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					             Community Room              Conference Room                 Technology Center              Quiet Room              Tower Room
                (1st Floor)                 (2nd floor)                     (2nd Floor)                  (1st Floor)             (2nd Floor)

9:00 AM                                 Registration, Coffe and Breakfast, Mix and Mingle (Lobby and Community Room)

9:30 AM                                                Introductions and Organization (Community Room)

10:00 AM                                                   Lightning Talks Round 1 (Community Room)
10:30 AM                                                                     Short Break
                 BoaF 1:                     BoaF 2:                           BoaF3:                      BoaF4:
10:45 AM                                                                                                                             n/a
              Getting Started           Webinars & Remote                     CC Images                Learning Styles
11:45 AM                                                          Lunch (Community Room or Plaza)
                  BoaF 5:                     BoaF 6:                          BoaF7:                      BoaF8 :
12:45 PM                                                                                                                   T is for Training Set Up
           Audience Engagement          Methods & Structure              Favorite Resources              Moderating
                  BoaF9:                      BoaF10:                         BoaF11:                     BoafF12:
2:00 PM                                                                                                                    T is for Training LIVE!
           Problems in Presenting        Presentation Style                Best Practices           Getting the Word Out
3:00 PM                                                                     Short Break
3:15 PM                                                    Lightning Talks Round 2 (Community Room)

3:45 PM                                                    Reports and Evaluation (Community Room)

4:30 PM                                                       Battle Deck Demo (Community Room)

5:00 PM                                    Group Walk to Triumph Brew Pub (East on Witherspoon, North on Nassau)

5:30 PM                                                              Socializing and Schmoozing

                                    Creating the "hook"; tying it
                                    all together; transitions; how
 BoaF1        Getting Started
                                            much content;
                                                                        Challenges of remote
                                          Presenting over a
                                                                          presentations and
                                      distance;Webinars: Best
 BoaF2      Webinars & Remote                                         applications and potential
                                       practice, tips, options,
                                                                         benefits to distance
                                   Where to find them, giving     Using hand-drawn visuals in
Boaf3    Creative Common Images
                                     attribution, best use               presentations
                                      Teaching to different
BoaF4        Learning Styles
                                         learning styles
                                   how to ask questions that will
                                     get the audience involved;
                                                                   When, how and where to
BoaF5     Audience Engagement        interactive presentations;
                                      favorite icebreakers and
                                                                  use stories in a presentation
                                   examples of hands-on learning
                                   e.g. 10-20-30, pecha kucha,    The Success of TED talks
BoaF6     Methods & Structure         battle decks and their    (share favorite talks, how to
                                         resulting benefits               recreate)
                                    books, web sites, articles;
                                                                   Handouts, take-aways,
                                   new software and sites for                                     Open source presentation
BoaF7      Favorite Resources                                   etc.(paper, online, methods,
                                          creating better                                           software -- favorites
                                   more than just naming the
BoaF8          Moderating           names; how to do it right
                                           (tips, advice)
                                    overcoming presentation          handling hecklers,
                                   anxiety; staying calm when challengers, and detractors
BoaF9     Problems in Presenting        things go wrong;           (with open, positive
                                   transforming negatives into reactions) and other logistics
                                             positives                 of presenting

                                   Can you learn charisma? is
                                                                   Overcoming Umms and
BoaF10      Presentation Style     frenetic as presenting style
                                                                  ahhs; Poise under pressure
                                    sometimes a good thing?
                                Effective use of powerpoint
                                                                  Best practices in
                                (and other slide decks); how
                                                             presentation development
BoaF11      Best Practices       to make slides with impact;
                                                             and creating image-based
                                 rhythm/pacing when using
                                Using social networking to
                                advertise your events (and
                                                               Archiving your content
BoaF12   Getting the Word Out       other methods of
                                                              (methods, ideas, sharing)
                                advertising and getting the
                                         word out)

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