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									  The Alliance for a Healthier
Healthcare Initiative: Spotlight on
  Catherine MacLean, MD, PhD, Staff VP, Clinical Quality
Victoria K. Brown, Industry Director, Alliance for a Healthier
   Kevin Barger, Network Management Director, Anthem
                        May 18 2010

•   At the end of this session participants will understand:
•   the prevalence of childhood obesity in Virginia
•   the factors that affect childhood obesity
•   the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s approach to reduce
    the nationwide prevalence of childhood obesity by 2015
•   the basic components of the Alliance Healthcare Initiative
•   Anthem BCBS Virginia’s participation in the Alliance
    Healthcare Initiative.
Promoting Healthier Lifestyles
for Kids and Families
                                         Alliance for a Healthier Generation 2010

There is no single cause and no single solution for
childhood obesity. As a result, the Alliance works to
positively affect the places that can make a difference
in a child’s health including homes, schools, doctor’s
offices and communities.

The Alliance is leading the charge against the
childhood obesity epidemic by engaging directly with
industry leaders, educators, parents, healthcare
professionals, and—most importantly—kids.

Founded in 2005 by the American Heart Association
and William J. Clinton Foundation, the goal of the
Alliance is to reduce the nationwide prevalence of
childhood obesity by 2015 and to inspire young people
to develop lifelong healthy habits.

                                                                 What We Do
By engaging and activating leaders who can transform the environments
and communities that nurture our children, the Alliance for a Healthier
                       Supports more than 8,200 schools in all 50 states
                       as they transform their environments into places
                       where students have better access to physical activity
                       and healthier foods before, during and after school.

                       Engages community centers, afterschool programs,
                       faith-based organizations, parks, recreational facilities
                       and dozens of other organizations who play an
                       essential role in empowering youth to live healthier

                       Activates more than 2.2 million teens and tweens
                       to commit to eat healthier, move more and serve as
                       leaders with their peers.

                                           What We Do

Build a coalition of major health insurers,
employers and national medical associations to
provide more than one million children with
access to at least four follow up visits with their
primary care provider and at least four follow up
visits with a registered dietitian each year as a
part of their regular health insurance benefits.

Broker voluntary agreements with the
beverage, snack, and dairy industries to reduce
calories and portions of beverages and snack
foods sold to kids in schools that has
contributed to an 88 percent decrease in total
beverage calories shipped to U.S. schools
between 2004 and 2009.

                     The Alliance Healthy Schools Program

The Healthy Schools
Program is designed
to create a nationwide
paradigm shift…in which
the perception that a
school environment that
promotes healthy eating
and physical activity is
the norm and not the

Healthy Schools Program Reach

                                    empowerME Campaign

The Alliance for a Healthier
Generation’s empowerME campaign
is inspiring kids to make healthy
behavior changes and become
advocates and leaders for healthy
eating and physical activity.

                                             empowerME: Engage

We’ve created messages, informed by kids,
that make healthy lifestyles “cool” and
encourage kids to act on their interest by
making a commitment to be healthy and
defining why their health is important.

Inspiring 4 Million kids to better health
Kids can join the movement:
•   On-line @
•   By completing a post card at an event,
•   An after school program, a faith-based
    program or a youth club

                                               The Alliance Industry Program

 Agreements with beverage,              Beverage progress report – Year 2
 food & dairy industries                 •   65% decrease in soda shipments
 •   Supported by 34 companies               to schools
     and trade associations
                                         •   58% decrease in beverage
                                             calories shipped to schools
                                         •   79% of contracts in compliance

 5/05               5/06           10/06                 4/07                 9/08

Alliance          Beverage       Snack Foods              Dairy            Beverage
founded           Agreement       Agreement             Agreement          Report #2

                                 Industry: Participating Companies

Snack Food Agreement             Dairy Agreement
Azar Nut Company                 Anderson Erickson Dairy
The Bachman Company              Dairy Management Inc
Barrel O’Fun                     Farmland Dairies LLC
Blue Bunny                       Foremost Farms USA
Bouquet of Fruits                Heartland Farms
Campbell Soup Company            The Milk Processor Education Program
Dannon                           National Dairy Holdings, LP
Dole Food Company                Shamrock Foods Company
Excel Ice-Cream Company          Wilcox Dairy Farms
Have your cake and eat it too!                 Beverage Agreement
Kind Cakes                       Coca-Cola
Kraft Foods                      Dr Pepper Snapple Group
Mars                             PepsiCo
McCain Foods USA
Nadja Foods                      Endorsements
PepsiCo                          American Beverage Association
Popcorn Indiana                  Produce for a Better Health
Stemilt Growers                  Snack Food Association
Super Bakery

                                      The Alliance Healthcare Initiative

•   In February, 2009 the Alliance for a
    Healthier Generation launched the
    Alliance Healthcare Initiative.
•   The Alliance Healthcare Initiative is
    a collaborative effort with leading
    insurers, employers and national
    medical associations to offer
    comprehensive health benefits for
    the prevention and treatment of
    childhood obesity.


