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    Spring 2008                                                                                              Three Newbuildings to Join BSMD
                                                                                                             this year
                                                                                                             During 2008, three new container vessels
    Index                                                                                                    will join the BSM (DE) fleet

    Intro by Mr. Andreas J. Droussiotis              3
    Newbuildings to Join BSM (DE)                    4
    New Vessels Under Management                     5

                                                                                                           International Association for Safety and
                                                                                                           Survival Training
    Dr. Ruanthi DeSilva                              6                                                     Cyprus Meeting October 2007
    Pavlos Varnavas                                  6
    Adonis Violaris                                  7
    Atul Gupte                                       7

    Rescue at Sea                                    8
                                                                                                            BSM (Hong Kong) at Helm
                                                                                                            As we begin a new chapter under our parent name of
    Technical Operations Seminar                     9                                                      Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, the BSM Centre
    Algoma Press Release                             9                                                      for Advanced Learning is proud to be at the helm of
                                                                                                            LNG training in Asia.
    BSM (HK) at the Helm                             10
    IASST                                            10
    Ode to Office                                    10

    Just for Fun                                     11                                                      Technical Operations Seminar
    Photo Competition
                                                                                                             Twenty five Senior and Junior Officers
                                                                                                             took part in our bi-annual 2.5-day seminar
    Did you know?                                                                                            held from 6 to 8 November 2007
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                                         As everyone knows, all of us who previously worked independently with
                                         the Bernhard Schulte group of Shipmanagement companies have now
                                         united and operate under one umbrella name – BERNHARD SCHULTE
                                         SHIPMANAGEMENT GROUP. This is both separate and independent from
                                         Bernhard Schulte Hamburg, being the shipowning part and the
                                         shareholders/owners of our group.
As everyone knows, all of us who                    promoted to new and more challenging              focus on the quality of our operations. The
previously worked independently with the            duties, it is beyond doubt that this goal will    quality of the service we provide and the
Bernhard Schulte group of                           be reached.                                       resulting reputation we have in the market
Shipmanagement companies have now                                                                     is evidence of our hard work.
united and operate under one umbrella               So, how do we stand in the market now?
n a m e – B E R N H A R D S C H U LT E                                                                The BSM Group is up and running, which
SHIPMANAGEMENT GROUP. This is                       Size in any case was never and will never         takes some time to fully implement all
both separate and independent from                  become our target or purpose of                   changes planned. Personally, I would like
Bernhard Schulte Hamburg, being the                 existence. We want to become the best             to take this opportunity to thank everyone
shipowning part and the                             quality shipmanager worldwide and we              involved for making this possible. The
shareholders/owners of our group.                   will succeed with the help and contribution       Cyprus Service Delivery Centre started its
                                                    of each one of us; from our seamen, to our        operations under the new name with real
Changing our names was not an easy                  masters, to the deck boy, to the managing         success. On the 24th and 25th of January
thing to swallow. It took a bit of time to          director, to the messenger at any one of          the Shell audit took place. The result of the
digest the idea; such is the case of the            our service delivery or crew service              audit, thanks to the contribution of all
Cyprus outfit, which had a life of nearly           centres. The puzzle is made of so many            based in Limassol, was more than a
thirty six years. One can imagine that              pieces, and if even the smallest is missing,      success. Special thanks go to the team
everyone felt the same about the                    the picture is not complete. Each one of us       that worked for the preparation of the
companies they work for. In the end it was          needs to put our efforts together in order to     audit. This is extremely encouraging, as
clear that the value is not the name on the         achieve our best. Perhaps, it may take            additional audits are scheduled
bronze plaque, but the people behind it.            even more than that.                              throughout the group with the intention to
The people who provide the service are                                                                demonstrate our continuous commitment
                                                    At present, we operate 624 vessels under
the real value. Strip any company of its                                                              towards operating with the strictest
                                                    crew and full management from all eleven
people and the company name means                                                                     standards on quality and safety.
                                                    locations where we have fully fletched
nothing.                                            Shipmanagement units. We operate both
                                                                                                      Once again, we need to keep our BSM
                                                    partial and fully controlled recruiting
Deep in all our minds, the management                                                                 Group name high and be proud of it. I think
                                                    agencies in 21 locations across the globe,
team of the BSM Group (as we say in                                                                   we all deserve it.
                                                    from the Far East to ex Soviet and eastern
short) wanted to proceed with the
                                                    block countries, to Latin America. We
changes which were needed to conform to
                                                    recruit shore based staff throughout all our
the new requirements of today's shipping
                                                    operating units ashore in excess of 1000
industry. It was a mutual feeling that there
                                                    employees. We recruit more than 12,000
is room for expansion on the services to
                                                    seamen at any time on board our vessels
our owner clients, as well as keeping up
                                                    and more than 17,000 on our roster.
our profitability, but also for the staff of the
group, both shore and sea based. It is our
                                                    We operate our own maritime training
team who is the most valuable asset we
                                                    centres in Cyprus and Mumbai, in addition
have that has put us in a position to offer
                                                    to training facilities in practically all areas
more and diversified opportunities for
                                                    from where we recruit our seamen. All our
career development. We want to become
                                                    labours put us 2nd in place internationally,                                   Best regards,
the preferred employer for all. We believe
                                                    in regards to size; however, this is not our                          Andreas J. Droussiotis
that with the plans we have in mind and                                                                                   Chief Executive Officer
                                                    target, as we have already stated. We
with the number of staff members

