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					 Catherine   Abadie      Build a Computer
Jaylyn       Albritton   Organize a Blood Drive
                         Produce a Highlight Video
Corey        Austin      for PHS Basketball Seniors
Necota       Bajoie      Sports Camp at PMS
                         Build a Chrome Alternator
Travis       Barding
Arielle      Bastine     Write and Publish Poetry
Lauren       Bastine     Build a Doghouse
                         Turbo-charge and Tune a V8
Brandon      Baughman    Chevy Engine
Josie        Bazor       Teach Dental Hygeine
Jonathan     Beal        Create a Video Montage
                         Plan and Teach an Exercise
                         Class to Young Children
Brittanie    Bennett
Ashley       Bernard     Create a Scrapbook
Amber        Boutwell    Sew a Prom Dress
Maggie       Brannan     Sew a Dress
Katelynn     Brock       Soccer Tournament
Shannon      Brown       Basketball Camp
Kenneth      Bryant      Build a Computer Desk
Lauren       Bryant      5K Run for Mary Claire
                         Cook Thanksgiving Dinner
Brittany     Bullock     for 3 Families
                         Design, Bake, and Decorate a
                         Cake for the PHS Colorguard
Alexis       Burke
                         Talent Show for Cystic
Haley        Camp        Fibrosis
                         Paint a Design, Create a Silk
                         Screen Print, Sell Shirts to
                         Benefit the 3D School
Jordan       Carpenter
                               Create a Scrapbook for
Kristen           Carter       Cooperative Education
Jacob             Cascio       Build an Electric Guitar
Brittany          Chambers     Build a Cat Tree
Heather           Chopin       Hold a Health Fair
                               Teach Chemistry and
                               Polymer Science to a 6th
Devin             Clark        Grade Class
Cody              Conkle       Baseball Camp
                               Soccer Tournament to
Alexandra         Cook         Benefit St. Jude's
Kyleigh           Creel        5K for Charity Blossom
                               Develop 15 Organic Recipes
Sara              Crenshaw     and Test Them
                               Organize a Textbook
                               Recycling Drive in the PSD
Christopher Lee   Crosier
                               Build a Mobile Wildlife
Jeremy            Daughdrill   Observation Station
Edward            Davis        Build a Rocking Chair
                               Build an Entertainment
Kayla             Davis        Center
Terry             Davis Jr     Brick a Mailbox
Brandon           Dietz        Rebuild an Engine
                               Install and Use a GPS for
                               Automatic Position
Adam              Draughon     Reporting
                               Build a Wood Duck Nesting
                               Box and Predator Guard
Hillery           Dunaway
                               Create PHS Funniest Home
Bethany           Dyess        Video
Taylor            Dykes        Hold a Baseball Camp
                      Learn to Play the Snare
Zackary    Eddy       Drum
Brooke     Edwards    Walk for March of Dimes
                      Memory DVD for the Class of
Mallory    Ellis      2011
                      Build Wood Duck Houses
                      and Prepare a Habitat for
Conner     Estess     Them
                      Write, Record, Mix, and
Daniel     Evans      Master a Metal CD
                      Write a Bill to Fund Foreign
                      Language in Elementary
Caleb      Ezell      Schools
Bradford   Farlow     Build a Fire Pit
                      Food Drive for Christian
Bethany    Figueroa   Services
                      Bowling Tournament for
Drakkar    Fleming    Haitian Relief
                      Market a Race to Benefit
Taylor     Forte      Breast Cancer Research
                      Promote Awareness and
                      Hold Benefits for the
Kayla      Foto       Alzheimer's Association
                      Mother-Daughter Tea to
                      Promote Breast Cancer
Alicia     Frazier    Awareness
Armondo    Garcia     Street Soccer Tournament
                      Compose an 8th Grade
                      Marching Percussion
Tony       Garnand    Cadence and Teach It
                      Charity Softball Tournament
Lacie      Garner
                        Support Group for Children
                        in Single-Parent Homes
Taylor     Gentry
Ethan      Gerlach      Walking Club for Teachers
Aaron      Graham       Build a Gun Cabinet
                        Teach Guitar to a Beginner
Mark       Graham
                        Create a 6th Grade Winter
Tori       Graves       Guard
                        Collect Old Baseball
                        Equipment and Donate to
Spencer    Gregg        the Petal Optimist Club
                        3 on 3 tournament to benefit
                        the Kay Yow Foundation
Terrolyn   Grimsley
Colman     Grinnell     Create a Food Plot
                        Create a Youth Room at My
Lauren     Haines       Church
                        Learn to Play a Woodwind
                        Instrument and Perform at
Mina       Hall         Church
Austin     Harvey       Build a Shooting House
                        Sew Comfort Blankets for
                        the Hattiesburg Dialysis
Beth       Hawley       Center
                        Create a Mozaic Table of
Oshen      Heilman      Recycled Materials
George     Hensarling   Write and Record a Song
Miguel     Hernandez    Teach Spanish to Adults
                        Toy Drive for the Blair
