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					                                           FOCUS on ACBI

                                        September/December 2008

                                    A Publication of ACB of Indiana

Contact Information for Officers, Board and Chapter Representatives ………. P 2
From Your President…………………………………………………...                                                                           P 2
Lakota Chapter .................................................................................................... P 3
North Central Chapter ......................................................................................... P 3
Fall Is Bringing Fun To SCAVI.......................................................................... P 4
A Great Convention ............................................................................................ P 4
Court Says Next Gen Currency Must Be Aceisible To The Blind .................... P 6
Digital Talking Books ......................................................................................... P 7
American Academy of Physician Assistant ........................................................ P 9
Summary of The Summer 2008 ACBI Board of Directors Meeting .................. P 9
Free White Cane Program .................................................................................. P 10
Over The Back Fence ......................................................................................... P 10
       Recipe For A Home .................................................................................. P 10
       Recipe For Happiness ............................................................................... P 10
Hank Hofstetter and Pat Price Awards Presented ............................................... P 10
James Pauley Lifetime Service Award ............................................................... P 11
FSSA, Purdue University Launch Center to Help the Disabled . ....................... P 12
ADA Amendments Act . ..................................................................................... P 12
ACBI Joins COAT . ............................................................................................ P 14
Green Cars Too Quiet . ...................................................................................... .P 14
Tens of Thousands of Blind Americans Object to the Movie „Blindness . ........ P 15

John Huffman

Bonnie Hibel

ACBI Website: or
Acbi-l listserv:

Focus is published three times a year: April, August and December. It is available
via e-Mail, in large print, on cassette, and PC disk, with special translated file for
Braille output.

Cheryl Sparks narrates the Focus for cassette output. Don Koors is responsible for
the printing and mailing of hard copies, as well as e-mail distribution and cassette
duplication and distribution.

Please contact any officer or            Lynn Powers, Indianapolis
member of the board with concerns,
suggestions, or comments.
                                         Dolly Sowder, Bedford

             Officers                          Chapter Representatives
President                                Circle City:
John Huffman                                Gerry Koors, Indianapolis
9110 Electric Court               
Indianapolis, Indiana 46260              Lakota:
Tel: 317-228-0496                           Sue L'Esperance, Columbia           
                                         North Central:
Vice-President                              Sandy Lingofelter, Elkhart
Mike Bowman, Indianapolis         
Tel: 317-726-0745                        South Central:                      Mike Sowder, Bedford
Secretary                                            Focus Editor
Edie Huffman, Indianapolis               Bonnie Hibel
Tel: 317-228-0496                        14048 Sundance Drive              Huntley, Illinois 60142
                                         Tel: 847-515-3778
Don Koors, Indianapolis                           ACBI Webmaster
317-251-2562                             Pat Price                         5707 Brockton Drive - #302
                                         Indianapolis, IN 46220-5481
Immediate Past President                 Tel: 317-254-1185
Gerry Koors, Indianapolis                Fax: 317-251-6588
                                                From Your President
            Directors                             by John Huffman
Deanna Austin, Indianapolis                      I‟ve Moved! When you move as
                                         many times as I have in my adult life,
Connie Bowman, Indianapolis              it stops being fun, but there are times
                                         when it can‟t be avoided, and I
Robert Easterling, Columbus              recently found that such a time had                 come. But this, gentle reader, was a
                                         very 21st century kind of move.
Freddie Edwards, Indianapolis                    So what does that mean, you ask?
                                         Well, I still have the same house,
Sue L'Esperance, Columbia City           same address, same phone number,                  same furniture, same cats, and same
Bashir Masoodi, Crown Point              clutter, though my wife‟s working                  diligently on that.

Russell McNeely, Indianapolis            But, if you need to contact me and
                                         cyber communication is your

preferred m.o., please note down the          This year our focus was on “quiet”
following change of address:                  cars and the danger they pose to
                                              blind and visually impaired persons.
My e-residence is now:                        We thank Mike Ort for designing the                      dot-to-dot coloring page for us.

