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Battery Sales Quotation Format document sample

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   SIDBI is planning to replace 25 SMF INDUSTRIAL BATTERIES 12V/100AH for 30KVA
UPS installed at its Head Office at Lucknow with buy-back arrangement for old
batteries. In this connection, proposals in prescribed format are invited from
Manufacturer/ Authorised dealers of Exide/Panasonic Brand of SMF batteries.
Proposals along with the authorisation letter confirming dealership issued by
manufacturers of respective brand of batteries offered must be submitted in a
non window sealed envelope superscribing "Rfp - Purchase of SMF INDUSTRIAL

Proposals completed in all respects as per the format enclosed should be
submitted at the following address latest by May 26, 2009 by 3:00 PM.

                      Assistant. General Manager [Systems]
                SIDBI Tower, 15, Ashok Marg, LUCKNOW – 226 001

The Proposals submitted at any other office of SIDBI or received after due date
and time will not be accepted.

Please note that SIDBI reserves the right to consider/reject any or all
applications without assigning any reason thereof.

General Terms & Conditions:

   1. Prices:
      The prices should be inclusive of sales tax, Octroi, VAT, central excise
   duty, standard packing, freight, transit insurance, loading, unloading,
   installation charges and support service during warranty. SIDBI will not
   provide Form C or Form D. Also, if required, the vendor will have to arrange
   road permit form 31/ 32 on behalf of SIDBI. The prices submitted against this
   RfP should remain valid till June 30, 2009.

2. Terms of Payment:
     100% against installation and acceptance.
     The payments shall be made from the SIDBI, HO, Lucknow. Vendor will be
required to furnish the documentary proof of delivery / installation and
acceptance duly signed by SIDBI while claiming for the payment. Vendor shall
pass on the benefits to SIDBI arising out of the price reduction at the time of
respective delivery.

3.      SIDBI reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation in full or part,
and to suspend this process and reject all quotations or part at any time prior
to the award of contract, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected
vendors on the grounds of the purchasers inaction.

4.   Opening of Commercial bids:
        The commercial bids so received will be opened on the next day [i.e.
May 27, 2009] at 16:30 Hrs in the presence of the authorised representative of
the agencies, if present.

5. Terms of Delivery :
        All Batteries should be delivered at SIDBI, Lucknow at the address given
below within Ten Days from the date of the purchase order.

               Sr   Office                   Addresses
               1  Lucknow       AGM (Systems), SIDBI Tower,
                                15, Ashok Marg, Lucknow - 226 001
                                Phone: 2288547-50

6. Installation and Acceptance:
      Vendor will have to install all the items at their own expenses within one
week from the date of delivery in the presence of SIDBI officials and UPS
Vendor. The batteries will be deemed to have been accepted only after all
batteries are installed and integrated with UPS, as per the requirement of UPS
Vendor. Since the process is to replace the existing batteries, the Batteries
supplied should fit in the existing battery stand.

7. Warranty:
      The vendor will warrant all the Batteries against defects arising out of
faulty design, materials and media workmanship etc. for a period of One year
from the date of acceptance of the Batteries. Defective Batteries shall be
replaced by the vendor at his own cost, including the cost of transport &

8.   Penalty for Default in Services:

       If the vendor fails to deliver the items within stipulated time, SIDBI will
impose a penalty of 1% of the order value for the late delivered items for each
week delay or part thereof, subject to maximum of 10% of value of the late
delivered items. In case the delay exceeds five weeks, SIDBI reserves the right
to cancel the order.

9.     Force Majeure:

       If the performance as specified in this order is prevented, restricted,
delayed or interfered by reason of Fire, explosion, cyclone, floods, War,
revolution, acts of public enemies, blockage or embargo, Any law, order,
proclamation, ordinance, demand or requirements of any Government or
authority or representative of any such Government including restrict trade
practices or regulations, Strikes, shutdowns or labour disputes which are not
instigated for the purpose of avoiding obligations herein, or Any other
circumstances beyond the control of the party affected, then notwithstanding

anything here before contained, the party affected shall be excused from its
performance to the extent such performance relates to prevention, restriction,
delay or interference and provided the party so affected uses its best efforts to
remove such cause of non-performance and when removed the party shall
continue performance with utmost dispatch.

10.   Arbitration:

      In the event of a dispute or difference or difference of any nature
whatsoever between the vendor and SIDBI during the course of the assignment
arising as a result of this order, the same will be referred for arbitration to a
Board of arbitration. This Board will be constituted prior to the commencement
of the arbitration and will comprise two arbitrators and an umpire. Vendor and
SIDBI will each nominate an arbitrator to the Board and these arbitrators will
appoint the umpire. Arbitration will be carried out at a place mutually decided
by Vendor and SIDBI.

11.   Contact Information:

      For any clarifications vendor may contact AGM (Systems) or Mgr(Systems)
on (0522)-2288546.


                          Format - Commercial Bid

                     (To be submitted on company letterhead)

Purchase of new 25 SMF INDUSTRIAL BATTERIES [Exide / Panasonic brand]

                                                    Amount in Indian Rupees (Rs.)
Sr   Particulars            Unit cost with 1 years Quantity Total cost
no                          warranty and inclusive            [All
                            of all taxes, Octroi &           inclusive]
                            all charges etc
1    Sealed Maintenance                            25
     Free            [SMF]
     12V/100AH Industrial
     battery for 30 KVA
     Brand :
     Buy back price for old                        25
                                                   Net Total

Note :

         1. Vendor should be Manufacturer / Dealer of the Battery Offered.

         2. Dealers should enclose with the proposal a copy of authorisation
            letter issued by the Manufacturer of each brand of battery offered.

         3. Autorisation letter should be valid at least till June 30, 2009.

         4. Total cost should be inclusive of all taxes.

        5. In case of any deviation in general terms and conditions bids would be
liable for rejection.

Date:...../...../2009                           Authorised Signatory.




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