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                                                                  Updated: 11 January 2010

"I have had an email (copy below) but what does it mean by „please check your personal area
for details‟?”

-----Original Message-----
From: Devon Hockey Web System []
Sent: 04 January 2010 06:09
Subject: New Batch of Devon HUA Appointments

XYZ HC A Club Umpire,
A new batch of umpire appointments have been made and posted on the
Devon Hockey website (

You have at least one new appointment in this new set of
appointments, please check your personal area for details

This email is really designed for named umpires (e.g. Bob Smith, Steve Jones, etc.). As
DHUA are using the appointing system to appoint „Club Nominated Umpires‟ the email is sent
to the Club UDO of the relevant Club. To check what Club Nominated Umpires are needed,
the Club UDO should go to the „Fixtures & Appointments‟ section of the Devon Hockey
Website at and select their club (in this
example „A Club Umpire, XYX HC‟) from the drop down list titled „Specific Person‟ and then
click the „Report the Fixtures / Appointments‟ button. This will then produce a list of „Club
Nominated Umpire Appointments that are still to be filled.

"What advantage does the Club Agreements offer our club?"

    1. Lower appointment fees per umpire for „A‟ (£8) and „B‟ (£10) Clubs; for „C‟ Clubs it is
       £12 in 2009/10 and even more in 2010/11.
    2. The chance to receive Coaching for DHUA Appointed Umpire Coaches and Umpire
       Mentors, thereby increasing the skills and confidence of umpires within your clubs,
       which will aid the enjoyment of play within your club teams.
    3. Assisting Devon Hockey in developing links between clubs, teams and umpires.

“We have a team that plays in the England Hockey League (EHL), why is it counted as one of
our teams?”


            Reinvigorating Devon Umpiring - "Together we can do it"
It might seem unfair but as EHL teams generally play on a Sunday then any player who plays
for this team and who is an umpire should be free to umpire on a Saturday, especially if their
Sunday game is at home, which of course 50% of them will be.

“What happens / what is the procedure if an „A‟ or „B‟ Club cannot fulfil its appointment? I ask
this because the split of umpires we have within the Club may mean that some/if not all may
not be able to umpire given they will also be playing (some in the EHL) at a weekend?”

DHUA are not going to go overboard if, on the odd occasion, a club cannot fulfil a fixture.
However, we would expect the clubs to suggest an alternative fixture they could fulfil in
substitution. DHUA understands that a lot of qualified umpires are players, but the Club can‟t
expect the benefits of reduced umpire appointment fees without putting something back into
the pot. Ultimately, if an „A‟ Club or a „B‟ Club, or a „C‟ Club in Premier 3 of the N4 Hockey
League is not being proactive in supporting the DHUA Reinvigorating Devon Umpiring
Campaign, as DHUA supports the Clubs in appointing umpires, then DHUA will have to
downgrade the Clubs status from „A‟ to „B‟ or from „B‟ to „C‟.

“After the end of January 2010 it may be that an umpire is required from each relevant club on
more than one occasion per month. If this is the case, wherever possible, I would ask that
umpires are appointed within their geographical area.”

DHUA will make every effort to appoint a Club Nominated Umpire within the Town/City where
they play and if this is not possible then as close to as possible (based on Post Codes).
However, for some clubs this may mean travelling several miles. DHUA will endeavourer to
make sure that umpires who are on the extremes of the county or in isolated areas (by that I
mean there are no other hockey clubs within a reasonable distance (e.g. North Devon, etc)
are not asked to provide umpires as much as say the University of Exeter or PGSOB.

“It is unfair that as a Club Nominated Umpire (who may also be a player) should have to travel
to another club to umpire under appointment from DHUA, in some cases a round trip of 50
miles or much more!”

DHUA endeavours to keep Club Nominated Umpires within their local area, where possible.
However, this may not be possible for various reasons (e.g. the geographical location of
fixtures, the availability of Neutral Pool Umpires, etc.). However, Neutral Pool Umpires often
travel more than 100 miles round trip. Every umpire appointed by DHUA can claim expenses
so are reimbursed for the mileage they incur. Also players can travel several hundred miles
to play outside of Devon, so in comparison the round trip for a Club Nominated Umpire within
Devon is small.

“Can my Club provide an umpire for another fixture that is more convenient?”

Of Course, just email me with your suggested alternative and we will do what we can to help”.

Paddy Porter, President DHUA.

            Reinvigorating Devon Umpiring - "Together we can do it"

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