My wife needed a faster Internet              Another new for us was our
connection, but that‟s another story,         presentation of Community Service
and I‟ll let her pick the time and            Awards to four sighted persons who
place to tell it. Happy e-mailing!            have contributed greatly to the
                                              Lakota Chapter and to our
         Lakota Chapter                       community through their efforts to
        By Sue L‟Esperance                    enhance the lives of the blind and
                                              visually impaired. The recipients
What a great convention this year             were Carol Nevil, Diana Ranier,
and it‟s always wonderful being able          June Geiger and Carolyn Parnell.
to visit with everyone! Lakota had
three members attend this year and,           On September 24, 2008, one of our
once again, had their exhibit booth           sighted members, Carol Nevil,
with lots of goodies. We would like           passed away. She had been
to thank all that stopped by and              diagnosed with leukemia in August.
supported us in this fundraising              Carol provided help with
effort.                                       transportation, reading mail, making
                                              coffee at our meetings, working at
In addition to our sales at the               fundraisers and personal assistance
convention, we sold cookbooks and             for a few of our members. We will
quilt raffle tickets on three Saturdays       greatly miss her!
at our Farmers Market on the
Courthouse Square and had our                 Wishes for the happiest of holidays
annual bake sale at Wal-Mart. We              to everyone!
are very appreciative of the support
of our community.                             For more information on the Lakota
                                              Chapter, please contact Betty
Our annual picnic and penny auction           Baughman, President at 260-244-
was held on August 2. We invited              3810 or Sue L‟Esperance at 260-
the Disability Resource Network               248-9692 or email Sue at
group in North Manchester to join    .
us. In addition to the good food and
auction fun, we had a day of                        North Central Chapter
learning about limitations that                      By Sandy Lingofelter
persons with other disabilities face
in daily life.                                In September, eighteen members
                                              and guests enjoyed a beautiful fall
Lakota has taken on a new                     evening at the annual hot dog roast
community project this year. We               hosted by the Lingofelters. The
are distributing signature guides             Christmas Party will be held on
along with our brochures to the local         Tuesday, December 9, at the Old
hospital, doctors‟ offices, banks and         Country Buffet in Goshen. Please
other businesses in the county.               call Sandy at 574-848-4010 to
Once again, local restaurants                 RSVP or for more information.
distributed White Cane Safety Day             We wish everyone a safe and happy
coloring sheets to children                   holiday season. Remember to keep
throughout the month of October.              in touch!

 Fall Is Bringing Fun To SCAVI               also accept donations to the chapter,
           By Rita Kersh                     We had our members manning the
                                             tables and were assisted by the
I‟m adjusting to the temperatures            Bedford Lions Club and the Bedford
turning cooler. Having lived in              Noon Lions Club members as well.
Mississippi for the past 20 plus years       We hope to make a big impression on
and suffering through heat and               the citizens of Bedford.
humidity this time of year, it‟s been
a big change, not only in climate,           Our October meeting was held at my
but in my living situation. I‟ve             house on Monday, October 13 and
moved back to Bedford, where I               we conduct business. I gave a tour
spent the first part of my life (I‟m         of my new house and showed our
not telling how many years or you‟ll         members all the adaptive devices
figure out my age). I‟m renewing             and technology I use at home. Then
relationships with old friends and           we had a tasty finger food lunch.
increasing time with my family.              We expected a good turnout for this
This fall has brought a little stir to
the SCAVI chapter. They gained               So, fall has fallen and is keeping us
me as a member. As a new member              busy at SCAVI.
of SCAVI and ACBI, after being a
21 year member of ACB and the                        A Great Convention
Mississippi Council of the Blind, I                   by John Huffman
was looking forward to the ACB of
Indiana State Convention at Spring           ACBI held its 37th annual
Mill State Park. I was raised in             convention at Spring Mill State Park
Lawrence County and spent a lot of           over the weekend of September 12-
time at Spring Mill during my                14, and it was our best-attended
childhood.                                   convention since we last met at the
                                             same place in 1996. We were both
So, when I heard the convention was          challenged and inspired by this
at Spring Mill, I made plans to go. I        year‟s theme, “Sharing the Dream
attended the state convention on             … Making it Reality with ACBI.”
Friday night and all day Saturday. I
met a few new people and learned             On Friday evening we were
how Indiana does things at their             welcomed by the Honorable Dan
convention. I enjoyed the speakers           Terrill, Mayor of Mitchell, Indiana,
and the vendors. I‟m thinking about          the town closest to the Park.
ordering a couple of adaptive                Members and guests then introduced
technology items. There goes the             themselves, and this was followed
bank account…                                by a short business meeting where
                                             the report of this year‟s nominating
I hope to become very involved in            committee was presented.
the Council now that I‟m here
permanently. One thing I‟ll be               Purdue graduate and ACB national
assisting with is the White Cane             scholarship winner, Brian Petraits,
Safety Awareness activity SCAVI              now Senior Manager of Industries at
had planned for October 10th and             Bosma Enterprises, spoke on “The
11th. We‟ll had tables set up at a           past and the Future,” talking about
couple of local businesses that have         the experience he has gained and
lots of customers. We handed out             challenges he has overcome to go
candy, White Cane Safety materials           from residential grade school to
and Braille alphabet cards. We               mainstreamed high school and

