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									                                                               Page 1                      247fd44b-0a70-4283-8466-69553bae042a.xls
                   Title                   Primary Theme             Secondary Theme Song Card   BB CD   Book/Recording
Bear Hunt                                  animals                 bears                  X
Bears Eat Fish                             animals                 bears                  X
Sing a Song                                animals                 bears/literature/stor.                  book* - lost
Kookabura                                  animals                 birds                  X      1-44
Penguins Forward and Back                  animals                 COR/movement           X      4-38
Five Green and Speckled Frogs              animals                 counting               X      4-19
Five Little Monkeys Jumpin' on the Bed     animals                 counting               X      4-89
Five little monkeys swingin’ in a tree     animals                 counting               X      2-16
Grey Squirrel                              animals                 fall/movement          X
Bingo                                      animals                 farm
Down on Grampa's Farm                      animals                 farm                   X      4-17
Farm Flu                                   animals                 farm                                      book*
Little Red Hen                             animals                 farm                   X      3-92
Mary Had a Little Lamb                     animals                 farm                   X                  book*
Old McDonald                               animals                 farm                   X      1-43        book*
Who Will Tuck Me In Tonight?               animals                 farm                                      book*
Ground Hog                                 animals                 hibernation            X
Bear Facts                                 animals                 literature/stories                        book*
Froggy Went A-Courtin'                     animals                 literature/stories                        book*
Little Mother Goose                        animals                 literature/stories                        book*
Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone? animals                 literature/stories                        book*
Seals on the Bus (The)                     animals                 literature/stories                        book*
Three Billy Goats Gruff                    animals                 literature/stories     X                  book*
Hop old squirrel                           animals                 movement                      2-22
Little Peter Rabbit                        animals                 movement                      2-31
I Bought Me A Cat                          animals                 pets                   X
Love Your Pets                             animals                 pets                   X
How Much is that Doggy in the Window?      animals                 pets/literature/stor.         4-24        book*
Zoo Song 1 (Pre-writing Skills)            animals                 pre-writing            X
There Was a Little Turtle - Chant          animals                 turtles
Zoo Song - Pre-writing                     animals                 zoo                    X
Zoo Song 2 - (Oh Do You Know the Lion)     animals                 zoo                    X
Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear?   animals/ 5 senses       literature/stories     X      4-46        book*
Incubator                                  animals/chicks          science                X
Little Duck Egg                            animals/chicks          science                X      4-32
Owl in the Tree                            birds                   minor sounds                  4-37
Head and shoulders baby 1,2,3              body parts              movement                      2-18
Head, shoulders, knees and toes            body parts              movement                      4-68
Hokey pokey                                body parts              movement                      4-69
Hold It (Wake up toes)                     body parts              movement                               WolfTrap rec.
Looby Loo                                  body parts              movement                      4-74                             1
                                                               Page 2                         247fd44b-0a70-4283-8466-69553bae042a.xls
Oh, What a Miracle                           body parts             movement                                H. Palmer rec.
Alouette                                     body parts             senses/multi-cult.    X
One Little Elephant                          caring/sharing         animals
We Are Friends (My Hands Are Helping)        caring/sharing         I Care Cat            X
First Friends                                caring/sharing         literature/stories                          book*
Here Are My Hands                            caring/sharing         literature/stories                          book*
Somebody Loves Me                            caring/sharing         miscellaneous         X         2-54
Teaching Peace                               caring/sharing         movement                                H. Palmer rec.
