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									              CT 121 Final – Power Point Presentation
Start your presentation by using an outline format in Word. Print this outline or be sure to
include the Word outline in your email.

At least 6 Slides
       Title slide – What is your presentation about?
                Date and Name in the footer on the Title slide only
       Your discretion – must submit topic to your instructor, no duplicates. 1st come 1st
At least 5 Images
       At least 2 images must move
Animation Scheme
       Must have flow to the presentation
       Text and images must have different schemes (At least one image must have two)
At least 3 Sounds
       On any or all slides or images
             Must be different
             Use Insert on the Menu bar
       Must include an integration of Access and Excel on at least one of the slides
                     Data or a Report is best
                     Data or a Chart is best
PPT Outline
       Put your CT 121 Info in the footer of the Outline and Handouts
+ Movie/Video
       Insert a video file into your presentation – must include the file with the

To complete you will need to:
      Print the original Word outline
      Print the PPT Outline
      Turn in both Outlines to your instructor
      Print a 6 slide layout of your presentation
      Email the original presentation to your instructor. If your presentation is too big to
       email after you zip it, you will have to burn it to a CD.

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