Purdue honors graduate to his               Dr. Price is Executive Director of
present position at Bosma.                  the Cornea Research Foundation,
                                            and her talk generated much interest
Continuing a very popular feature at        and many questions. Brenda Dillon
recent ACBI conventions, six ISBVI          of Nashville, Tennessee, is Second
students brought us up-to-date on           Vice-President of the American
recent developments in the life of          Council of the Blind. Making
the school and its student body.            excellent use of this year‟s
                                            convention theme, she inspired and
Then, continuing another popular            informed us with a presentation she
tradition, Deanna Austin led us             calls “Dreaming with Both Eyes
through the rest of the evening. She        Open.” She brought us up to date on
first let us sample the offerings of        important activities of ACB at the
ACB Radio via the Internet, a               national level and offered a
revelation to many who were not             stimulating and practical guide for
familiar with this service.                 increasing commitments to the
                                            organization based on the word
Then, fun and games became the              d-r-e-a-m. Brenda and her husband,
order of the evening as she led us          Dan, a fine guitarist, also led us in
through a lively round of “Name that        singing the ACB Song.
Tune,” featuring many TV themes of
the past, followed by “outburst,”           The middle session of the afternoon
where players are given a topic and         was led by Bill Powell, longtime
challenged to call out words or             teacher at ISBVI and now Assistive
phrases associated with it.                 Technology Instructor at Bosma
                                            Enterprises. Bill is a computer
Saturday‟s program began with               power user par excellence, and the
another round of self-introductions,        gold mine of information he
and we were all impressed and               provided was enough to get even
gratified by the numbers in                 this technophobe more excited about
attendance. Jill Vance, Naturalist,         the ever-growing range of
informed us about interesting               possibilities which computers offer
features of the geology, animal life        to members of our community.
and vegetation of the state park we
were visiting.                              The day‟s formal program closed
                                            with a panel discussion called “Life
The morning‟s business meeting saw          Experiences and Successes.”
approval of the Council‟s annual            Presenters were: Gerry Koors of
secretarial and financial reports and       Indianapolis, mother, homemaker,
reelection of three members of the          and longtime member and leader of
Board of Directors to new 3-year            ACBI; Paul Filpus, recently retired
terms: Connie Bowman and Freddie            after a successful career as an
Edwards of Indianapolis, and Bashir         engineer with one of Elkhart‟s
Masoodi of Crown Point.                     leading firms; and John Williams,
                                            former 6-term Mayor of Bedford,
The rest of the day saw a range of          Indiana. All are successful people
interesting and informative                 who have built impressive careers
presentations relevant to people who        while overcoming many challenges
are blind or visually impaired.             of blindness or adult vision loss.
Marianne Price, Ph.D., of                   Each has led by example in teaching
Indianapolis, led off with a thought-       us all how to make meaningful
provoking presentation on “New              contributions to the larger
Treatments in Restoring Vision.”            communities around us.

Conventioneers who chose to stay              Vision Aid Systems, Easter
over Saturday night found an array            Seals/Crossroads Rehabilitation
of activities in which to get                 Center, Bosma Enterprises, Leader
involved. The fitness enthusiasts             Dogs, the Indiana State Library,
among us joined Gerry Koors in the            Indianapolis Resource Center for
hotel pool for one of the water               Independent Living, ACBI‟s own
aerobics sessions which she has               Lakota Chapter, Eye Can See, and
made so popular at national ACB               Indiana Reading & Information
conventions. I was eating fried               Service.
chicken at the time.
                                              There was a general consensus that
Several of us went to an evening              our 2008 convention may have been
band concert in the park or simply            one of ACBI‟s best ever. It may be
took time to enjoy something of our           hard to top this one, but with your
beautiful surroundings.                       help, we‟ll do our best. Your Board
                                              of Directors is already at work on
Later in the evening, a group                 details for 2009. If you have
gathered to watch an audio                    suggestions for speakers, events or
described version of the movie                activities to make next year‟s
“Field of Dreams,” while others               convention even better, please share
gathered spontaneously around some            them with your elected officers and
very talented musicians for a vocal           Board members. Look to future
and instrumental jam session that             issues of the Focus for more details
ran the gamut from the Beatles to             of next year‟s convention as they
Gospel.                                       become available.

Official convention activities ended           Court Says Next Gen Currency
on Sunday with a memorial service,                Must Be Accessible
a time of prayer, song and Scripture                   To The Blind
where we remembered several ACBI
members and friends who have
passed on in 2007 and 2008.                   Washington, Oct. 6, 2008 - Late
Deanna Austin, Mike Bowman and                Friday afternoon, the American
Gerry Koors led this meaningful               Council of the Blind (ACB) was
celebration of these lives.                   advised that District Judge James
                                              Robertson had rendered his final
The convention lunch on Saturday              order in the historic case in which
included the presentation of ACBI‟s           the Council sought currency
Pat Price and Hank Hofstetter                 that is independently identifiable by
awards to two of our own, Don                 people who are blind. Judge
Koors and Edie Huffman. A                     Robertson ruled:
separate article in this edition of the
“Focus” discusses these award                 1. IT IS ORDERED AND
presentations in more detail.                 ADJUDGED that the defendant has
                                              violated Section 504 of the
Another annual convention tradition           Rehabilitation Act by failing to
on Saturday brought Indiana-based             provide meaningful access to United
vendors and service-providers                 States currency for blind and other
together to display and sell a wide           visually impaired persons.
range of blindness and low-vision
products or disseminate information.          2. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED
Represented businesses and                    AND DECREED that defendant
organizations included: GW Micro,             take such steps as may be required