                                                   Three Newbuildings to Join BSM (DE) this Year
    During 2008, three new container vessels will join the BSM (DE) fleet. The three vessels, Georg, Gunther and Gustav,
    are sister vessels to Gabriel Schulte and have a capacity of 3534 TEU each. Whereas Georg will already be delivered
    in March, Gunther is still being constructed at the Shanghai Shipyard. The works started in July 2007 with the steel
    cutting and in November the keel was laid. She will be launched at the beginning of February and delivered in May.

               1st week after keel laying

                                                                                                2nd week after keel laying

                                                                                                                4th week

    3rd week after keel laying


                                                    The delivery of Georg will take place in March/April 2009
n e w s   n e w s    n e w s   n e w s   n e w s    n e w s   n e w s    n e w s   n e w s   n e w s   n e w s   n e w s   n e w s

                                                                New Vessels Under Management
MT ACUSHNET came under BSM (Singapore) 26 February 2008.
MT ENDURO came under BSM (India) 14 February 2008.
MV FORTUNE RAINBOW came under BSM (Hong Kong) 15 February 2008.
MV HALO CYGNUS came under BSM (Hong Kong) 5 January 2008.
MV LOUISA SCHULTE came under BSM (China) 22 February 2008.
LPG GAS NEMESIS came under BSM (Hellas) in 21 January 2008.
LPG HENLEY BRIDGE came under BSM (Cyprus) February 2008.
LPG LADY ELENA came under BSM (Deutschland) 31 October 2007.
LPG LADY STEPHANIE came under BSM (Deutschland) 24 November 2007.
LPG OMEGAS came under BSM (Hellas) 28 December 2007.
LPG/E HAPPY LADY came under BSM (Technical – BSM (UK) and Crew – BSM (HELLAS)) March 2008.
LPGC NIJINSKY came under BSM (Singapore) March 2008.
MV MELLOW WIND came under BSM (Hong Kong) 5 January 2008.
MT GOLDEN MERMAID came under BSM (Singapore) 25 December 2007.
MT HAPPY CONDOR coming under BSM (Singapore) 4 January 2008.
MT HERMIA came under BSM (Cyprus) 2 January 2008.
MT MALOU THERESA, ex UMAY, came under BSM (Cyprus) January 2008.
MT PACIFIC HORIZON coming under BSM (Singapore) 18 December 2008.
MT RIO GENOA came under BSM (Deutschland) 31 October 2007.
MT PACIFIC HORIZON II came under BSM (Singapore) 18 December 2007
MV AENAOS came under BSM (Hellas) 19 November 2007.
MV CHRISTINE O came under BSM (Deutschland) 31 October 2007.
MV COTINGA ARROW came under BSM (Cyprus) April 2008.
MV DP PROTEUS came under BSM (Hellas) 29 January 2008.
MV FALCON ARROW came under BSM (Cyprus) April 2008.
MV GARRISON SAVANNAH, ex MV MARALUNGA, came under BSM (Cyprus) 19 November 2007.
MV GOLDEN MILLER, ex FEZZANO, came under BSM (Cyprus) 15 December 2007.
MV KOSMOS came under BSM (Hellas) 23 November 2007.
MV MARIE O came under BSM (Deutschland) 31 October 2007.
MV STAR ALPHA came under BSM (Hellas) 9 January 2008.
MV STAR BETA came under BSM (Hellas) 28 December 2007.
MV STAR DELTA came under BSM (Hellas) 28 December 2007.
MV STAR EPSILON came under BSM (Hellas) 3 December 2007.
MV STAR GAMMA came under BSM (Hellas) 4 January 2008.
MV STAR KAPPA came under BSM (Hellas) 14 December 2007.
MV STAR THETA came under BSM (Hellas) 6 December 2007.
MV SWAN ARROW came under BSM (Cyprus) April 2008.
MV TINAMOU ARROW came under BSM (Cyprus) April 2008.
MV TRADEWIND LEGEND came under BSM (Cyprus) 29 January 2008.
MV TRADEWIND PASSION came under BSM (Cyprus) March 2008.
MV TRINE THERESA came under BSM (Cyprus) 27 November 2007.
MV TSURU ARROW came under BSM (Cyprus) 25 March 2008.
MV WORCESTER came under BSM (Singapore) 24 October 2007.
MV NORD SINGAPORE came under BSM (Hong Kong) 12 March 2008.
MV SANNE came under BSM (China) 11 March 2008.
MV SEA GRACE came under BSM (India) 19 March 2008.
MV SWAN ARROW came under BSM (Cyprus) 20 March 2008.

