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									Job description

Logistics Officer


1. Participate in field-level planning        Education:
   formulation in the area of logistics.      University     degree   in      Business
   Participate in programme planning and      Administration, Management, Transport or
   advising on logistics considerations.      related field.

2. Provide technical and operational
   support to the field office, as well as    Work Experience:
   advice on application of logistics         Five years of progressively responsible
   management best practice, systems and      professional work experience at national
   procedures. Take initiative in             and international level in logistics. Varied
   management improvement for the             supply/logistics functional background an
   logistic function.                         asset, from procurement to warehousing,
                                              transport management and distribution to
3. Assess existing logistics operations       beneficiaries.
   systems and advise on corrective
   measures to be undertaken.

4. Ensure the implementation, monitoring      Competencies:
   and evaluation of new initiatives and      1. Proven ability to conceptualize,
   procedures related to logistics.              innovate, plan and execute ideas and
5. Design, implement and manage contracts
   in forwarding, transport and              2. Ability to clearly and concisely express
   warehousing, where necessary.                ideas and concepts in written and oral
6. Represent ORGANISATION interests
   within inter-agency logistics activities. 3. Proven ability to plan, manage and
                                                monitor the effective use and
7. Manage a local emergency stockpile and       safekeeping of fixed assets and financial
   goods consolidation point in order to        resources.
   permit the rapid movement of
   humanitarian supplies. Design and         4. Good analytical and negotiating skills.
   implement warehouse management and
   commodity tracking system.                5. Ability to organize and implement
8. Review the logistics component of field
   office budget proposals for consideration 6. Good knowledge of computer
   during budget review.                        management and applications.

9. Conduct special management reviews         7. Ability to establish harmonious working
   and/or follow-up on audit observations        relations in an international and
   to assist in the improvement of office        multicultural environment.
    procedures and practices related to
    logistics.                                    Languages:
                                                  State organisational policy and any other
 10. Develop key performance indicators by        desired language
     which localized logistics contracts can be

 11. Ensure timely transmission of logistics
     monitoring information, stock levels and
     distribution status to the logistics focal
     point at the national level.

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