to provide meaningful access to               people all across this country who
United States currency for blind              are blind or visually impaired."
and other visually impaired persons,
which steps shall be completed, in            ACB brought suit against the United
connection with each denomination             States Department of the Treasury in
of currency, not later than the date          2002. This action was taken after
when a redesign of that                       many attempts over several years to
denomination is next approved by              get the Treasury Department to
the Secretary of the Treasury after           address the concerns of this nation's
the entry of this order and judgment.         blind community. People who are
                                              blind have no means of
3. This Order and Judgment does not           independently distinguishing
apply to the one-dollar ($1) note,            between a one-dollar bill and a
and does not require the defendant to         hundred-dollar bill. Since
make any changes to the one-dollar            more than 180 other countries
($1) note. This Order and Judgment            around the world have made such
does not apply to changing the                identification possible by their
Series year or the signatures of the          citizens, and since cash plays such a
Secretary of the Treasury or the              central role in American life today,
Treasurer of the United States on             it was felt that legal action to
each note, nor to changing the                address this fundamental issue was
machine-readable features on the              imperative. ACB believes that this
notes that are not visible to the             action, taken on behalf of its more
naked eye. Notwithstanding                    than 20,000 members, was
paragraph 2 above, given that the             vindicated by the Court's decision.
defendant is currently engaged in
implementing a redesign of the $100                 Digital Talking Books
note ("the NextGen $100"), the
defendant need not comply with                NLS Digital Transition Update - In
paragraph 2 above in connection               its attempt to keep network libraries
with the NextGen $100 note until              informed about the progress in
the date when another redesign of             making the transition to the digital
such denomination is next approved            talking-book system, NLS is
by the Secretary of the Treasury              providing the following
after the redesign that is currently in       information. Discussed are machine
progress.                                     production and its schedule,
                                              cartridge and container availability,
4. The defendant shall file periodic          and third-party purchase of
status reports describing the steps           cartridges and containers.
taken to implement this Order and                      Digital Players
Judgment. The first such status               In mid-June 2008, the Library of
report shall be filed no later than           Congress awarded Shinano
March 16, 2009, and each                      Kenshi/Plextor of Culver City,
succeeding report shall be filed              California, a contract to produce the
every six months thereafter, until the        standard and advanced digital
defendant has fully complied with             talking-book players. When mass
this Order and Judgment.                      production commences, Plextor, the
                                              electronic equipment division of
ACB President Mitch Pomerantz                 Shinano Kenshi, will produce
said, "This has been a very long time         twenty thousand digital players a
in coming, but it is certainly worth          month at a cost to NLS of $157 per
the wait. The decision has                    player (including license fees). NLS
monumental ramifications for                  will receive the first two pilot

production players in December              component of the cartridge is tied to
2008 and two hundred units will be          the three-month average of the
shipped for quality review in early         memory-market price (as listed on
January 2009. The first five       prior to
thousand players will be distributed        scheduled delivery. The total cost
in February 2009. Mass-                     for the cartridge comprises a fixed
production players will arrive at           price for the cartridge without
machine-lending agencies in early           memory and a market-pegged price,
May.                                        which fluctuates fortnightly, for the
    Cartridges For Digital Books            memory component. Recently the
On August 22, 2008, the Library of          cost of 512MB memory fell to a
Congress awarded Northstar                  price close to smaller capacity
Systems Inc. of Rancho Cucamonga,           memories. Cartridges with a
California, a contract to manufacture       capacity of 512MB (which will hold
USB flash-memory cartridges,                an NLS digital book that exceeds a
which will be used to record audio          reading time of 45 hours) represent
books for distribution to the NLS           the best value to NLS and libraries
cooperating network for circulation         during the current market climate.
to patrons across the country and           Prices will vary based upon current
overseas.                                   flash-memory costs. Current
                                            memory prices would translate into
The initial contract funding of more        cartridge costs for libraries as
than $6.2 million will enable               follows:
Northstar to manufacture audio flash
cartridges on which NLS will record           Quantity       Capacity    Cost
both new and existing titles over the       1,000 pieces     512MB       $4.83
next year. The base contract covers         5,000 pieces     512MB       $4.77
three years with a unilateral               1,000 pieces       1GB       $5.75
government option for an additional         5,000 pieces       1GB       $5.69
four years.
                                            Third-party purchasers are advised
Northstar is obligated to furnish           to check listings on dramexhange
participating libraries with blank          .com or to contact the vendor before
cartridges at prices defined by a           ordering cartridges. NLS is still
formula in the contract. Libraries          determining who the third-party
may purchase one thousand or more           vendors will be and will notify the
pieces per order directly from the          network as soon as agreements have
manufacturer. These third-party             been finalized. Libraries that choose
cartridges will be a different color        to purchase cartridges in quantities
than those used by NLS and will not         of less than one thousand at a time
have the "Property of the U.S.              will be able to purchase those from
Government" notice. Details about           the identified third-party vendors.
specific procedures for library and
individual purchases are being                        Mailing Containers
determined and will be announced            LC Industries in Hazlehurst,
when finalized.                             Mississippi, was awarded the
                                            contract to produce the digital
The cost of flash memory is quite           talking-book cartridge mailing
volatile and has dropped                    containers. Plans are underway to
precipitously in recent years. In           make mailing containers available
order to benefit from the long-term         for network library purchase. The
drop in memory price and to reduce          current projected price is $.70 each
manufacturer risk, the memory price         in lots of 220 plus shipping and

