually.           Antique, Antique     >25 years.                The vehicles may be No.                        Vehicles must first       No requirement for title
     renewal. (note: a rep at the                     Motorcycle, Year of                            maintained solely for                          be inspected. (note:      or license; sales tax
     DMV told me the above                            Manufacture (note: I                           use in exhibitions,                            the rep told me that      must be paid by 20th day
     info, another wouldn't tell                      found this info thru                           club activities,                               there are no              of month following
     me anything relating to                          the website. The rep                           parades, and other                             requirements to           purchase.
     costs.)                                          told me the only                               functions of public                            register a vehicle
SC   Antique plate fee: $15.00 + Every two years.     plate available was
                                                      Antique              Antique: vehicle          May be and may not
                                                                                                     interest used in club Registrations/Renewa     that qualifies as
                                                                                                                                                    In order to get an        Within 45 days of
     $10.00 registration fee +                                             must be >30 years,        activities, exhibits, ls will not be given     Antique plate, the        purchase or new
     $10.00 title fee. Renewal                                             motorcycle must be        tours, parades and    until after the          owner must                residency
     fees: $24.00 plate fee +                                              >25 years.                similar events, but   customer first pays      surrender the original
     $10.00 title fee.                                                                               shall not be used for their property taxes.    title and have it
                                                                                                     general                                        reissued in SC as an
                                                                                                     transportation.                                antique.
SD   One-time fee of $10.00        Lifetime           Historical             >20 years               Yes. They can be      No.                      Original title or the     Within 45 days of date of
                                                                                                     used only for special                          bill of sale and          purchase
                                                                                                     occasions such as                              application for title
                                                                                                     display, exhibitions,                          along with the
                                                                                                     parades, etc., and                             application for
                                                                                                     not for general                                special license plates.
TN   One time fee of $26.75        Lifetime           Antique                >25 years old for       Can only be used for Plates cannot be          Certification for         Must be titled and
                                                      (personalized is not   vehicles and            participation in club transferred.             Antique Registration,     registered "as soon as
                                                      available)             motorcycles (cannot     activities, exhibits,                          certifying the motor      possible."
                                                                             be modified at all).    tours, parades and                             vehicle is an antique.
                                                                                                     similar uses; but, in
                                                                                                     no event shall the
                                                                                                     vehicle be used for
TX   Antique & Former Military       Antique & Former         The license plates           Antique, Classic        Antique & Former          No.                      Insured must apply       Within 30 days for new
     Vehicles: Those manufactured    Military Vehicles: 5     are not authentic;           Auto, Classic Truck     Military Vehicle: The                              for any of these         residents; 21 days from
     in 1921 and subsequent years    years. Classic           however, there are a         & Classic               vehicle must be used                               plates.                  date of purchase for TX
     $50.30; vehicles manufactured   Auto, Classic            few types to choose          Motorcycle: >25         exclusively for                                                             residents.
     in 1920 and prior years                                                                                       exhibitions, club
                                     Motorcycle &             from. Antique,               years. Former
     $40.30. Classic Auto, Classic                                                                                 activities, parades, or
     Motorcycle & Classic Truck:
                                     Classic Truck:           Classic Auto, Classic        Military Vehicle: No    other functions of public
     $15.00 in addition to the       annually.                Motorcycle, Classic          age restriction; must   interest and not used
     regular registration fee                                 Truck, & Former              be authentic.           for regular
     ($15.00).                                                Military Vehicle.                                    transportation. The
UT   No fee unless the original                             1 An owner who sells a         1968 or older           Antique plates are        Original-issue antique   If an insured has an     No requirement
     plate has been rejected.                                 vehicle with original-                               for limited use such plates                        original issued plate
     In that event, the owner                                 issue plates assigned to                             as shows, parades,                                 for the model year of
     may apply for special                                    it may also sell the plate                           special events, etc.                               the vehicle that the
                                                              by completing an
     antique plate decals. The                                                                                                                                        plate is being
                                                              affidavit relinquishing
     cost is $5.00 initially and                              the plates. There is no
                                                                                                                                                                      transferred to, they
     antique decals expire                                    fee for placing an                                                                                      must take the plate
     every December - the                                     original issue plate on a                                                                               to the DMV for
     yearly renewal fee is $5.00.                             vehicle.                                                                                                inspection to ensure
                                                                                                                                                                      that they are
VT   $10.00 initial cost.            Can opt to renew         Antique, Street Rod          Antique: >25 years,     Vehicles are             Nothing unique. The       Street Rods: A           Within 60 days for new
     Renewal fees: One year =        annually or every                                     Street Rod: prior to    restricted to use as     plates are not            special application is   residents; no
