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									                              STUD CONTRACT

Stud Service Contract For: ________________________________________

This contractual agreement certifies the breeding of: ____________________
Registration Number: ____________________________________________
Owned by:_____________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________

The above-described bitch shall be bred to:
Stud dog:______________________________________________________
Registration Number: ____________________________________________
Owned by: _____________________________________________________

       The bitch must meet the following requirements to qualify for breeding to: (stud)

       1) The bitch must be at least two years of age.

       2) The bitch must be free of Hip Dysplasia as evidenced by an OFA
         Certification or equivalent certification from the bitch's country of origin.

       3) The bitch must have a recent (within the past 12 months) CERF.

       4) The bitch must have no disqualifying faults as defined in the Standard
         for: (Breed)_____________________

       5) The bitch must be of sound, stable temperament. It is recommended that the
          bitch pass a Breed Suitability Test, Temperament Test, or have an equivalent
         AKC Obedience title, a basic obedience, or companion dog title.

       6) The bitch must be in good health as evidenced by a recent veterinary
         examination, that must include the following:

               …A current Brucellosis test.
               …A current vaginal cytology demonstrating the stage of her estrus
                  cycle and if any bacterial diseases are present in the vagina that
                may cause venereal diseases or problems with her conceiving.
               …A list of current vaccinations.
               …Medical information and veterinarian's name and phone number
                in case of an emergency.

       6) The bitch should be groomed, bathed, and dipped before she is shipped to
         us to be bred.

       7) A copy of her pedigree, AKC or Foreign Registration Certificate, and
         photographs showing front, rear, and side structure should be provided.

The stud fee is:_____, to be paid when the bitch is delivered by owner, or after at least one
breeding has been achieved. (Two breedings will be attempted.) The stud fee is non-

If the bitch fails to conceive, a return service at no charge will be provided for the bitch if
the bitch's owner notifies us within fourteen days after the scheduled whelping date that no
puppies were whelped.

If the bitch does not whelp three live puppies a free stud service will be provided to the
original bitch, or a mutually agreed bitch, at a time agreeable to both parties.

All transportation charges and veterinary expenses will be the responsibility of the owner of
the bitch. There is no charge for boarding the bitch for the first seven days, after which the
charge will be $7.00 per day. This fee includes food, water, and exercise. We will supply
pedigrees, photographs, and promotional materials of______________________
and will aid in the placing of puppies that result from this mating into good homes.

The owner of the bitch warrants that this bitch has not been exposed to any stud dog prior
to her arrival and that she will be protected from such exposure after her return home.

The owner of the bitch hereby unfetters from responsibility LaFamilia Pits or its officers
from any and all liabilities and/or damages to said bitch while she is in the care of aforesaid
kennel for breeding.

The above agreement is made and signed this____day of____20____ by
_______________________ and the owner of the bitch to assure the well being of the
animals involved and their progeny. This contract shall be deemed a legally binding
contract and is under the jurisdiction of the State of Mississippi in Hinds.

I, the owner of the bitch hereby certify(s) that we have read this contract, understand it's
complete contents, and agree to it fully:

BITCH OWNER______________________________ Date___________________

STUD OWNER_______________________________ Date___________________

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