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Company Profile
An introduction to the M SAN Group.

              Your smart logistics
           2   M SAN Grupa d.d., founded in 1995, is a privately held Croatian company. In June
               2007 M SAN Grupa d.o.o. was transformed from a Limited Liability Company into
               a Corporation assuming the name M SAN Grupa d.d. to reflect this change. The
               company is in the business of wholesale distribution of modern technologies
               that include computer hardware, software (IT) and consumer electronics (CE)

               Following four years of growth and portfolio expansion M SAN Grupa reached the
               leading position among Croatian IT companies in 1999 that it continues to hold
               and strenghten. On the foundation of success in Croatia M SAN Grupa shifted its
               focus on regional expansion utilizing the strength and stability of Croatian market;
               M SAN Grupa’s proven business model and the Company’s tested management
               team to capture the significant market opportunity and synergy offered by the
               markets surrounding Croatia.

               In 2008, M SAN Grupa is a leading distributor of computer hardware, software
               and consumer electronics in the region it operates with strong growth potential
               and the lead or leading market position in all of the markets it operates in.

               M SAN Grupa invests continuously in its organizational and physical infrastructure
               in order to facilitate the planned growth. The company has retained all of its
               profits since inception and reinvested them in financing further growth. M SAN
               Grupa has invested 60 Mio EUR in business development and infrastructure during
               the past five years.
M SAN Grupa - Regional market leader by all standards

of modern business.

M SAN Grupa - Through distribution chain process optimization we
offer our partners maximal support with a goal to help them boost
their competitive market advantage.
               M SAN Grupa Inc.
                                                        • established: 1995.
                                                        • activities: distribution of computer hardware,
                                                          software, and consumer electronics.
                                                        • total equity: 24 Mil €
                                                        • number of employees: 676
                                                        • office and warehouse space: 67.802 m2 (in the whole region)
                                                        • partners: 5500 partners in the region
                                                        • portfolio: 15.000 products, more than 50 vendors
                                                        • assets: 126 Mil €

               M SAN Grupa strives to continuously develop and improve its business model for wholesale
               distribution of modern technologies across the geographic region that M SAN Grupa’s
               partner network services. This strategy is in line with M SAN Grupa’s mission aimed at
               providing maximum support to its partners and principals in the arena of wholesale
               distribution of IT and CE products so that they can focus on their respective businesses
               and therefore be more focused, successful and competitive.

                                                   Revenue M SAN Grupa Inc.

               By regional approach and unified supply for all markets, logistic and administrative
               expenses are minimized, operational capabilities are increased in addition to evasion of
               identical product type multiplication. This is achieved by enhanced partner connection
               where it offers more accurate quantity planning which decreases warehousing needs and
               accelerates merchandize and stock rotation, respectively.
Group members                                                                                       5

In accordance with the corporate mission, M SAN Grupa invests significant resources in employees,
improvement of service level and expertise delivered to the partner network. For that purpose,
services being developed are those which provide proficiency augmentation within M SAN Grupa
in addition to knowledge and information transfer towards our partners throughout various
educational and informative programs.

Map of Europe

     Group members                                    # Partners    *MSP#               2007.
     M SAN Grupa d.d, Zagreb                               2100         1       158.000.000 €
     KimTec d.o.o., Belgrade                               1600         2        53.000.000 €
     KimTec Vitez d.o.o., Sarajevo                         1000         1        36.000.000 €
     Pakom Kompani d.o.o.e.l., Skopje                        350        1         9.000.000 €
     KimTec d.o.o., Podgorica                                250        1        12.000.000 €
     KimTec d.o.o., Ljubljana                                200                  5.000.000 €
     TOTAL                                                 5500                273.000.000 €
*Market sales position
                 Business Model
                 M SAN Grupa developed its specialized business model by applying Fast Moving Consumer
                 Goods principles to traditional wholesale distribution of IT and CE products. This approach
                 takes into effect the ever shortening technology cycle and time to upgrade of IT and CE
                 products that is typical for modern technologies and effectively “spoils” the economic
                 value of products distributed by M SAN Grupa. This model is particularly applicable in
                 the digital era that business is conducted in and it creates competitive advantage for all
                 participants in the distribution channel.

