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     Company Profile

    Company Facts
    Founded in 1991
    NASDAQ IPO in 1997 (Symbol: RDCM)
    Member of the RAD Group (annual revenues of over $850 million)
    Sales in over 50 countries
    370 million subscribers monitored with RADCOM’s solutions
    Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel
    Offices in Asia, Europe, North America and South America

    RADCOM provides innovative service assurance solutions for communications service providers and equipment
    vendors. RADCOM specializes in solutions for next-generation networks, both wireless (such as, UMTS, GSM, GPRS,
    CDMA, Mobile Broadband and LTE) and wireline (such as IMS, IPTV, and VoIP). RADCOM’s comprehensive, carrier-
    strength solutions are used to expedite the development and installation of network equipment, maintain operational
    networks, prevent service provider revenue leakage and enable management of customer care. RADCOM’s products
    facilitate fault management, network service performance analysis, troubleshooting and pre-mediation with an OSS/
    RADCOM: a key player for enabling seamless adoption of convergence technologies and maintaining
    subscriber’s quality of service.
    RADCOM’s products are essential for the successful rollout and maintenance of next-generation (2.5G, 3G and
    4G) cellular networks and IMS, VoIP and IPTV wireline networks. RADCOM’s leading solutions make it easy for
    equipment vendors and service providers to assure service continuity, troubleshoot complex networks and analyze
    network performance and analysis, thereby ensuring a trouble-free network environment. In a telecom market
    focused on the subscriber experience, RADCOM’s solution provides tools for understanding the real user experience
    and maintaining highest-quality network performance.
    Through deployments by some of the telecom industry’s most prestigious and demanding players, RADCOM’s
    tools have proven their ability to be flexible and responsive despite rapidly-changing technology, rising customer
    requirements, evolving industry standards and frequent new product introductions. The fact that RADCOM’s
    solutions are highly cost-effective is a critical differentiator in this competitive market.
    With its combination of unique system solutions, flexible corporate structure and broad vision, RADCOM is
    positioned to anticipate and meet the future needs of its customers.
    The Challenge: an increasingly complex, converging marketplace that demands a high-quality user
    The telecom world is moving towards converged technologies that combine video, voice and data into a single,
    packet-based network. The potential benefits are huge; reduced costs, improved network efficiency, new services
    – and, most important for profit-challenged service providers, additional revenue sources. However these benefits
    come “packaged” with several significant challenges: difficulty in maintaining quality of service in an environment of
    multiple network technologies while competing in a fiercely competitive market.
    Since traditional service assurance solutions focus on the network and not the subscriber, they often fail to
    identify degradation in the subscriber’s real network experience. RADCOM returns the focus to the real source of
    revenues and profits: the user experience. Using RADCOM’s monitoring solutions; operators gain comprehensive,
    end-to-end visibility into the user experience, whether in the lab or the live network environment.

The Solution: Omni-Q; a unified, multi-functional, multi user and multi technology system
RADCOM’s Omni-Q is a comprehensive, scalable, unified, upgradeable and future-proof system for monitoring
the user network experience. As a cost-effective, high-performance solution, it has be proven to well positioned
in a competitive market. Its value proposition is clear: through investment in a single, multi-functional RADCOM
solution, enable customers to save valuable CAPEX while achieving a superior customer experience. The flexible
Omni-Q can be deployed throughout the company – whether in engineering, operations, customer care or
other departments -to improve efficiency and streamline the service assurance workflow, thereby helping service
providers focus on the subscriber and their network experience.
Competing effectively with large industry players
RADCOM has proven to be an effective competitor against much larger industry players. This is due both to its
reputation as an expert in its field, and to the superb price-performance of its products. RADCOM›s competitors in
service assurance front include Tektronix, Anritsu, Polystar/OSIX and Tekelec.

