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Geotechnical Engineering For Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations by ProQuest


Though shallow-water monopiles have thus far dominated construction practice for offshore wind turbines, as more offshore wind and marine energy projects come online, adoption of O&G geotechnical and geophysical expertise and experience will help the renewable energy sector develop both state-of the art techniques and a well-trained workforce. Offshore wind requires qualified specialists in geotechnical engineering and marine geology and geophysics; ports and facilities for vessels, offshore infrastructure and foundation manufacturing and deployment; vessels seaworthy for expected metocean conditions that can accommodate varying SI and foundation installation activities; local or regional companies with experience and equipment to conduct integrated geophysics, sampling and in-situ testing portions of offshore SIs; and companies with experience and equipment to perform high-quality laboratory testing of soil parameters and model-scale studies of sediment-foundation interaction.

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