Mouse in My Heart (Nibble, Nibble, Nibble)   caring/sharing         pre-reading           X         4-35
Make a Friend                                caring/sharing         routine               X
Feliz Navidad                                celebration            family                X
Kwanzaa Candles                              celebration            family                X
Kwanzaa is a Time                            celebration            family                X         2-28
Ring The Bells                               celebration            instruments           X
Dreidel Song                                 celebrations           miscellaneous         X
Five Little Ducks                            chicks/ducks           literature/stories                          book*
Here's a Baby Birdie                         chicks/ducks           science               X         4-21
Brown Bear Color Song                        colors                 bears                 X         3-38
Mary Wore a Red Dress                        colors                 clothing              X         2-34
Shawn Wore a Blue Shirt                      colors                 clothing              X         4-90
Color Song                                   colors                 COR                   X         4-9
Little Old Wagon                             colors                 farm
Who’s wearing red?                           colors                 focusing/clothing               3-65
Brown Bear Brown Bear (all characters)       colors                 literature/stories    X         3-38
I’m a Firefighter                            community helpers      drama/family center   X         2-25
Builder and Painter                          community helpers      miscellaneous         X
Community Helpers                            community helpers      miscellaneous         X         2-13
Community Helpers 2                          community helpers      miscellaneous         X
Cooperation - One Little Ant                 cooperation/counting   insects               X
Five Little Apples (Mr. Slinky Worm)         counting               fall                  X
Five Little Leaves                           counting               fall                  X
Way Up High in the Apple Tree                counting               fall                  X         4-87
Way Up High in the Maple Tree                counting               fall                  X
Five Little Cookies                          counting               foods                 X
Five Little Donuts                           counting               foods                 X
Five Little Latkes                           counting               foods                 X
Grocery Store                                counting               foods                 X         4-20
Six Buzzing Bumblebees                       counting               insects               X
Cuckoo Clock - Counting                      counting               instruments           X         4-60
Ladybug counting chant                       counting               ladybugs              X
One Friendly Dinosaur                        counting/addition      dinosaus              X
Johnny Works With One Hammer                 counting/addition      movement              X         4-73                             2
                                                       Page 3                           247fd44b-0a70-4283-8466-69553bae042a.xls
Hickory, Dickory Dock                 counting/number recog   miscellaneous         X
Dinosaurs Long Ago                    dinosaurs               dinosaus              X
Dinosaur - Hand Drum Activity         dinosaurs               instruments           X
Dinosaur Graphing Song                dinosaurs               science               X         4-15
Down By The Bay                       echo song               literature/stories                            book*
Are You Sleeping (Frere Jacques)      echo song               multicultural         X
Frère Jacques                         echo song               multicultural         X
Leaves are Falling                    fall                    colors                X         4-31
Autumn Leaves Are Falling             fall                    leaves                X
Autumn Winds                          fall                    leaves                X
Did You Ever See the Leaves           fall                    leaves                X      4-13, 4-14
I’m a Little Acorn Round              fall                    movement              X         4-28
Pumpkin Nice and Round                fall                    science               X         2-46
Pumpkin Vine Song                     fall                    science               X         4-39
Apples Hang on a Tree                 fall, foods             instruments           X         4-2
Applesauce                            fall, foods             science               X
(An) Apple is a Fruit                 fall, foods                                   X         4-1
Barney's Song                         family                  caring/sharing        X
Old Women Who Lived in a Shoe         family                  caring/sharing        X
You Are My Family                     family                  caring/sharing        X         3-69
Thank You Song                        family                  celebration           X
Hush Little Baby                      family                  drama/family center                            book*
Under One Sky                         family                  I Care Cat            X                      recording
Hush! A Thai Lullaby                  family                  literature/stories                             book*
My Aunt Came Back                     family                  literature/stories                             book*
Old Mother Hubbard                    family                  literature/stories                             book*
Papa, Papa                            family                  literature/stories                             book*
Did You Ever See a Family             family                  miscellaneous         X
MOMMY                                 family                  miscellaneous         X
Farmer in the Dell                    family/animals          farm                  X         1-28
Feelings                              feelings                caring/sharing        X         4-91
Abiyoyo                               feelings                literature/stories    X                       book*
If You’re Sad, angry, Scared, Happy   feelings                miscellaneous         X         4-29
Animal Crackers in My Soup            foods                   animals               X
I am a Pizza                          foods                   drama/family center                       C. Diamond rec.
