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                           LIST OF FORMS
Chapter One
Partner and Non-practicing Executive Firm Management Administrator(s) Interview and SWOT
(strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) Analysis Grid
Associate Interview and SWOT Analysis Grid
Staff Interview and SWOT Analysis Grid
Summary of Interviews
Summary of SWOT
Summary of Strategic Vision and Strategic Area Responses
Tally of Strategic Areas of Focus Response
Sample Strategic Planning Document

Chapter Two
New Matter Conflict Check and Opening Form
New Matter Form—Opening Entry

Chapter Four
Preparation for Annual Performance Appraisal
Legal Secretary Review Form
Administrative Staff Review Form
Managerial and Supervisory Review Form
Job Description Template
Job Descriptions:
• Director of Legal Administration
• Accounting Manager
• Administrative Assistant
• Human Resources Manager
• Librarian
• Paralegal
• Receptionist
• Records Manager
• Support Analyst/Trainer
   Word Processor
Employment Application

Chapter Five
Travel and Entertainment Expense Form
Check Request and Petty Cash Form

Chapter Six
Sample RFP Form—Outsourcing Office Services
   Exhibit 1: Background Information
   Exhibit 2: Description of Office Operations and Current Services
   Exhibit 3: Vendor Profile
   Exhibit 4: Service Questionnaire
   Exhibit 5: Contract Terms and Cost Structure
   Exhibit 6: References
Chapter Seven
Business Recovery Plan Template
Go Green: Checklist to Help Your Firm Get Started
Go Green: The ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge

Chapter Eight
Sample IT Assessment Scope

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