•   Insurers and employers will
    offer at least four follow up
    appointments with a PCP
    and at least four visits with
    a registered dietitian.
•   Participants include:
    Accenture, Aetna, the
    American Academy of
    Pediatrics, the American
    Dietetics Association, Blue Cross of MA, Blue Cross of NC,
    Humana, Nationwide Children's Hospital, PepsiCo and WellPoint.
    Aetna has recruited several employers including: Houston
    Independent School District, Owens Corning and Paychex. The
    AHA and the Clinton Foundation are also offering the benefit.

                            WHAT IS THE GOAL?

•   In Year 1: 1 million
    children have access
    to this new benefit
•   In Year 3: The
    Alliance aims for 6.2
    million children to
    have access to this
    benefit option.


The Alliance Healthcare Initiative marks the first time:
1.   Insurers and employers have offered benefits to
     prevent and treat childhood obesity.
2.   Insurers and employers have agreed to utilization
     benchmarks to ensure individuals use the benefit.
3.   All participants will participate in an independent
     evaluation on health outcomes and ROI to inform
     the science base.


•   Each participating insurer, employer and national medical
    association has appointed representatives to an evaluation advisory
    committee facilitated by the Alliance.

•   Emory University’s Institute for Advanced Policy Solutions has been
    recently selected as the evaluator.

                               National Medical Association Commitments

•   Educate all members about this new benefit option.
•   Promote current childhood obesity clinical decision
    support tools to impacted members.
•   Address issues of care coordination to better enable
    pediatricians and RDs implement the benefit in a diverse group
    of office settings.
•   Develop new clinical decision support tools including
    comprehensive protocols and CMEs for membership based on
    program findings.

                           Alliance for a Healthier Generation Commitments

•   Lead public awareness efforts to EDUCATE and INSPIRE
    consumer and provider use and demand for these health
    benefits through:
         •   Parent Education
         •   Kids’ Movement
         •   Media Outreach
•   Facilitate third party evaluation to inform the science base
•   Recruit additional insurers, employers, and national medical

                                                  PARENT EDUCATION

•   Resources include both web content
    featuring simple ideas and solutions for
    parents as well as videos and brochures
    for participating insurers and employers to
    feature on their internet/intranets to help
    drive utilization.

•   Undergo rigorous scientific review by the
    American Heart Association to ensure
    accurate information and best-practice

•   Resources for parents can be viewed and
    downloaded at:

                                           CONSUMER BROCHURES AND VIDEOS

•   Brochures and videos featuring Alliance
    leadership targeting families to describe
    the Alliance Healthcare Initiative and the
    importance of working with healthcare
    providers to end childhood obesity.

•   Consumer-focused language explains
    how families can access the health
    benefits and the importance of both
    primary care providers and registered

                          Be Well: Messages from Moms on Living Healthier Lives

•   Developed by the Michael and Susan Dell
    Foundation and the Alliance for a
    Healthier Generation, this book
    showcases moms who are working to
    establish life-long, healthy habits for their
    kids with the hope that their stories will
    inspire other parents to help their children
    eat healthier and get more physical

•   The book is available in print and digital
    forms (English and Spanish translations).
    Bulk orders are available free of charge
    courtesy of the Michael and Susan Dell

                                 Pediatric Weight Management Care Coordination

•   Resources support care between primary
    care providers and registered dietitians in
    providing comprehensive and coordinated
    pediatric weight management care for
    patients and families.

•   Facilitated by the Alliance and developed
    by a team of experts from the American
    Academy of Pediatrics, the American
    Dietetic Association, and the American
    Heart Association.

                                                                  JOIN US!

•   The Alliance is actively recruiting health insurers, employers and
    other national medical associations to join the Alliance Healthcare

•   Be a part of the solution to the childhood obesity epidemic and help
    inform the science base through participating in this innovative new


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