Product & Solutions
RADCOM’s primary line is:
The Omni-Q network service assurance solution
RADCOM’s award-winning Omni-Q is a unique, next-generation service assurance solution designed to enable
telecommunications carriers to carry out end-to-end quality monitoring and to manage their networks and services.
It consists of a central management module together with a range of intrusive and non-intrusive probes for VoIP,
UMTS, CDMA, IPTV, IMS, Mobile Broadband and other networks and services.
The Omni-Q is designed to enable service providers and vendors to succeed in their efforts to address the significant
technology challenges, including:
 Deployment of next-generation networks such as UMTS, HSPA, 4G, CDMA2000 and triple-play
 Integration of new architectures such as high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA), high-speed uplink packet
  access (HSUPA), long-term evolution (LTE), IMS, UMTS Release 6 and CDMA2000 Rev’ A or evolution data voice (EVDV)
 Migration of the network core to IP technology using IMS or Sigtran
 Successful delivery of advanced, complex services such as VoIP, IPTV and video conferencing
 Proactive management of call quality on existing and next-generation service providers’ production networks, along
  with maintenance of high-availability, high-quality voice services over packet telephony.
RADCOM’s R70 probe is a revolutionary high performance monitoring and analysis probe that meets the increasing
demands of evolving network traffic loads and services.
Using RADCOM’s proprietary hardware-based GearSet chipset, the R70 is the first probe in the market to process
data at a rate of 10 Gbps, setting a new standard for performance. The R70 provides operators with a comprehensive
and correlated view of VoIP, UMTS, CDMA, IPTV and IMS services, giving them total visibility into the session and
application levels, thus enabling early-stage fault detection, pre-emptive maintenance and optimization.
RADCOM’s GearSet™ is the company’s proprietary chipset. This chipset is RADCOM’s main differentiating technology
and positions the company as the industry leader in the high-performance communication monitoring solutions market.
The GearSet is a three-chip session processor designed to provide unmatched wirespeed monitoring performance on
all layers, independent of technologies or services. It allows one platform to monitor Cellular, VoIP and IPTV networks
and services. The GearSet revolutionizes session-level online processing by offering classification, filtering, capturing and
deep-packet analysis at speeds of up to 10 Gbps.
With unmatched flexibility, a fully scalable architecture and nearly unlimited customization capabilities, the GearSet also
makes it possible for RADCOM to rapidly develop and roll out new applications.
    Architectural Advantages
    Single Platform: single-platform technology enables all functions to be performed on one platform, as opposed to
    the multi-system architecture of its competitors.
    Scalable: RADCOM’s systems are fully scalable, enabling them to migrate quickly to new applications, services and
    technologies and to be easily integrated with third party applications.
    Distributed System: RADCOM’s solution is based on a GPS synchronization technology, IP connectivity and
    management console/server architecture.
    Open System: The use of an Oracle database in RADCOM’s solutions allows other applications to extract information
    from their databases. The solutions’ ability to create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Quality Indicators (KQIs)
    according to customer needs further enhances their openness.

    Key Benefits of RADCOM’s Solutions
     All-inclusive, solution for multiple functions, multiple users and multiple technologies
     Improved network utilization
     Improved subscriber experience
     Improved visibility and monitoring of network performance and services
     More efficient customer care
     More efficient troubleshooting tools with built in workflows for drilling down to the individual subscriber level
     Predictable performance trends
     Reduced customer churn
     Set of add-on applications that help stop revenue leakage in roaming, interconnectivity, fraud and spamming applications
     Set of add-on applications to expand functionality (call trace, VIP group SLA monitoring, network element and links analytics)

    Our Strategy
    Our objective is to continue expanding our sales by offering tailored solutions to service providers in targeted
    geographical regions, by continuing to pursue our goal of becoming the industry’s “Number One in Customer
    Satisfaction,” and by extending our partnering and channeling activities.
    Key elements of our strategy include:
     In developing regions, targeting of cellular and VoIP operators. In many regions of Latin America, Eastern Europe,
      Africa and the Far East, service providers continue to roll out cellular and VoIP networks. We believe this represents
      a significant opportunity for RADCOM.
     In developed regions, targeting of service providers migrating to IMS. In Europe and North America, we are
      benefiting from the migration of top-tier service providers to IMS activities and deployments, despite the fact that
      this market has been developing more slowly than initially expected.
     Targeting providers that deploy hybrid IMS/NGN networks, whose greater complexity dictates a need for more
      sophisticated monitoring solutions.
     Continuous investment in the RADCOM brand as the industry’s “Number One in Customer Satisfaction.”
      Customer satisfaction is difficult to achieve in the service assurance business because of the technology
      challenges inherent in monitoring complex multi-service, multi-technology, interconnected networks and our
      pursuit of this goal is a differentiating advantage. Our efforts to assure customer satisfaction have contributed to
      the growth of our sales to existing customers, and, in some cases, have helped us to replace competitors’ systems.
     Continued investment in the technological excellence of our solutions. RADCOM’s products are differentiated
      by their advanced technology and their ability to offer comprehensive solutions to the industry’s most difficult
      problems. We intend to continue a high level of investment to maintain our technological edge.


