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									                                                        SOUTH WHIDBEY SCHOOL DISTRICT NO.206
                                                          REQUEST FOR H.S. AUDITORIUM USE

All requests should be in writing and in quadruplicate. One copy will be kept in the main office, one in the Superintendents office, one copy will be returned to the person
requesting the use of the building and one copy will be forwarded to the Building Supervisor. Requests for use of the building after school. evenings and weekends will be
made through the Building Principal and approved by the Superintendent's office. The school is not available for commercial promotion. Activities must be sponsored by an
organization within the school district. When facilities are used on other than regular school nights, the presence of a custodian will be required.

No outside activity may be held within the school which might conflict with a school activity planned for the same date and time. It is necessary for an outside activity to
relinquish the use of the school if it is needed for a school activity.

                                                                                           PLEASE PRINT
                                     Request Made By:                                               Room Charge:*      $0.00
Name                                                                                                Custodian Service: $100.00
Address                                                                                                        Deposit:                            $0.00                $500.00 if not advanced
City/Zip                                                                                                       Other:                              $0.00
Telephone:                                                                                                     Total Due:                          $100.00
                          Home                          Work: same
Date Request Made:
Rooms To Be Used:                    Auditorium
Day and Date (or Dates) To Be Used
Time From:                          To:

Purpose of Use:                      Music Concert

Who will supervise to see that the building, halls and rooms are not abused, and that
unauthorized persons are excluded?
Signature:                                                                                                                        Phone:
Admission Charge $                                                             .

User agrees to indemnify and hold the school district harmless from any and all claims or demands of whatsoever the nature, together with any reasonable attorney's fees and costs of suit incurred by the
district arising out of loss, damage or injury to persons or property, whether due to the premises being used, or otherwise, or arising out of or in connection with use, occupancy, or maintenance of the
district premises, or out of that certain request for building use entered into between the district and the user, regardless of whether such loss, damage or injury is suffered by the lessors, its agents, or
employees, by the lessee, or its agents or employee, or by any third party.

Attach a copy of insurance coverage.

We agree to be bound by and to comply with all the terms and conditions of this matter, if use is granted.

Signature of User :                                                                                                               Date:
                                                                               Rate Schedule*
Please see the SWHS Auditorium Use Fee document for complete listings of prices and charges.
Payment is due in advance unless prior arrangement has been made with the Manager.
 All security deposits will be returned the next business day of last performance, after all equipment has been checked back in
                                                  and no damage has been found.

Approved By:
        Building Principal:                                                                                                       Date Of Approval:

                   Superintendent:                                                                                                Date Of Approval:
                                            SOUTH WHIDBEY SCHOOL DISTRICT NO.206
                                                SWHS AUDITORIUM USE FEE LIST
Billing Address:

                                                                                        Phone: (W)
Contact Person:                                                                         Phone: (H)

                                             Please Check          Dates Requested      Include all Times In & Out:
Commercial Rate off Whidbey
Commercial Rate on Whidbey
Non-Profit Charging Admission
Non-Profit No Admission Charge

Facility Requested:           Auditorium: 400         500       600
               (Please Circle One)
                              Lecture Room: 107 / 108 (94 Seats)                        Special Information

Rates:                        days(s)        @                 300
                              days(s)        @                 =
Additional Hours:                            @ $50.00          =
               Custodial Fees:*                                100
               Tech / Lighting Fees:**                         100
                                             TOTAL DUE:        $

Special Needs:                (Please Circle One)
Tables         Chairs              Ticket Sales Other:
                                                 RATE SCHEDULE
Rental of the auditorium includes use of the Facilities Manager and or a Stage Manager. All duties needing to be performed will
  be agreed upon by both parties. Janitorial services must be purchased based on the type of event and use of auditorium.
                             Sundays will require an additional charge for custodian use of $35.00.
              400 to 600 seat auditorium. Saturday, Sunday,                        400 to 600 seat auditorium. Monday through
Level A:                       Some Holidays.                       Level B:            Friday when school is in session.

               Unit is 6 Hours. Additional Hours @ $50.00 per hr.                                      Unit is 6 Hours. Additional Hours @ $50.00 per hr.
               Commercial Rate off Whidbey                     $500.00                                 Commercial Rate off Whidbey            $400.00
               Commercial Rate on Whidbey                      $400.00                                 Commercial Rate on Whidbey             $300.00
               Non-Profit Charging Admission                   $300.00                                 Non-Profit Charging Admission          $250.00
               Non-Profit Free of Charge                       $200.00                                 Non-Profit Free of Charge              $150.00

Lecture Room Rental RM107 / RM108: 95 person seating each. Not available during school hours.
Level A Commercial Rate off Whidbey $200.00           Level B Commercial Rate off Whidbey                                                     $150.00
               Commercial Rate on Whidbey                      $150.00                                 Commercial Rate on Whidbey             $100.00
               All Non-Profit Use                              $100.00                                 All Non-Profit Use                     $75.00
               Lecture Room Rental does not include a tech person. Special lighting and Tech Person help is available for hire

* Custodian-(min. 3 hours)                   M-F: $70.00 per night                      Sundays: $140.00             Saturday: $100.00
** Sound Techs and Lighting Techs can be hired if renters need them. All fees need to be negotiated with the Theater Manager or directly with the
techs themselves. We can provide a list for all occasions. Basic use of the theater with 1 mic and no special lighting will not require a sound or
lighting person.
*Exceptions may be made for community non-profit groups. Special arrangements may be made for use of other equipment at additional charge.

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