     $50.00, Two years: =            two years.                                            1949.                   an exhibit at            considered "special".     filled out by the        requirement for existing
     $92.00.                                                                                                       club activities,                                   owner to obtain the      residents
                                                                                                                   parades and other                                  designation as a
                                                                                                                   functions of public                                street rod. Also,
                                                                                                                   interest.                                          vehicle must be
                                                                                                                                                                      inspected by law
                                                                                                                                                                      enforcement or
                                                                                                                                                                      motor vehicle
VA   One-time fee of $13.50          The license plates       You may not transfer         25 model years old      Participation in         Antique license           If the insured is        Within 60 days of date of
                                     will be valid for as     your license plates to       before January 1 of     antique car club         plates or permanent       providing the vintage    purchase
                                     long as they own         another vehicle, but         the current calendar    activities, exhibits,    vintage license plates    license plates, the
                                     the vehicle.             you may surrender            year                    tours, parades, and                                issue year of the
                                                              them to DMV and                                      similar events.                                    license plate must
                                                              then register them to                                Testing its operation,                             match the model
                                                              a different vehicle for                              obtaining repairs or                               year of the vehicle
                                                              an additional $13.50.                                maintenance,                                       and the DMV must
                                                                                                                   transportation to and                              inspect and approve
WA   Basic $30.00 charge +           Annually.                They offer three             Horseless Carriage:     May events o
                                                                                                                   from be usedas and       Antique and collector     their physical
                                                                                                                                                                      None indicated.          Within 15 days of date of
     several other fees                                       types of plates for          >40 years,              from auto shows,         vehicles are exempt                                purchase
     depending on the county                                  antique vehicles:            Collector/Restored:     circuses, parades,       from mandatory
     and/or city in which you                                 Horseless Carriage,          >30 years.              displays, special        insurance
     live + taxes.                                            Restored (same as                                    excursions, antique      requirements.
                                                              Year of Manufacture                                  car club meetings,
                                                              plates) & Collector                                  for testing purposes
                                                              Vehicle. These                                       and for pleasure of
                                                              include motorcycles.                                 others without
WV   $30 registration fee.      Annually.   Antique               >25 years.            Collector's item used   Nothing indicated.     Nothing indicated.      Within 10 days of date of
                                                                                        solely for                                                             purchase
                                                                                        participation in club
                                                                                        activities, tours,
                                                                                        parades or similar
                                                                                        use, and not to be
                                                                                        used for general
WI   Auto: $140. Truck: $147.   Lifetime.   License number is     All motor vehicles 20 Owners must have at                                                    Within 2 business days
     Motorcycle: $73.                       assigned to the       years or older that   least one other                                                        of acquiring a vehicle. If
                                            owner for a lifetime. have not been         vehicle used for                                                       it will not be registered, it
                                            A letter suffix is    altered or modified   regular                                                                still needs to be titled.
                                            added to the number from the                transportation which
                                            i.e., 1A, etc. for    manufacturer's        is currently
                                            subsequent collector specifications.        registered in
                                            vehicles owned by                           Wisconsin. Collector
                                            the same person.                            vehicles cannot be
                                            Registration does not                       operated during
                                            expire.                                     January. Street
                                                                                        modified vehicles,
                                                                                        replicas, homemade
                                                                                        motorized vehicles or
                                                                                        vehicles that have
WY   $10.00 one-time            Lifetime.   Pioneer plates        >25 years.            been altered or be
                                                                                        Vehicles can only       The plates are black   Must submit proof of    Within 30 days of date of
     registration fee.                                                                  used for car shows,     and white (black       sales tax paid, proof   purchase
                                                                                        parades, and events     background, white      of at least liability
                                                                                        of similar nature. No   letters)--and are      insurance, and title
                                                                                        day-to-day              issued by the DMV in   information. We
                                                                                        transportation.         numerical order.       have an application
                                                                                                                                       that must be

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