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									                               CMA Designation
Quick Facts:
-The Certified Management Accountant designation not only equips the individual with a solid
foundation in accounting, but also strengths your ability to manage and lead.
-The CMA accreditation is achieved through the Strategic Leadership Program (SLP) – a program
that integrates contemporary and emerging management techniques, solid accounting expertise
and leadership development. It involves extensive training that’s demanded by business, and
reflects the leadership positions CMAs hold.
-As a CMA, you are trained to be a strategic management professional who re-defines the
expectations of business, add value to an entire organization from finance and marketing to
strategic planning and information technology.
-CMA do more than manage money; they manage people, strategy, change and growth.

Types of Career and Industry:
-Students enrolled in the CMA Strategic Leadership program typically hold entry level positions
such as: staff accountants, and financial or business analysts. As you gain more experience into
your careers: director, controllership, and management consultant roles. Senior level CMAs can
attain CFO, VP or CEO status, while some choose the entrepreneur path and lead successful
ventures of their own.
-Statistics show that CMAs in Alberta work in a variety of industries: (6% - Utilities &
Communication, 10% - Manufacturing & Construction, 10% - Consulting & Public Practice, 13% -
Government, 24% - Resources, 37% - Commercial & Service)

Three Steps to become a CMA:
1. Prerequisite requirements
-A recognized undergraduate degree is mandatory to write the CMA Canada Entrance Exam.
-CMA Alberta requires a four-year, 120-credit degree (or equivalent) to satisfy this condition.
Degrees may be in any field but must be recognized by CMA Alberta.
-CMA Alberta strongly recommends individuals take a four-year business or management degree
with an accounting concentration.
2. CMA Canada Entrance Exam
-Write and pass the CMA Canada Entrance Exam (offered June and October in Alberta) in order
to qualify for application to become a CMA candidate and to enter the Strategic Leadership
3. CMA Strategic Leadership Program
-To complete CMA SLP, which includes a part-time, seasonal, professional studies program over
two years that has to be completed concurrently with full-time practical experience (full-time

GPA Requirements:
- A GPA of 60% is required in all prerequisite classes to be admitted to write the CMA National
Entrance Exam

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