One Little Bird                       friendship              counting                        4-36
Brush Your Teeth                      health                  miscellaneous         X         4-86
Germs                                 health                  miscellaneous         X
I Need a Tissue                       health                  miscellaneous         X
John Brown’s Baby                     health                  movement              X         4-31
Traffic Light                         health/safety           miscellaneous         X
Martin Luther King Had a Dream        heroes                  I Care Cat            X         4-34                             3
                                                        Page 4                        247fd44b-0a70-4283-8466-69553bae042a.xls
George Washington                     heroes                miscellaneous         X
Eency Weency Spider (The)             insects               literature/stories                             book*
Itsy Bitsy Spider                     insects               literature/stories    X         4-83           book
Over in the Garden                    insects               literature/stories            3-82 (ac)        book*
Shoo, Fly!                            insects               literature/stories                             book
The Ants Go Marching One by One       insects               movement                      3-71 (ac)
Beautiful Butterfly                   insects               science               X
Stomp, Stomp, Stomp (Dinosaur Song)   instruments           dinosaus                        4-43
Ladybug, ladybug                      instruments           ladybugs              X         4-4
Napping House                         instruments           literature/stories    X                        book*
La Pulga de San José                  instruments           multicultural         X
Eggplant Man                          letters               foods                 X
Biddy Biddy Bum Bum                   letters               letter sounds
Voice                                 letters               letter sounds         X         4-44
ABC                                   letters               miscellaneous         X
(A) Letter, a letter                  letters               movement                        2-30
Alphabet March                        letters               movement              X         4-64
A Tisket ATasket                      mail                  movement              X
Build It Up and Knock It Down         misc./opposites       literature/stories                             book*
Starlight, Star Bright                miscellaneous         COR                   X         4-42
All About You                         miscellaneous         literature/stories                             book*
Alligator Pie                         miscellaneous         literature/stories    X         2-1
Cat in the Hat Songbook               miscellaneous         literature/stories                             book*
Monster Party                         miscellaneous         literature/stories                             book*
Mother Goose In Sign                  miscellaneous         literature/stories                             book*
Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash         miscellaneous         literature/stories                             book*
Mud Soup                              miscellaneous         literature/stories                             book*
Rum-a Tum-Tum                         miscellaneous         literature/stories                             book*
Jim along, Josie                      miscellaneous         movement                        2-26
Bubbles Pop                           miscellaneous         science               X         4-6
Shadow Song                           miscellaneous         science               X
Kindergarten Here We Come             miscellaneous                               X
Zippity Birthday                      miscellaneous                                         4-47
Bluebird, Bluebird                    movement              birds                 X         4-65
Mexican hat dance                     movement              COR                             2-35
Silly Sally                           movement              COR                             2-51
Skip to My Lou                        movement              COR                                            book*
Teddy bear, teddy bear                movement              COR                             2-57           book*
Here we go ‘round the mulberry bush   movement              drama/family center
Exercise Song                         movement              health                X
Clap hello                            movement              hello                           3-16
Carnival of the Animals               movement              literature/stories                        recording*/book*       4
                                                          Page 5                       247fd44b-0a70-4283-8466-69553bae042a.xls
I Went Walking                            movement            literature/stories                          book*
Shake My Sillies Out                      movement            literature/stories                          book*
Wild Things                               movement            literature/stories   X                      book
Cross town                                movement            miscellaneous                  2-10
Do your ears hang low?                    movement            miscellaneous                  1-72
Down by the roller coaster                movement            miscellaneous                  3-58
Mr. Rabbit/Bunny hop                      movement            miscellaneous                  4-75
I Went to Kentucky                        movement            playground
Miss Mary Mack                            movement            playground           X         2-36         book*
Mulberry Bush                             movement            playground
My mama’s calling me                      movement            playground                     2-40
Ring Around the Rosie                     movement            playground
Rig-a-jig-jig                             movement            playground/COR                 4-79
Do as I’m doing                           movement            routine                        3-57
Clap your hands, touch your toes          movement            routing                        3-32
Raindrops Jumping Up and Down             movement            weather/movement     X         4-77
Skater's Waltz                            movement            winter               X                     recording
Tired Turtle                              music concept       animals              X
I Am A Fine Musician                      music concept       instruments          X         4-25
Stop and Go music symbol game             music concept       instruments                    4-76
Gingerbread Man                           music concept       literature/stories   X         3-90          book
Goldilocks                                music concept       literature/stories   X         3-91          book
Three Little Pigs                         music concept       literature/stories   X         3-95
I Shut The Door                           music concept       minor sounds                   4-27
Fast-Slow                                 music concept       miscellaneous        X
Tikeli bugeli                             music concept       miscellaneous                  2-59
Rainbow Fish                              ocean               literature/stories   X                        book
Somewhere in the Ocean                    ocean               literature/stories                           book*
We're Floating in the Ocean               ocean               literature/stories   X         4-82           book
Octopus                                   ocean               movement             X                  C. Diamond rec.
