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									                                                                                                             St. Martins Place
                                                                                                             51 Bath Road
                                                                                                             Slough, Berkshire SL1 3UF
                                                                                                             44 (0) 1753-82 6100 Tel
                                                                                                             44 (0) 1753-82 6101 Fax

Customer Education - Registration Form
Please complete the following registration form (one form per student) and return by mail or fax to the address above.
You will be notified of your application status within one business week. Thank you for your application.

Student and Company Information
    Student Name
    Phone                                   Fax                                  Internet E-mail:
    Company Name
    City                                   Postcode                                  Country

Billing Information (Please specify a billing contact or put "accounts payable")
    Billing Contact                                                  Phone                            Fax
    Address (if different from above)

    City                                    Postcode                                 Country

Method of Payment (Please include payment or specify authorised P.O# when returning registration form)
Cheque             Cheque # ____________________                               Purchase Order      P.O.# ___________________
(Please make the cheque or money order payable to MicroStrategy Ltd.)          (Please fax the purchase order with this application

Course Selection
                                                    Course       Course        Satisfied        Course Fee      Course          Course
                                                    Date         Duration      Prerequisites    Learning        Fee (£)         Fee Plus
                                                                                                Units (LU)                      VAT*
MicroStrategy 7i Narrowcast Server:                                   3                         3 LU’s          £1,440          £ 1,692
Delivery Engine & Subscription Portal
MicroStrategy 7i: Reporting Essentials                                2                         2 LU’s          £960            £1,128

MicroStrategy 7i Architect: Project Design                            2                         2 LU’s          £960            £1,128

MicroStrategy 7i Agent: Advanced Reporting                            3                         3 LU’s          £1,440          £ 1,692

MicroStrategy 7i: Administration                                      3                         3 LU’s          £1,440          £ 1,692

MicroStrategy 7i COM Web API:                                         5                         5 LU’s          £2,400          £ 2,820
Customizing Web Applications
 Prices are quoted in Pounds Sterling (£) unless otherwise stated, including VAT at the current rate (VAT no GB636154934).
See European Terms and Conditions for further details.

Authorisation (to be completed by an authorised person other than the student)
I have read the Terms and Conditions accompanying this registration form and agree to abide by them.

Authorised signature        ___________________________         Title ___________________________             Date _____________ _

Revision 31st May 2001

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