handling. These containers will be           themselves. To learn more and to
identical to those used by NLS,              apply, go to
except that they will be a different
color and will not bear the Library           Summary Of The Summer 2008
of Congress seal. Vendor contact                ACBI Board of Director’s
information will be provided to the                    Meeting
network as soon as it is available.                By John Huffman

      American Academy of                    Your Board of Directors held its
       Physician Assistant                   scheduled summer meeting via
         News Bulletin                       teleconference on the morning of
                                             Saturday, July 19. All members
The United Healthcare Children's             were present except Edie Huffman
Foundation (UHCCF) has                       and Bob Easterling, both excused.
announced that new grants are
available to help children who need          Most time was spent in settling
critical health care treatment,              program and other details for the
services, or equipment not covered           annual ACBI convention to be held
or not fully covered by their parents'       at Spring Mill State Park over the
health benefit plans.                        weekend of September 12-14. If
                                             you attended the convention, you
The foundation aims to fill the gap          already know how those efforts
between what medical services or             turned out. If you were unable to
items a child needs and what their           attend, please see the “2008
commercial health benefit plan will          Convention Roundup” elsewhere in
pay for. UHCCF, a nonprofit                  this issue.
501(c)(3) charity, provides grants to
families to help pay for child health        The Board also approved other
care services such as speech therapy,        routine financial and administrative
physical therapy, occupational               reports. Progress on development of
therapy sessions, prescriptions, and         a new web site was discussed. We
medical equipment such as                    had been asked to consider a grant
wheelchairs, orthotics, and                  or donation in support of an awards
eyeglasses.                                  project promoting accessibility
                                             efforts in one Indiana community.
Parents and legal guardians may              While the cause is a worthy one, it
apply for grants of up to $5,000 each        was felt that the state organization
for child medical expenses and               should not set a precedent for this
equipment by completing an on-line           type of local activity, but individual
application on the UHCCF Web site.           chapters are encouraged to consider
                                             such support.
To be eligible for the grant, children
must be 16 years or younger.                 Finally, the board approved a
Families must meet economic                  decision to make ACBI a member of
guidelines, reside in the United             the Coalition on Accessible
States, and be covered by a                  Technology (COAT). This is also
commercial health benefit plan.              dealt with in more detail in another
The family's health care provider            newsletter article.
must submit a letter to the
foundation that defines the child's          As previously reported, our fall
medical condition and supports what          meeting on Saturday, October 25,
the family is requesting. The family,        will be face-to-face at the Indiana
however, must apply for the grant            State Library in Indianapolis.

   Free White Cane Program                   poems, helpful tips, ads, current                         events, etc. Please e-mail or send
                                             this information to:
We believe the long white cane is a   
means to independence. The white                Bonnie Hibel, Focus Editor
cane has proved a useful tool to                14048 Sundance Drive
millions of blind people in                     Huntley, Illinois 60142
navigating their environments with              847-515-3778
confidence and safety. It is a tool
which allows blind people to travel                  Recipe for a Home
where and when they want, and as
such leads to self-sufficiency.                  Submitted by Gerry Koors
                                                   Half cup of friendship,
We believe that independence and                Add a cup of thoughtfulness,
freedom to travel are so important to          Cream together with a pinch of
the quality of life of blind people                powdered tenderness,
that every blind person should have                 Very lightly beaten,
a cane, regardless of ability to pay.               In a bowl of loyalty,
We are giving, free of charge to the                 With a cup of faith,
user, straight fiberglass canes. The           One of hope and one of charity,
canes are available in the following
lengths: 53, 55, 57, 59, 61, and 63           Be sure to add a spoonful each of
inches.                                               gaiety and songs,
                                                  Also the ability to laugh
Request a free white cane! Visit                       at little things.
our online free white cane                     Moisten with the sudden tears
application form now or download a                 of heartfelt sympathy.
PDF of the application.                        Bake in a Good Nature pan and
                                                      serve repeatedly.
Printed applications should be
mailed to:                                          Recipe for Happiness
  Free White Cane Program
  National Federation of the Blind                Submitted by Gerry Koors
  1800 Johnson Street                             2 heaping cups of patience,
  Baltimore, MD 21230                                 1 heart full of love,
Any blind individual in the fifty                  2 handfuls of generosity,
states, the District of Columbia and                  1 dash of laughter,
Puerto Rico may request a cane for               1 head full of understanding.
their personal use. Requests may be
made as often as every six months.           Sprinkle generously with kindness,
                                              Add plenty of faith and mix well.
Are you unsure about how to use a            Spread over a period of a life time
cane…or even if you should use a              and serve to everyone you meet.
cane? For more information please
read: Care and Feeding of the Long             Hank Hofstetter and Pat Price
White Cane: Instructions in Cane                    Awards Presented
Travel for Blind People at                         By Sue L'Esperance
                                             Each year at the ACBI convention,
       Over the Back Fence                   awards are given to persons who
                                             have contributed significantly to
This column is set aside for Focus           enhancing the lives of the blind and
readers to submit recipes, stories,          visually impaired in Indiana.

