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									1. Student UCID:


2. My semester topic/theme is (must be same topic as for procedure):

How to save the economy and environment by lessening the world's dependency on fossil

3. Proposed proposal title:

The increase in funding for the environmental in NJIT

4. Short overview of your proposal (1 paragraph: 3-4 sentence minimum;
two paragraphs are recommended):

        I want to propose an increase in funding for environmental in NJIT. The increase
in funding would not focus on the weather patterns but rather on technology that help
reduce our dependency of fossil fuels. Technology such the solar cells that can painted on
walls there was developed here at NJIT and many others. As long the funding is aimed at
the environmental and its research, it could reduce our dependency of fossil fuels.

        The increase in funding could also help reduce NJIT’s carbon footprint. NJIT
could install solar panels and wind turbines around campus to help with the bills and
reduce consumption of electrify. This idea could also influence other colleges around
Newark and NJIT students to reduce their carbon footprint at well.

5. Explain the persuasive argument (key purpose) for your proposal (1-3
sentences suggested):

        My proposal is not only an exiting idea that could challenge the minds of growing
engineers, but it could benefit NJIT as a whole since any technology developed at NJIT
will be freely used at NJIT. Not only are that but it also set an example for many colleges
as well, since there many colleges around Newark that benefit for the increase in
research. The final reason of course of the increase in funding is to save money and
overall save the environment.
6. Short closing statement for your proposal:

My proposal is great idea that is long overdue in college research and life. If we have
started this a long time ago then our environment and economy would be in much better

7. Indicate which NJIT digital references you plan to use (minimum of 2):

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