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									PowerPoint             This course is aimed at those with no experience of presentation or graphics
                       programs. Users will be shown what PowerPoint can be used for, and how to
Duration: One Day      use its basic features to create presentations and produce graphics.

Private or in-
company bookings

By the end of the course participants will:
    •   understand what a PowerPoint presentation is, and how they can be used.
    •   understand the principles of creating a presentation: including creating slides, using Master Slides,
        views and templates.
    •   understand some fundamental graphics package concepts: objects, handles, layers, drawing tools.
    •   know how to print their presentation, and/or associated handouts.

Course Content                                        Using the Drawing Tools
                                                      Using the Drawing Tools
Introduction                                          Drawing AutoShapes
Starting PowerPoint                                   Sizing & Moving Objects
The PowerPoint dialogue box                           Changing Object Properties
The PowerPoint Screen                                 Adding Graphic Text
Using the Menu Bar, Toolbars & Dialogue Boxes         Grouping Objects
Getting Help
Exiting PowerPoint                                    WordArt & Clip Art
                                                      The Clip Art Gallery
Opening, Saving & Closing a Presentation              Cropping & Replacing Clip Art
Opening an Existing Presentation                      Inserting WordART into Your Presentation
Components of a Presentation
Outline, Slide, Notes Page, Handout Page & Slide      Changing a Presentation's Overall Look
Sorter Views                                          Apply a Template
Using Undo                                            Changing the Slide & Title Masters
Zooming In & Out                                      Creating a New Presentation
Saving & Closing Presentations
                                                      Slide Shows & Printing
Creating Text Slides                                  Producing a Slide show
Creating a New Slide                                  Printing the Presentation, Notes Pages & Handout
Understanding AutoLayout                              Pages
Entering & Editing Text                               The Title, Menu & Tool Bars
Selecting & Formatting Text
Rearranging Text
Creating a Bulleted List
Checking Your Spelling & Style
Find & Replace                                        Course Prerequisites

Creating Graphs                                       Delegates are required to meet the following
Starting Microsoft Graph                              prerequisites:
Entering & Editing Data in the Datasheet Window
Choosing a Chart Type                                         Familiarity with the windows operating
Adding Visual Elements                                        system
Inserting a Chart into a presentation
Editing a Chart

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