CSAV ROTTERDAM came under BSM (Cyprus) 1 November 2007.
LPG FRIENDSHIPGAS, ex GAZ PACIFIC, came under BSM (Hellas) 23 November 2007.
LPG LADY ELENA came under BSM (Cyprus) 18 October 2007.
LPG LADY STEPHANIE came under BSM (Cyprus) 18 October 2007.
LPG WORCESTER came under BSM (Cyprus) 27 September 2007.
LPGC CARIBANA to be renamed ANDESGAS came under BSM (Cyprus) 23 February 2008.
MT MARE AGEUM came under BSM (Hong Kong) 24 February 2008.
MV MARIE SCHULTE came under BSM (Cyprus) 21 September 2007.
MT SEVEN EXPRESS came under BSM (Singapore) 5 December 2007.
MV E.R. TAURANGA, which was renamed ITAL MELODIA came under BSM (Deutschland) 16 November 2007.
MV FUGRO COMMANDER came under BSM (Cyprus) 28 November 2007.
MV FURGO NAVIGATOR came under BSM (Cyprus) 28 January 2008.
MV ITAL MASSIMA came under BSM (Cyprus) October 2007.
MV MAERSK NEBRASKA and MAERSK NEVADA came under BSM (Cyprus) October 2007.
MV RIO SAO FRANCISCO came under BSM (Deutschland) 26 January 2008.
MV TOR DANIA came under BSM (Cyprus) 18 September 2007 at Cuxhaven.
MT VALCADORE came under BSM (Hong Kong) 13 February 2008.
MT VALVERDE came under BSM (Hong Kong) 31 January 2008.

