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									             United Services Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP)

Under written agreement between the USMAP and the U. S. Department of Labor, a
growing number of military skills can lead to certification of completion of
apprenticeship in jobs comparable to civilian fields.

What is an apprenticeship and what is an apprentice? An apprenticeship is a structured
system of supervised training leading to certification in a designated trade, occupation or
craft. An apprentice is a person who works in a trade, occupation or craft under an
agreement or contract and under the supervision of a qualified tradesperson. The
apprentice learns the knowledge, skills, tools and materials of the trade through a
combination of on-the-job training along with related study and in-school instruction.
The length of the on-the-job training will vary from one to four years depending on the
trade. Individuals applying for registration into the USMAP are required to complete 144
hours of related technical instruction for each year of the apprenticeship prior to
enrollment into the program.

The purpose of the apprenticeship program is to develop highly skilled journeymen and
women who will continue to use their technical skills and knowledge while fulfilling
their military obligation. Persons willing to learn a trade or a skill improve their chances
of finding and retaining full-time employment when entering the civilian sector. Some
colleges may offer credit for completion of the apprenticeship program toward an
Associate of Applied Science degree. Completion of a registered apprenticeship program
may also enhance the opportunity to meet the requirements to participate in local state
licensing examinations and often means starting employment at a higher rate of pay in the
civilian work force.

To qualify for USMAP, enlisted service members must be on active duty, have a high
school diploma or GED equivalent, be designated in a job specialty (or rating) with
approved apprenticeable skills and meet the requirements for the journeyman rating
applicable to the trade. A complete list of current related civilian trades approved for the
USMAP are listed at their WEB Site at Active duty
personnel should check with their Command Education and/or Training Department,
Command Career Counselor or Education Specialist to obtain an application. To submit
an application, complete the CNET Form 1560/1, include documentation showing
completion of military schools attended and date advanced to E-4 (if applicable), and
mail your package to:
                Commanding Officer
                NETPDTC USMAP N2A7
                6490 Saufley Field Road
                Pensacola, FL 32509-5251

You may also contact USMAP via DSN 922-1001 extension 1817/1753/1740/1741;
commercial (850) 452-1001 extension 1817/1753/1740/1741; E-mail or go to the web page at
USMAP                                                                                04/01/03

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