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					             The CDQAP: A Model for
          Cooperative Extension’s Future
Leveraging Outreach with Regulatory, University & Industry Resources
How Important is the State’s Dairy Industry?
                  • Largest milk industry in US
                  • States largest commodity
                  • 3.5 B gallons milk per year
                  • $4.5 B product sales
                  • $47 B overall (wages etc)
                  • 430,000 jobs
                  • State’s herd 1.6 M cows
                  • 2300 dairies (1700 in Valley)
                  • Average size: 825 cows
                           California Senate Office of Research
                           California Department of Food & Ag
                           University of California – Davis
                           California Dairy Research Foundation
              The DCQAP is:
                           • Voluntary

                           • Offers didactic and on-
                           farm education in:

 Environmental Stewardship (operational)
 Johne’s Prevention (operational)
 Animal Welfare (under development)
 Food Safety/Emerg. Prep. (under development)
Who has the resources? UC, Industry, Regulatory Agencies

                                 California Department
                                     Fish & Game

Milk Producers Council
   Start by Engaging the Regulatory & Industry

The 1997 CDQAP
Partnership Agreement
Signatories included 3
Cabinet Secretaries,
and President or CEO
of every major dairy
producer organization
in the State. An award
winning environmental
group has also joined.
             Classroom Education

                                             Learning Tools
                       Risk Assessment

Expanding Curriculum
  Environmental Stewardship Farm
         Management Plan
• Do homework from class
  (risk assessment
  documents with
  prioritization of results,
  pond sizing, storm water
  pollution prevention and
  emergency manure
  management plans)
• Copies of all required
  permits and records.
      Independent Third Party
• On-farm &

• Uses “Universal

• Tested & Validated

• CDFA dairy
   Independent third party evaluation

• “Kitchen Table
 Review homework, &

• Facility Evaluation
 Infrastructure including
 cross-connections, facilities,
 manure handling, storage,
 and utilization
              The Evaluation Tool:
                “The Checklist”
• In March of 1999 The Partners (w EPA)
complete a “checklist”.

• The first time state and federal
regulations collected in single
producer-intelligible document.

• Beta testing on 10 commercial dairies
was completed with validation by state
and federal follow-up inspections.
UCCE Coordinates Curriculum Development
and Farm Certification for the program…
Environmental Short Course
1200 producers completed all 6
hours of Environmental Short-course

220 dairies have certified
Uses CDFA dairy inspectors

 Wayne Nastri, U.S. EPA regional administrator &
 "Chuck" Ahlem CDFA unveil a CDQAP sign at Van
 Exel Dairy.
Leveraging Resources…
       Example: New Air Curriculum

 Delivered to > 700
 producers in 17
 meetings in 8 counties
 Curriculum developed by UCCE. Started with Power Point
 6- 10 industry/regulatory/UC & computers assist w/
 mitigation plans.
When industry and regulatory agencies “buy-
 in” there comes a willingness by to offer
               incentives …

                            Example: Hilmar
                            offered $3 million to
                            become certified.
                            Average pay-out was
                            $10,000 per producer

   Example: Certified producers get a 50%
   reduction in Storm-water permits. About $200-
   $2000 per dairy annually.
Being able to list regulators and industry as
cooperators makes grant acquisition successful…
  Non-dairy Grants Awarded
  CA Department of Food and Agriculture (Seed funding/industry survey)$10,000
  Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (Seed funding/industry survey)          $10,000
  California Beef Council (Food Safety Module)                                   $30,000
  Environmental Protection Agency TSCA (Short course & facility evaluation)      $443,740
  USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (Food Safety Module)                   $49,500
  California Department of Food and Agriculture (Veterinary Survey)              $5,000
  USDA Ag Telecommunications Program (Food Safety Module, 2001)                  $20,000
  US EPA grant for CNMP producer training (2002)                                 $30,000
  US EPA 319 grant: Develop Uniform Template for Feed Management (2002)          $127,000
  Reimbursement through various EQIP Grants (Short Course 1999-2000)             $21,209
  NRCS EQIP Grant (Short Course 2000-2001)                                       $29,500
  USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (Residue Prevention Video)             $20,000
  University of California DANR Workgroup Funding (Welfare Survey)               $1,500
  University of California DANR Workgroup Funding (N Mineralization)             $23,000
  Philip Morris Shared Solutions (Web-based delivery 2001)                       $22,500
  USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (Emergency Prep. Video)                $40,000
  USDA Ag Telecommunications Program(Web-based delivery 2002)                    $60,000
  SWRCB (Prop.13) CNMP Template Development beta test (2002)                     $227,000
  Sustainable Conservation’s Dairy Project                                       $303,000
   (San Francisco, Joe Drown, Nat. Fish/Wildlife, Packard & Goldman Foundations)______

  Total Non-Dairy Funds Received Since Feb. 1997                                $1,472,949
  California Dairy Research about $100,000 per year
  For every $1 of CDRF grant money invested, the CDQA has returned approximately $5 in
  non-dairy industry matching funding. This amount does NOT include contributed labor,
  travel, etc by industry, academic and regulatory partners.
Leveraging Resources…

   Leveraging Air Research Dollars
            Dairy Air Subcommittee of SJVAPCD
• Representation:
   – Industry (Dairymen, Western United)
   – Air Regulators (SJVAPCD, CARB, EPA)
   – Academics (UC Davis, CSU Fresno)
   – Others (SusCon, CARES, Kings & Merced Co.)
   – CDQAP
   – Chair: (CDFA – Matt Summers)
• Group developed Action Plan
• The CDQAP partnering with over $1.2 Million
  dollars pending air research.
Other Examples of Leveraging…
                                                          $5 K from CMAB
     $75 K from USDA
                                                          for development
     for mitigation
                                                          & testing dairy
     plans and testing
     for CA dairies in
                                                          evaluation tool.
     the Johne’s
     Disease Module

                                                  $98 K from USDA/CDFA
                                                  for video production on
                                                  prevention of Mad Cow
                                                  Disease and terrorist
                                                  attacks on dairies.

     Afghan documents detailing efforts to obtain agro-
     terrorism agents like Foot & Mouth virus.
CDQAP: A Model For Leveraging Shrinking UCCE budgets…

  A strong central (UC) program to:
 • To create partnership agreements, MOU’s, policy agreements with
 regulatory and industry organizations.

 • To develop and update curriculums and certification programs.

 • To coordinate industry outreach to augment a shrinking UCCE
 county presence and resources.

 • To acquire State, Federal, Industry and Academic grants.

 • To encourage Regulatory and Industry incentives.

 • To coordinate applied research.

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