    Dr Ruanthi De Silva had her initial
    education in Sri Lanka. She is a Fellow of
                                                  companies such as Pacific International
                                                  Lines Singapore, Inchcape Shipping Asia       Dr. Ruanthi De Silva
    the Chartered Institute of Management         Pacific Office in Hong Kong, Thompson
    Accountants UK. She holds an MBA from         Clarke Shipping Sydney and Samudera
    the University of Hull UK and a Doctorate     Indonesia, as a Senior Consultant. She
    from the University of Newcastle in           states that she owes her shipping career
    Australia. Her research thesis was titled     to Ceylon Shipping Corporation where
    “The management of Intellectual Capital       she learned the fundamentals of shipping.
    in the Shipmanagement Industry and its
    impact on seafarers; An Indian                Dr De Silva joined Eurasia Group in 2003
    Subcontinent Perspective” and                 and established its Supply Chain
    addresses the issue of seafarer retention.    Management Unit under the guidance of
    Ruanthi is also an Associate member of        Mr. Jairaj. She played a key role in being
    the Chartered Institute of Logistics and      the architect of the SCM Concept Paper
    Transport.                                    drawn up for the group, which won the
    Dr De Silva's shipping career spans over      2004 Hong Kong Best Practices Award in
    26 years, covering agency shipping,           SCM.
    freight forwarding, chartering, liner
    shipping and ship management. She was         In May 2007, Dr De Silva was promoted as
    a key member of the Ceylon Shipping           Director SCM and Management                   keep a balance and has given her the
    Corporation Team that introduced              Accounting of the Eurasia Group. She          natural flair for “juggling” between chores.
    Containerization to Sri Lanka in 1978. In     designed a monthly result reporting           If you happen to see Dr De Silva in double
    1981, she joined Neptune Orient Lines in      system for measuring customer                 vision, it is probably because she has a
    Singapore, as the financial head of their     profitability on a vessel-wise basis to       twin sister!
    Chartering Department. In 1990, Ruanthi       support pricing and resource planning
    joined Hapag Lloyd as a founding member       decisions.
    of their Region East office and was the
                                                  Dr De Silva is married and has a 23 year                            Dr Ruanthi De Silva
    Financial Controller for the Eastern
                                                  old son and a 9 year old daughter. She
    Hemisphere. Between 1995 and 2003 she                                                                                     Group Director
                                                  believes that her motherhood helps her to
    worked for other world class shipping                                                                         Supply Chain Management

    Mr. Pavlos Varnavas, a Fellow Member of       control, tax management and ships'
    the Association of Chartered Certified        financing.                                          Pavlos Varnavas
    Accountants, joined Bernhard Schulte
                                                  Mr. Varnavas has the overall financial
    Shipmanagement (Cyprus) Ltd, formerly
                                                  control of BSM (Cyprus), as well as its
    Hanseatic Shipping Co. Ltd, in 1988 as
                                                  subsidiary and associated companies in
    the Assistant to the Financial Director,
                                                  Cyprus and abroad. Under his new
    following the completion of his studies in    position as group Financial Director and
    the United Kingdom. There, he obtained        together with the remaining team working
    by professional accounting qualification of   under the group Chief Financial Officer,
    ACCA. Mr. Varnavas was promoted to            we will face the challenge to secure
    Financial Director in 1998.                   efficient financial operations and controls
    Over his 20 years service to the Schulte      within the shipmanagement companies of

    Group, he has been involved in all            the BSM group.
                                                                                                reporting. We envisage making the BSM
    financial affairs of the ship owning and      Emphasis will be placed on internal           group even more profitable and financially
    ship management operations, including         control systems, cost control,                sound.
    financial management, financial               implementation of group financial policies                              Pavlos Varnavas
    reporting, management accounting, cost                                                                          Group Financial Director
                                                  and strategies, and management

Mr. Adonis Violaris is the Group Marketing
and Communications Manager with
                                               (Cyprus) Ltd., the CPR Department which
                                               Adonis has set up, was divided into two
                                                                                                        Adonis Violaris
Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement                branches; the communications – now
(Cyprus), the HR Manager, as well as the       handled by Telaccount Overseas, and the
Director of Telaccount Overseas Ltd. Mr.       Public Relations and Human Resources
Violaris holds an MBA in Business              Department, both of which are under Mr.
Administration from Freie Universität in       Violaris' direction. In addition to these
Berlin. Throughout his education and           tasks, Mr. Violaris and his team have the
professional experience, he maintains          responsibility of conducting marketing
close     links   with    the    IT      and   research, and specializes in the area of
Communications Industry and is one of          Strategic Human Resource Management
the main speakers at various IT and            (SHRM), particularly focusing on how the
Communications conferences.                    BSM (Cyprus) team can use its staff
                                               members as a source of competitive
The main objective for Mr. Violaris and his                                                    Committee. In addition, he serves as the
team has been to control and keep at a                                                         Chairman of the ICT Sub-committee of the
minimum, the communications costs and          With regard to his service role, Mr. Violaris   Cyprus Shipping Council. He is also a
to provide support to the Headquarters,        is involved at national and local levels in     member of the Cyprus Human Resources
branch offices and vessels regarding           Communications and Marketing, and               Management Association.
communication matters. Following the           Human Resources Management. He was
renaming of Hanseatic Shipping Co. Ltd to      elected to the position of Chairman for
                                                                                                                         Adonis Violaris
Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement                Intermanager's Communications
                                                                                                                       Group Marketing &
                                                                                                                   Communication Manager