Popcorn                                   pre-reading         counting             X
Clean up little star (Twinkle Clean-up)   routine             clean-up                       3-2
Clean up song (Barney)                    routine             clean-up                       3-1
Clock on the wall                         routine             clean-up                       3-39
I see (Darryl) cleaning up                routine             clean-up             X       3-5, 3-6
Yankee Clean Up                           routine             clean-up                       3-9
Open shut them                            routine             echo song                      1-84
Eyes are watching                         routine             focusing             X         1-73
Hands up, hands up                        routine             focusing             X         3-50
I Wiggle My Fingers                       routine             focusing
My Eyes Are Facing Forward                routine             focusing
My fingers are starting to wiggle         routine             focusing                       1-83                             5
                                                                    Page 6                       247fd44b-0a70-4283-8466-69553bae042a.xls
Stop, Look & Listen                              routine                focusing             X         3-50
Time to listen                                   routine                focusing                       3-37
Whose name is this?                              routine                focusing/clothing           3-63, 3-64
Friends, Friends, 1,2,3                          routine                hello                X
Good Friends                                     routine                hello                X
Hello everybody                                  routine                hello                          1-4
Hello there                                      routine                hello                          1-6
Hello, and how are you?                          routine                hello                          3-19
Hi there, friend                                 routine                hello                          1-7
I like it bein’ me                               routine                hello                          3-22
It's So Good to See You                          routine                hello                X         3-23
We’re all here today                             routine                hello                       3-29, 3-30
Oh it’s time to say hello/goodbye                routine                hello/good-bye                 3-67
A follower am I                                  routine                lining up                      1-61
A line needs a leader                            routine                lining up                      3-44
Days of the week                                 routine                miscellaneous                  4-11
This is my place                                 routine                miscellaneous                  3-36
When We Are In Preschool                         routine                miscellaneous        X
Hickety pickety bumblebee                        routine                names                X      4-22, 4-23
Jingle, jingle, jingle jive                      routine                transition                     3-60
Sticky icky bubblegum                            routine                transition                     3-49
Two little hands go clap, clap, clap             routine                transition                     1-91
Who Has a Seat                                   routine                transition                     3-14
Who Stole the Cookies From the Cookie Jar?       routine                transition                                  book
Friend, Oh Friend                                routine/movement       hello                X         3-17
Fire Safety What Should I Do                     safety                 fire safety          X
Fire Safety, Stop, Drop, Cover Your Face, Roll   safety                 fire safety                    4-18
Field Trip                                       safety                 miscellaneous        X
Fire Drills                                      safety                 miscellaneous        X
Gravity                                          science                literature/stories                         book*
Reflections                                      science                miscellaneous        X
Fuzzy Caterpillar                                science                spring               X         4-85
Pajama Song                                      seasons                clothing             X
What Do You Hear?                                senses                 instruments          X         4-46
Taste                                            senses                 nutrition            X
Five Senses - On My Face                         senses                 senses               X
Circle, circle                                   shapes                 miscellaneous                  2-9
Square                                           shapes                 miscellaneous                  2-55
Triangle                                         shapes                 miscellaneous                  2-58
Songs in Sign                                    sign language          miscellaneous                  2-48        book*
Splish Splash Spring                             spring                 literature/stories                         book*
It is Springtime                                 spring                 miscellaneous        X                                          6