                 The aim of the model is to minimize
                 merchandize supply time and total
                 channel expenses. This is achieved
                 by enhanced communication between
                 M SAN Grupa’s partners and principals.
                 M SAN Grupa communicates with its
                 partners through several mediums
                 including phone, field sales, web shop,
                 weekly catalogue and specials. Web
                 shop offers partners insights into stock
                 quantities and allows them to place
                 order 24 hours per day 7 days per week.
                 In the near future, M SAN Grupa will
                 offer its partners integration with its
                 Enterprise Resource Planning software
                 for even better stock transparency and
                 two way flow of this data. Such information enables more accurate order quantity planning
                 reducing warehousing needs of both sides to the trade and accelerates merchandize
                 flow and stock rotation. On the other end of the supply chain, M SAN Grupa’s regional
                 capabilities offer principals potential for unified supply for all markets where their
                 logistic and administrative expenses are minimized, operations are streamlined and
                 Forrester effect is minimized through transparency of wholesale inventory levels. M SAN
                 Grupa communicates electronically its inventory movements with its principals allowing
                 for better transparency and production planning on their end.
Distribution                                                                                          7

M SAN Grupa is distributing products in two main segments:

Computer hardware and software (IT)
Consumer electronics (CE)

M SAN Grupa’s growth and infrastructure development as well as leading market position offer
our principals a unique opportunity to service entire region through a single distributor therefore
minimizing their logistics costs.

M SAN Grupa has some regional distributions where purchasing is centralized in Croatia, all of the
goods are sent to central warehouse hub in Zagreb and are then distributed to local warehouses to
address local market needs. This approach has multiple benefits for the entire distribution channel
and M SAN Grupa is in negotiations with all of its suppliers to merge to the centralized purchasing
model. Cummulative margin increases across the distribution channel are shared by all participants
from M SAN Grupa to their principals and partners who then pass them on to their end users.
                 M SAN Grupa is a leading distributor of information tehnology products and consumer
                 electronics offering over 15.000 products from more then 50 eminent world brands.
                 M SAN Grupa’s list of principals include all of the leading global companies that
                 manufacture IT hardware and software as well as Consumer Electronics products.

                 M SAN Grupa maintains exceptionally good relations with all of its principals and
                 continuously expands and strengthens this cooperation by increasing revenues and
                 regional approach. M SAN Grupa’s management works closely with all ranks within its
                 organization and its principals in minimizing and avoiding potential conflicts of interests
                 that may occur in this broad network of principals and partners.

                 This is accomplished through specialized purchasing and sales teams that provide equal
                 quality of service for each of the principals’ product offerings.

                  Production & Service
                  Production and Assembly: Zagreb and Belgrade
                  M SAN Grupa developed production and assembly capabilities to address specific partner
                  needs that were not adequately addressed by its principals. System Integrators at times
                  require specific configurations and combinations of IT hardware and IT software and
                  sometimes even combinations with
                  CE products that M SAN Grupa
                  distributes. These configurations are
                  sometimes requested in thousands
                  of identical pieces.

                  Technical Support
                  M SAN Grupa has developed modern,
                  technologically    advanced,     well
                  equipped and organized technical
                  support department with highly
                  educated, certified and experienced staff. Significant investments in facilities, equipment
                  and continuous education and training of staff both locally and abroad, have resulted in
                  the leading and most efficient service and repair department in the region.