Mr. Gupte graduated as a Bachelor of
Commerce in 1987 and qualified as a
                                               Finance & Administration.

                                               He has been a part of the Eurasia Group's
                                                                                                                   Atul Gupte
Chartered Accountant in 1990. Later, he
                                               growth from around fifteen vessels and
held several finance and accounting
                                               one office location to almost 120 vessels
positions in industries ranging from
                                               and eight office locations across the
financial services to manufacturing,
                                               globe. Mr. Gupte has assisted and/or
before starting his career with the Eurasia
                                               spearheaded the setting up of all the new
Group of Companies in its Hong Kong
                                               offices with specific focus on taxation and
office in 1993.
                                               accounting, as well as secretarial and
Starting as a Management Trainee with          legal matters.
Eurasia Group, he has been a part of the
                                               He has also been involved in various ad
finance / accounting / corporate
                                               hoc projects involving HR and
secretarial team and has held various                                                          team that prepared the submission for the
                                               Organisational changes, providing him
positions progressively – Chief                                                                HKMA Quality Award, which Eurasia won
                                               with well rounded organisational and
Accountant, Deputy Financial Controller,                                                       in the year 2003.
                                               management exposure.
Financial Controller and Director, and                                                                                        Atul Gupte
                                               Mr. Gupte was also a core member of the                             Group Financial Director

                                               n e w s     n e w s    n e w s   n e w s    n e w s   n e w s    n e w s    n e w s   n e w s

                                                                                                           Rescue at Sea
    Henry David Thoreau, a 19th century            marine world, stating, “We were a big ship    was actively involved in coordinating
    philosopher, was quoted as saying,             and our turning radius is two miles. We       rescue and post rescue efforts. As Capt.
    “There is no value in life except what you     constantly struggled to keep the guy in our   Minhas stated, “All due praise is for the
    choose to place upon it and no happiness       vision. The whole crew was so involved in     crew of the ship. What is really
    in any place except what you bring to it       the rescue; it was if we were united in a     commendable is that the crew of the
    yourself.”                                     single soul with a single purpose of saving   Grand Explorer kept their head cool in a
                                                   life and keeping ship safe. Our main worry    very emotionally charged environment
    Saving a life at sea is ingrained in the
                                                   was the raging seas and fading light, as      and   followed      the   safety     and
    foundation of conduct while onboard a
                                                   life jacket light was damaged and our gut     communication procedures to a T.”
    vessel. It is a divine experience. It is an
                                                   feelings and good eyesight were our sole
    experience capable of humbling and                                                           The marine world checked up with the
    inspiring you at the same time. To try and                                                   master again, regarding the health of the
    describe emotions felt by Captain              Having made the turn and constructing a       survivor. In addition to being in good
    Shehzad and the crew of the VLCC Grand         makeshift sheltered lee on starboard side     health and good hands, it was clear from
    Explorer the day they saved a life at sea,     of the ship, a life buoy with line was        photographs provided, that the
    would be undermining an otherwise              passed to the survivor. He was able to        Vietnamese seaman, young master and
    indescribable experience.                      muster enough energy to grab on to the        crew were clearly beaming in the
                                                   buoy, pulling him onboard the VLCC            goodness of having made a righteous act.
    It was 17 January 2008, when the Captain
                                                   Grand Explorer. A visibly exhausted and
    and Crew of the VLCC Grand Explorer
                                                   thankful Vietnamese fisherman was             Capt. Singhal was quoted as saying,
    saved the life of Vietnamese fisherman,
                                                   saved, by means of a life rescue basket       “Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, as
    Mr. Dan Kiem, who was stranded from
                                                   (OCIMF Basket) with the help of starboard     a company, is renowned for its employee
    shore for two days before being rescued.
                                                   side crane. The crew responded with           centric and welfare policies. We are lucky
    It is moments like these that make men
                                                   immediate first aid, checking his pulse and   to have
    “proud to be mariners.”
                                                   other parameters. He showed no signs of
                                                                                                 responsible and hard working sailing staff
    17th of January 2008, fully loaded VLCC        injury and breathing was shallow but
                                                                                                 that have helped us uphold high
    with a draft of 21 meters was chugging to      normal.
                                                                                                 standards of morality, dignity and duty
    Onsan, Korea with deadlines to keep at a
                                                   He did not speak any English but as Capt      towards fellow human beings.”
    position 200 miles south of Vietnam. In the
                                                   Shazhad recalled, “the eyes and humble
    evening captain, chief officer and second
                                                   smile of a survivor and the satisfaction
    officer were all on bridge having just
                                                   of saving a life is what warms our
    finished discussing vessel berthing and
                                                   hearts. Through            sign
    watch keeping schedule for the heavy
                                                   language and mannerism,
                                                   we now know that there is
    At 16:30, an orange coloured object being      no other man overboard
    thrown over the waves was spotted on           in the vicinity, that he
    their port bow. A quick look through a set     was
    of binoculars confirmed it to be a person in
                                                   alone in his fishing
    a life jacket, overjoyed at having been
                                                   boat and had
    spotted after such a harrowing two days at     drifted too far into the
    sea. Man overboard station was called          sea and capsized.”
    and the vessel starting began the process
                                                   T h e     c o m p a n y
    of making a williampson turn.
                                                   Designated Person
    Captain Shahzad Khurram recalled the           Ashore, Captain Minhas,
    event via telephone to the rest of the         who was immediately notified,

