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					                                      Vanuatu Tourism Awards 2009

                         To be completed by Employer
If you wish to enter more than one employee for your organization in the “Best Front of House Employee
Award , please complete a separate Entry Form , Employee’s Nomination Form and include the 2,000 vatu
entry fee with each Employer Nomination Form.

This category is open to any employee working in front of house operations at resorts, hotels, motels,
restaurants, guest houses, lodges or any other type of accommodation, tourist operation, care hire or food &
beverage outlet. The focus of this award is on customer service and guest relations relating to the quality of
service, reliability, experience, attention to detail, problem solving, consistency and the ability to create an
unforgettable experience for tourists visiting Vanuatu. Award qualifying employees may include – but are not
limited to the following:

Award qualifying employees may include, but is not limited to the following:
- Receptionists                   - Tour Desk Employees                   - Water Sports Personnel
- Front Desk Employee             - Waitress / Waiters                    - Sales & Marketing Personnel
- Concierge / Porters             - Guest Relations Officers              - Wedding / Event Coordinators

You may attach additional pages to each question if the space is insufficient

Name of Employer:

Name of Employee


Question 1. Why Nomination this Employee                                                           25 Points
Why are you nominating this staff member for the Best Front of House Employee Award?

Question 2. Performance of Duties                                                                  25 Points
What sets this staff member apart from others when performing their day to day duties and responsibilities?

Question 3. Personal                                                                                 10 Points
Please comment on your staff member’s demeanour, punctuality and grooming
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Question 4. Communication Skills                                                                  20 Points
How would you rate his or her communication skills?

Question 5. Team Work                                                                             10 Points
How would you describe your staff member’s ability to work as team?

Question 6. Strengths / Future Promotion                                                          10 Points
What are this staff member’s main strengths and in what capacity do you see this employee working in 2 year’s

                                FOR JUDGING PANEL ONLY
                                    Judge      Judge       Judge      Judge      Judge     TOTAL
                                      1          2           3          4          5
Question 1 : Why Nominated
             25 POINTS
Question 2 : Performance
             25 POINTS
Question 3 : Personal
             10 POINTS
Question 4 : Communication
             20 POINTS
Question 5 : Team Work
             10 POINTS
Question 6 : Strengths/Future
             10 POINTS

TOTAL Maximum 100 Points

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