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									                          SAMPLE CURRICULUM VITAE

C. M.

Nationality:          Brazilian
Age:                  24
Date of Birth:        13.05.1976
Marital Status:       Single

Address in Brazil:    Rua Luíza Álvares 114, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Address in Britain:   30 Waverley Road, Catford, London SE6 4RH

Education:            Cásper Líbero University of Communications , São Paulo, Brazil
                      Degree in Publicity and Advertising, completed in 1998

                      Subjects studied: Communications, Advertising, Marketing, Media Buying,
                      Public Relations.

Work Experience       Sport Land Com Sports Ltd (Sports Store)
                      Period: 03/99 - 02/00
                      Marketing and Administration Manager for Sports Store.

                      Good Impressions (Marketing Consultancy)
                      Period: 06/98 - 10/98
                      Promotion and Marketing for a radio show called "Health & Life"

                      Lopez International (Import & Export Company)
                      Period: 09/97 - 12/97
                      Administrative Assistant

                      Ace Propaganda Ltda. (Advertising Company )
                      Period: 08/96 - 02/97
                      Marketing and Production Assistant

IT Experience         Windows, Corel Draw , Page Maker , MS DOS, Basic knowledge of Macintosh

Languages Spoken      Portuguese (mother tongue)
                      English (Cambridge First Certificate)

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