                        Batson Children's Hospital
Brittany   Herrin
                             Sell Cookies and Raffle Off a
                             PHS Spirit Basket to Benefit
Hannah           Herring     a SpEd Class
Taylor           Higgason    Build a Shooting House
                             Makeover Saturday to
Sukari           Hilton      Benefit T-Zone
                             Promote Healthy Lifestyles
                             in Children Through a Week-
                             long Promotion and a Field
Mallory          Hogan
                             Create a Student Forum to
                             Study the Effects of the PSD
Nicolet          Hopper      Strategic Plan
                             Golf Tournament to Benefit
Tyler            Hutson      Relay for Life
                             Completely Rebuild and
                             Finish a Wooden Swing and
Kevin            Inmon II    Frame
                             Promote and Host a Charity
                             Basketball Tournament
Brianna (Bria)   Jackson
                             Teach 7th/8th Grade Classes
                             about the Dangers of
Connor           James       Inhalants
Joshua           Jefferson   Paint his Truck
Christopher      Johnson     Basketball Camp
Kyle             Jones       Build an Electric Guitar
Nicholas         Jones       Build a Doghouse
                             Create Macrame Baskets and
                             Sell to Benefit St. Jude's
Shelby           Jones
                          Write and Publish a
                          Children's Book and Read to
Victoria      Jones       PPS Classes
                          Plant and Maintain a Garden
Jade          Keith
                          Create a Scriptotherapy
Amber         Kelly       Book
Bryan         Kennedy     Basketball Camp
Gregory       Keyes       Create a Manga Series
Christopher   Keys        Build a Computer
Bruce         Kirk        Hold a Math Lab
Channon       Kitchens    5K Run for Mary Claire
                          Cooking for a Cure to Benefit
Christa       Kleem       Relay for Life
                          Design Clothes for Different
                          Body Types and Hold a
                          Fashion Show to Benefit
Lauren        Ladnier     TWLOHA
                          Build a High Horsepower
Jacob         Lancaster   Engine for 1993 Silverado
Jacoby        Langley     Build a Display Case
Hannah        Lee         Write and Record a Song
                          Groom and Market Stray
Alexandria    Lewis       Animals
Justin        Lingle      Baseball Camp
                          Tennis Tournament to
Joshua        Lomas       Benefit BMMI
Luke          Lowery      Build a Bookshelf
                          Create a Documentary on
                          Child Abuse and Show at a
Taylor        Magee       PHS Faculty Meeting
                          Compose Jazz Music and
Jame          Mahalak     Hold a Concert
                         Create a T-shirt Design,
                         Produce and Sell the Shirts
                         to Benefit the Juvenile
                         Diabetest Foundation
Alissa       McCann
                         Teach the Citizenship in the
                         Nation Merit Badge to Boy
Isaac        McCoy       Scouts
                         5K Run to Benefit the
                         Juvenile Diabetes Research
Neely        Mccrary     Foundation
                         Create a Relief Carving of a
Matthew      McCullum    Painting
Anneliese    Mcduffie    Volleyball Tournament
                         Write Short Stories and
Darian       McGee       Poetry and Publish Online
Brandon      McInnis     Sports Camp at PMS
                         Maintain Bee Hives and
                         Harvest the Honey and Wax
Ashley       Mckissack
Duke         Mcleod      Build a Shooting House
Ethan        Mcleod      Baseball Camp
                         Benefit Pet Wash and
Morgan       Mcmurry     Grooming Station
                         Create a Peer Mentoring
Deja         Mcnair      Group
                         Softball Tournament to
Krista       Mcrainey    Benefit Relay for Life
Tyler        Mcswain     Build a Porch Swing
Kristopher   Monday      Rebuild a Four-Wheeler
Tyler        Mooney      Soccer Camp
                         Teach Spanish to an
Alexandra    Moore       Elementary School Class
                           Create a Community
Crysta           Moore     Cookbook
Paris            Morris    Christian Youth Explosion
                           Design a Workout Program
                           for Baseball Players
Tanner           Morris
Shelby           Mozingo   Build a Shooting House
Jordan           Murphy    Softball Tournament
Anthony (A.J.)   Mutone    Make a Knife
                           Produce a Dance Dance
                           Revolution Workout Video
Kandice          Myers
                           Write a Percussion Piece for
                           the PMS Band and Teach It
Kollin           Napier
                           Create a 6th Grade
Alison           Neel      Winterguard
                           Make and Sell Calendars to
Victoria         Ogle      Benefit the MDF
                           Help Three Elderly People in
Harley           Oliver    Need
                           Field Day at Carterville
Haley            Oneal     Baptist Church
                           Help Three Elderly People in
Sara             Oswalt    Need
Samaria          Outlaw    Showcase Art
                           Golf Tournament to Benefit
Taylor           Page      Relay for Life