Edythe “Edie” Huffman, nominated              quality of life for the blind and
by Gerry Koors, was the recipient of          visually impaired in Indiana.
the Hank Hofstetter Award which is
presented to a sighted individual.            Don graduated from Indiana School
                                              for the Blind. He retired after forty
Edie's first experience with the blind        years in Indiana Vocational
and visually impaired occurred                Rehabilitation Services.
while she was a junior and senior in
high school. She cleaned house for            Each February, he represents blind
a lady who was blind due to diabetic          Hoosiers at the ACB Legislative
retinopathy. She entered Indiana              Seminar in Washington, DC and
University in 1969 and began                  lobbies on Capitol Hill for
reading for a student who was blind,          legislation pertinent to the blind
John Huffman. She received her                community. Don serves as the
Master's of Science in Library                treasurer for ACBI. Don is also very
Science Degree in 1980.                       active in the community through his
                                              continued involvement with Bosma,
While they lived in Minnesota, she            ISB, IRIS and more.
worked as the librarian at the
Minnesota Library for the Blind and           I‟m not sure Don really retired, but
Physically Handicapped and at the             more likely just shifted where his
Minnesota Academy for the Blind in            energies are focused. Don is truly a
Faribault for about 18 months,                tremendous asset, not only to ACBI,
which was a dream job. While                  but to all blind Hoosiers.
there, she completed about half of
the National Library Service's                           James Pauley
Braille Transcribing Course.                        Lifetime Service Award
                                                        By Gerry Koors
Edie currently works at the Indiana
State Library, serves as Secretary for        The James Pauley Lifetime Service
the State Affiliate, and is active in         Award was established in memory
the Circle City Chapter. She was              of James K. Pauley, who was one of
voted an honorary alumna by the               the founders of the Indianapolis
Indiana School for the Blind Alumni           Mayor‟s Advisory Council on
Association in the 1990's. Edie               Disability and its chairperson from
enjoys music and is an active                 1978 to 1980. The level of service,
member of their church choir, along           advocacy and dedication that Mr.
with John. She enjoys crocheting              Pauley demonstrated is most often
and is active in a group. When you            only aspired to, but the recipient of
see Edie, you will always find her            this award should be an individual
doing something productive or                 who demonstrates outstanding
helping someone out. This would be            contributions promoting the
true whether it be at Alumni, ACB,            inclusion and independence of
ACBI, Circle City Chapter or other            persons with disabilities.
functions. This makes her a true
helper.                                       On July 24, 2008 Indianapolis
                                              Mayor Gregory A. Ballard presented
Don Koors, nominated by Sue                   the James Pauley Lifetime Service
L‟Esperance, was selected to receive          Award to Donald Koors. The
the Pat Price Award this year. This           plaque reads as follows: “2008
is presented to a person who is blind         James Pauley Lifetime Service
and has made persistent and                   Award Presented to Donald Koors
enthusiastic efforts to enhance the           for exceptional contributions

