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									                                      Pug Co-Ownership Agreement

This agreement is made between _______________, Breeder/Owner, of ____________, Washington,
and __________________ & _________________ of ______________, _____________, Co-owners.

WHEREAS, Co-Owners desire to purchase a Pug, and Breeder/Owner agrees to co-own with Co-Owners,
the Parties of this agreement will co-own the hereafter described Pug and will allow this transaction upon
the acceptance of the terms and conditions stated in this agreement.

Hereafter, the term “Co-Owner” will be understood to include the plural form of this term.

NOW, THEREFORE, it is mutually agreed between the Breeder/Owner and Co-Owner as follows:

1) Description of Pug
The Breeder/Owner represents: This Pug is purebred; the pedigree is correct and given at the time of
sale. The Pug is registered on a Full Registration with the American Kennel Club (AKC). This Pug has been
sterilized, and is NOT eligible to be shown in AKC Conformation events.

The Dog sold pursuant to the terms of this agreement is as follows:
Breed: Pug
Color: Fawn / Black
Breeder(s): __________________
Registered Name of Sire: _____________________________
Registered name of Dam: _____________________________
Sex (Altered): Female / Male
Date whelped: _________
AKC Regisitration #: ____________
Registered name: ____________________________
Call name: “_____”

Permanent Identification of the Pug
The permanent means of identification is the AVID microchip, # AVID*NNN*NNN*NNN implanted by the
Breeder/Owner’s veterinarian. The Co-Owner will alert the Breeder/Owner if the Pug is missing, so she can
alert the microchip registry. The microchip is registered to the Breeder/Owner, who will notify the Co-
Owner in the event she is notified the dog has been recovered.

Care & Health Information
The Pug Dog Club of America’s Code of Ethics is available at ). General Pug care information

________ / _________ Co-Owners’ Initials       ~ Page 1 of 5 ~        ________ Breeder/Owner’s Initials

                 Co-Ownership Agreement – “_______-Registered name of the Pug-_______”
is available at . A copy of this Pug’s AKC (and/or CKC) Registration Certificate(s) will be
given the Co-Owner at the time of the sale. A copy of the Pug’s “Health Record” will be made available to
the Co-Owner, including shot records, and “Proof of Spay or Neuter.”

Additionally, a five days supply of Sold Gold’s “Just A Wee Bit” kibble, to be fed __ C. twice per day, will
be provided, any other daily care instructions will be provided here.

2) Conditions of Co-Ownership
The following representations and conditions apply to the co-ownership of the aforementioned Pug an shall
remain in affect for the life of the Pug, unless the parties each sign and date an addendum to this
agreement changing the conditions of the co-ownership of the Pug, or ending the co-ownership agreement:

Breeder/Owners’ Representations
   A) The Breeder/Owner will hold the check, and/or cash, for 14 days. The Co-Owner can return the
       Pug along with all paperwork, supplies and/or equipment for a full refund, no questions asked for up
       to fourteen days from the date of the sale.
   B) After fourteen days, the Breeder/Owner reserves the right of first option to buy back the co-
       ownership of said Pug back in the event Co-Owner needs to re-home the Pug, for any reason. Price
       shall be determined at the time of the return, depending on the age and condition of the Pug, but
       will not exceed purchase price.
   Price paid upon the return of the Pug in good condition:
       Age 0 - 3 years will be 75% of purchase price;
       Age 3 - 5 years will be 50% of purchase price;
       Age 5 - 7 years will be 25% of purchase price; and,
       After age 7 years, no monetary compensation for the Pug will be paid.
   C) Breeder/Owner intends to support the Co-Owner in caring for the Pug for its life.
   D) Breeder/Owner will keep the Co-Owner current on her email address and phone number.

Co-Owner's Obligations:
   E) The Co-Owner will notify Breeder/Owner of any new address and/or phone number within 14
      days of a move and/or change.
   F) If the Co-Owner has a new home in mind for the Pug, the Co-Owner understands the
      Breeder/Owner has first right of refusal to buy back the co-ownership of the Pug, so the
      Breeder/Owner must approve any transfer of the Pug to a new co-owner. This can only happen
      after an application has been submitted and a new contract has been written and signed by the
      Breeder/Owner and the new Co-Owner(s). Only then can the Pug be transferred to another party.

3) Terms & Conditions
    A) Co-Owner agrees to have the Pug examined by a veterinarian, and to personally inspect the dog at
       the time of transfer. Certification by the veterinarian that the Pug is healthy must be provided
       to the Breeder/Owner within three business days of the date of sale. A copy of the full
       veterinarian’s report must be faxed to the Breeder/Owner’s veterinarian within 48 hours of the
       exam. If this condition is not met, the Pug, along with all paperwork, will be returned, making the
       sale of the Pug null and void. The full purchase price will be refunded within the first 14 days.

