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TO: BATA Oversight Committee                                                    DATE: April 5, 2006

FR: Executive Director                                                           W.I.: 1252

RE: Contract Amendment – FasTrak Marketing Plan: Johnson/Ukropina

Staff recommends that this Committee authorize the Executive Director to amend the contract
between BATA and Johnson/Ukropina for the FasTrak Marketing Plan by $80,000 to add
funds and workscope activities to support the implementation of marketing strategies that will
help increase FasTrak enrollment through June 2007.
Project Description
In April 2005, as a result of a competitive procurement process, Johnson/Ukropina was awarded
a contract to develop a Marketing Plan for FasTrak. The workscope for this project was
divided into two parts. Part 1 was to develop the Marketing Plan strategies, which has been
completed. Part 2 is to implement some or all of the strategies identified in the Marketing Plan.
Part 2 was included as an optional task to be exercised at BATA’s discretion.

With the significant increase in upcoming marketing activities over the next 12 months, staff is
proposing that BATA exercise its option to engage Johnson/Ukropina to provide their services
for Part 2 of the contract. Some of the strategies that will be implemented over the next 12
months to help increase FasTrak enrollment include: the development and implementation of
several co-marketing partnership promotions with the private sector; the design and production
of marketing materials; and the implementation of continuous public education/awareness of


Staff recommends that the Committee authorize the Executive Director to increase the
Johnson/Ukropina contract by $80,000 (for a not-to-exceed contract amount of $205,000) to
implement marketing strategies to help increase FasTrak enrollment.

                                                               Steve Heminger
J:\COMMITTE\BATA Oversight\2006\Apr\2c_J-U contract amendment memo.doc
                      Summary of Proposed Contract Amendment

Work Item No.:                  1252
Vendor:                         Johnson/Ukropina
                                Irvine, CA

Work Project Title:             FasTrak 2-Year Strategic Marketing Plan
Purpose of Project:             Provide additional marketing services to increase
                                FasTrak enrollment
Brief Scope of Work:            Implement strategies identified in the FasTrak Strategic
                                Marketing Plan
Project Cost Not to Exceed:     $80,000 for this amendment ($125,000 previous contract)
Funding Source:                 ETC Operations
Fiscal Impact:                  Project costs are consistent with funds programmed and
                                budgeted in the BATA Operating Budget.
Motion by Committee:            That the Executive Director or his designee is authorized
                                to negotiate and enter into a contract amendment with
                                Johnson/Ukropina to provide marketing services in
                                support of the FasTrak Strategic Marketing Plan, and
                                the Chief Financial Officer is directed to set aside funds
                                for such contract amendment.
BATA Oversight Chair:

                                Steve Kinsey, Chair
Approved:                       Date: April 12, 2006

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