 j u s t   f o r    f u n    j u s t    f o r    f u n    j u s t    f o r    f u n     j u s t     f o r    f u n    f u n    j u s t    f o r       f u

                                                                             Technical Operations Seminar
Twenty five Senior and Junior Officers          BSM (IM) Managing Director                        As there were so many things to discuss,
took part in our bi-annual 2.5-day seminar      - Safety Presentation & Workshop –                the seminar finished very late in the
held from 6 to 8 November 2007. This time       Sanjay Patil, BSM (IM) Marine Manager             afternoon on both days. Shortly
the seminar took place in "Zajazd pod           - Vetting Presentation & Workshop –               afterwards, everybody moved to the hotel
Olivka," situated on the outskirts of           Sanjay Patil, BSM (IM) Marine Manager             restaurant for dinner.
Gdansk-Oliwa in a lovely valley                 - TMSA and ISO 14001 – Sanjay Patil,
surrounded by the Tricity landscape park.       BSM (IM) Marine Manager                           Kindly note that the next seminar will be
                                                - Anti-Corrosive Maintenance: Rust and            held from 13 to 15 May 2008 at Hotel
For this 8th Operations Seminar we              Paint, Work Guideline and Procedures –            Gdynia. We would like to mention that
invited a few external Clients we co-           Krzysztof Kozdron, BSM (PL) Technical             every TECH and OSG Officer is more than
operate closely with, who made the              Director                                          welcome to attend.
following presentations:                        - Dry-Dock Specification – Alex
                                                Wlazlowski & Janusz Borowicz, Technical
- Maersk Gas Carriers – Mie Munster-            Superintendents
Swendsen, Maersk Copenhagen                     - ABS Overview – Krzysztof Korpacki,
- Lankhorst Ropes – Hans-Pieter Baaij           PMS Assistant Superintendent
and Mark Pieter Frölich, Lankhorst
Touwfabrieken                                   On Tuesday, 6th November, Carolyn
- Towage and Salvage – Capt. Dennis             Skillicorn – BSM (IM) Personnel Manager,
Brand, TITAN Salvage.                           had face to face meetings with Deck
                                                Officers and on Wednesday, 7th
As always, we gave a number of in-house         November with Engine Officers. On
presentations discussing significant            Thursday 8th November Sanjay Patil ran
issues, such as:                                Risk Assessment and Root Cause
                                                Analysis courses for 8 Officers.
- Company's Future – David Furnival,