                                                                 Page 7                           247fd44b-0a70-4283-8466-69553bae042a.xls
Little Bean Seed                              spring                    science               X
Marigold Seed                                 spring                    science               X
Seed in the Ground                            spring                    science               X         4-41
Seed in the Window pane                       spring                    science               X
It's Raining, It's Pouring                    spring                    weather               X                     book*
Rain, Rain Go Away                            spring                    weather               X         4-40
Stormy Day                                    spring                    weather               X
There is Thunder                              spring                    weather               X
Button you must wander                        traditional melody/song   drama/family center
I’m a Little Teapot                           traditional melody/song   movement              X
Clementine                                    traditional melody/song
Did you ever see a lassie                     traditional melody/song
Do you know the muffin man?                   traditional melody/song                                   3-80
For he’s a jolly good fellow                  traditional melody/song                                   3-74
Good night ladies                             traditional melody/song
I Know an Old Lady                            traditional melody/song                         X         4-26         book
Skiddamarink                                  traditional melody/song                                   2-52
Three Blind Mice                              traditional melody/song
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star                  traditional melody/song                         X         4-84
Heigh Ho                                      transition                clean-up                        3-4
Put your books on the shelf                   transition                clean-up                        3-7
Come on over for circle                       transition                focusing                        3-11
Everybody Have a Seat                         transition                gathering                       3-12
I am ready                                    transition                lining up                       1-77
Acka backa soda cracker                       transition                miscellaneous
Brown Bear transition                         transition                miscellaneous         X         3-38
Jump up and down                              transition                movement                     3-40, 3-41
Let’s sit down                                transition                movement                        3-42
Let’s stand up                                transition                movement                        3-43
Please Stand Up                               transition                movement                        3-45
Willoughby Walloughby Woo                     transition                rhyming               X         3-55
Row, Row, Row, Your Boat                      transportation            literature/stories    X                     book*
Airplane Song                                 transportation            miscellaneous         X
Steering Wheel                                transportation            miscellaneous
Transportation -How Did You Come to School?   transportation            miscellaneous         X
Wheels on the Bus                             transportation            miscellaneous         X         4-88
Down By The Station - Animals/Sequencing      transportation            sequencing            X         4-16
Clickety Clack                                transportation            train                           4-7
I've Been Working on the Railroad             transportation            trains                       3-77, 3-78
Little Red Caboose                            transportation            trains                          4-33
Mr. Sun                                       weather                   science                         2-39
Weather Song                                  weather                   science               X         2-60                             7
                                                       Page 8                       247fd44b-0a70-4283-8466-69553bae042a.xls
What's the Weather                 weather                 science              X         4-45
Lost Mitten                        winter                  clothing             X
Mitten, The - Mitten in the Snow   winter                  hibernation          X                     book*
Jingle Bell Rock                   winter                  instruments
Jingle Bells                       winter                  instruments          X
Snow!                              winter                  literature/stories                         book*
Mitten Song                        winter                  miscellaneous                  2-37
Let's Go Walking in the Snow       winter                  movement             X
Winter Weather                     winter                  movement             X
Chubby Little Snowman              winter                  science              X
I’m a Little Snowman               winter                  snow                 X
Dance Like Snowflakes              winter, echo song       movement             X
Hibernation Song                   winter/animals          hibernation          X
I’m a Little Penguin               winter/animals          penguins             X


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