Breeder/Owner’s Veterinarian
Dr: ___________________ Clinic: __________________ Phone: _____________ Fax:____________

________ / _________ Co-Owners’ Initials        ~ Page 2 of 5 ~         ________ Breeder/Owner’s Initials

                  Co-Ownership Agreement – “_______-Registered name of the Pug-_______”
    B) Any health problems diagnosed in this Pug are to be documented by the Co-Owner’s veterinarian
       and a copy sent to the Breeder/Owner within three business days. The Breeder/Owner also
       retains the right to have her veterinarian examine to confirm, or test the Pug, at her expense, for
       genetic research purposes, if the condition might affect other Pugs.
    C) All veterinarian bills incurred by the Co-Owner remain the Co-Owner’s responsibility.
    D) If the Breeder/Owner deems it her responsibility to reimburse the Co-Owner, any amount will be
       up to, but not to exceed the purchase price, per the terms of this agreement.
    E) The Co-Owner will be responsible for any personal liability incurred due to the behavior of this
       Pug, once the Pug is in their care and control.
    F) The Breeder/Owner agrees to reimburse the veterinary expenses of the Pug, if the Pug develops
       any hereditary defects, which, as documented by a doctor of veterinary medicine, with a second
       opinion by a veterinarian of the Breeder/Owner's choice, up to, but not exceeding, the full
       purchase price of the Pug. Once the full purchase price has been refunded, no further
       compensation may be sought from the Breeder/Owner.
    G) The Breeder/Owner will not be responsible for any adverse allergic reaction this Pug has to
       its vaccinations unless the instructions and notes below are strictly adhered to. No monetary
       compensation will be available to the Co-Owner if these recommendations are not followed,
       and documented by the licensed veterinarian administrating the vaccine.
    H) The Co-Owner agrees to house and maintain the Pug in proper condition, which includes proper
       control and protection, exercise, training, veterinary care, pest control and nail trimming. ANY
       questions regarding the behavior or health and care of the Pug should always first be brought to
       the Breeder/Owner’s attention. The Breeder/Owner will make herself available for such
       consultation for the life of the Pug.
           i. The Co-Owner understands the importance of keeping the Pug in a temperature-controlled
                environment. Keeping in mind the special requirements of temperature; indoor confinement
                in bad weather; and, that HEAT KILLS PUGS.
           ii. The Pug will NOT be allowed to run loose. First offense would be a warning; the second
                offense is mandatory return of Pug with no monetary compensation to the Co-Owner. The
                same is true if the Pug is confiscated by animal control more than once. (This would be
                considered a clear case of neglect on the Co-Owner’s part.)
           iii. Further, if the Pug is ever found to be abused, and/or neglected in any way, the
                Breeder/Owner shall be allowed by the Co-Owner to confiscate Pug with no refund in
                whole, or part. Any court costs involved shall be the responsibility of the Co-Owner.
    I) The Co-Owner agrees to abide by the animal control laws and ordinances in their place of
       residence, and to keep this Pug in a lawful manner at all times. This includes purchasing a pet
       license for the Pug and observing any leash laws and any other animal control ordinances.
    J) In the event this Pug is diagnosed with Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE), the Pug will be returned to the
       Breeder/Owner so that she may work with her veterinarian and provide care for the Pug that will
       help the on-going research being done, for as long as it is humane to do so.
    K) The parties understand and agree, all terms and conditions shall remain in affect for the life of
       the dog, unless there is a signed addendum, changing these terms and conditions.

List of signed and dates addendums (when applicable) to this agreement: (Copies attached)

1. ____________________________ Dated: ________     ______ Breeder/Owner          ______/_____ Co-Owners

2. ____________________________ Dated: ________     ______ Breeder/Owner         ______/_____ Co-Owners

3. ____________________________ Dated: ________     ______ Breeder/Owner         ______/_____ Co-Owners

