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									                                        ACME GENERAL CONTRACTING
                                                    6200 Savoy, Suite 1100
                                                     Houston, TX 77036
                                          Phone: (713) 270-4000 Fax: (713) 270-0185

Quote To:           New Jersey Department of Transportation                Bid Date:         2/20/2003
Attn:               Bureau of Construction Services                        Cont. No.:        BER950239
Street:             1035 Parkway Avenue                                    DP No.:           02133
City, State, Zip:   Trenton, NJ                                            PE No.:           1214510
                                                                           CE No. :          1214513

We are pleased to offer our proposal for construction of the above referenced contract.
These prices are based on plans dated 01/01/2003.

Following is our detailed scope of work:

                                                    TERMS AND CONDITIONS
Changes/Methods: Acme General Contractors shall be entitled to additional compensation over and above the prices set forth in
this Proposal for any alteration or deviation from the above labor, material or specifications or for any concealed or unforseen site
conditions involving any extra cost. Acme General Contractors shall have exclusive discretion to determine whether proper
conditions exist to perform the work.

Escalation Clause: Due to the uncertain stabilization of asphalt prices, we reserve the right to increase the contract price in an
amount equal to our increase subsequent to the date of this contract. Documents verifying the incurred increase will be furnished
upon request.

Payment: NET 30 Days -- Full Payment of Invoiced Amount. A service charge of 1.5% per month (18% per year) will be charged on
all sums due and owing 30 days after invoice. All payments will be credited to oldest billing. Acme General Contractors specifically
reserves the right to change, alter or modify these payment terms or to withdraw this Proposal after review of Customer's credit
information. Applicant gives authorization to obtain credit and financial information concerning the Applicant at any time and from
any source. If undersigned is an individual, the signing of this Proposal shall constitude authorization to Creditor to obtain a
Consumer Credit Report.

Schedule: Acme General Contractors shall perform the work within a mutually agreeable time frame. Acme General Contractors
shall not be liable for: (1) any delay damages, regardless of the cause of the alleged delay; or (2) any consequential or incidental
damages of any kind, regardless of the alleged cause.

Risk of Loss/Indurance: The Customer shall bear the risk of loss or damage to the work or any portion thereof completed by Acme
General Contractors, and Customer shall, at its sole cost and expense, provide insurance in "all risk" form to include the interestes of
the Owner, Acme General Contractors, and all Subcontractors as named insureds on customer's policy. Acme General Contractors,
will provide Workmen's Compensation Insurance for its employees.

Attorneys' Fees and Costs: Customer agrees to pay any and all expenses incurred by Acme General Contractors to enforce its
rights under this document, including but not limited to attorneys' and consultants' fees, interest and costs of litigation.

Permits and Fees: Customer shall give all notices, secure and pay for all permits, licenses and inspections, comply with all laws,
ordinances, rules and regulations, and mark all utility lines prior to commencement of any work. Acme General Contractors, is not
responsible or liable for any damage done to unmarked or incorrectly marked utility lines.
As Builts: Acme General Contractors, will be responsible for supplying the General Contractor or Owner with "Red-Line" drawings
showing any location or elevation changes made in the field for our scope of work (no sepias or mylars will be provided).

Expiration: This Proposal automatically expires and becomes null and void if Customer's Approval is not received by Acme General
Contractors, within thirty (30) days from the date of this Proposal. Acme General Contractors, reserves the right to withdraw this
Proposal any time prior to receipt of Customer's Approval.

Contract Requirement: Performance of the work set forth above is expressly contingent upon (1) Customer's Approval of the
Proposal; and (2) Acme General Contractors's Acceptance of the Proposal. Acme General Contractors, shall have no obligation or
liability to perform any work on any terms until the two conditions are satisfied.

Choice of Law/Venue: This document shall be governed by the laws of the State of Texas and the forum for all disputes arising
under this document shall be Harris County, Texas, or such other jurisdiction as chosen by Acme General Contractors, in its sole
discretion. Applicants residing, operating or conducting business outside the State of Texas or whose Corporate Registration is other
than the State of Texas hereby expressly grant the Creditor exclusive right to choose the judicial venue within the Applicant's State
Court System.

                                        APPROVAL OF PROPOSAL AND CONTRACT

Customer hereby approves the prices, specifications, terms and conditions set forth in the Proposal and requests that Acme General
Contractors, perform the work specified in the Proposal based upon the specifications, terms and conditions set forth above in the
Proposal, all of which are incorporated herein by reference. Payment will be made as outlined in the Proposal.


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 review of Customer's credit
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 and requests that Acme General
onditions set forth above in the
e Proposal.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed bids will be received by the Commissioner of Transportation

Rt 17/Essex Street Drainage from the vicinity of Rt 17 to the Saddle River, Cont. No.
BER950239, Grading, Paving, Structures and Drainage, in the Boro of Lodi, County of
Bergen, 100% State, DP No. 02133, PE No. 1214510, CE No. 1214513

Project Advertisement Date
Project Bid Date
Estimated Completion Date on

Estimated Range
Cost of Plans and Contract Documents
Contractors Prequalified in one of these Work Types are eligible to bid this project:
Contractor's Updated Financial Statement
(Form DC-74B) as of:

The principal items of work consist of:
Offsite Disposal of Regulated Waste
DGABC Variable Thickness
3350 MM Polymer Coated Asphalt Lined Corrugated Steel Pipe
Sanitary Pumping Station

Sheeting Left in Place

Bids for the above project will be received in the NJDOT MultiPurpose Room, New Jersey
Department of Transportation Headquarters, 1035 Parkway Avenue, Trenton, New Jersey on the
Project Bid date subject to change by addenda at 10:00 a.m. prevailing time, and will be
opened immediately thereafter. Bids must be delivered at the Multipurpose Room on or before
the hour named. Bids will be accepted only from bidders classified in accordance with R.S.
27:7‑35.1 et seq., who have filed affidavits that an Affirmative Action Program of Equal

Minimum wage rates for this project shall be as specified in the "Prevailing Wage Determination of
the New Jersey Department of Labor and Industry" on file with this Department. The attention of
bidders is directed to the provisions covering subletting or assigning the contract. The entire work


1035 Parkway Avenue

$ 20,000,001 to $ 25,000,000
1, 1b, 3, 3a, 3b, 4, 4l, or 5


59,039 MGR
9,468 CM
1,197 LM
1 LS

1 LS
20,600 SM

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