Successfully Concluded Orders for Chemical Tankers in China
Between June and December 2007,                 at Jiangzhou. The deliveries of these             Upon delivery of each one of the tankers
Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement                 vessels will take place in 2010 and 2011.         from their respective yards, they will enter
(Bermuda) closed a number of chemical                                                             the newly established “Hanseatic Tanker
tanker newbuilding transactions with both       In November 2007, both Intrepid Shipping          Pool,” which will be managed by Bernhard
existing and new clients. The brokerage         and Algoma Tankers decided to                     Schulte (Hellas). In addition to the
success was brought about by the                participate in an order for a total of five x     members mentioned above, our long-
excellent cooperation between a number          25,000 dwt IMO 2 tankers at Nantong               established clients Sloman-Neptun have
of parties in the Schulte Group, namely         Mingde, China. Two of these vessels are           also decided to join the pool with three of
Bernhard Schulte (Hellas) and Schulte           for ownership of Bernhard Schulte, two            their newbuilding 16,500 IMO 2 tanker
Marine Concept Limited.                         are for Algoma Tankers and one is for the         vessels, also under construction at
                                                ownership of Intrepid Shipping. Deliveries        Jiangzhou Union shipyard. The pool with
In June 2007, three 16,500 dwt IMO 2
                                                of these vessels will take place in 2010          its six partners will operate one of the most
tanker orders were placed by our clients
                                                and 2011.                                         modern and sophisticated chemical
Intrepid Shipping, USA. These vessels
                                                                                                  tanker fleets in the world.
will be constructed at Jiangzhou Union          In December 2007, a further order was
Shipbuilding Co. and are expected to be         placed for one 25,000 dwt IMO 2 tanker.           The pool will commence operations this
delivered in 2009 and 2010. Jiangzhou           The owners of this vessel are US-based            year as the first two deliveries of Schulte-
Union Shipbuilding Co. shipyard is              investors, and again, Bernhard Schulte            controlled IMO 3 tankers emerge from
already well known to us. In fact, our          Shipmanagement (Bermuda) brokered                 Jiangzhou Union shipyard, expected for
principal shareholders Bernhard Schulte         the transaction.                                  the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2008. An
have placed orders for a total of 8 x 16,500                                                      additional vessel will also join this year,
dwt IMO 2 and IMO 3 tankers with the            All tankers now on order at Jiangzhou             the 1998 built and Algoma Tankers-owned
same shipyard.                                  Union shipyard and Nantong Mingde in              chemical tanker, “Amalienborg,” to be
                                                China are under the newbuilding                   renamed “Algoma Hansa.”
In September 2007, our clients Algoma           supervision of Schulte Marine Concept
Tankers (Canada/Barbados) placed an             Limited.
order for three further IMO 2 sister vessels                                                                                         Jens Alers

     BHighlights                                 n e w s     n e w s    n e w s     n e w s   n e w s   n e w s   n e w s

                                                                                                BSM (India) at the Helm
                                                                                                                             n e w s   n e w s

     As we begin a new chapter under           operations with the utmost
     our parent name of Bernhard               commitment to safety and
     Schulte Shipmanagement, the BSM           procedural norms that govern the
     Centre for Advanced Learning is           LNG industry to future LNG officers.
     proud to be at the helm of LNG
     training in Asia. Drawing from our        On the 28th of January, 2008, the
     group's cumulative experience in          LNG programme was accredited by
     the operation of LNG ships, and our       DNV Norway.
     training endeavours over the past
     year, we have earned the unique           As an acknowledgement to the
     distinction of being the first training   quality and capability of our training,
     centre to offer SIGTTO compliant          the centre was awarded a 2 year
     LNG training in Asia.                     contract for the training of staff to be
                                               employed for the new generation of
     The five day LNG training                 LNG ships under the Qatar Gas
     programme uses lectures, videos,          Nakilat fleet. The training centre is
     and practical exercises on a Liquid       currently developing more training
     Cargo Handling Simulator. The             programmes and is sparing
     course aims at imparting the              no effort to ensure that our
     knowledge, understanding and              manpower delivers on the safety,
     confidence to perform cargo               competency and quality challenges
                                               posed by the industry.