The fourth quarter of 2009 was a breakthrough period that enabled RADCOM to return to profitability, and the cash
flow generated enabled the Company to achieve positive operating cash flow for the year as a whole. The strong
performance was in continuation of the sales trends and strategic progress that had been building throughout 2009.
During the fourth quarter, RADCOM achieved particularly strong bookings as well as sales, with a rising percentage
attributable to top-tier customers.
Management believes that RADCOM’s growing success and steadily improving results are due to three clear factors,
each offering the potential to continue building its business in the future:
1) major service providers have begun to view performance monitoring as critical for their ability to maintain
   service quality in the face of spiraling network traffic levels;
2) RADCOM’s solutions have earned a reputation as the market’s ‘benchmark standard’ that address the service
   provider’s true pain points; and
3) RADCOM’s strategy and execution methodology over the past several years have been correct and are now
   bearing fruit.

                                                          RADCOM Ltd
                                         Consolidated Statements of Operations (unaudited)
                                  2008                                   2009                                  2010
                        Q4                      Q1             Q2               Q3           Q4       Q1
Sales                   2,597                   2,018          2,608            3,115        4,177    4,438
Cost of Sales           1,041                   790            1,052            1,045        1,172    1,502

Gross Profit            1,556                   1,228          1,556            2,070        3,005    2,936
Operating Expenses
R & D, gross            1,277                   1,062          1,048            1,046        1,067    1,048
Participation           500                     400            385              480          368      419
Research and
Development, net        777                     662            663              566          699      629
Sales and Marketing     1,564                   1,514          1,428            1,370        1,523    1,501
General and
Administrative          987                     416            416              413          398      414

Total Operating
Expenses                3,328                   2,592          2,507            2,349        2,620    2,544

Operating Income
(Loss)                  -1,772                  -1,364         -951             -279         385      392
Financial Income, net   -225                   -137            95               -115         -283     -341
Net Income (Loss)       -1,997                 -1,501          -856             -394         102      51

EPS (in US$)            ($0.39)                ($0.30)         ($0.17)          ($0.08)      $0.02    $0.01

Cash and deposits       3,513                  4,539           3,918            3,076        3,274    2,142
Working capital         6,527                  4,786           1,345            2,799        2,972    3,396
Total assets            17,841                 16,258          13,748           13,493       13,440   13,424
Shareholders› equity    4,985                  3,537           2,754            2,437        2,640    2,725

    Recent News
    May 13 2010 Rides on NGN Boom in Brazil: Closes Deals with Major Brazilian Operators
                  RADCOM announced that it has closed new deals for a total of approximately $1.5 million with two major
                  Brazilian operators.

    Apr 28 2010 Major European Operator Purchases RADCOM’s Omni-Q for Monitoring Quality of
                Service of their UMTS Network
                  A major operator in Central Europe, a member of a leading telecommunications group, purchased RADCOM’s
                  Mobile Data Broadband Monitoring System to provide Quality of Service monitoring for their UMTS network.

    Mar 24 2010 Major Chinese 3G Operator Chooses RADCOM to Monitor their 3G Data Network
                  A major Chinese 3G mobile service provider has chosen RADCOM’s Omni-Q Service Assurance solution to
                  monitor their 3G network. This is the one of the first monitoring solutions introduced for 3G mobile data in China.

    Mar 3 2010    RADCOM to Supply UMTS Monitoring Expansion to Cellcom Israel
                  Cellcom Israel, the largest cellular communications operator in Israel, has decided to expand deployment of
                  RADCOM’s RANalysis to monitor and optimize its entire UMTS radio network

    Feb 3 2010    Swisscom Purchases RADCOM’s Omni-Q to Monitor their New IMS Network
                  Swisscom purchased RADCOM’s Omni-Q service assurance solution for their new IMS (IP Multimedia
                  Subsystem) production network.

    Jan 27 2010 CTM Expands their RADCOM Deployment to include Mobile Broadband IP Interfaces in
                the 3G Network
                  CTM, a major Macau telecom operator, has decided to expand their deployment of RADCOM equipment.

