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									1) Read all instructions before beginning your application.

2) Complete ALL sections of the application.
             This sheet is protected, so you cannot change the form. You can move around the
             form by clicking the
                   Tab key. If an arrow pops up for a category, click on the arrow to select the
             appropriate response.

3) Use the SAVE AS command to rename the file using your last name & first name:
             ex. Jones.bobby.application

              DO NOT use the SAVE command or everyone will see the information on your application!

4) Open the Resume file and complete your resume (you can use your own resume if you wish.)
   Use the SAVE AS command to rename the file using your last name & first name:
             ex. Jones.bobby.resume

5) Open the Essay file and write your essay.
   Use the SAVE AS command to rename the file using your last name & first name:
             ex. Jones.bobby.essay

Make sure that an Edison English Teacher, ELL Teacher or Edison Volunteer proofreads your
application, essay and resume to make sure there are no errors. When all the errors have been
corrected, print out your application, essay and resume and have this teacher sign the application
that they have proofread everything.

6) Your Completed cover sheet, application, essay and resume are due by
            4:00 p.m. on Tuesday October 24, 2006.

7) You must turn in both a printed copy of your application, essay and resume and
             an electronic copy of your application.

8) To turn in an electronic copy of your application:
               Go to the Edison website and click on the SENIORS link in the left hand menu
                             Follow the directions as you complete the application, you will not be
                             allowed to leave information blank, so have all your information
                             available before you begin.

                             If you feel your entered incorrect information, you will have to do the
                             entire form over.
                             The committee will keep only your last electronic application, and will
                             delete all previous electronic applications.

To begin Click on the Cover Sheet tab Below. When you have completed the Cover Sheet, then
click on the Application tab to complete your application. To return to these instructions click on
the Instructions tab.
                       2010- 2011 Senior Scholarship Application Worksheet
                           Edison Scholarship and Memorial Fund, Inc.
                               This is the information that you will need to enter online at

                                                   Personal Information
                                                                                    Student ID#
Name                                                                                Advisory Room #:
Mailing Address                                                                     Birth Date:
City:                                     State:                                    Zip Code:

Home Phone #:                             Work Phone #:                             Cell Phone #:

Gender                ◊Male ◊Female       U.S. Citizen:        ◊Yes ◊No             NE Mpls Resident:       ◊Yes ◊No

Cultural Background (check all that       ◊ African American ◊African Immigrant ◊Asian American ◊Asian
apply):                                   Immigrant ◊European American ◊European Immigrant ◊Latino/Latina
                                          ◊Middle Eastern Immigrant ◊Native American
Languages Spoken (list all):                                                  Language spoken at home:

                                          Parent/Guardian & Family Information
I Live with:          ◊Mother ◊Father ◊Both ◊Other _______________________
Father's Name:
Address:                                                                            Home Phone #:

Mother's Name:
Address:                                                                            Home Phone #:

Number of Siblings living at home:
Number of Family members currently attending a postsecondary school:

                                   High School Academic Information
High School Rank:                         Cumulative GPA:                           Current GPA:

                               MN Basic Skills Tests (enter the date that you passed each test.)
           Reading:                                    Math:                                     Writing:

            College Prep Courses (list any AP, IB, PSEO courses you have taken in high school):
         Type                      Course Name                       Location              Credits               Grade

                                 College Entrance Test Scores:
                    Type (ACT, SAT, etc.) Date Taken           Score

                                                Post Secondary Plans
Career/Vocational Goal (What type of
job are you interested in):
Curriculum Plans (What
majors/programs are you considering):
                                                                                                          Status (Have not
                                                                                   Type (Military, 2 yr   applied, application
                                                                                   public, 4 yr public,   submitted, accepted
                                                                                   2 yr private, 4 yr     by college, agreed
Technical Schools/Colleges/Universities/Military Service Interested In:            private                to attend) :
1st Choice
2nd Choice
3rd Choice
4th Choice
5th Choice

               High School Activities (list any teams or clubs you participated in):
Sport of Activity                               # year        Awards, honors, recognitions, leadership

           NonHigh School Activities (list any teams or clubs you participated in):
Sport of Activity                               # year        Awards, honors, recognitions, leadership

                             Community Service and Volunteer Activities:
Organization                                   # hours        Your role, project

From the list of topics listed below, you will need to write two essays. They should be one to two pages long,
double spaced, and size 12 point Times font. Compose them in a Word Document so that you can copy and
paste them into the online application. Be sure to type your name and the topic at the top of each essay.
1. Life Challenge: What challenge in your life have you overcome and how has that made you a stronger or
better person? (You must do this essay if you are applying for the Beat the Odds Scholarship)
2. Life's Passion: What is something in your life that you are passionate about (love or enjoy doing) and how
might that affect your future career choices?
3. Learning Experiences: What experience in your life did you learn the most from and what did you learn?

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