Basketball Tournament Release and Waiver of Liability Form by fyq10744

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									          Shelia L. Jackson, Ph.D.
        Arkansas Tech University
                 Elizabeth Bowles
Middle Tennessee State University
Event Organizer (2007-2009) –
 Dr. Cathi McMahan from the Parks,
 Recreation, and Hospitality Administration

Photographer/former sponsor of HPEWS Club-
 Ms. Elizabeth Bowles
   To describe how to organize, advertise,
    recruit participants, and implement a
    wheelchair basketball tournament

   To promote awareness and participation in
    adapted sports
   Russellville Medical has sponsored this event
    for three years. Monies donated are used to
    pay for advertising, t-shirts, and team

   All proceeds from the event go to the ATU
    Testing and Disability Services for items such
    as a Low Vision Solution CC Television.
   Cathi McMahan, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Parks, Recreation, and Hospitality
    Administration Department, Co-Chair of the event and event organizer (2007)
   Penny P. Willmering, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Science, Co-Chair of
    the event
   Toney Lequieu- Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission Case Manager
   Carolyn J. Crawford, PhD., Assistant Professor of Elementary Education, Director of
    University Testing and Disability Services, Chairman of the Rehabilitation Advisory
   Shelia L. Jackson, Ph.D. , Professor in Health and Physical Education Department
   Brian Henderson, M.Ed. in Sport Administration, Career Development Specialist
   Grant Watts, Intramural & Recreational Sports Coordinator
   Rita Woolf, RN, Director, Health and Wellness Center and Advisor for the CREW
   Hanna Norton, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Journalism, faculty advisor of the Public
    Relations Student Society of America.
   Mark Tripp, owner of Russellville Medical, sponsor of the event
   Pete Kelly, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Life.
   Student Representatives:
   Matthew Daniel, CREW student representative.
   Natalie Roberts, PRSSA student representative
   Savanna Smith, Recreation and Parks Club representative
   Key Person: Local durable medical equipment (DME) representative who coordinates
    with their vendors to supply wheelchairs.
    Health, Physical Education and Wellness Science Club-
    help with court set-up and serve as referees and score-
    keepers at event

   Delta Sigma Omicron-help with concessions

   Ethics class-help with concessions

   Recreation and Parks Club – registration and booths

   CREW- provide information on Exercises and Health for
    people with disabilities

   Public Relations Student Society of America- advertising of
    the event, brochures, newspapers (campus, local, and
    state), radio, television, set up interviews, and take and
    distribute team photos
   January – Organizational meeting of the
    Committee, members of the committee are
    assigned various tasks, committee meets
    every other Tuesday to update progress and
    discuss other needs
   February – Date and time of the event
   March – Brochures printed and distributed,
    on-line pre-registration begins
   April 17th – Deadline to register, brackets
   April 24th - Event
   Flyers for recruiting participants
   School, local, and state newspapers
   School TV station
   Valley Spot Light – radio
   Flyers to attend the event
   Each participant receives a t-shirt.
   Each participant receives a team photo.
   The winning team has the team name
    engraved on the traveling trophy which they
    keep for a year.
   The winning team and the runner-up get to
    play one ten minute half each against three
    members of the Rollin’ Razorbacks.
   Some professors have additional incentives.
   Each captain receives via email information
    regarding the rules that she/he is responsible
    for sharing with his/her team.

   Captains are responsible for having all team
    members sign a waiver prior to participation.
   Dear Team Captain,
         I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your fellow
    teammates for your willingness to participate in this event and for your support
    of Disability Services at Arkansas Tech University!
         I would also like to take this opportunity to share some general information
    with you regarding this event.
   Please have your registration form completed and all Release and Waiver of
    Liability forms signed prior April 7, 2008.
   Have your team check in at Tucker Coliseum at 12:00 noon on Friday, April 18,
    2008 (actually the Team Captain needs to check in at the Team Captain’s Table).
   The use of gloves is recommended for play (may also want to remind players to
    cut fingernails and limit jewelry for play).
   General wheelchair basketball rules apply:
   CONTACT The chair is considered a part of the player. General rules of contact in
    regular basketball (charging, blocking, etc.) apply to wheelchair basketball.
   TIME LIMITS An offensive player cannot remain more than 3 seconds in the free
    throw lane while the player's team is in possession of the ball.
   DRIBBLE A player in possession of the ball may not push more than twice in
    succession with one or both hands in either direction without tapping the ball to
    the floor again. Taking more than two consecutive pushes constitutes a traveling
    violation. A player, may, however, wheel the chair and bounce the ball
    simultaneously just as an ablebodied player runs and bounces the ball
    simultaneously in regular basketball.
   This is a double elimination tournament with the winner playing the Rollin
    Razorbacks (three members of the team).
   If you need additional information please contact Cathi McMahan @ (479)968-
    038 or
   Team Registration Form
   Team Name: ______________________________
   Team Captain: _____________________________
   Phone Number: ______________ email address: ______________
   Team Members:
   _____________________________ T-shirt size: _________
   _____________________________ T-shirt size: _________
   _____________________________ T-shirt size: _________
   _____________________________ T-shirt size: _________
   _____________________________ T-shirt size: _________
   Game time preference ___________________________
   __________ Paid          Check _______ Cash________          __________ Needs to pay
   Please make checks payable to ATU Rollin Round the Rim
   2009 Arkansas Tech University Rolln’ Round the Rim Wheelchair
    Basketball Tournament
   Rolln' Round the Rim
   Rolln’ Round the Rim
   APRIL 24TH AT 10:00AM
   GAMES BEGIN: 11:00AM
   Please select the desired registration type to continue. I am
    registering my entire team.
   Double elimination
   Limited to first 40 teams
   3 on 3, 5 players per team, must have at least
    one male and one female on the court at all
   Play to 5 points, each basket counts one
    point, a basket outside the 3-point arc
    counts two points
   Four courts (North, South, East, West)
   Winner of each court advances to the Final
   Winner and runner-up play one ten minute
    half (continuous clock) against three
    members of the Rollin’Razorbacks
   Announcer
   Trainers
   National Anthem
   Entertainment
   Wheelchairs (must have tippers)
   Gym set-up
   Rollin’ Razorbacks have won five national

   This March, the Orlando Magic defeated the
    Arkansas Rollin' Razorbacks, 65-54, to win
    the 2009 NWBA Championship Division
    national title.
   Health and Physical Education majors (10-15
   Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy
    majors (6-12 teams)
   Faculty (at least one team)
   Student Organizations
   Rollin’ Razorbacks
   Jackson 5 Original         Wheeling 2 Help
   ATU Rim Riders             PT 2
   Fantastic Five             Bandits
   Bone Crushers              Winners on Wheels
   Reckies                    Shawnee Indians
   DSO                        Wild Wheelin’ Geckos
   Team Unknown               Bobos
   Cimminon French Toast      Team Tuna
   Wheelin Wonderboys         ASCC
    Kankle Bandits             The Energizers
                                Chair Bears
    PT 1
    Long Shots
                               Sigma Phi Epsilon
   The Unicorns               HPE Faculty
   Jackson 5                  Rolling Thunder
   Handicap Hoopers           Sizzlin Skunks
   Toney’s                    Rock N’ Rollers
   Mill Creek Bucks           River Rollers
   Low Riders                 Hot Wheels
   Golden Spokes              Pappa Willie
   Williamson Wheelies
   Awareness
    ◦ University
    ◦ Community
    ◦ State
   Service
    ◦ Departments
    ◦ Student Organizations
    ◦ Community
   Participation
    ◦ Students
    ◦ Faculty

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