________ / _________ Co-Owners’ Initials      ~ Page 3 of 5 ~        ________ Breeder/Owner’s Initials

                 Co-Ownership Agreement – “_______-Registered name of the Pug-_______”
    L) If any term or provision of this agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be
       invalid, void, or unenforceable, the remaining terms and provisions shall continue in full force and
       effect and shall in no way be effected, impaired or invalidated.
    M) It is further understood and agreed that no warranty or representation has been made with
       respect to said Pug, except as set forth specifically in this agreement.
    N) The Co-Owners and Breeder/Owner agree that the proper venue for any legal action taken to
       enforce the terms and conditions of this agreement shall be Pierce County, Washington, and that
       this agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Washington,
       irregardless of the jurisdiction where it is signed.
    O) In the event legal action is taken to enforce the terms of this agreement, the prevailing party
       shall be entitled to an award of attorney's fees and court costs.
    P) Prior to filing a Breech of Contract lawsuit in Superior or Small Claims Court, the parties agree to
       seek Arbitration services if any disagreement arises. Such services would be paid for by both
       sides, 50/50.
    Q) If either side refuses to use arbitration prior to filing a court case, it is understood if that party
       is the prevailing party, they will forfeit any attorney’s fees and court cost for such action.
    R) In the event a disagreement and case comes to fruition, the amount of any liability shall not
       exceed the amount of $5,000.00 (Five-Thousand dollars, US).
    S) Execution of this agreement will commence upon receipt of the sale price and the signing of this

4) Further Conditions
    A) The Breeder/Owner also reminds the Co-Owner:
       i.    Avoid vaccinating with any brand other than ContinuumDAP, or ProGuard 5;
       ii.   Rabies vaccinations should not be given any closer to any other vaccine than two
       iii.  The Breeder/Owner also advises the Rabies vaccine not be given until the Pug
             is 6 months of age; and,
       iv.   The 5-way “booster” not be give before the Pug reaches 15 months of age.
    NOTES: (1) Pugs related to this Pug may have had allergic to their booster shots. Vaccines should be used with
    caution and your vet should be made aware of a possible severe reaction. The breeder of this Pug recommends
    the vaccine be mixed with sterile water, and that the Pug be pre-medicated with 5ml. of Hydroxyzine 20 – 30
    minutes prior to administration of the vaccine. (2) Demodex, a canine mange, present in all dogs, may become
    evident in any young Pug. Treatment for this should be done by the Co-Owners' vet. A topical treating solution
    should only be applied to the affected areas. DO NOT ALLOW THIS PUG TO BE "DIPPED" IN MITABAN! (3)
    This Pug's Health Record contains the dates of previous vaccinations, worming and any other treatments.

5) Amount and Payment of Purchase Price:
The Canine Purchase Price for the Pug shall be $ 0.00 (________________ US dollars). NOTE: The
price of our Pugs is determined a number of factors and will be decided for each individual Pug.

6) Signatures

By:_____________________________________ (Breeder/Owner)       Dated: ____________
   Home: __________________ Cell: _______________ Email:

________ / _________ Co-Owners’ Initials          ~ Page 4 of 5 ~           ________ Breeder/Owner’s Initials

                  Co-Ownership Agreement – “_______-Registered name of the Pug-_______”
By: ___________________________________ (Witness)                               Dated: ____________
(of Breeders/Owners’ Signatures)
Printed Name: __________________________________
Address:      __________________________________
Phone:        ____________

By:___________________________________ (Co-Owner)                Dated: ____________
   Home: __________________ Cell: _______________ Email: ________________________

By:_____________________________________ (Co-Owner)                             Dated: ____________
    Cell Phone: ____________
    (Address same as above)

By: __________________________________ (Witness, if different than above) Dated: _________
(of Co-Owners’ Signatures)
Printed Name: __________________________________
Address:      __________________________________
Phone:        ________________

This SAMPLE Pug Ownership Agreement is meant to be a basic agreement and will be modified to suit each
individual Pug and the Co-Owner(s). Please ask if you are unclear about ANYTHING in this document.

This Ownership Agreement is written to protect our Pugs. Sales contracts are not always enforceable
after the purchase price for any “goods” or service has been paid. Our Pugs are like family members and
we consider them to be more than “goods” and we hope you do, too. We consider them our responsibility to
protect, so we must be able to enforce these conditions after the money is paid and the Pug leaves us. We
do not expect to have any problems with our buyers, and we do not intend to find any fault with how they
care for the Pugs after we sell them. However, we must ensure we do what is necessary to protect them
from anyone not willing to honor the terms of this agreement, which is only meant to keep them from harm.
We hope you understand.

If there’s any part of this you don’t understand, or you’d like to change, please don’t hesitate to ask! I am
reasonable, but I’ve had to deal with some people and situations that have made me think long and hard
about what’s written here. If there’s a better way, I’m willing to consider it. Life is too short to be
difficult for either of us, or the Pugs!

________ / _________ Co-Owners’ Initials         ~ Page 5 of 5 ~         ________ Breeder/Owner’s Initials

                  Co-Ownership Agreement – “_______-Registered name of the Pug-_______”

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