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					                                         Job Opening
Registration No.   Consultant 1
Valid Until:
                                           Company Profile
Company Name             Hyosung Ebara
Industry Type            Machinery
Location                 Seoul, South Korea
Major Achievement        AS Korea’s largest producer of pumps, HyosungEbara has contributed to Korea’s
                         industrial development and economic growth based on the outstanding technology
                         and expertise we have accumulated through continuous research and development.
                         Hyosung Ebara produces and sales a wide range of pump for Power Generation
                         (including nuclear), Oil & Gas, Water Supply, Marine, Waste Water, Building &
                         Housing, and General Industry. Recently, Hyosung Ebara launched desalination
                         business, which is estimated to be promising business in the future. We have head
                         office in Seoul, and factory in Chang-won. HyosungEbara is working to become a
                         global leader of highest standard of pumps and sea water plants, while remaining
                         committed to social contribution activities.

                                               Job Description
Position                 Technology Consultant                 Start Date
Vacancy Open             1                                     Nationality     American
Job Details              1) Instruction of product development and application design
                         2) Conduct of design review
                         3) High Pressure / Oil & Gas pump troubleshooting
                         4) Instruct manufacture/assembly of High-Pressure pump
                         5)Must be able to set the standard time of pump production process

Working Conditions       Working Days      5 Days
                         Working Hours
                         Working Place (Location)           Changwon City
Annual Salary(USD)       Negotiable                    The Term of Contract         Negotiable

Total Rewards               Insurance □           House □      Meal □       Transportation □
                         etc.     Negotiable

                                      Mandatory Qualification
Degree                   Ex) Master’s degree           Major            Mechanics
Experience               1) Must have experience in product development and application design
                         2) Must have experience in High Pressure/Oil & Gas pump troubleshooting
                         (Extensive experience in operation and maintenance services)
                         3) Must have working experience in global top 10 companies in pump & water
                         4) Minimum 10 years of experience in the management of pump manufacture/assembly
                         5) Experience of presentation and technology instruction in global company
                         6) Management of project about pump production technology

Competency                           1) Must be able to provide instructions in product development and application
                                     2) Must be able to conduct design review
                                     3) High Pressure / Oil & Gas pump troubleshooting

Skills / Licenses
Language                             English

                                                          Other Preferences

 Contact KOREA has been established in KOTRA by the Korean government to help attract highly specialized human resources. The company entrusted
the recruitment process to Contact KOREA; therefore, please do not contact the company directly. If you have any inquiry about this recruitment, you can
reach Contact KOREA with the information listed below.

 Contact information
          Contact KOREA - Korea Business Center, Chicago
              Tel:              Fax:                    E-mail:


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