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									/fli6«o s[lif cg';Gwfg tyf ljsf; sf]ifsf] sf]if ;+rfns ;ldltsf] ldlt @)^&
;fn cfiff9 @! / @% ut] a;]sf] a}7sn] ;ftf}+ sn (Call) sf nflu cfJXfg
ul/Psf k"0f{ cfof]hgf k|:tfjx? (Full Project Proposal) dWo] tkl;n
adf]lhdsf k"0f{ k|:tfjx? :jLs[t u/L k|:tfjs ;+:yfx?;+u jftf{ k|s[of
cuf8L a9fpg lg0f{o u/]sf] x'+bf ;DalGwt ;a}sf] hfgsf/Lsf] nflu of]
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SN               Institute                            Topic
 1   ljsf;sf nflu jftfj/0fLo
                                       s[ifsx?åf/f Joj;flos ?kdf
     ;+/If0f ;]jf . lzjfno
                                       dxsf] u'0f:t/Lo pTkfbg
     uf=lj=;= –$, k|ultrf]s,
                                       ;fy} jhf/Ls/0fdf bLuf]
     kj{t .
                                       ;+hfnLs/0f kl/of]hgf .
 2   u|fdL0f ;fd'bflos ljsf;           Improving household income and
     ;+:yf . df]xgk'/                  livelihood of rural farmers groups
                                       through postharvest handling and
     sdnfk'/–^, l;/fxf .               processing of HVC crops in
                                       Laxminiya, Hanuman Nagar pra-
                                       dha and Pipra pra-dha VDCs of
                                       Siraha district of Eastern Nepal.
 3   Women Empowerment and             Women         entrepreneurship
     Skill Development Centre.         development on organic off-
     Manahari-5, Pratappur,            season vegetables production
     Makawanpur.                       using value chain approach in
 4   jftfj/0f tyf /fli6«o ljsf; wg'iff     lhNnfsf    ufO{
     ;dfh . hgsk'/–(, wg'iff . e}+;Lx?df         jfFemf]kg
                                lgjf/0f sfo{qmd .
 5   Center for Community              Degraded          cultivated     land
     Resource and Environment          management to improve the
     Development (CeCRED) -Nepal.      agricultural        product       and
     C/o Pragati Chowk, Kusma,         productivity for food security in the
     Parbat.                           Arghakhanchi district.
 6   Rastriya Rojgar Prawardan         Promotion of exportable honey
     Kendra. Malangawa-9, Sarlahi.     through beekeeping enterprise in
                                       Sarlahi district.
 7   NARC, Agriculture Research
                                       Sustainable       white       grubs
     Station (ARS). Pakhribas,
                                       management through the use of
     Dhankuta.                         indigenous      entomopathogenic
                                       fungi Metarhizium anisoplie .
 8   Open Ditactic Coterie (ODC)
                                       Uplifting farmers' income through
     Nepal. Subidhanagar-35,
                                       organic tomato cultivation in
     Kathmandu.                        Shankerpur, Rajghat and Hajariya
                                       VDCs of Sarlahi district.
9    Janaki Women Awareness
     Society (JWAS). GPO Box: 6,     Management and utilization of
     Janakpurdham, Dhanusha.         degraded agriculture land (river
                                     bagar) through river bank farming
                                     (off-season vegetable and fruits)
                                     in specified river of Mahottari,
                                     Sarlahi and Rautahat districts
                                     (Rato and Jangha river of
                                     Mahottari district) Bagmati and
                                     Lakhandehi river of Sarlahi district
                                     and Bagmati and Bakaiya river of
                                     Rautahat district.

10 Rural Society Promotion
                                     Promotion of floriculture (gladiolus
   Center. Gaur-9, Rautahat.
                                     and chrysanthemum) for income
                                     generation and livelihood support
                                     in the highway corridor VDCs in
11 NARC, National Wheat              Conservation agriculture for long
   Research Program.                 term      sustainability, natural
   Bhairahawa, Rupandehi.            resource     management       and
                                     environmental protection (CA
12   ;fd'bflos phf{ tyf
                                     dsjfgk'/ lhNnfsf] xl6of
     kof{j/0f ljsf; d~r .
                                     uf=lj=;=       sf       bnLt
     X]6f}8f, dsjfgk'/ .
                                     dlxnfx?sf] cfo j[l4sf nflu
                                     s'v'/f kfng kl/of]hgf .
13 Practical Solution Consultancy Utilization of municipal garbage
   Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Madhyapur      for year round organic vegetable
   Thimi, Kausaltar, Bhaktapur.   farming in Madhyapur Thimi
14 Society Development Centre
                                  Establishment of resource centre
   (SoDeC). Khandbari
                                  of       Pakhribas        pig     at
   Municipality-1,                Sankhuwasabha district.
15 o'jf hgzlQm kl/rfng
                                  Commercial vegetable farming at
   s]Gb| . sfsL{                  Chhinchu-Jajarkot            highway
                                  corridor of Jajarkot district.
     ufpmF–&, hfh/sf]6 .
16 Natural Resources and             Conservation and promotion of
   Agriculture Management            Lulu cattle: a pioneer program in
   Center (NaRAM). GPO Box:          livestock     improvement     and
   10741, Kathmandu.                 utilization    of   underexploited
                                     livestock breeds.
17   ;+o"Qm dlxnf jrt tyf            A small-scale Giriraja chicken
                                     farm development for the supply
     C0f ;xsf/L ;+:yf ln=,           of quality meat and eggs in
     sfx"n], g'jfsf]6                Nuwakot district.
18   g]kfn ;fdflhs ljsf; tyf
     hgzlQms/0f s]Gb| -
                             ul/jL lgjf/0fsf nflu :6]leof
     g]:k]s–pbok'/_ . lqo'uf
                             k|j4{g kl/of]hgf .
     g=kf=–#, b'uf{6f]n,
     pbok'/ .
19 Tuki Association Sunkoshi.
                                    Integrated management of white
                                    grubs in the bari-land based
   Sindhupalchowk.                  cropping      systems           in
                                    Sindhupalchowk district of Nepal.
20 Three S Foundation.
                                    Management        of    Degraded
   Anamnagar-1267, Opposite to
                                    agriculture     land       through
   Eastern Gate of Singha Durbar,   cooperative lease farming.
21 Rural Development Centre         Promotion of organic vegetable
   (RDC). Prithvinarayan            production     and    cooperative
   Municipality-3, Gorkha.          marketing for income generation
                                    in Gorkha District.
22 Population, Women and            Conservation       of  Degraded
   Environmental Development        agricultural land and livelihood
   Organization, Tahachal,          Improvement of Marginalised
   Kathmandu, nepal                 Farmers in Dhading.

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