    Nov 11 2009 Major Cellular Operator in Central Asia Selects RADCOM’s Monitoring Solution
                  A major cellular operator in Central Asia has selected RADCOM’s Omni Q system to monitor its GSM, GPRS and
                  UMTS networks.

    Oct 22 2009 RADCOM Presents Smartphone Service Optimization for Mobile Networks
                  RADCOM today unveiled its Smartphone Service Optimization solution for cellular data networks.

    Sep 17 2009 RADCOM is Selected to Monitor Customer Experience for Major Latin American Mobile
                Operator’s UMTS Network
                  One of Latin America’s major mobile network operators has selected RADCOM’s Omni-Q to monitor its 3G
                  multimedia data services and UMTS radio access network.

    Jul 29 2009   Telecom Argentina Decides to Expand RADCOM’s Omni-Q Solution
                  Telecom Argentina, a major operator in South America has decided to expand its base of RADCOM’s Omni-Q

    Jul 21 2009   RADCOM’s Omni-Q Selected to Monitor Multinational Western European IMS
                  A leading telecommunications operator with a multinational Western European IMS (IP Multimedia
                  Subsystem) deployment has selected RADCOM’s Omni-Q solution to monitor their IMS services.

    Jun 15 2009 RADCOM to Provide Real Customer Experience Management (CEM) Solution for One of
                Asia’s Leading International Carriers
                  A premier provider of international voice and satellite services in Asia has selected RADCOM’s Omni-Q to
                  monitor its voice over internet protocol, (VoIP) network.

    Feb 16 2009 RADCOM Presents Real Customer Experience Monitoring for Mobile Networks
                  RADCOM unveiled its real customer experience monitoring solution for cellular data networks.


Corporate Info
Key Management                                                          Safe Harbor
                                                                        Certain statements made herein that use the
David Ripstein     President and Chief Executive Officer                words “estimate,” “project,” “intend,” “expect,” “believe”
Jonathan Burgin Chief Financial Officer                                 and similar expressions are intended to identify
                                                                        forward-looking statements within the meaning
Yuval Porat        VP R&D                                               of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of
                                                                        1995. These forward-looking statements involve
Miki Shilinger     VP Operations                                        known and unknown risks and uncertainties which
Eyal Harari        VP Products & Marketing                              could cause the actual results, performance or
                                                                        achievements of the Company to be materially
Gal Haselkorn      Executive Vice President , Sales                     different from those which may be expressed or
                                                                        implied by such statements, including, among
                                                                        others, changes in general economic and business
                                                                        conditions and specifically, decline in demand for
Board of Directors                                                      the Company's products, inability to timely develop
                                                                        and introduce new technologies, products and
Zohar Zisapel      Chairman of the Board of Directors                   applications and loss of market share and pressure
Uri Har            Director                                             on prices resulting from competition. For additional
                                                                        information regarding these and other risks and
Irit Hillel        Director                                             uncertainties associated with the Company's
                                                                        business, reference is made to the Company's
Shlomo Kalish      Director                                             reports filed from time to time with the Securities
Matty Karp         Director                                             and Exchange Commission. The Company does not
                                                                        undertake to update forward-looking statements.

Issued and outstanding ordinary shares                    5,107,628
Options and warrents to purchase ordinary shares 1,385,090

Zohar Zisapel         31.5%
Yehuda Zisapel        10%

RADCOM Customer Highlights

 Telekom Austria         H3G                Partner                   Vivo                          Ericsson                          UCell

   Swisscom              KPN                   FT              Orange Romania                         TTSL                           CANTV

    Megafon               BT              Telefonica 02               TATA                           TELUS                      Telecom Argentina

 w w w. r a d c o m . c o m

 Headquarters:                US Office:                       China Office:
 RADCOM Ltd.                  RADCOM EQUIPMENT, INC.           RADCOM (China) LTD.
 24 Raoul Wallenberg Street   6 Forest Avenue                  2309, Block A, Beijing Full Link Plaza
 Tel Aviv 69719, Israel       Paramus, NJ 07652, USA           No. 18, ChaoYangMenWai Avenue
 Tel: +972-3-6455055          Tel: +1 201-518-0033             Chaoyang District
 Fax: +972-3-6474681          Fax: +1 201-556-9030             Beijing 100020, China
 Email:       Call toll-free: 1-800-RADCOM-4   Tel: +86-10-65886207
                              Email:        Fax: +86-10-65886207 ext188

                                                                                                        May 2010

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