                  Technical support is organized in four specialized departments: Customer Support,
                  Technical Services Operations (IT and CE), and Technical Services Logistics. Customer
                  support department oversees call centre (1st level support) and Technical Services
                  Operations (2nd level support) performs on-site services, administration and commercial
                  activities (reporting, spare parts purchase and sales, escalations etc.). Technical Services
                  Logistics department is responsible for reception/shipping of defective/repaired devices,
                  spare parts warehouse management and RMA operation procedures. Technical Services
                  Logistics department closely coordinates its activities with Logistics Department.
Logistics                                                                                                11

The crown jewel of M SAN Grupa’s infrastructure is state of the art logistic-distribution center
located at the eastern entrance of Zagreb. This center was built per M SAN Grupa’s specifications and
will assure adequate capacity to service projected sales volumes, better monitoring of inventories
and more accurate and timely deliveries. M SAN Grupa took occupancy of the center in February
2008 and immediate service improvements were realized further justifying the core idea of M SAN
Grupa’s business model “Your Smart Logistics”.

                                                                                 size: 33.000 m2
                                                                                 pallet places: 36.000
                                                                                 truck space: 1500

The object is located on 56.347 m² with maneuvering area and parking slots for 40 foot trailers
and 19.447 m² building that houses a 15.368 m² warehouse. The warehouse is equipped with
structural 12 m cargo shelves. Capacity is approximately 33.000 standard Euro palettes. M SAN
Grupa’s Technical Support Department and Production and Assembly Departments are also housed
within Zagreb Distribution Center.
                  Human resources
                  M SAN Grupa invests significant attention and resources to strengthen the two services
                  based on knowledge distribution – education and consulting. All the way from investing in
                  education of employees to infrastructure investments, the company sets out to achieve
                  flawless and unsurpassed level of business.

                     •   Greatest value of M SAN Grupa
                     •   Continuous investment in education and development
                     •   9 basic values
                     •   “Company building” twice a year
                     •   Over 600 employees in M SAN Grupa

                  • Respect • Responsibility • Proactivity • Customer Driven Organization
                  • Teamwork Development • Innovation • Learning Organization
                  • Positive Work Environment • Abundance in Diversity
Public Recognition                                                                                   13

Croatian Chamber of Commerce “Best medium sized Company” 2002., 2003., 2004., 2005.
M SAN Grupa received the prestigious award by Croatian Chamber of Commerce “Zlatna kuna”, for
Croatia’s best medium-sized company in years 2002, 2003, 2004.
M SAN also received “Kristalna kuna”, special award by Croatian Chamber of Commerce that is
given to companies who won “Zlatna kuna” award three times in a row.

IT GLOBUS “The best IT logistics company” 2006.
KimTec d.o.o. won the prestigious award for best IT logistics company in Serbia in 2006. The award
is given by leading Serbian IT magazine “IT Globus”.

INFOTREND “#1 IT Company in Croatia” 2008.
M SAN Grupa was ranked 1st among TOP 100 IT companies by leading Croatian IT magazine
„INFOTREND“ 07/2008.

MOJ POSAO “Most desirable employer” 2008.
M SAN Grupa Croatia was found to be the 3rd ‘most desirable’ employer in distribution business in
a study conducted by leading Croatian job portal MojPosao (

POSAO.BA “Most desirable employer” 2008.
KimTec d.o.o. was found to be the most desirable employer in Bosnia and Herzegovina on a study
conducted by leading Bosnian job portal (
          14   How to find us?
               Our location in Zagreb, Croatia

                                                 M SAN Grupa Inc.
                                                 Buzinski prilaz 10, Buzin
                                                 10010 Zagreb
                                                 tel: 00385 (0)1 3654 900
                                                 fax: 00385 (0)1 3654 926

                              Vienna 376 km
                              Ljubljana 142 km

                                  Split 412 km

Distribution center
M SAN Grupa Inc.
Dugoselska cesta 5
10361 Rugvica
tel: 00385 (0)1 640 1000

                              Map of Europe
            Budapest 353 km

                                              Belgrade 395 km
                                              Sarajevo 375 km
                       Company profile 2008. | M SAN Grupa Inc. Buzinski prilaz 10, 10010 Zagreb |

Your smart logistics

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