                                                                       International Association for Safety and Survival Training
                                                                                                   Cyprus Meeting October 2007
                                                                       The International Association for Safety and Survival Training (IASST)
                                                                       held its 52nd International meeting and Safety Seminar in Limassol,
                                                                       Cyprus. The meeting and seminar was hosted by the BSM Marine
                                                                       Training Centre in October. The International meetings of the IASST
                                                                       provide Marine Safety Training Organizations an opportunity to share
                                                                       experience and knowledge as well as to discuss best practice and other
                                                                       issues related to marine safety training.
                                                                       The 52nd International meeting was attended by members from four
                                                                       continents – Europe, North America, Australia and Africa, as well as
                                                                       twenty other countries.
                                                                       The Safety Seminar opened with an address by Mr. Tomas Kazakos,
                                                                       Secretary of the General Cyprus Shipping Council, followed by an
                                                                       address by Mr. Serghios Serghiou Director Department of Merchant
                                                                       The one day safety seminar covered a range of topics, including
                                                                       training programs and standards, on board hygiene, passenger ship
                                                                       evacuation research and helicopter underwater escape training.

     My full five years at BSM (IM) is impressive enough, as my friends and
     colleagues supply the stuff
     Using my skills in my administrative role, I'm feeding the fish and looking
     after the shoal Clients and seafarers are a constant demand, and our
     expertise is forever on hand
     Our fish of the tropics provide the tranquillity; we learn from their lives, a
     perfect serenity Although Dorchester runs a tight safe ship, there is
     always some room for an artistic sip Expression and freedom to develop
     one's skills; encouraging a diversity that unifies wills
     If that's not impressive, I don't know what is, as anyone can tell you at
     Dorchester, this is the biz!
                                                                                                                            By Des Brookes

                                                                                                                     Just for fun
Photo Competition                                           sudoku sudoku sudoku

                                            sudoku sudoku
Our panel of expert judges chose the
entry 'New Sub' (see back), taken by
Chief Eng. Mr. Danilo Fernandez of
the HAPPY CONDOR. He is the
winner of an Apple iPod.

Many thanks and congratulations to
Chief Engineer Fernandez! We would
like to thank everyone who entered the
magazine competition and look
forward to receiving many more
exciting photos for the next issues

Please keep in mind, that any and all
photo entries received become the
property of Bernhard Schulte
Shipmanagement, and able to be used
for public relations and marketing

Did you know
Charlie Chaplin once entered a talent
competition and came away the winner of
3rd prize.
But what was the competition?
A Charlie Chaplin Look-a-like Contest!!!
                                                            Transparent Butterfly
                                                            It comes from Central America and is found from Mexico to Panama.
                                                            It is quite common in its zone, but it is not easy to find because of its
                                                            transparent wings, which is a natural camouflage mechanism.

                                                            As far as the types of butterflies there are around the world, a butterfly
                                                            with transparent wings is definitely not the norm. As delicate as finely
                                                            blown glass, the presence of this tropical gem is used by rain forest
                                                            ecologists as an indication of high habitat quality, and any large
                                                            change in how many transparent butterflies there are alerts them of a
                                                            potential ecological change.        Rivaling the refined beauty of a
                                                            stained glass window, the translucent wings of the Glasswing butterfly
                                                            shimmer in the sunlight. All things beautiful do not have to be full of color
                                                            to be noticed: in life that which is unnoticed often has
                                                            the most power.

Have A Laugh!!!
Through the pitch-black night, the captain sees a light dead ahead on a
collision course with his ship.
He sends a signal: “Change your course 10 degree east.”
The light signals back: “Change yours, 10 degrees west.”
Angry, the captain sends: “I'm a navy captain! Change your course, sir!”
“I'm a seaman, second class,” is the reply. “Change your course, sir.”
Now, the captain is furious. “I'm a battleship! I'm not changing course!”
There is one last reply. “I'm a lighthouse. Your choice.”

                        BHighlights                                Photo Competition

                                  Winning entry of BSM Photo Competition entitled ‘New Sub’ , taken by Chief Eng. Mr. Danilo Fernandez of the HAPPY CONDOR.

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