promoting the inclusion of                    mission of improving the
independence of persons with                  functionality and independence of
disabilities, Indianapolis Mayor‟s            those with disabilities through the
Advisory Committee on Disability.”            innovation and adoption of assistive
                                              technologies," said Steve Witz,
FSSA, Purdue University Launch                director of the Regenstrief Center,
  Center to Help the Disabled                 which is located in Purdue's
                                              Discovery Park. "We want to create
NEWS RELEASE September 16,                    a way to exchange ideas and help
2008 WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -                   improve the quality of life for those
The Family and Social Services                who rely on assistive technologies
Administration's (FSSA) Division of           every day."
Disability and Rehabilitative
Services (DDRS), along with Purdue            Regenstrief officials formally
University's Regenstrief Center for           announced the launch of the Indiana
Healthcare Engineering, announced             Center for Assistive Technology in
Tuesday (Sept. 16) that they will             conjunction with its day long fall
fund the Indiana Center for Assistive         conference, Transforming
Technology. The $1.4 million                  Healthcare Delivery: Advancing
research center will match new                Multidisciplinary Research at
advancements in technology with               Purdue, at Discovery Park's Burton
the needs of individuals with                 D. Morgan Center for Entrepre-
disabilities.                                 neurship. Purdue and DDRS will
                                              partner with BioCrossroads and
"Our goal in driving this new                 Fitzgerald & Associates in the
research is to create an environment          development of the Center for
where market forces react to                  Assistive Technology.
incentives, benefiting our state
agencies along with the assistive             The Rehabilitation Hospital of
technology community," said DDRS              Indiana, Crossroads Easter Seals of
director Peter Bisbecos.                      Indiana; the Indiana University
                                              School of Rehabilitation Sciences;
"Indiana already provides up to $10           and Purdue's Burton D. Morgan
million a year in assisting                   Center for Entrepreneurship,
individuals with devices such as              Engineering Projects in Community
hearing aids and touch-screen                 Services (EPICS) and the Mann
communication displays. We hope               Institute for Biomedical
the development of this center will           Development will all collaborate on
not only enhance these services, but          the project.
act as a model for the entire nation."
                                              For more information on Purdue's
The center will coordinate                    Regenstrief Center for Healthcare
demonstration projects to advance             Engineering, please visit
assistive technologies and data to   .
support devices that can directly
help individuals with disabilities. In              ADA Amendments Act
addition, the center will create an      Feature Story
incubator to assist moving research                    By David Schraub
and new technologies quickly and
effectively from the laboratory to the        08/05/08 - A large, bipartisan group
marketplace.                                  of senators signed on as co-sponsors
                                              of the ADA Amendments Act
"The Indiana Center for Assistive             (S.3406) which was introduced
Technology will be dedicated to the           August 1. The bill will strengthen
the protections of the original              The bill will overturn several
Americans with Disabilities Act              Supreme Court rulings which have
(ADA) passed in 1990.                        narrowed the interpretation of the
                                             ADA and substantially limited
Sens. Tom Harkin, D. Iowa, and               protections for millions of
Orrin Hatch, R. Utah, led the effort         Americans.
to sign on 66 senators as co-sponsors
of the bill. With so many co-                For example, the Court ruled in the
sponsors, there is a good chance that        1999 case Sutton v. United Airlines
the Senate leadership will bring the         that individuals are not considered
bill to the floor to a vote.                 disabled if they are able to manage
                                             the symptoms of their impairments
The House passed its version of the          with medication or assistive devices.
bill overwhelmingly (402-17) on
June 25.                                     The new bill clarifies that disability
                                             should be determined without
In a statement, Nancy Zirkin,                considering "mitigating measures."
executive vice president of the               Similarly, the bill requires that
Leadership Conference on Civil               people whose disabilities occur only
Rights, praised the bill's                   in episodes have their disabilities
introduction: "The ADA                       assessed when their symptoms are
Amendments Act is the most                   present – important for many
significant civil rights bill of the         disorders including depression and
110th Congress. This act will correct        epilepsy.
narrow court interpretations that
have restricted ADA coverage in the          Though President Bush has stated he
workplace, and taken away coverage           supports strengthening the ADA in
for people with diabetes, epilepsy,          principle, he has expressed
serious heart conditions, mental             "concerns" with some specific
disabilities, and even cancer."              provisions of the ADA Amendments
                                             Act. The Senate will likely consider
She noted the cooperation and                his concerns when it begins debate
bipartisan spirit under which the            on the bill in September.
Congress has considered the
legislation: "In this era of partisan        Update 9/18/08 – Amendments Act
politics, the dramatic                       Passes House of Representatives -
convergence of the business,                 Earlier this afternoon S. 3406, The
disability and broader civil rights          Americans with Disabilities
communities is a testament to the            Amendments Act sailed through the
importance of this legislation to            House by Voice Vote. It will now go
diverse constituencies as well as the        to the President for signature. There
power of coalition politics."                is an indication that he will sign this
                                             bill into law next week and that his
Sandy Finucane, vice president of            father will be in attendance for the
the Epilepsy Foundation, agreed:             signing ceremony.
"The introduction of this bill, with
such broad bipartisan support, is a              January/April Focus Deadline
tribute to the hard work and                    Kindly submit articles for the next
conviction of Sens. Hatch and                     Focus issue to Bonnie Hibel at
Harkin, who worked tirelessly to get   by February
it done. This is a major victory for                  15, 2009. Thank you!
the disability community."

