Your Mid Columbia Beekeeper’s Association Volume II Issue 1 Meeting this Tuesday January 10 2010 at the Sportspage in downto by raq19807


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  Beekeeper’s Association
                        Volume II, Issue 1

Meeting this Tuesday, January 10, 2010, at the Sportspage, in
downtown Kennewick. Click here for map and directions. Meet
and greet at 6, meeting starts at 7pm.

                       Visitors welcome
        Club Officers                         MCBA INFORMATION
               President                   The Mid-Columbia Beekeeper’s
                                           Association is your local chapter of the
              David White                  Washington State Beekeeper’s
                                           Association. The MCBA covers a large
                                           area of S.W. Washington state. Our
             509.948.5216                  mission includes:

                                                 Beginning beekeeping
                                                 Sharing of tips and techniques
        Vice President/Publicist                 Public education and awareness
                                                 Swarm retrieval
              Chris Kilmer

                      We meet the second Tuesday of
                                                  every month, at the Sportspage, 6
             509.544.9523                         South Cascade Street, in
                                                  Kennewick. 6pm social, meeting
             509.302.8385                         begins at 7. Visitors welcome!

               Secretary                                 MEMBERSHIP DUES

                                                          Single…………$                              Family…………$
                                                  Participation in MCBA firworks
                                                  stand results in automatic dues
                                                  paid for that year.
volume II, issue I

December 8, 2009 meeting.
I wasn’t able to attend the previous meeting. However, RoseMarie and
Larry were gracious enough to take “accurate” notes. Thanks to you

Mid-Columbia Bee Keepers Monthly Meeting 12-08-2009

Members and guests: 17
Meeting site: Sports Bar in Kennewick

Guests from Pendelton: Dean and Kathy Unruh, 541-966-8422 Their
son is interested in becoming a beekeeper.
Matt and Brian attended the Beekeepers Conference at Seaside, WA. They both
commented on the hurricane they endured.
Matt brought some observations:
-Bee loss is on a two year cycle. If a bee keeper has a 10% loss that is fairly normal, but
expect greater losses this year, some are experiencing that already.
-Nukes are an excellent way to prepare for the next year. One keeper set them into cold
storage. Matt will give it a try.
-Matt plans on attending the Orlando Beekeepers Conference.
-He is frustrated with the universities research; they are overlapping and results are
-Use of commercial chemicals advocated for mite problems has had poor results. Matt is
advocating a more natural way with essential oils, making your own patties.
-Cumofos is not working.
-Discussion and proposal that one solution to bee loss/collapse is to bring in a German
strain which may help preserve our bee population. No consensus on this proposal.
-California almond growers think there is a surplus of bees but that is not the case.
-Many commercial bee keepers state that honey is a by-product of their business,
pollination is primary.
-Pesticides are a major problem, a contaminant.
Brian brought conference observations .
-Matt is area representative for the SE sector.
-There is a new Bee Club in Yakima, Brian is involved.
-He too, urged us to watch for chemical contaminants and reminded us that they are a
major problem.
-Buy a queen from a beekeeper that manages his hives like you want to or do.
-August, a western Apiary conference is scheduled for Eugene/Salem area. Large
beekeeper population in Oregon, larger than Washington, which is one of the reasons
for conferences being held in OR.
-Urged us to attend conventions. Much can be learned at the meetings and in the halls

Discussion of where to purchase or obtain bees, equipment, etc. Several suggestions
 -Manlake is an excellent source for such equipment. Group purchase may ease cost of
 -Suggestions that buying used equipment not always safe. New is better. Matt likes the

Dave mentioned that swarms are an excellent source of increasing your bee hive
-There are good personal contacts on the MCBK web-site, present your questions and
get assistance.
-Dave mentioned our diversity, newbies, veterans, and commercial beekeepers.
Perry brought us a web-site for making your own essential oil patty's and other aides.
Some discussion on sting therapy.

White elephant Christmas exchange proved fun and rewarding. Chocolates and wine,
did they go to the same home? Next year's event to be better planned and location allow
food from the outside.

Rosemarie Ennen read a Christmas poem.

Next meeting: January 12, 2010 same place.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
                                  BEE RELATED WEBSITES

New Website                      Bees-on-the-Net. This person
                                 does sell honey and hive
                                 products. However, there is a lot
The MCBA has a new website.
                                 of information here, print and
It’s located here:               video, on beginning beekeeping,
http://midcolumbiabeekeepe       swarms, etc. Check it out!          http://www.bees-on-the-
Let me know what you think!
We hope to have it shortened
to, but until then,
we’re making progress. If
anyone knows how to make
the site easier to find on a      Mid-Columbia Hive News
search engine, please let me
know. I’m very interested in     I have a few dead bees on the
                                 front of each hive every so often.
someone being able to
                                 Jolene reports she saw some of
Google “Kennewick and
                                 her girls flying with snow on the
Swarms”, or “Tri-cities          ground.
beekeeping”, etc. and have
the website pop right up.        Do your bees have enough
                                 stores? The books say winter
                                 kills are due more to starvation
                                 than the cold. How do you
Almond Pollination               check, and what to do about it?
                                 Come to the January meeting and
Matthew is gearing up for        find out!
California almond
pollination, due to begin very
soon. Good luck, Matt!

           Our January Beekeeper of the month is Jolene Chambers.

“I am proud to say I am a Tri-City native. I have spent all but seven years in this
area. I attended Pasco High School until my junior year when I transferred to Mt.
Rainier HS in Des Moines, WA. my senior year in 1966. After school I moved to
Fayetteville, NC for a year, married a GI and moved to Michigan for six years then
returned to the Tri-Cities area about 1973.

I have two sons that I am very proud of, Perry Steadman, who is my mentor. Poor
guy trying to teach this ol' gal the ropes! Shawn Steadman, my youngest and a joy
in my life.

I first got interested in bees when Perry was 11 or 12. He built an observation hive
and put it in his bedroom window. I could hardly wait for him to go to school so I
could sit on the floor and observe the bees. I would watch them for hours. It
seemed to me to be very relaxing.

Mothers Day, 2009, Perry bought me my first hive! Okay, now what? We are three
generation of beekeepers now. Myself, son Perry and my granddaughter, Shandy.
We have a great time working our hives together. Perry recently moved his,
Shandy's and a swarm hive we retrieved at Columbia Center Mall early summer 2009
to my back yard (now we have four). Not true. We just lost a hive and are down to
three. Hopefully I will be starting another hive of all shallows this Spring. Perry has
just completed building me the boxes!

My first year of beekeeping has been quite an experience. I was fortunate enough to
be able to harvest honey twice. My first extraction was three gallons (July 18th).
My second extraction was only 1 3/4 gal on Aug. 5th. Not bad for the first year and
one hive! I love my girls and by the way, my queen is Myrtle! I am looking forward
to Spring 2010 so I can get back out there with my girls. Winter has been pretty
boring without being able to watch them do their thing.

I have a long way to go and hopefully with all your help and a great mentor, perhaps
I might make it yet!”

 Jolene attends every meeting, and always has a smile. Her enthusiasm for
 beekeeping makes her a great asset to our new club. Check out the great
                                hive stand!

                             See you at the meeting!

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