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									              Community Engagement Survey II
              Survey Dates: October 8-15, 2009

                                    PUBLIC HEALTH RESEARCH AND EVALUATION
                                                               Provisional Objectives
              Health Across the Lifespan: By 2020, establish a broad-based public health research and evaluation
              council to:
                     o develop research and evaluation priorities and annually revise
                     o promote collaborations for public health research and evaluations
                     o identify resources to fund public health research
                     o and require a report to the public about progress.

              Health Equity: By 2020, programs and policies to improve the health of Wisconsin, communities will
               #           Group                  Sector         What do you suggest are the best ways to move these objectives forward?
               1 Member Focus Area          Government (State Regarding health equity; shouldn't there be a call for further research into effective
                 Strategic Leadership       or Local)         programs and policies to improve the social and economic determinants of
                 Team (FAST)                                  health?
               2 Registered for fall 2008   Government (State Support collaborative research that crosses disciplines.
                 Community Engagement       or Local)
                 Wisconsin Public Health
                 Council or a standing

               3 Registered for fall 2008 Government (State     Continue (or start) partnerships with UW; MCW; and UWM School of PUblic
                 Community Engagement or Local)                 Health to promote and advance evidence-based practices from the State of
                 forum;Wisconsin Local                          Wisconsin!!! This can be expanded to assess policies; partnerships; etc.; related
                 Health Department                              to the provision of top-notch; cost-effective; and successful PH programs.
                 Officer;Member Focus
                 Area Strategic
                 Leadership Team

               4 Member Focus Area        Government (State     Major revisions to state-level databases (e.g. WEDSS; WIR; AVR; etc). Make
                 Strategic Leadership     or Local)             them more user friendly. Explore cloud computing technologies to make data
                 Team (FAST)                                    more accessible; easy to enter; and easy to retrieve for LHDs.
               5 Member Wisconsin         Community Sector      Face-to-face meetings with data collection sites to ensure that survey data
                 Public Health Council or                       collected makes sense for each site. Some data collected will need to be uniform
                 a standing committee                           across the state and some additional data collected should be site specific. The
                                                                more partners are involved and see the usefulness; the more accurate
                                                                compliance should occur. A plan for continues data collection as site policy
                                                                should be created rather than any one employee's task given problems with

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               #             Group           Sector          What do you suggest are the best ways to move these objectives forward?
               6 eHealrh               Government (State create nested models of evidence that link citizen experience with public
                 boardmember;Registere or Local)         investment and state-wide accountability
                 d for fall 2008
                 Community Engagement
                 forum;Member Focus
                 Area Strategic
                 Leadership Team

                7 Registered for fall 2008    Government (State Partner with the UW Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR)
                  Community Engagement        or Local)
                8 Member Focus Area           Nonprofit Sector  Engage/train the community affected by the issue being researched. Acquire
                  Strategic Leadership                          funding to compensate them for their participation. Use community-based
                  Team (FAST)                                   participatory research principles.
                9 Member Focus Area           Government (State Very specific objective.
                  Strategic Leadership        or Local)
                  Team (FAST)
               10 consultant for health and   Nonprofit Sector  It would be helpful to define what you mean by evidence-based. Again; very
                  education non-profits;                        vague. What are activities ? Are these synonymous with programs ; or perhaps
                  background in public                          there is a different word here that would be better? It seems like the whole
                  health                                        sentence after health equity needs to be revisited because it does not make
                                                                much sense. Maybe the commas are just in the wrong places? How do you
                                                                improve inequity -- that means you want more inequity the way it is written.
                                                                Maybe you want to reduce ineqity; maybe reduce disparities?Also; the CDC
                                                                already defines many of these things; at the state level we can then connect to the
                                                                best resources for implementation or improvement in following best practices and
                                                                evidence-based practices. We could simply write that all state-funded programs
                                                                shall follow nationally established and validated evidence-based practices or
                                                                demonstrated best practice methods.
               11 Member Focus Area           Government (State Create a State Public Health Research Council with represntation from the
                  Strategic Leadership        or Local)         Wisconsin Medical Society; Wisconsin Hospital assn; leaders of large health
                  Team (FAST)                                   systems; and public health to review health priorities; set research agenda;
                                                                provide funds for incentivizing research (with the two wisconsin partnership
                                                                programs (blue cross conversions) for studies that address specific goals;
                                                                measurable outcomes and reproducible processes for health improvment.
               12 Member Focus Area           Government (State Provide evaluation training to critical program staff. Evaluation is an art/science in
                  Strategic Leadership        or Local)         itself; and cannot be effectively accomplished without training.Make evaluation
                  Team (FAST)                                   measures and results available in a timely manner for all to view. Even if the
                                                                results reflect less than desirable progress; they can be used to defend the need
                                                                for additional resources; or to help identify weaknesses in programs that can be

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                #          Group                Sector          What do you suggest are the best ways to move these objectives forward?
               13 Registered for fall 2008 Government (State Develop better partnerships and explicit policies for more easily working jointly
                  Community Engagement or Local)             between governmental public health and the universities and other research
                  forum;Wisconsin                            organizatons in the state
                  Department of Health
                  Services program or
                  staff;Member Focus
                  Area Strategic
                  Leadership Team

               14 Member Focus Area     Government (State Provide funding opportunities through the block grant system or the wisconsin
                  Strategic Leadership  or Local)         partnership funds at both medical schools.Give the research and evaluation
                  Team (FAST)                             council some teeth through the legislative and executive branches of the state
                                                          gov'tUse a framework such as structure; process; outcome and Rules of Evidence
                                                          to assess activities and interventions
               15 Wisconsin Department Government (State First establish the research/evaluationcouncil. Then-- with the advice of the
                  of Health Services    or Local)         council-- develop procedures for policies such as requiring outcome and process
                  program or management                   evaluation components to approve funding for grants/programs.

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