        ACBI Joins COAT                       devices. How many times have you
         by John Huffman                      tried to figure out how to turn on
                                              closed captions [or audio
ACBI has joined the Coalition of              description] on a new or different
Organizations for Accessible                  television set and not been able to do
Technology (COAT). By taking this             so? It is often difficult or impossible
step we have partnered with over              to find the menu selections that turn
200 other national, state, and                on accessibility, such as closed
community organizations to promote            captions or video description.
a legislative and regulatory agenda
to guarantee continuing access to the         Therefore, COAT advocates for
ever-changing and ever-growing                requiring easy ways to find and turn
array of information technologies             on accessibility features on all
that now play such a vital role in all        devices used to receive or display
aspects of life.                              video programming. For example,
                                              COAT is asking for buttons to be
The Coalition was founded early in            put on televisions, other video
2007 to bring together many                   display devices, and remote controls
organizations within the disability           to turn on the closed captions.”
community to press for legislation to
ensure that existing and emerging             By joining the Coalition, ACBI aims
technologies can be accessed and              not only to promote the access
used by persons with disabilities.            agenda for all persons with
The Coalition is concentrating on             disabilities, but also to support
Communication Access and Video                ongoing efforts of the American
Programming Access. In the area of            Council of the Blind and other ACB
video program access, so crucial to           affiliates who are already members,
those of us who are blind or visually         to be certain that the needs of people
impaired, COAT is pressing for,               who are blind or visually impaired
among other things:                           receive appropriate priority within
                                              the larger disability community.
“Restore the FCC's video
description rules. Video description          There will be more COAT-related
allows video programming to be                news in future issues of the Focus.
accessible to blind people. Video             From time to time, COAT legislative
description describes on-screen               alerts will be forwarded via e-mail to
visual elements during natural                ACBI members we can reach in that
pauses in dialogue. The FCC had               way, to encourage quick action on
mandated some video description,              relevant matters being considered by
but in 2002, a federal court said that        the Congress. If you wish to learn
the FCC did not have the authority            more about the Coalition and its
to issue these rules, and threw them          activities, you are encouraged to
out. COAT advocates for restoring             visit its web site at
the FCC's video description rules, in
order to ensure access by blind and
visually impaired people to                        Green Cars Too Quiet
television programming, including             Sacramento, California (Ap)
on-screen emergency warnings and
information.”                                 8/20/08 - Electric and hybrid
                                              vehicles may be better for the
“Require accessible user interfaces           environment, but the California
and easy access to accessibility              Legislature says they're bad for the
features on all video programming             blind.

 It has passed a bill to ensure that the        shown in the movie might have
 vehicles make enough noise to be               happened hundreds or thousands of
 heard by visually impaired people              years ago, but certainly not in any
 about to cross a street.                       civilized society such as what we
                                                have in the United States today. The
 The measure would establish a
                                                movie is at best totally misleading,
 committee to study the issue and
                                                and at worst serves to frighten
 recommend ways the vehicles could
                                                deeply those who see it."
 make more noise.
                                                The blind are portrayed as being
 The state Department of Motor                  unable to do anything for
 Vehicles says more than 300,000 of             themselves. It is quite obvious why
 the vehicles are on state roads.               blind people would be outraged over
 Officials say they don't keep                  this movie. Blind people do not
 statistics on pedestrian accidents             behave like uncivilized, animalized
 involving those vehicles. The bill             creatures.
 has been sent to Gov. Arnold
 Schwarzenegger, who has not taken              There is an enormous amount of
 a position.                                    assistance that is available to newly
                                                blinded people. There are support
    Tens of Thousands of Blind                  groups around the country, such as
   Americans Object to the Movie                the more than 70 affiliates and
            ‘Blindness’                         chapters of the American Council of
    ACB Press Release Excerpt                   the Blind.
 Washington, Sept. 29, 2008 -
                                                There are all kinds of assistive
 Residents of an unnamed city
                                                devices, equipment, and aids
 suddenly and mysteriously go blind
                                                specifically designed and produced
 in the movie “Blindness,” scheduled
                                                to assist blind people with their daily
 for release on Friday, Oct. 3. The
                                                living such as computers that talk,
 dehumanizing, animalistic way that
                                                Braille and talking watches and
 blind people are portrayed in this
                                                other time pieces, kitchen aids like
 movie has blind people across the
                                                the talking microwave, devices that
 United States angry. Some are even
                                                can detect and tell the blind user the
 organizing picket lines and waging
                                                color of his/her clothes, and
 protests at theaters where the movie
                                                thousands of digitally recorded
 is being shown. “The movie
                                                audio books, and much more.
 „Blindness‟ is a demeaning depiction
 of people's reactions to losing their
                                                Most blind people lead normal lives,
 eyesight," stated Mitch Pomerantz,
                                                just like everyone else. The only
 president of the American Council
                                                difference is that they simply cannot
 of the Blind. Dr. Ronald E.
                                                see. But their other senses work just
 Milliman, a blind university
                                                fine, and they learn to replace the
 professor and also a member of the
                                                lack of eyesight with the keen use of
 ACB, says, "In a very mythical
                                                their other senses.
 sense, something like what is being

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