Joshua           Parker    Build a Deck
Justin           Parker    Paint a 1964 Mustang
                           Mix and Master a Music CD
Kaiman           Parker
Maverick         Parsons   Mount a Squirrel
                      Art Contest to Benefit
Marisa     Pasquale   TWLOHA
Tanner     Phillips   Build a Shooting House
                      Teach a 3rd Grade Class
Carolyn    Pickett    about Diabetes
Tara       Pickett    Teach Safety Skills to K
                      Record and Master a Musical
Faith      Pierce     Track
                      Hold Two Patriotic-themed
                      Bake Sales to Benefit the
                      Veteran's Memorial Walk
Lillie     Pierce
                      Food Drive for Families of
Morgan     Pierce     Manchester, KY
                      Basketball Tournament to
Jonathan   Pittman    Benefit Haitian Relief
                      Valentine Banquet for
Tylor      Pitts      Teachers
                      Football Camp for 9th Grade
Cody       Poole      Defensive Players
                      Build and Design a Computer
Olivia     Proctor
Victor     Quinn      Basketball Camp
                      Create a Mosaic from
Brittney   Randall    Recycled Materials
                      Teach Students to Use
                      Google Docs and Make a
                      Video Manual for the PHS
Justin     Rector     Website
                      Piano Recital at Bedford
Ryan       Rich       Care
Tyler      Riels      Build a Basketball Court
                      Marching Band Camp for 8th
Jarod      Roberts    Grade
                       Design, Print, and sell a T-
                       Shirt to Benefit the
                       International Justice Mission
Leanna    Roberts
                       Mount and Insert Engine
Cameron   Robertson    into a Truck
                       Learn to Paint and Create
                       Paintings with a Christian
Carrie    Robinson     Theme
Nicole    Roles        Build a Doghouse
                       Create a Portfolio of Pictures
Jordan    Rucker
Gabriel   Rule         Grow a Vegetable Garden
                       Create a Petal-Themed
                       Calendar and Sell to Create
                       an Entrepreneurship
Becca     Rumbarger
                       Clothing Drive for PSD
Amanda    Rutland      Uniforms
                       Make 5 Blankets for Panther
Jeanne    Saavedra     Pet Hospital
                       Fundraisers for Snowball
Chyna     Salie        Express
Jessica   Santangelo   Build Two Bat Houses
                       Teach Guitar to 3 Students
Pete      Saucier
                       Install a Liquid Cooling
George    Schuricht    System in a Computer
                       Rebuild my Father's First
Levi      Scronce      Truck
                       Dog Walk to Benefit the
Tiffany   Scronce      Animal Shelter
                       Create a Portfolio of the Civil
                       Rights Movement to Match
                       the New MS U.S. History
Blaine      Sewell     Framework
                       Design and Sew Clothes and
Alexis      Shows      Hold a Fashion Show
                       Bake and Decorate a Multi-
Jessica     Simmons    tiered Cake
                       5K run for Charity Blossom
Brandi      Sims
                       Perform, Record, and Edit a
Alexandra   Smith      Piano CD
Brandon     Smith      Baseball Camp
Caden       Smith      Mount a Squirrel
                       Race to Benefit Breast
Cami        Smith      Cancer Foundation
                       Create and Perform Bio-Fact
                       Presentations at the
Sadie       Smith      Hattiesburg Zoo
Lesean      Spann      Build a Safe ATV
                       Create a Youth Room at My
Kenna       Spiller    Church
                       Write and Present a City
                       Ordinance Banning Burning
JP          Stephens   Near Schools
Trey        Stewart    Build a Dog House
                       Supply Drive for Southern
Kate        Stutts     Pines Animal Shelter
Ryan        Sumrall    Create a Food Plot
Ellen       Tichnell   Make a Movie
                       Volleyball Tournament to
                       Benefit Southern Pines
Kristen     Tolbert    Animal Shelter
Malorie     Townsend   Marching Camp for PMS
                       Learn to Play the Organ and
Jenny       Trout      Play at CBC
                       Plan and Direct Activities for
Jessica     Turner     Alzheimer's Patients
Claire      Tynes      Scoliosis Screening
                       Paint a Mural of Various
                       Biomes for Sacred Heart
Misty       Visser     School
Kristin     Wagers     Build a Doghouse
                       Teach Language Skills to
Asia        Walker     Preschool
Levi        Watkins    Build a Glider
Shelby      Watkins    Family Field Day
                       Learn to Play the Piano and
William     Watkins    Play at Church
Garrett     Watts      Build a Speaker Box
Bailey      Welsh V    Clothing Drive for ARC
                       Decorate a Ukrainian Easter
Jennifer    White      Egg
                       Dog Walk to Benefit the
Kadie       Wible      Animal Shelter
Jimmy       Wilcox     Restore a Motocycle
Jacquasli   Williams   Build a Dollhouse
Emily       Wilson     Screen for Dyslexia
                       Create a Scrapbook of My
Amanda      Wingard    Life as a Military Kid
Corey       Winnon     Build a Deer Stand
Jonathan    Woods      Sports Camp at PMS
Kelley      Yarber     Record a Music CD
                       Educational Field Day for
                       Central Baptist Church
Cole        Yates      School

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